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Martial Peak – Chapter 4144, Loyalty List

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If Yang Kai were more powerful than Chen Tian Fei, he could’ve planted a restriction on the latter to ensure his loyalty, but this fatty was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, which meant he was much, much stronger. Therefore, Yang Kai wasn’t able to control him.


Moreover, many people from Scarlet Star had been killed, so there was no way Chen Tian Fei wasn’t resentful of him. It was easy to spare his life on this day, but it would be difficult to deal with him if he acted out in the future.


Hearing that, Lu Xue pressed her attack, which caused Chen Tian Fei to fall into a perilous situation. Presently, his life was hanging by a thread as he might be killed at any moment.


A horrified Chen Tian Fei knew that if he couldn’t make Yang Kai change his mind, he was doomed, so while he was dodging Lu Xue’s fatal strikes, he exclaimed, “I have the Loyalty List! I’m willing to give it to Sir to show my sincerity!”


Yang Kai had no idea what the Loyalty List was, but a tinge of surprise flashed through Lu Xue’s eyes when she heard that, “The Loyalty List is in your hands?”


A puzzled Yang Kai inquired about it.


After Lu Xue explained to him the uses of the Loyalty List, his gaze brightened as he raised his hand, “Don’t kill him just yet.”


Hearing that, Lu Xue immediately sheathed her sword. Still reeling from the shock, a pale Chen Tian Fei was panting heavily.


Yang Kai descended from the sky and landed beside Lu Xue before staring at Chen Tian Fei, “Where’s the Loyalty List?”


It was apparent that Chen Tian Fei wasn’t willing to part with this treasure, but he still quickly fished out a palm-sized book from his Space Ring and held it out with both hands, “Sir, this is the Loyalty List. Please have a look.”


After raising his hand, Yang Kai drew the book towards himself and felt that its texture was a bit strange. The entire book seemed to be made from the animal skin of an exotic beast. It was weighty, and the characters ‘Loyalty List’ were written on the cover.


Upon flipping through it, Yang Kai realised that there were only nine pages in the book, and every page was blank. Besides that, there was a petite horn that was sandwiched between the pages. The finger-length horn looked just like a bamboo shoot.


Both the Loyalty List and the horn exuded a faint Divine Spirit’s aura.


Upon realising that the Loyalty List was made from a Divine Spirit, Yang Kai felt his chest tightening. He wondered who the Great Expert was that made this book. It had to be noted that a mature Divine Spirit was as powerful as a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, so it was extremely difficult to kill one, let alone make a book using their carcass.


Sensing Yang Kai’s doubts, Lu Xue explained, “The Loyalty List is made from Xie Zhi’s skin and flesh. It seems to have the ability to judge between malice and goodwill. Congratulations, Sir.”


“Xie Zhi!” One of Yang Kai’s brow twitched. Certainly, he was familiar with the name. Xie Zhi was indeed a Divine Spirit, and he was highly ranked among them. It was said that when Xie Zhi opened his eyes in fury, he was able to differentiate the righteous and wicked and tell who held virtuous or malicious intent. He was the definition of impartial; therefore, it wasn’t surprising that an artifact made from his remains could do the same.


Lu Xue went on to say, “A few thousand years ago, there was a Master known as Loyalty Demon who used this Loyalty List to enslave a group of Open Heaven Realm Masters and wreak havoc in the 3,000 Worlds. Everyone was resentful of him, and in the end, it was the Great Experts from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises who killed him. However, even though Loyalty Demon died, the Small Universe in his body didn’t collapse. Instead, it was hidden in the Void, and no one knew where it was. Two hundred years ago, someone in the Star City found a lead, and at that time, Sword Pavilion, Thunder Light, and Scarlet Star joined forces and sought out Loyalty Demon’s lost Small Universe. Although they managed to enter it, they couldn’t find the Loyalty List. Everyone thought that the book was destroyed or snatched by the Cave-Heavens and Paradises. Who would have thought that it had fallen into Fatty Chen Tian’s hands?”


Yang Kai nodded and gave Chen Tian Fei a meaningful look. It seemed that even Zhao Bai Chuan wasn’t aware of the Loyalty List, which went to show that the fatty wasn’t as dedicated to him as he seemed.


In any case, if he were truly loyal, he wouldn’t have tried to abandon Zhao Bai Chuan and flee on his own.


“How do you use this thing?” Yang Kai asked.


Before Lu Xue could explain it, Chen Tian Fei said, “This subordinate only has to leave his name and aura on it, and Sir will then be able to control my life and death.”


He was doing all he could to live. After leaving his name and aura on the Loyalty List, his life would be controlled by another, but it was better than if he was killed in this place.


“If you dare to betray me…” Yang Kai looked smilingly at him.


There was a solemn expression on Chen Tian Fei’s face, “This subordinate will never do that. If that really happens one day, Sir can just use Xie Zhi’s horn to cross off my name, and I will immediately lose my life.”


“But, I’m much weaker than you are.” Yang Kai appeared in a dilemma, “The Loyalty List is great, but I’m not sure if this will work on you.”


“Of course it…” Chen Tian Fei also wasn’t certain. He had tried using the Loyalty List before, but the people controlled were much weaker than he was; therefore, he had no idea whether a weaker person could dominate a stronger one.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai believed that it didn’t matter whether he killed Chen Tian Fei, but it might be useful to keep him alive; after all, he was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so he had some strength. Moreover, he had managed Scarlet Star and allowed it to thrive over the years, which went to show that he was talented in this regard. If the people from the Star Boundary were to settle here, they would need someone to take care of them. Although there were Head Manager Hua Qing Si and Second Manager Bian Yu Qing in High Heaven Palace, they were not familiar with the 3,000 Worlds; therefore, they needed someone to help them with assimilating.


This fatty was a good candidate for the job.


After just a moment of consideration, Yang Kai made up his mind and opened the Loyalty List, “You shall leave your name here.”


It was only then that Chen Tian Fei relaxed and appeared grateful, “Many thanks for your mercy, Sir! This subordinate swears upon his life that he will always be loyal to you!”


Lu Xue shot him a disdainful look, which was ignored by Chen Tian Fei.


He lifted his finger and bit it before forcing out a drop of Blood Essence. Then, he wrote his name on the first page of the Loyalty List. At that instant, Yang Kai realised that a connection had been established between the Loyalty List and Chen Tian Fei and understood that this list indeed worked.


More importantly, he didn’t need to refine the book, which meant that it wouldn’t burden him in any way. Nevertheless, this was a downside as well. Since refinement wasn’t needed, it meant that anyone who possessed the Loyalty List could control Chen Tian Fei’s life.


After pledging his loyalty, Chen Tian Fei appeared even more respectful. Then, he suggested that he assist Yue He to kill Zhao Bai Chuan to show his sincerity.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t reject his idea, so he told Lu Xue and him to give Yue He a hand. Soon, booming explosions as well as Zhao Bai Chuan’s furious shouts were continuously heard coming from the fog.


Just a stick of incense later, the fog dissipated to reveal four figures. Yue He was slightly pale, but she was generally fine. There was a cut on Lu Xue’s stomach as her clothes were soaked in blood. On the other hand, Chen Tian Fei was lying on the ground and panting.


Zhao Bai Chuan was standing in an upright posture, and he was seen with his eyes wide open; however, he didn’t exude any vitality at all.


Although they managed to join forces and kill Zhao Bai Chuan, it was difficult to deal with a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who was on the brink of death. Nevertheless, in the end, he still lost his life in Seven Wonders Land.


World Force streamed out of his body and permeated the air before heading to the void. 


Yang Kai had a feeling that something had been added to Seven Wonders Land at that moment. He already noticed this phenomenon when the other Fourth-Order Managers were killed. When they passed away, the Small Universes in their bodies would collapse and their World Force would dissipate. Despite the fact that Yang Kai was aware of that, he didn’t have the time to ponder over the matter until now.


After sensing it, he realised that the World Force leaking from Zhao Bai Chuan’s body had strengthened Seven Wonders Land. This discovery amazed him. It seemed that he had to ask Yue He about it at a later time to find out what was going on.


In this battle, all the Managers of Scarlet Star were killed except for Chen Tian Fei, who had surrendered. Anyone who had not been killed had fled. The noises of this battle were deafening, which was why they all became aware of it. Not daring to stay, they seized the chance to escape Seven Wonders Land when Yang Kai and the others were distracted.


Yang Kai didn’t have the intention of making them stay either. He wasn’t wary of those trivial cultivators.


From now on, Seven Wonders Land belonged to him. It was such a pity for Zhao Bai Chuan that it had only been one day since he took control of Seven Wonders Land, but the place already had a new owner now, which was pretty ironic.


Chen Tian Fei wasn’t dead, but he had become a skinny fellow, which made him look pitiful. All of them remained in the same place to heal their wounds.


Yue He was the first to fully recover as she hadn’t really been injured, it was just that she had become exhausted after the battle; after all, not only did she have to trap Zhao Bai Chuan, but she also had to pay attention to the situation outside the fog. When Yang Kai and Lu Xue were battling against Bei Yu Shan and Chen Tian Fei, she had also given them a hand.


Initially, she didn’t understand why Chen Tian Fei would side with them at the last moment, but she figured it out as soon as she saw the Loyalty List. With this thing around, Chen Tian Fei wouldn’t dare to betray them, unless he was sick of living.


Then, Yang Kai voiced the doubt he had in his heart.


With a smile, Yue He explained, “Every Open Heaven Realm Master has a Small Universe in their body. Although this Small Universe isn’t a true world, it’s still considered an independent world on its own. Once a cultivator passes away, the Small Universe will fall apart, and their World Force will dissipate. This World Force is beneficial to any World. For example, the World Force could strengthen Seven Wonders Land’s heritage and expand its mass.”


“Does it always work that way?” Yang Kai widened his eyes in disbelief.


Yue He said with a smile, “Yes, it does. Young Master, how do you think those Cave-Heavens and Paradises came about? They were not born powerful, but instead grew slowly over the millennia. All their top Masters who passed away in their headquarters allowed their accumulated strength to enhance the heritage and foundation of their force. Many generations passed, and that’s how those Cave-Heavens and Paradises have grown to be so powerful.”


An idea suddenly flashed through Yang Kai’s mind as he asked, “In that case, does that mean that Seven Wonders Land can also become a Cave-Heaven or Paradise one day?”


“It’s possible, but in order to achieve that, it will require countless years of accumulation.”


Yang Kai said, “If we capture some Open Heaven Realm Masters and kill them here…”


Yue He pressed her lips together, “That will offend a lot of people.”


Yang Kai knew that it was an unrealistic idea, but it was one of the ways to do it.


“The heritage of Seven Wonders Land has grown by about ten percent after all the recent battles.” Yue He’s words made Yang Kai feel elated.



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  2. The “fight” against Zhao Bai Chuan in the manhua,chapter 2700, is (unintentionally) funny (to me):
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