Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4150, The Proprietress’ Heart Demon Oath


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The Proprietress wasn’t unaware of what Yang Kai had gone through over the years. When she was on the way to Void Land, she inquired with Lu Xue about it, and Lu Xue didn’t hide anything from her. Since Yang Kai had decided to seek her help it meant that she was a reliable person; therefore, Lu Xue told her about what had happened in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


Hence, it wasn’t surprising that the Proprietress was aware of Zhu Jiu Yin’s presence.


Solemnly, Yang Kai nodded his head.


In a grim voice, the Proprietress asked, “Is she trustworthy?”


Zhu Jiu Yin was the Divine Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider who was as powerful as a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master. Faced with such a formidable existence, the Proprietress felt immensely pressured. Things would be thorny if she wasn’t trustworthy.


Yang Kai spoke to her via Divine Sense to reassure her, “Don’t worry. That woman has sworn an oath upon her Source.”


“Good.” The Proprietress nodded gently. A Divine Spirit’s Source was equivalent to a cultivator’s Dao Heart, their base and foundation. There was no way they would easily swear upon it. If they went back on their word after such an oath, their Source would be damaged, and depending on the circumstances, this damage may be irreversible.


Then, she turned around and took a seat. With her chin resting on her palm, she said smilingly, “Tell me what happened in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.”


She had heard about the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary but had never had the chance to enter it. To any cultivator in the 3,000 Worlds, that Sealed World was a legend, which was why she was curious about it.


Since she wanted to know, Yang Kai wouldn’t hide anything from her; thus, he took a seat and narrated his entire experience.


When she heard that Yue He had captured him and was ready to bring him to Small Orchid Palace, she snorted. Then, when it was mentioned that they were swept away by the Grand Ancient Ruins Rolling Fog in the Star City, she appeared worried.


Although Yang Kai had already returned safely, it wasn’t hard to imagine that he must have experienced a lot of danger.


He had spent more than ten years in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. In the beginning, he was faced with a Beast Tide and almost lost his life. Then, he managed to tame the Earth Dragon and Scarlet Food Dragon. After that, he arrived at Scarlet Star’s Star City. On the Yuan Magnetic Mountain, he battled against the people from Thunder Light and Sword Pavilion, causing his fame to soar.


Outside Scarlet Star’s Star City, he comprehended a Divine Manifestation, whereupon he single-handedly destroyed more than 3,000 people from Thunder Light and Sword Pavilion. Since then, no one else was a match for him.


Following that, he and several disciples from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises plunged into the sea and fought against the Sea Clan. Then, he was hunted down by Kun Sha. At that time, Zhu Jiu Yin was hiding in the dark in the Star City, and she eventually chose Yang Kai to be her Bearer.


At a later time, the Primordial Land opened. The Bearers competed against one another, and Yang Kai managed to come out on top. After leaving the Primordial Land, he was hunted down by the Divine Spirits.


All in all, his life over the past ten-plus years was filled with interesting as well as dangerous events.


While Yang Kai was narrating his story, Bai Qi came over and stood behind the Proprietress, listening attentively. He was totally immersed in the story as he wanted to replace Yang Kai to experience the wonders of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary.


The Proprietress kept a faint smile on her face, but there seemed to be a hint of worry in the depths of her eyes.


Yang Kai wasn’t aware of this as he deliberately exaggerated Yue He’s contributions by telling the Proprietress that if it weren’t for her help in the Boundary, he wouldn’t have had such achievements.


Fully aware of his intentions, the Proprietress smiled and said nothing.


Seeing as she remained unfazed, a helpless Yang Kai said, “We’ve talked a lot. Proprietress, do you want to drink some tea?”


Outside the hall, Yue He hung her head low and walked in with a tray. Then, she filled Proprietress’ and Yang Kai’s tea cups. After that, she lowered her head and stood in front of the Proprietress, like a naughty child who was waiting for her punishment.


Yang Kai picked up his cup and sipped the tea while observing the Proprietress’ expression; however, she sported an impassive face as though she didn’t see Yue He at all.


Helplessly, he gave Bai Qi a hint with his eyes.


Seeing that, Bai Qi gave him an assuring look and said, “Proprietress, you’ve always taught me that we should look to the future, not the past. Let the past be the past. If you don’t, it will become your burden.”


After taking a sip, the Proprietress thumped the cup on the table, which caused the tea to splash, “Did I tell you to speak?”


Bai Qi grinned, “No, no, no. I shouldn’t have spoken. I’ll slap myself now.” Upon finishing his words, he gently slapped his face. Yang Kai was shocked by his subservient behaviour.


The Proprietress snorted, “You escaped from death’s door and lived a peaceful life for more than ten years. I guess you’ve forgotten about the person who set you up to die. If it weren’t because Yang Kai did his best to save you, you would’ve travelled to the Yellow Springs instead of staying in this world.”


Hearing that, Bai Qi replied solemnly, “I will always remember the people who have helped me, and will never forget the people who have harmed me. You’ve always taught us that we should repay the favours we owe and retaliate against those who have hurt us. Since that is the case, I shall get my revenge now!”


After that, he suddenly looked at Yue He and yelled, “Yue He, in the past, you sided with Qin Ji and the others to ruin my ascension, almost costing me my life. This is an absolutely irreconcilable grudge so I shall take your life now for what you’ve done to me!”


Then, he raised his hand and pushed out his palm. The aura of his World Force permeated the room as he seemed to be going all out with this strike.


A horrified Yang Kai exclaimed, “Old Bai, stop!”


However, Bai Qi was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now, and although it had only been a short time since he broke through, there was no way Yang Kai could go against him. By the time he managed to react, Bai Qi’s palm already landed on Yue He’s shoulder.


Yue He grunted as a crack was heard coming from her bones. Like an empty sack, she was sent flying away. World Force churned around violently in her body and she sprayed out a mouthful of blood as she fell to the ground.


After the attack, Bai Qi retracted his hand and stood behind the Proprietress. Then, he said helplessly, “Proprietress, I’ve gotten my revenge. Unfortunately, I was not powerful enough to kill her. Haaa… It hasn’t been a long time since I ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so it seems I am no match for a Master who has stayed in that realm for many centuries.”


His expression seemed to suggest that he was really no match for Yue He.


Presently, the Proprietress’ expression was livid as she balled up her fists and stared fixedly at Yue He. At the same time, she checked on her with her Divine Sense.


Yang Kai rushed towards Yue He and helped her up. Anxiously, he asked, “Are you alright?”


Although he wasn’t powerful enough to stop Bai Qi, he saw what was going on earlier. When Bai Qi was making a move, Yue He didn’t resist at all. It wasn’t that she wasn’t fast enough to react, but rather that she didn’t have the intention of resisting to begin with.


Yue He shook her head to mean that she was fine. Then, she gently pushed Yang Kai away and looked gratefully at Bai Qi. She knew that Bai Qi must have held back. Both of them were in the same Order, and since she didn’t resist at all, Bai Qi could have taken her life with ease.


Although she seemed to be battered after getting struck, she wasn’t severely injured. She would recover in about half a month.


Seeing that, Yang Kai didn’t insist on supporting her. After giving it a thought, he too realised what was going on.


Just like what Bai Qi had said, Yue He had sided with Qin Ji and the others to ruin his ascension, forming what was basically an irreconcilable feud. If he didn’t forgive Yue He, there was no way the Proprietress would show some kindness to her. If she really did that, she would’ve made Bai Qi feel bitterly disappointed.


The fact that the Proprietress didn’t kill Yue He the moment she saw her suggested that she still treasured their relationship.


After Bai Qi made a move to settle this grudge, things would become easier.


What’s more, the Proprietress’ anxious expression suggested that she was worried about Yue He. Seeing that Yue He was fine, she finally relaxed her fists.


Yue He wiped the blood from the corner of her lips and slowly shuffled towards the Proprietress. Then, she fell on her knees and hung her head low. With her hair covering her eyes, she called out, “Big Sister…”


The Proprietress parted her lips and said coldly, “The moment you sided with Qin Ji to harm me, our relationship came to an end. Stop calling me Big Sister. I don’t have a Sister like you.”


Yue He trembled as her eyes were drenched in tears, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”


“It was your decision. There is no right or wrong.” The Proprietress shook her head, “I won’t settle accounts with you regarding what happened to Old Bai; after all, he was lucky enough to have survived, but don’t you forget that in the Sealing Yang Domain, this Queen also swore an oath.”


Hearing that, Yue He shuddered.


Yang Kai also sported a solemn expression. The thing he was most worried about was eventually brought up.


When they were in the Sealing Yang Domain, Yue He had joined forces with several people to ambush the Proprietress. Besides the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Qin Ji, from Golden Rainbow Province, there was also a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Ling Chun Chiu, from Boundless Altar as well as a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Old Xu, from Wind and Cloud Auction House. Later on, another Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Hai Ping Le from Clear Mind Heaven also appeared.


At that time, Yang Kai used his last Mie Meng’s golden tail feather to end Old Xu’s life, but after Bai Qi’s ascension was seemingly ruined and he was on the brink of death, the enraged Proprietress made a heart demon oath.


She proclaimed that if she did not trample flat the Headquarters of these people, she would never ascend to the Seventh Order in her lifetime. That was her promise to Bai Qi.


This kind of oath was no laughing matter. Once it was made, it was unresolvable. In other words, if the Proprietress couldn’t achieve this, she would really never be able to ascend to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm.


At that time, the oath had something to do with three people, who were Qin Ji, Ling Chun Qiu, and Yue He. Hai Ping Le was the last to appear, so he had nothing to do with this oath.


In other words, if the Proprietress wanted to reach the Seventh Order, the very existence of three great forces were her greatest hindrance and had to be eliminated.


Certainly, Yue He would never forget that; therefore, as soon as the Proprietress mentioned it, she knew that there was no turning back.


Yue He pressed her head against the ground and said gently, “I would never dare to be a hindrance on your Martial Dao. Big Sister, many thanks for raising and caring for this Little Sister in the past.”


When she raised her head again, she looked apologetically at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai immediately had a bad premonition as he yelled, “What are you trying to do?”


World Force flared and swept Yang Kai away as Yue He raised her hand and attempted to land a palm on her forehead.


Bai Qi was stunned as he didn’t expect Yue He to be so resolute. In order to not bar the Proprietress’ ascension, she was determined to end her own life. She must be aware that the Proprietress would never kill her and had only made that kind of oath because she was furious and failed to consider the consequences at the time. If she wanted to resolve the oath, Yue He would be a great hurdle.


Yang Kai widened his eyes and pushed his Space Principles madly; however, Yue He was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and was surrounded by rich World Force. How was Yang Kai supposed to break through it and save her?


Nevertheless, she didn’t manage to land that palm on her forehead in the end. The Proprietress had abruptly appeared in front of her as she clenched Yue He’s wrist and looked at her with a conflicted expression.


Yue He lifted her head, tears sliding down her face, her eyes appearing completely hollow and lifeless.




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