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Martial Peak – Chapter 4152, Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array


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The fact that Yang Kai had chosen the third proposal was beneficial to Grandmaster Wu Liang as well. That was because the higher the cost to upgrade the Grand Array, the more benefits he would get; therefore, he was more than happy that Yang Kai had chosen the third option.


The price was rather outrageous, but if Grandmaster Wu Liang could really achieve what he claimed, Yang Kai didn’t mind paying the price.


“I have a list here. Get the materials on this list ready as soon as possible.” Grandmaster Wu Liang fished out an empty jade slip and wrote down the list before passing it to Yang Kai.


After taking a glance, Yang Kai was stunned.


There were probably over 10,000 different types of materials on the list, most of which he had never even heard of before; after all, it had only been a short time since he arrived in the Outer Universe, so his knowledge wasn’t that broad.


Nevertheless, there were some materials that he already possessed. Be it the wealth those from Scarlet Star had amassed in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary or the secret storehouse in Seven Wonders Land, there were many materials in Yang Kai’s possession that could be put to use.


The next moment, Yang Kai passed the list to Yue He and let her deal with it.


Then, he decided to hold a banquet for the Proprietress and Grandmaster Wu Liang. The people from the Third Class great forces, who had come to help, became busy and got the banquet ready in a short while.


After they were all seated, they started drinking and chatting. The atmosphere was pleasant.


A few days later, Lu Xue and Bai Qi shot into the sky and passed through the gap in the Grand Array before disappearing.


They were going to the local Star Cities to buy the materials for upgrading the Grand Array. Although Yang Kai had many usable resources on hand, he didn’t have everything necessary; therefore, they had to purchase some materials from the Star Cities.


There was a Star City in Seven Wonder Territory that was neither big nor small, aptly classified as a medium-sized Star City. After all, Seven Wonders Land was just a Second Class great force.


As long as a Great Territory wasn’t in a remote location, it normally had a Star City which was correlated to the strongest great force.


For example, the Star Cities in the Great Territories of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises were expansive while the Star City in the same Great Territory as Great Moon Province was a small one.


Lu Xue and Bai Qi parted ways. She went to the Star City in this Great Territory while he was heading to a large-scale Star City. The Star Cities were far away, so it would probably take them a couple of months before they could return to Void Land.


On the other hand, Grandmaster Wu Liang wasn’t doing nothing. He made use of the materials at hand and started working on the Grand Array.


The disciples from Golden Light Dock were assigned to assist him. Although there were already many people, they were still not enough. A few days later, the Great Emperors from the more than ten Universe Worlds controlled by Void Land arrived and brought more than several hundred people with them, which solved the most pressing labour issue.


The entire Void Land was bustling now.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai gave out the resources in his possession to be used on the Grand Array.


Half a month later, Chen Tian Fei returned to Void Land. Previously, he had received Yang Kai’s order and escorted Meng Hong and the others back to Great Moon Province. It wasn’t until they all entered their Headquarters that he came back.


Seeing the Proprietress, the fatty respectfully saluted her. It was then he realised that Yang Kai wasn’t bluffing when the latter said that he was from First Inn.


Chen Tian Fei had heard a lot about this legendary woman, and upon seeing her, he realised that she indeed lived up to her name.


He also brought back some news regarding Old Fang and the others. After they joined Great Moon Province, they started cultivating diligently, and their lives were all good now. The atmosphere in Great Moon Province was pleasant and although they joined at a later time, they were not oppressed in any way. When Chen Tian Fei escorted Meng Hong and the others back to the Province, he was hospitably greeted by Great Moon True Monarch.


It couldn’t be helped, as Great Moon True Monarch was only a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Faced with Chen Tian Fei, a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he felt pressured.


Then, Yang Kai let him take a rest for a day before he was assigned to assist Grandmaster Wu Liang.


As time passed, the Grand Array gradually began to take shape. Two months later, Lu Xue and Bai Qi respectively returned and brought back the resources needed to reform the Grand Array, which allowed Grandmaster Wu Liang to work even faster.


One day, Yang Kai clenched a jade slip and infused his Divine Sense into it. After going through it for a long time, he retracted his Divine Sense and said joyfully, “Proprietress, the Grandmaster you’ve found is indeed incredible.”


There was a smile on the Proprietress’ face, “Although Grandmaster Wu Liang is just a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, fewer than a thousand people in the 3,000 Worlds can surpass him when it comes to the Dao of Arrays.”


If she wasn’t certain about his capabilities, she wouldn’t have invited him to help with repairing the Grand Array.


The 3,000 Worlds was vast, so there were many people who were skilled in the Dao of Arrays, but while 1,000 people might sound like a large figure, considering the countless people who cultivated the Dao of Arrays, it was actually quite amazing to be ranked amongst the top thousand.


After taking the jade slip from Yang Kai, the Proprietress took a glance and arched her brow, “Nine Heavenly Layers?”


Grandmaster Wu Liang had told someone to send the jade slip to them. It contained information regarding his proposed plan for the Grand Array. He named this Grand Array around Void Land the Nine Heavenly Layers.


This kind of Grand Array was simply inconceivable to Yang Kai as he had never seen or heard about anything like it before. If it could be successfully arranged, Void Land would be so secure that even a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters would fail if he attempted to invade.


The Proprietress pursed her lips and looked smilingly at Yang Kai, “He must have realised that you’re incredibly wealthy, so he’s made some modifications to the Grand Array. If it’s successfully constructed, the power will increase by far more than fifty percent.”


Yang Kai nodded in agreement. Recently, Grandmaster Wu Liang had become more amiable to him, unlike how aloof he was when they first met.


That was because Yang Kai had given him absolute freedom to do whatever he wanted.


To a Spirit Array Grandmaster, there was nothing more exciting in the world than materialising the Grand Array he had envisioned for a long time. It had been over 1,000 years since he first conceived of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, but unfortunately, no great force could let him realise his dream.


Over the years, many great forces had invited him to their Headquarters, but they just needed him to repair the Grand Arrays they already had. That was because too many resources were required to build the Nine Heavenly Layers.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai could help him realise his dream.


Over the past two months, he found out that whatever materials he needed, Yang Kai could always produce, and there were no restrictions imposed at all. Regarding the Grand Array, he could do as he pleased.


Hence, there was nothing worth hesitating about. The Nine Heavenly Layers was the best Grand Array he had ever come up with, and he was glad that he could arrange it right here in Void Land.


Therefore, recently, he became extremely fervent when it came to arranging the Grand Array as he worked around the clock. The thousands of people who had come to Void Land to help were constantly being ordered around by the Grandmaster, to the point they didn’t have any time to rest.


However, in order to arrange the Nine Heavenly Layers, he needed Yang Kai’s support; after all, too many resources were required, and the cost would be much higher than the third proposal he had come up with some time ago.


In order to persuade Yang Kai into agreeing to it, Grandmaster Wu Liang not only explained to the former the benefits and strengths of Nine Heavenly Layers, but also lowered his remuneration. He said that if this Grand Array was successfully built, he would only take 10% of the cost as his pay, a special favour to entice Yang Kai to agree.


It had to be noted that it had been years since he set his price at 20%. He had arranged Grand Arrays for more than one Second Class great force and had even worked for some Paradises and Cave-Heavens in the past, but he had never offered a single discount before.


However, on this day, he made such a concession to Yang Kai, a mere Emperor Realm Junior, which went to show how determined and eager he was to construct the Nine Heavenly Layers.


“What do you think?” The Proprietress gazed at him.


Yang Kai asked, “Well, what do you think?”


The Proprietress smiled faintly, “It’s your place, so why are you asking me? I don’t have any opinion.”


After a nod, Yang Kai went through the information in the jade slip again and replied to Grandmaster Wu Liang, “I accept.”


Yang Kai wanted the best possible Grand Array for Void Land. While Grandmaster Wu Liang was eager to set up the Nine Heavenly Layers, Yang Kai was also moved by the proposed Grand Array’s power.


In Yin Spirit Land, Grandmaster Wu Liang suddenly looked up at the sky and let out a hearty laugh. Chen Tian Fei was shocked upon seeing that, wondering what had gotten into this old man.


In the Grand Hall of Earth Spirit Land, Yue He took a look at the jade slip and became stunned, “Young Master, in order to build the Nine Heavenly Layers, you not only need a lot of resources but also many, many artifacts!”


Yang Kai nodded his head, “That’s right, but I already have many artifacts that can be used to increase the Grand Array’s power. The issue is finding a few particularly powerful artifacts to serve as the Array Nodes.”


He had many artifacts of various kinds; after all, he had picked up several tens of thousands of Space Rings in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, and every ring contained artifacts; however, the quality of the artifacts varied. They could be used to increase the Grand Array’s power, but not as Array Nodes.


Just like its name suggested, the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array, once arranged, would have nine layers. It combined defence, concealment, and attack in the same Grand Array. Every layer was connected with each other and mutually supportive. If a person wanted to enter Void Land, they would have to break through all nine layers of this Grand Array first.


This kind of Grand Array, even if it wasn’t as good as those of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises, wasn’t far off from them. In the 3,000 Worlds, no Second Class great force had a Grand Array that was comparable to this.


The first three layers were all Auxiliary Arrays which could help the Grand Array continuously absorb the Power of the Stars to reduce its consumption of energy. This was very useful; after all, once the Nine Heavenly Layers began operating, it would naturally consume lots of power. Although Yang Kai was extremely wealthy, he couldn’t support such consumption in the long term. With the first three layers, they could help the Grand Array collect and store energy and release it when it was needed to reduce consumption.


It also came with some self-repairing capabilities. As long as the Grand Array wasn’t severely damaged, it didn’t have to be patched. The Grand Array would heal on its own.


The three middle layers were all Defensive Arrays. The first was for concealment and once it started running, it could make Void Land disappear from sight. Unless a person had powerful means to look for it, no one could find its whereabouts. The second layer was a powerful Illusion and Bewilderment Array. Once a cultivator entered the array, he would start hallucinating. Yang Kai already had some ideas on what to use as Array Nodes for both concealment and hallucinatory purposes, so he didn’t have to think about them for now. There was also a layer that was purely for protection. For this layer, he needed to look for a powerful defensive artifact to be used as the Array Node.


The last three layers were the Killing Arrays, each of which was extremely powerful. They needed mighty killing artifacts to be used as the Array Nodes. Yang Kai already had two such artifacts, but he needed one more.


Every layer of the Nine Heavenly Layers was useful on its own, and when they were all interconnected, they became even more powerful. Grandmaster Wu Liang, who had invented the Nine Heavenly Layers, was truly talented and awe-inspiring.




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