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Martial Peak – Chapter 4158, Using Up His Wealth


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When the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword was forged, it had cost Yang Kai countless rare materials, which included some Sixth-Order ones. Therefore, this sword was expected to be in the Fifth-Order at the very least, and it was likely to be in the Sixth-Order.


Certainly, Yang Kai was satisfied with the outcome. Although it had cost him an arm and a leg, the reward was immense.


After storing the sword, he returned to the Star and realised that Grandmaster Ma Fan had already started working on the Heavenly Net Umbrella.


The Heavenly Executioner’s Sword was a killing artifact while the Heavenly Net Umbrella was a defensive artifact. Both of them would work perfectly together in the Nine Heavenly Layers. With these two artifacts, it could be said that the Grand Array around Void Land would be infused with a Soul.


The minimum requirements had been met. Initially, Yang Kai intended to ask Grandmaster Ma Fan to refine his Shadowless Veil, but he believed that he’d better not bring it up. It had cost the Proprietress’ last chance and a promise from Yang Kai for Grandmaster Ma Fan to forge the sword and umbrella, if he still asked the old man to refine his Shadowless Veil as well, he’d be crossing the line. Certainly, he wouldn’t want to ruin the relationship with this Artifact Refining Grandmaster.


The process of making the Heavenly Net Umbrella wasn’t much different, but it took a longer time than forging the sword. It took the old man half a year. Since time immemorial, defensive artifacts had always been more valuable than killing artifacts. The reason was that the cost and difficulty of making a defensive artifact were greater.


Despite the fact that the old man had inherited his Paradise’s heritage, it still took him half a year before he could fully refine the umbrella.


During the final stage, Yang Kai once again shed a lot of his blood.


Just like the sword, the Heavenly Net Umbrella was in the Sixth Order, and its defence capabilities were astonishing.


After the two artifacts were completed, Grandmaster Ma Fan immediately chased them away. He didn’t seem to have the intention of making them stay. It was a burden to him to make two Sixth-Order artifacts consecutively. To someone like him, who was averse to trouble, this was no different from torture; therefore, he wanted to take a rest as soon as possible.


The Proprietress and Yang Kai bade him farewell and left.


It took them a long time to reach this place, but it was much easier when they returned. After passing through several Universe Temples, they arrived at Void Land in just a month.


It had been a year since Yang Kai and the Proprietress left, but during this period of time, there didn’t seem to be any changes to Void Land. After all, it was extremely difficult to build the Nine Heavenly Layers. Now, they hadn’t even completed 50% of the Grand Array.


When they met Grandmaster Wu Liang again, they realised that he seemed to be malnourished and sickly, but his eyes were unusually bright, and he appeared to be enthusiastic. Upon learning that Yang Kai had obtained two Sixth-Order Array Artifacts, he guffawed and flew away as he said, “True Monarch, don’t worry. Even if it costs my life, this Old Master will definitely build the Nine Heavenly Layers for you!”


Yang Kai was worried that this old man would overwork himself and pass away halfway through. If that happened, their efforts so far would be wasted. After all, the Nine Heavenly Layers was conceived by Grandmaster Wu Liang. Even if they hired another Spirit Array Grandmaster, he might not be able to comprehend the abstrusity of it.


There were more people in Void Land now. These several thousand people were brought to this place by Yue He from Small Orchid Palace. Most of them were weak, below the Emperor Realm. Nevertheless, they could still assist the others to arrange the Grand Array.


Void Land was still bustling.


In the Grand Hall of Earth Spirit Land, Yue He was reporting to Yang Kai on their progress so far. With a worried expression though, she said, “Young Master, the cost to arrange this Grand Array is too great. Should we talk to Grandmaster Wu Liang to modify it?”


She was in charge of Void Land’s finances, and it made her heart bleed to see such a large number of materials being consumed every single day. Although Yang Kai had amassed immense wealth in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary and obtained the secret storehouse left behind by Xu Huang, even he couldn’t bear this kind of consumption.


Now, the Nine Heavenly Layers was only half-completed, but the wealth he had obtained from the Boundary had shrunk by 30%. If they really fully built the Grand Array, she was worried that a large part of Yang Kai’s wealth would be gone.


Besides that, he had also expended a lot of resources to make the Heavenly Executioner’s Sword and the Heavenly Net Umbrella. These two Array Artifacts were to be used on the Grand Array as well.


The Grand Array alone almost made him use up all of his wealth.


“There’s no need.” Yang Kai shook his head, “Just do it according to the original plan.”


Before agreeing to Grandmaster Wu Liang’s proposal, Yang Kai was already psychologically prepared, so he wasn’t surprised at the large consumption of materials. The more he contributed, the greater the reward would be. Void Land was the foundation on which he would gain a footing in the 3,000 Worlds, so he wouldn’t hold back anything when it came to arranging the Grand Array.


After the materials were consumed, he would still have a chance to earn them back in the future; however, if powerful enemies came to invade them one day, and Void Land was unable to defend itself, it would be a loss he could not recover from.


Moreover, after what he had heard from the Proprietress, Yang Kai was even more determined to complete the Nine Heavenly Layers.


If he wanted to directly ascend to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm, the road ahead would be paved with obstacles, and the people from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises might come to suppress him directly. By then, Void Land would be his capital to deal with them.


“Just give Grandmaster Wu Liang whatever he needs. If there are resources that we lack, tell some people to purchase them as soon as possible. We still have 3 billion Open Heaven Pills, right?”


3 billion Open Heaven Pills was a horrifying figure. Half of that number was obtained by Yang Kai from the Space Ring of the Pavilion Master of Sword Pavilion. That man had been lording over others for centuries, but in the end, all his wealth fell into Yang Kai’s hands. Furthermore, the several tens of thousands of Space Rings from the people of Sword Pavilion’s Star City also contained a lot of Open Heaven Pills.


On the other hand, Scarlet Star had been the most powerful great force in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary for years.With every breath, there were a lot of transactions going on in their Star City, and Scarlet Star would get a small bite of each transaction as tax. As time passed, they grew to be filthy rich. Even though 70% of the income had been given to Yang Kai, the remaining 30% was still immense. 


That was how Yang Kai managed to amass 3 billion Open Heaven Pills.


Yue He spoke up, “1 billion have been used so far. There were many resources that we lacked, so we had to buy them from various Star Cities.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Good. Don’t worry about the money.”


Then, he looked out the door, only to see the Proprietress and Bai Qi coming into the hall.


Hurriedly, Yang Kai went over and asked, “What’s wrong?”


With a smile, the Proprietress replied, “I’m leaving, so I’m here to bid you farewell.”


“You’re leaving?” Yang Kai’s expression changed, “Where are you going?”


Smilingly, the Proprietress replied, “Where else can I go other than First Inn? I’m the Proprietress of First Inn, but I’ve been absent for nearly a year. If I don’t go back, my superiors will reprimand me.”


Yang Kai pressed his lips together, “It’s not worth staying in First Inn. Why don’t you resign and join Void Land? You can do whatever you want here.”


He genuinely didn’t want the Proprietress to go. Besides the fact that she had been treating him well and was protective of him, Void Land was in the midst of a re-birth, and they needed a lot of people. While she was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Bai Qi was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. If they could stay, the collective power of Void Land would increase significantly.


The Proprietress raised her hand and poked his forehead, “Do you think First Inn is a place where we can come and go as we please?”


Yang Kai stepped backward upon impact, then he realised a problem as he frowned, “In fact, I’m also from First Inn…”


The Proprietress scoffed, “You’re not really from First Inn. You worked for me for a short period of time because you owed us money. Now that you’ve repaid your debt, First Inn will have nothing to do with you. Wherever you go, don’t tell people that you’re from First Inn.”


The reason Yang Kai joined First Inn was that when the top cultivators were trying to snatch the Golden Crow carcass, they got into a fight and destroyed the inn.


Then, the Proprietress threatened Yang Kai to repay 10 million Open Heaven Pills for the chaos he caused. At that time, he was flat broke, and 10 million was an astronomical figure to him.


After they arrived at the Star City, she told him to collect debts from various shops. The progress was good as he managed to repay some debt through this work; however, he was certain that the debt hadn’t been repaid in full.


The reason the Proprietress said this was that she wanted to separate Yang Kai from First Inn so that he wouldn’t be held down; after all, if he kept the title of First Inn’s shop-hand and founded Void Land, people would wonder if this place belonged to him or First Inn.


Fully aware of her intentions, Yang Kai felt warm in his heart.


However, the reason he could be easily separated from First Inn was that he didn’t have much to do with the inn to begin with. However, that wasn’t the case for the Proprietress. She was the famous Madam Lan from First Inn, known throughout the 3,000 Worlds.


Knowing that he couldn’t make her stay, Yang Kai sighed and fished out a Space Ring, “These are the gifts I’ve prepared for chef and accountant. Please bring it to them for me.”


After taking the ring, the Proprietress scanned it and realised that it contained some Fifth-Order resources, which the chef and accountant needed.


She didn’t have many subordinates, but there was no doubt that Bai Qi, the accountant, and the chef were her trusted aides as they had worked for her for a long time. Without any exception, all three of them had condensed Fifth-Order Elements. Bai Qi’s progress was swift as he was the first one to reach the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but while the chef and accountant were slightly slower, they only lacked one to two Element Powers now.


Yang Kai was already aware of that in the past, so it wasn’t difficult for him to prepare these materials. He still had an abundance of Fifth-Order materials in possession, so he didn’t mind giving out some.


“Since you’re rich now, I’ll not turn you down. After they ascend to the Open Heaven Realm, I’ll tell them to come over and thank you.” As the Proprietress spoke, she put away the Space Ring.


The Proprietress was a decisive woman, so left right after she announced she would. Yang Kai and Yue He saw them off. It wasn’t until they saw them leaving Void Land and using the Universe Transference Law that they turned around and returned.


After trading glances, they felt somewhat hollow within themselves.


Void Land remained bustling. Every day, countless resources were being thrown into the construction of the Grand Array. Chen Tian Fei and Lu Xue didn’t have much time to rest because they needed to go out and purchase many of the necessary materials. Usually, a few days after they returned to Void Land, they would have to leave again.


Presently, there were not many powerful cultivators in Void Land. The strongest ones were Yue He, Lu Xue, and Chen Tian Fei. They couldn’t depend on Zhu Jiu Yin because she was still healing her Source.


Due to the fact that Yue He was in charge of the Array Jade and finances, she had to stay in Void Land. Chen Tian Fei and Lu Xue were powerful cultivators as they were in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but now they had no choice but to run errands.




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