Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4145, Respective Arrangements


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The heritage of a place wasn’t just about tangible things like the landmass that the eyes could see. There were also intangible benefits like the World Energy and Principles. After the heritage of Seven Wonders Land was strengthened, even its Grand Array would be fortified. There were indeed a lot of benefits.


It wasn’t surprising to see this kind of growth in Seven Wonders Land though; after all, in just a short period of time, over a hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters had lost their lives here. Over several dozen Open Heaven Realm Masters from Scarlet Star were killed in this place, and in the previous battle, there were many Open Heaven Realm Masters from Seven Wonders Land that were slaughtered. Although most were just Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, there were many of them.


Even eight Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had lost their lives.


Initially, there were three Venerables who were in the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm in Seven Wonders Land. Two of them were dead, and Wood Spirit Land Venerable Miao Yue surrendered to their enemies to save his life. Qi Qiao was also set up and killed by Yu Xiu Shan and Zhao Bai Chuan.


That was three Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters killed.


Following that, Yang Kai disguised himself and brought Yue He, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, to kill the Ou Yang Brothers, Lady Qin, Bei Yu Shan as well as Zhao Bai Chuan. There were five Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who lost their lives today.


It was the World Force that left these deceased Open Heaven Realm Masters that filled Seven Wonders Land and strengthened its background. It could be said that a lot of benefits had been gained through these battles.


However, Yang Kai and his group were in a pretty embarrassing situation now. In the entire Seven Wonders Land, apart from Yang Kai, Yue He, Lu Xue, and Chen Tian Fei, who had just surrendered, there were only the two exotic beasts, the Scarlet Flood Dragon and Earth Dragon.


This expansive territory looked desolate at the moment, so Yang Kai released the people from Small Sealed World and got Guo Zi Yan out of the Six Fated Paths Bag to add some life to this place.


Guo Zi Yan was shocked when he saw Chen Tian Fei as he wondered why this fatty had become such a slim man. Upon learning that Seven Wonders Land now belonged to Yang Kai, they were all happy for him.


The clean-up after the battle was giving everyone a headache, but most importantly, they had to repair the Grand Array.


The Grand Array had been damaged in the previous battle, so it would require a Spirit Array Grandmaster to repair it. Moreover, in order to do that, a lot of manpower and resources were required. Fortunately, Yang Kai didn’t lack the latter.


His wealth had already increased significantly when he was in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and after killing Zhao Bai Chuan, he also obtained the remaining thirty percent of Scarlet Star’s income; therefore, it wasn’t difficult for him to provide the resources to repair the Grand Array.


The crux of the problem was manpower. Where was he supposed to find a Spirit Array Grandmaster? Even if he could find one, would that person be trustworthy? All these were serious issues.


In Yang Kai’s plan, Seven Wonders Land would become his home and foundation in the 3,000 Worlds as well as the place where the people from the Star Boundary could settle down. However, he wasn’t even sure where he should start.


A few days later, the dust from the battle finally settled. All of them had recovered significantly, especially Chen Tian Fei, who although not as fat as before, at least no longer appeared frail.


Just then, Meng Hong and the others came over to bid Yang Kai farewell.


He was a disciple from Great Moon Province. Previously, he was accidentally dragged into the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and there hadn’t been any news about him for more than ten years. The people from Great Moon Province must have thought that he was dead when in fact, he had gained a lot of benefits in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary over the past over ten years. After all, he had wiped his original foundation clean by clearing the Third-Order Elements from his Dao Seal with Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water and then replaced them with Fifth-Order Elements. Therefore, he had the potential to become a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in the future. If he could achieve that, the status of Great Moon Province would instantly take a leap forward. Now, he was practically the hope for his great force. When he returned, he would definitely be fully supported by Great Moon Province.


Now that he had gotten out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, Meng Hong was eager to return to Great Moon Province and tell the others that he was alive and well. Yang Kai naturally did not make him stay, and even gave him a Space Ring before the latter left.


Meng Hong took the ring and scanned it, then his expression changed slightly, “Senior Brother Yang, I cannot accept such a precious gift!” After he finished speaking, he wanted to return the ring to him.


There were the Fifth-Order materials in the ring that Meng Hong needed the most now.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Brother Meng, you’ve given me a World Fruit, so my gift is nothing compared to that. In fact, I’ve already obtained enough benefits.”


The World Fruit given by Meng Hong was a Mid-Rank one that could help a Mid-Rank cultivator instantly rise to the next Order. Yang Kai didn’t have many of them as he only possessed three. He knew that even if he tried to return the World Fruit to Meng Hong, the latter wouldn’t accept it. Meng Hong was a righteous man who would always repay the favours he owed; therefore, Yang Kai decided to give him some resources, which he had a lot of anyway.


Moreover, the value of several Fifth-Order materials wasn’t comparable to that of a Mid-Rank World Fruit.


Seeing as he wanted to turn him down, Yang Kai said, “Great Moon Province is just a Third Class force. I’ve seen your Leader before, and he’s just a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Brother Meng, have you ever considered, given the power of your great force, how long will it take for them to gather the resources for you to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm? You’re still young, so why should you waste your time waiting? With these resources, you can break through quickly and help your Sect.”


Although what he said was blunt, it was the truth.


Hearing that, Meng Hong fell silent for a moment before letting out a sigh. Then, he accepted the ring and replied, “Senior Brother Yang, I’ll never forget this favour of yours.”


The thing was that Great Moon Province was really not a wealthy great force, so Meng Hong didn’t have the heart to ask them to help him look for the Fifth-Order resources. If all of them were to help only him, his Junior Brothers and Sisters would have no more resources to cultivate with. It was because of this consideration that he stopped rejecting Yang Kai’s gift.


Yang Kai chuckled and patted the other man’s shoulder, “Brother Meng, this is the least I can do. By the way, I’ve also prepared some things for your two Junior Brothers as well as Old Fang, Dié You, and Ah Sun. Please bring it back to them.”


The two Junior Brothers beside Meng Hong had followed him around in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary for the past ten-plus years, so Yang Kai had prepared some Fourth-Order resources for them. Although they had built their foundations by condensing Third-Order Elements already, it didn’t mean they couldn’t refine Fourth-Order resources. After they became Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the future, they would be more powerful than others in the same realm with this advantage.


On the other hand, he had prepared three doses of Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water for Old Fang and the others, but not any Yin, Yang, Five Elements materials, that was because he had no idea where their limits were and whether they needed to clear the Element Powers from their Dao Seals.


If they wanted to imitate Meng Hong by wiping away the Elements in their Dao Seals and condense new ones, they could use the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water, after which he would prepare some resources for their cultivation.


After a nod, Meng Hong took the Space Ring and thanked him again. Then, he left with his two Junior Brothers and Chen Yue.


Chen Yue’s great force was in the same Great Territory as Great Moon Province, so they were heading in the same direction.


Yang Kai summoned Chen Tian Fei and told him to escort the four of them.


Seven Wonders Land was pretty far from Great Moon Province as they had to pass through several Great Territories. If the three of them were to set off on the journey alone, they might fall into danger; after all, they might come across bandits who would rob them of their valuables or even their lives. They would be safer with a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Chen Tian Fei escorting them.


Meng Hong didn’t reject this idea. 


A while later, the five of them passed through a gap in the Grand Array and disappeared.


After Meng Hong and the others were gone, Yang Kai turned around and gazed at Lu Xue, “Do you have any plans for the future?”


She was originally from Sword Pavilion, and the only reason she sided with Yang Kai in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary was that she wanted to seek his protection. After leaving the Boundary, she had nowhere to go. Previously, she had helped Yang Kai battle against the people from Scarlet Star, but that was more a matter of being present than being loyal.


In fact, Yang Kai wanted to make her stay as he desperately needed more capable people now. After Chen Tian Fei was gone, he only had Yue He, Guo Zi Yan, and a few others with him.


A hint of puzzlement flashed across Lu Xue’s eyes when she heard that.


Not wanting to rush her to make any decision, Yang Kai continued, “If you want to leave, I won’t make you stay. I’ve prepared 100 million Open Heaven Pills for you, which should last you for the rest of your life. If you want to come back to Seven Wonders Land in the future, I’ll also welcome you. Of course, it’d be best if you could stay.”


Lu Xue was moved as 100 million Open Heaven Pills was a huge sum. Yang Kai was actually generous enough to give her so many pills. Although he was extremely wealthy now, he wasn’t obliged to give her anything.


It could be said that with 100 million pills in her possession, Lu Xue wouldn’t have to worry about cultivation resources ever again. She just had to look for a Star City and cultivate. In the future, she might even stand a chance to ascend to the Sixth Order.


“I can stay?” Lu Xue gazed at him.


Yang Kai burst into laughter, “Of course you can; however, you’ve seen the situation Seven Wonders Land is in now. If you don’t mind it, this will be your home from now on.”


Without hesitation, Lu Xue flashed a smile at him, “Then I’ll stay.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Welcome.”


Lu Xue saluted him in an elegant manner, “Greetings, Sir! I will be your subordinate from now on.” She didn’t look down on Yang Kai just because he was weaker than she was right now. That was because she knew that once Yang Kai ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, she would only be able to look up to his achievements, to say nothing of the fact that he was already able to battle against Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters now.


An embarrassed Yang Kai rubbed his nose, “Since you’ve called me Sir, I’ll not regard you as an outsider. There’s one thing I need you to help me with now.”


With a serious expression, Lu Xue replied, “Yes, Sir.”


After taking out a token, Yang Kai said, “Take this token to First Inn and look for Madam Lan. Tell her the situation I’m in now and ask her to look for an Array Grandmaster to help me repair the Grand Array.”


The token was none other than the one given to him by the Proprietress previously. He had repeatedly used this token to collect debts from the shopkeepers in the Star City First Inn re-established itself.


After taking the token, Lu Xue replied solemnly, “Yes.”


Then, Yang Kai fished out a Universe Chart and pointed out the direction for her before saying, “Be careful on the road. Go now and return quickly.”


“Sir may rest assured.” Upon finishing her words, Lu Xue turned into a ray of light and shot into the sky.


In order to repair the Grand Array in Seven Wonders Land, they needed a Grandmaster in Spirit Arrays. Yang Kai didn’t have the connections to look for one, but he was sure that the Proprietress could help him with it. Moreover, Lu Xue could also inform the Proprietress that he was alright so that she didn’t have to worry.


When he turned his head and saw how worried Yue He was, he let out a chuckle and asked, “Are you worried that Proprietress will kill you? Since you’re so afraid of her, why did you set her up in the past?”


Yang Kai could never figure this matter out; however, it was apparent that Yue He didn’t have the intention of revealing the secret as she said angrily, “At worst she will just beat me to death!”




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  1. If I was Yang Kai I would either quickly choose another place or not let any outsider into seven wonders land:
    First Qi Qiao and the Protectors betrayed the former leader (forgot his name, the one that gave Yang Kai the array control token).
    Then Qi Qiao was betrayed by Scarlet Star.
    And now Scarlet Star was destroyed because of seven wonders land (and betrayed by one of their managers)

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