Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4153, Trample Flat Small Orchid Palace


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Yang Kai was looking forward to the day when the Nine Heavenly Layers were completed; however, now, he had to look for some powerful artifacts first. Otherwise, even if the Grand Array was completed, it wouldn’t be fully functional.


After some calculations, he realised that he needed at least one defensive artifact and one killing artifact. Those were the minimum requirements. The more artifacts he could get, the more powerful the Grand Array would be.


[It’ll cost me an arm and a leg!] Yang Kai thought.


A few days later, three people shot out of Void Land through the gap in the Grand Array. They were none other than Yang Kai, the Proprietress, and Yue He.


On the ground, Chen Tian Fei, Lu Xue, Guo Zi Yan, and the others respectfully saw them off.


Yang Kai needed to look for the artifacts that could be used as Array Nodes for the Grand Array, and he could only seek the Proprietress’ help and asked her to introduce some Grandmaster Artifact Refiners to him.


He was basically a newcomer to the 3,000 Worlds, so he had no idea where he could find such people. Certainly, the Cave-Heavens and Paradises had such Grandmasters, but Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with them, and they might not even welcome him to begin with.


Initially, he only intended to set off on the journey with the Proprietress, but she insisted on bringing Yue He with her.


Yang Kai didn’t understand her decision. He wanted to make Yue He stay in Void Land, but since the Proprietress insisted, he just let her be. Fortunately, even though the defence of Void Land was weak, Zhu Jiu Yin was around.


He told her to take good care of Void Land and trusted that she would do her best. She hadn’t returned to the peak of her power yet, and it would take her a long time to adapt to the World Principles in the outside world; however, if she got into a fight, most Mid-Rank cultivators would be no match for her.


Anyway, no sensible people would make a fuss in Void Land at this point.


Firstly, the trio went to the Universe Temple in Void Territory so that Yang Kai could leave his Soul Imprint there. In the future, he could save some time when travelling around by using the Universe Transference Law.


After leaving the Universe Temple, the Proprietress summoned her ship, whereupon they boarded and shot forward at full speed.


They went on to pass through several Great Territories until one day, the Proprietress stored the ship after they arrived at a certain place.


“Have we arrived at our destination?” Yang Kai asked.


Without replying to him, the Proprietress looked smilingly at Yue He.


Presently, Yue He’s face was a little pale as she looked bashfully at her, “Big Sister… I was the one who made the mistake. Please punish only me and do not drag others into this. Big Sister, please have mercy on them.”


Upon finishing her words, she was ready to kneel.


The Proprietress, however, held her up and said with a faint smile, “What are you doing? What do you think I’m going to do by bringing you to this place?”


Gazing at her, Yue He said, “Big Sister, aren’t you here to… fulfil the heart demon oath?”


“Heart demon oath?” Yang Kai was shocked upon hearing that. Why was the heart demon oath mentioned all of a sudden? Previously in Void Land, because of the heart demon oath, Yue He almost killed herself. Fortunately, the Proprietress stopped her in time.


Recently, the women had been getting along well, and there didn’t seem to be any grudges between them anymore, so Yang Kai thought that this matter was settled, but at the mention of the heart demon oath now, he had a bad premonition.


After a nod, the Proprietress replied, “A heart demon oath is unresolvable, so it must be fulfilled. But… there are ways to work around it. Come with me.”


Then, she led the way for them. After trading glances, Yang Kai and Yue He hurriedly followed her.


On the way to their destination, Yang Kai fished out a Universe Chart and realised that, just like what he had speculated, they were now in Small Orchid Territory. In this Great Territory, there was a Second Class great force that couldn’t really be considered Second Class, which was Yue He’s Small Orchid Palace.


There was only one Open Heaven Realm Master in this great force, who was none other than Yue He. The rest were all below the Open Heaven Realm.


Therefore, Small Orchid Palace was regarded as a Second Class great force because Yue He was its Leader, but at the same time, it lacked the heritage of a true Second Class great force.


With that said, Small Orchid Territory was indeed named after Small Orchid Palace.


[What is Proprietress planning to do?] Yang Kai was slightly worried, but at the same time, he had a feeling that she wouldn’t do anything terrible.


A moment later, they arrived at Small Orchid Palace. It was a Spirit Province where the land mass was small and the foundations were weak. Yue He had managed this place for a thousand years, but she had done so all on her own and hadn’t put in a lot of effort into building it up.


The three of them stopped in the periphery of Small Orchid Palace and the Proprietress said, “Tell all of your people to come out.”


With her lips pressed together, Yue He nodded and flew down before disappearing.


Yang Kai turned to look at the Proprietress. He wanted to know what she was going to do, but he couldn’t bring himself to ask such a question, so he could only wait patiently.


Soon, figures were seen flying out of the Palace. With Yue He leading the way, about two or three thousand came over and hovered in the void. This kind of figure was pretty embarrassing for a Second Class great force. Nevertheless, Yue He didn’t found Small Orchid Palace to develop it into a mighty power. She just wanted a place to stay and these people were simply brought back to the Palace by her over the years as a kind of charity work, so they were not really her subordinates.


The cultivation of these people varied, and there was only a small number in the Emperor Realm. Yue He had to use her own power to protect them so that they could survive in the void.


“Big Sister, everyone is present,” Yue He said in a hushed voice and lowered her head. She seemed ready to receive her punishment.


The Proprietress nodded gently and raised her hand. As the aura of World Force undulated, she parted her lips and said, “In the past, outside of the Sealing Yang Domain, this Queen made a heart demon oath. As long as this oath isn’t resolved, I will never be able to ascend to the Seventh Order. Xiao He’er, today, this Queen will settle the grudge with you!”


Then, she pushed out her slender hand. Following her move, the Grand Array around Small Orchid Palace started cracking, as though it would collapse at any moment.


“What are you doing?!”




“This woman is trying to destroy our home! We must fight!”


The disciples of Small Orchid Palace behind Yue He widened their eyes and howled. Despite the fact that the Proprietress appeared imposing, and it was apparent that she was extremely powerful, these people didn’t seem to be afraid of her. Their eyes had reddened, and they were ready to risk their lives to fight it out with her.


Fortunately, Yue He did her best to stop them from making a fuss.


“All of you shut up!” Yue He bellowed. These people wouldn’t dare to disobey her order, so upon hearing that, all of them fell silent despite the fact that they were still furious. They glared at the Proprietress, as though they were eager to skin her alive.


The might of the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm burst out and shattered the Grand Array around Small Orchid Palace.


Although the Grand Array was pretty powerful, Yue He didn’t really put much effort into reinforcing it; after all, the heritage of Small Orchid Palace was too weak. Otherwise, the Grand Array of a Second Class great force wouldn’t have been destroyed so easily.


After the Grand Array collapsed, Small Orchid Palace was completely exposed.


Following a boom, the Spirit Province where Small Orchid Palace was located shook and the Proprietress retracted her hand and straightened up.


“Small Orchid Palace has been destroyed. Xiao He’er, bring all of them to settle down in Void Land. Yang Kai’s place is vast enough to accommodate them,” The Proprietress turned around and looked smilingly at Yue He.


Behind her, the Spirit Province shattered as its fragments scattered in all directions. In the blink of an eye, the entire Small Orchid Palace was gone.


“Many thanks for showing mercy, Big Sister!” Yue He’s eyes were slightly reddened. It wasn’t because her Palace was destroyed, but because the knot in her heart was finally untied.


“Let’s go,” The Proprietress swung her sleeve and wrapped her power around Yang Kai before shooting into the distance.


Yang Kai turned his head and waved his hand at Yue He.


Since the cultivation of her people varied so widely, it would be extremely difficult for them to travel across the void of the Outer Universe. With that said, Yue He was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so she wouldn’t have trouble sheltering them.


It was then that Yang Kai understood why the Proprietress insisted on bringing Yue He with them. This was what she had intended to do all along.


She once swore that if she couldn’t trample flat the Headquarters of the people who had ambushed her, she would never ascend to the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm in her lifetime.


The stern voice of the Proprietress on that day still seemed to be reverberating in Yang Kai’s ears, but at that instant, he couldn’t help but smile helplessly. He always thought that the oath was made in rage and was deathly serious, but now, it seemed that when she made the oath on that day, the Proprietress had already ensured there was a way out of it.


When she said that she would destroy the Headquarters of those people, she didn’t mean she would exterminate their great force. Yang Kai always thought that Yue He would have to lose her life before the oath could be resolved, so he had been worried for quite some time; but now, it seemed that even in that kind of situation, the Proprietress still never had the intention of killing Yue He. The loophole in the oath was prepared for this day.


After Small Orchid Palace was destroyed, the oath had nothing to do with Yue He anymore. Furthermore, without the Palace, Yue He would have nowhere to go, so she was bound to head to Void Land.


Yang Kai was happy with the outcome. Even without the incident on this day, he would still have done everything he could to persuade Yue He to move everyone from her Small Orchid Palace to Void Land, and he believed that she wouldn’t reject him.


The Proprietress just happened to seize the chance and resolved her heart demon oath, which helped achieve the outcome he desired.


“What’s so amusing,” The Proprietress suddenly shot him a glance.


With a straight face, Yang Kai said, “You’re such a kind-hearted person.”


“Stop trying to flatter me, it’s disgusting!” The Proprietress directly landed a fist on his forehead. 


Yang Kai quickly covered his head and yelled, “Why did you hit me? A man’s head is just like a woman’s backside; it can’t be touched lightly!”


The Proprietress snorted, “I haven’t settled accounts with you yet. So what if I hit you a bit?”


Upon finishing her words, she raised her leg.


The unsuspecting Yang Kai was sent flying away as he bellowed, “You… How can you lay a hand on me whenever you’re unhappy? You crazy woman!”


Suddenly, a cold glint flashed through the Proprietress’ eyes as she gnashed her teeth.


Yang Kai felt cold all of a sudden as he shrank his neck and darted his gaze around. Just when he was ready to manipulate Space Principles to flee, he realised that the space around him had already been sealed off.


There was a faint smile on the Proprietress’ face as she lightly stepped towards him, “Do you think I’ll give you a chance to flee?”


Yang Kai hurriedly stepped backwards and said in a grim voice, “Let’s just talk it out and not resort to such barbaric methods. How old do you think you are? Not again!” As he spoke, he quickly reached out to grasp her foot that was about to reach him. Her ankle felt soft and smooth, but before he could properly enjoy the sensation, the Proprietress flipped around and landed a kick on his chin with her other leg.


As her dress whisked across his face, he started seeing stars, and he was sent flying away again.


A furious Yang Kai thought that it had just been a short time since they reunited, but the Proprietress had already beaten him up twice. He secretly swore that when he ascended to the Open Heaven Realm one day, he would make this woman pay, with interest!




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