Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4146, Secret Storehouse


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On one of the spirit peaks in Seven Wonders Land, Yang Kai found a decent spot, then he fished out Xu Huang’s corpse from the Small Sealed World and buried him in a grave that he had dug out.


When Xu Huang passed away in the past, Yang Kai kept his corpse in the Small Sealed World. Now that Seven Wonders Land was in his hands, he could finally bury his corpse in this place and let him rest in peace; after all, Seven Wonders Land originally belonged to Xu Huang.


There was no friendship between them as they were just making use of each other; however, Yang Kai had indeed gotten some benefits from him. The Six Fated Paths Bag belonged to Xu Huang, and if he hadn’t given him the Array Jade before his death, Yang Kai couldn’t have easily snatched Seven Wonders Land; therefore, he was basically repaying his favour by burying his body here.


Just when he was ready to close the tomb, Yang Kai felt a faint Soul fluctuation coming from the corpse. Yue He’s expression immediately turned solemn as she moved to stand in front of Yang Kai.


Both of them watched as an illusory figure left the corpse, one so transparent it seemed it would dissipate as soon as a breeze brushed by it. That figure looked just like Xu Huang.


“A Remnant Soul!” Yue He furrowed her brow as she could recognise at first glance that it was a Remnant Soul that had left the corpse. It wasn’t harmful or threatening as one could easily destroy it, so she set her mind at ease; however, she didn’t understand why there was still a Remnant Soul in the corpse.


Yang Kai couldn’t figure it out either. The corpse had been lying in the Small Sealed World for years, and it wasn’t until this day that such an incident occurred. After giving it a thought, he reckoned that it was a restriction that Xu Huang had set up before his death.


Only when his corpse returned to Seven Wonders Land would this restriction be triggered, which allowed the Remnant Soul to appear. 


[What is this Remnant Soul for?] Innumerable thoughts flashed through Yang Kai’s mind as he stared fixedly at this figure.


Xu Huang’s Remnant Soul hovered in the air as he looked around for a time before muttering, “I’ve finally returned.”


Then, he let out a sigh that was filled with sorrow and loneliness. After that, he raised his hand, whereupon the Array Jade left Yue He’s clothes and fell into his palm. Following that, the Remnant Soul swiped across the Array Jade and returned it to her.


Yue He took it and scanned it with her Divine Sense and with an awkward expression, she said, “Some kind of seal in this jade has been removed.”


“I suppose it was something he did before his death,” Yang Kai replied. The Array Jade was given to Yang Kai by Xu Huang before his death. At that time, Yang Kai suspected that Xu Huang might not have completely pure intentions, and now it seemed to be the case.


If he hadn’t brought the corpse back to Seven Wonders Land, the last barrier in the jade would never have been lifted. If that had been the case, even though he possessed this Array Jade, he would never be able to fully control the Grand Array.


“I’m running out of time. Come with me!” The Remnant Soul said and shot forward.


Yang Kai and Yue He traded glances before following after him. They didn’t ask any questions because this Remnant Soul was left behind by Xu Huang before his death, so he couldn’t really think as he was just executing the last will Xu Huang had left behind. Even if they asked any questions, they wouldn’t get the answers they wanted.


They flew for an incense stick of time before arriving at a Grand Hall. This Grand Hall was located in Earth Spirit Land, and it was situated at the centre of Seven Wonders Land.


Seven Wonders Land consisted of seven Spirit Provinces, which were arrayed in an interesting manner. Earth Spirit Land was located in the centre, and it was the most expansive. The Spirit Lands of Metal, Wood, Water, and Fire were on the four sides, and they were much smaller than Earth Spirit Land. On the other hand, the Yin and Yang Spirit Lands were located in the front and the rear of Earth Spirit Land.


From a bird’s eye view, Seven Wonders Land looked just like a giant turtle hovering in the void.


The shell of the turtle was Earth Spirit Land. Its front limbs were the Spirit Lands of Metal and Wood, while its back limbs were the Spirit Lands of Water and Fire. Its head was Yang Spirit Land, and its tail was Yin Spirit Land. The entire layout looked quite interesting.


On the other hand, the shopping district was just a Universe Fragment hovering above the shell of the turtle.


The Remnant Soul had brought Yang Kai and Yue He to the Grand Hall of Earth Spirit Land. This was also where the Heavenly Monarch used to live. Then, the Remnant Soul shot into the Grand Hall and took numerous twists and turns before stopping in front of a wall.


“The things here belong to you now.” After the Remnant Soul finished speaking, he crashed into the wall with a dull thud and dissipated into wisps of light, which then covered the wall and transformed into a portal.


Yue He and Yang Kai traded glances as they hadn’t expected such a turn of events.


“It must be a secret storehouse!” Yue He said excitedly.


Yang Kai arched his brow. He wasn’t sure what was behind the portal, but considering what the Remnant Soul had said, it wasn’t hard to deduce that it was a portal that led to a treasure house.


In fact, there was another treasure house in Seven Wonders Land. Previously, Zhao Bai Chuan and Yu Xiu Shan had secretly come to an agreement and killed Qi Qiao. While Zhao Bai Chuan obtained Seven Wonders Land, Yu Xiu Shan emptied out the vault.


Over the past two days, Yang Kai had surveyed the entire Seven Wonders Land, so he naturally saw the treasure house, but it was completely empty inside. Yu Xiu Shan had practically taken everything inside away. However, it now seemed that the treasure house out in the open was just the publicly known one. There was actually a secret storehouse hidden here.


Yang Kai wondered if Qi Qiao was aware of the existence of this secret storehouse. Based on his observation, he reckoned that the Heavenly Monarch was in the dark about it.


“Young Master, be careful,” Yue He said and stepped into the portal. Yang Kai followed her as he put his guard up.


An hour later, the pair left the portal together. The portal indeed led to a secret storehouse where many cultivation resources had been stored. These were things that had been accumulated over many years.


Yang Kai would’ve been ecstatic if this happened in the past; however, he was now filthy rich from the harvest he had in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. After killing Zhao Bai Chuan, he even snatched back the thirty percent that was the income he had originally left to Scarlet Star; therefore, he didn’t feel excited about the wealth in the secret storehouse. In comparison, the wealth in the secret storehouse was just equivalent to, if not less than, the thirty percent income of Scarlet Star.


Although the people from Scarlet Star had only stayed in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary for ten odd years, that place was simply filled with countless treasures. On the other hand, Seven Wonders Land was just an average Second Class great force. Despite the fact that they had been in existence for many years, they hadn’t accumulated lots of rare treasures.


With that said, there were still many good things in the secret storehouse, so it was considered an unexpected gain. Fortunately, Yang Kai had moved Xu Huang’s corpse out of the Small Sealed World, otherwise he would never have discovered this secret storehouse.


After returning to that spirit peak, Yang Kai closed the tomb and erected a tombstone for Xu Huang. It was then everything was settled.


Standing in front of the tomb, Yue He fished out the Array Jade and said, “Young Master, you should be the one refining this jade.”


Whoever controlled this jade could lord over Seven Wonders Land. Previously, they were in a rush, which was why Yang Kai let Yue He refine the jade; after all, as a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she could refine it faster. Now that Seven Wonders Land had a new owner, the Array Jade should be returned to Yang Kai.


Unexpectedly though, Yang Kai shook his head and declared, “You should keep it.”


Yue He asked, “Young Master, are you worried that it’ll be hard for you to refine it? Don’t worry, I’ll assist you. You’ll be able to fully refine it in a few months.”


With a smile, Yang Kai replied, “That’s not the reason. In fact, I’ll be leaving this place soon, so I’ll need you to keep guard here.”


“Young Master, where are you going?” Yue He was surprised.


“I’m going home,” Yang Kai said with a smile.


The following days were peaceful. While Yang Kai was waiting for Lu Xue to return, he cultivated in seclusion.


Presently, he had condensed four Open Heaven Elements, which were Wood, Fire, Earth, and Water. From his Fire Element, he had comprehended the Golden Crow Casts the Sun Divine Manifestation. The Earth Element Power came from the same source as his own, so he had also comprehended Dragon Shield Divine Ability, which had improved his defence capabilities. However, he hadn’t been able to comprehend anything regarding his Wood or Water Element Powers.


Theoretically, when one could fully comprehend an Element’s Power, they could obtain some kind of Secret Technique and Divine Ability. Unfortunately, Yang Kai hadn’t quite gotten the hang of this. He had started the process when he was still in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, but his efforts hadn’t yielded any results up to this day.


His Divine Manifestation had helped increase his power greatly and allowed him to fight against Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters when he was just an Emperor Realm cultivator, so what if he could comprehend two, three, and even more Divine Abilities?


The road to Open Heaven Realm was all about accumulation, and it was extremely time-consuming. Before breaking through though, he was just an Emperor Realm cultivator, and he needed some power to protect himself. Nevertheless, things couldn’t be rushed.


One day, while he was cultivating, Yang Kai suddenly heard Yue He’s voice in his head. He opened his eyes, and the next instant, he appeared beside her.


At this moment, Yue He was looking up at the sky. Since the previous battle, many gaps had appeared in the Grand Array. They looked just like cracks in the sky. Presently, by looking through the biggest crack, they could see that many people had gathered together outside Seven Wonders Land.


“Who are those people?” Yang Kai asked.


Yue He replied, “They are representatives of the great forces in this Great Territory. They must have heard that Seven Wonders Land has a new owner, which is why they’ve come to visit. Do you want to see them?”


This Great Territory was called Seven Wonder Territory because Seven Wonders Land, a Second Class great force, was situated in this place. Nevertheless, Seven Wonders Land wasn’t the only great force in the entire Seven Wonder Territory. However, the others were just Third Class forces or even weaker organizations.


There was no doubt that the change of ownership in Seven Wonders Land in this Great Territory was a major event. Previously, many disciples from Scarlet Star had fled, so this matter could not be hidden. These people must have gotten wind of it, which was why they had come over to have a look.


They were still trying to rebuild Seven Wonders Land, so supposedly, it would be best to keep the doors shut so that ill-intentioned people could not grasp their real strength. However, Yang Kai darted his gaze around and grinned, “Since they’ve come to visit, they must have brought some gifts with them. If that’s the case, why would we turn them down? Let them all in!”


At that, Yue He was speechless. She was fully aware of how wealthy Yang Kai was; after all, she was the one handling all the wealth he obtained from Scarlet Star in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Some time ago, they had also discovered a secret storehouse together. There was no way these representatives could give them anything of real value, but Yang Kai still seemed interested in reaping more gains. He was indeed an avaricious person.




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