Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4157, Heavenly Executioner’s Sword


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Looking from afar, Yang Kai could see that the costly materials were thrown into the replica Universe Furnace by Grandmaster Ma Fan, and the old man himself kept using different hand seals. The array at the bottom of the furnace could be seen flickering, which dazzled the eyes of the beholder.


Making artifacts was both energy and time-consuming, and it couldn’t be completed in a short period of time. Any slight negligence would lead to failure.


Although Yang Kai wasn’t familiar with forging artifacts, he was an expert in the Alchemic Dao. These were two different fields, but there were many similarities.


Grandmaster Ma Fan’s Universe Tempering Art was abstruse and unique, which made Yang Kai unable to move his eyes away.


As more materials were added, what looked like a piece of hot iron started taking shape in the replica Universe Furnace. The impurities from the materials were then removed by Grandmaster Ma Fan using a special technique.


There came a moment when the array at the bottom of the furnace changed again. Grandmaster Ma Fan let out a shout as the aura of his World Force spread around.


Following some popping sounds, his slim figure started expanding. In the blink of an eye, he turned from a listless old man into a giant who was 1,000 metres tall.


The giant’s hair was seen flapping in the wind, and his face was painted red by the fire. All his muscles were bulging, which made him look like a vigorous young man. Then, he extended his hand into the furnace and grabbed the block of red hot iron before placing it on a huge anvil. The giant then picked up an enormous hammer and struck the hot iron.


*Guang… Guang… Guang…* 


Every time he struck the hot iron, the entire Star would tremble, and the deafening noise permeated the Universe World. The sparks coming from the metalworking process seemed able to destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth. However, the giant was oblivious to all this as he let the sparks splash onto his skin.


After striking the iron for nine days straight, the giant suddenly threw the semi-finished work back into the furnace, which attracted the raging Sun’s fire to burn it. Then, he put more materials into the furnace.


Nine days later, he fished out the semi-finished work and continued striking it.


With nine days as a cycle, the same thing happened again and again. The semi-finished work was repeatedly moved between the furnace and the anvil.


Gradually, a gigantic longsword took shape. Even though it was just a semi-finished product, Yang Kai could still feel a horrifying aura coming from the sword, which shocked him. When the sword was completed, it would certainly be immensely powerful.


After doing the same thing for 81 days, Grandmaster Ma Fan suddenly bellowed, “Boy, come here!”


Apparently, the Proprietress had been waiting for this moment, so upon hearing this call, she immediately wrapped her World Force around Yang Kai and shot towards Grandmaster Ma Fan. Standing at the feet of the giant, they looked like two ants.


Grandmaster Ma Fan swung the sword and held it out in front of Yang Kai before yelling, “Blood!” 


Looking at the huge sword that was several dozen metres long, Yang Kai felt speechless; however, he knew that it must be in the final stage of forging. The reason Grandmaster Ma Fan wanted his blood was that he wanted to leave his Imprint inside the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword. From then on, only Yang Kai, and those he granted permission to, would be able to activate the sword’s power, making it useless for other people to snatch it.


Not daring to be negligent, Yang Kai hurriedly cut his palm as his blood started streaming out of the wound. He balled up his fist and held it out above the blade. 


Sizzling sounds were immediately heard, but instead of merging into the sword, the blood turned into petite Blood Dragons and began swimming across it.


“Hm?” Grandmaster Ma Fan exclaimed and looked at Yang Kai in shock, “Dragon Blood! You’re a member of the Dragon Clan?”


Hearing that, a stunned Proprietress turned to look at Yang Kai as well.


She wasn’t aware that Yang Kai had a Dragon Clan bloodline. That was because he once brought the Ruler of the Dawn Great General to look for his mother. After Mie Meng was saved, she told Yang Kai not to reveal the fact that he had a Dragon Clan bloodline easily. Her reason was that even though the Dragon Clan was extremely powerful, they had many enemies in the 3,000 Worlds. If others found out about this secret, he might invite trouble to himself.


She also told him that if he really came across any danger that couldn’t be resolved, he could reveal that he was a member of the Dragon Clan to frighten off his opponents.


All in all, in the 3,000 World, having a bloodline related to the Dragon Clan was a double-edged sword. It might invite trouble to Yang Kai, but it might also save him from fatal danger.


Therefore, he had been consciously keeping this secret.


In the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he had used his Dragon Transformation Secret Technique several times, but the people who had seen this Secret Technique were either his own people or already dead.


“Hahaha! Turns out you’re a member of the Dragon Clan. Good good!” Grandmaster Ma Fan’s laugh was deafening, “Don’t stop! Give me more Dragon Blood!”


It seemed that Dragon Blood was immensely beneficial to the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword.


Hearing that, Yang Kai could only let more of his blood drip onto the blade. His restorative abilities were incredible and his Dragon Vein and the Wood Element Power from Immortal Tree allowed him to heal small cuts almost immediately. In order to squeeze out more Dragon Blood, he could only keep opening his wound so that it wouldn’t heal.


As time passed, the entire blade became covered in his golden Dragon Blood.


“That’s enough!” Grandmaster Ma Fan shouted and threw the sword into the replica Universe Furnace again.


The Proprietress turned to look at Yang Kai and sized him up, as though it was the first time she met him.


“Brat, I can’t believe you’ve been keeping this secret from me,” She snorted.


She believed that Yang Kai was just a newcomer to the 3,000 Worlds; however, it wasn’t until he left the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary that she became aware that he had secretly condensed four High-Rank Elements, and it wasn’t until this moment that she found out he had a Dragon Clan bloodline.


“This is not something that’s worth bragging about,” Yang Kai smiled helplessly.


“I’ll settle this account with you later!”


Yang Kai immediately felt bitter in his heart.


In a nearby place, Grandmaster Ma Fan had already returned to his original form, and his aura even appeared weaker than before. He must have expended a lot of energy to refine this artifact; however, at this point, he didn’t need to put more effort into it as the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword was basically finished. All they had to do was wait.


More than ten days later, Grandmaster Ma Fan suddenly got to his feet and stared fervently at the replica Universe Furnace. At this moment, the furnace was trembling, as though a ferocious beast was about to rush out of it. Following the vibration, rays of Sword Qi shot out of the furnace; however, the furnace was extremely abstruse and the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword was unable to break free from it.


There came a moment when all the noises died down.


“Hahaha. It’s done.” Grandmaster Ma Fan guffawed and turned to look at Yang Kai, “It’s ready. This artifact is made with your blood, so only you can take it. Don’t let it run away.”


After a serious nod, Yang Kai circulated his strength and got ready.


The next instant, Grandmaster Ma Fan used a different hand seal, whereupon a golden light burst out of the furnace.


A swift Yang Kai extended his hand and grabbed the golden light.


A buzzing sound was heard as the void seemed to be trembling. A golden sword was shaking violently in Yang Kai’s hand, but before he could feel the sword’s power, his expression changed as he was dragged away by the weapon. Regardless of how hard he tried, he was unable to stop the sword.


From afar, he yelled, “Proprietress, save me!”


Naturally, she remained on the spot with her arms crossed and sneered.


In the blink of an eye, the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword brought Yang Kai out of the Star and shot into the void. He surged his power to stop the weapon, but it was all in vain.


He could clearly feel that this sword was closely connected to him; however, the artifact had just been forged, and no one was able to resist its vigour. Despite the fact that there was a connection between them, Yang Kai was unable to control the weapon.


Fortunately, they were in the ruins of a Paradise, which was cut off from the outside world, so he wasn’t worried that the sword would run away.


A few days later, the remaining energy in the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword was finally exhausted. With his forehead already drenched in sweat, Yang Kai stood hovering in the void, staring at the sword in his hand. It wasn’t until this moment that he made out what the sword looked like.


When the sword was being forged, it was several tens of metres long, but after it was completed, it looked just like an ordinary sword, which seemed to suggest that this weapon could freely change its size.


The golden sword was one solid metal piece, and it looked extremely expensive.


With the sword in his hand, Yang Kai wielded it and gently ran it across his arm, which immediately left a white mark on his skin, amazing him at how sharp the weapon was. It had to be noted that, as a Half Dragon, Yang Kai’s physique was incredibly sturdy. Even though he didn’t exert much force though, the sword could easily leave a mark on his skin. If he used even slightly more force, the weapon could’ve injured him.


Then, he attempted to try out the sword’s power, but he couldn’t activate it.


It was then he realised that the sword was indeed an Array Artifact, so it required immense power to activate. Presently, he was just an Emperor Realm cultivator, so how was he supposed to bring it to life?


He reckoned that he could only witness the sword’s power with the help of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array.


At that moment, Yang Kai was already looking forward to it.


It could be said that the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword was forged in a short period of time as it only took 3 months. It had to be noted that to create a powerful artifact from scratch, it would take most Artifact Refining Grandmasters a few years or even longer.


However, Grandmaster Ma Fan only needed 3 months to achieve this. It seemed that it was thanks to his Universe Tempering Art.


In this world, artifacts were also categorised into different ranks, just like how it ranged from the First Order to the Ninth Order in the Open Heaven Realm. These artifacts could only be used by Open Heaven Realm Masters because it required the World Force to activate their powers.


Therefore, even if an Emperor Realm cultivator obtained one, it was no different from scrap metal in their hands.


Every Star or Spirit Province could be considered a Small Universe, which could naturally nurture World Force. By arranging the Nine Heavenly Layers around Void Land, Yang Kai could make use of the Grand Array to manipulate Void Land’s World Force. After the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword was blessed by World Force, its full power could be displayed.


In fact, Yang Kai had a way to forcefully stimulate the sword’s power, which was to mobilise the World Force of the Small Sealed World. However, by doing so, the heritage of the Small Sealed World would shrink, which would be detrimental to it.


Even though the Small Sealed World was no longer as useful in the 3,000 Worlds, Yang Kai had a tentative idea in his mind for it. When the time came, he would need the Small Sealed World, and if this idea could be realized, his power would increase tremendously.




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  1. He is planning on merging the sealed world bead with the small universe that will be created when he breaks through isn’t he. Or maybe it will serve as the foundation/core of his small universe. I was always hoping he would do that ever since we found out how the breakthrough to open heaven realm worked.

    1. That has been my impression since he first stepped into the inner universe of the Seven Wonders fella who kidnapped him back when he just left the Stellar Boundary

  2. Have you guys actually thought of the fact that the guy that created that SWB was actually a rare genius? Even in this vast Outer Universe, it’s still a one of a kind object. I wonder if we’d ever see him again.

    Imagine how strong YK would be at the 8th order OH Realm with the Dao of Space. He would most likely already be the strongest in the OU at that time, even before reaching the 9th order

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