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Martial Peak – Chapter 4159, The Underestimated World Fruits

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Everything seemed on track, and all Yang Kai had to do was wait, so he thought that it was time to return to the Star Boundary.


As long as the problem the Star Boundary was facing wasn’t solved, he could never set his mind at ease. After some calculations, Yang Kai realised that it had been 15 years since he left the Star Boundary. Before he departed, the Star Boundary was already in an unstable state as its World Principles had been severely damaged. He and the other Great Emperors had come up with some ways to slow down the disintegration of the Star Boundary, but they couldn’t fundamentally solve the problem. There would come a time when these methods lost their effectiveness.


A long time had passed, so Yang Kai wondered whether the Star Boundary was still alright.


In any case, it made no difference whether he was here during the reconstruction of Void Land. Yue He just needed to stay here and work with Grandmaster Wu Liang. Yang Kai estimated that when he returned from the Star Boundary, the Nine Heavenly Layers would have been completed. With this in mind, he summoned Yue He and told her about it.


Without trying to stop him, Yue He said, “Young Master, you can leave, but please take Chen Tian Fei or Lu Xue with you. Without one of them by your side, I will not be able to rest at ease.”


After all, Yang Kai was just an Emperor Realm Junior. If he travelled across the 3,000 Worlds on his own, he would face a lot of danger. If he had a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master by his side, it would save him a lot of trouble.


With a smile, Yang Kai replied, “There’s no need. We need more people in Void Land now, and Fatty Chen Tian and Lu Xue are important people. With them around, the progress of the construction will be faster. I’m just going back to attend to some personal matters, so I don’t need anyone to come with me.”


Certainly, Yue He wouldn’t agree to it. Then, she suggested that even if he didn’t want Chen Tian Fei or Lu Xue to go with him, he had to bring her along.


That was practically impossible as she had to stay in this place to coordinate with Grandmaster Wu Liang. Anyone could leave but her.


After a long argument, Yue He refused to back down one bit and wouldn’t allow Yang Kai to leave Void Land on his own. Left with no choice, he agreed to her suggestion.


It was then Yue He decided that Lu Xue would follow him; after all, she was a woman who was more meticulous, so she should be able to take better care of Yang Kai.


“Tell Guo Zi Yan to go with you as well,” Yue He said.


Yang Kai burst into laughter, “He’s just in the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm. What’s the point of him following me?”


Lu Xue was a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so she would be useful if they came across any danger; however, as a Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, Guo Zi Yan was too weak.


Yue He snorted, “I don’t care. If you take Lu Xue with you, Guo Zi Yan will also have to follow you!”


After gazing at her for a moment, Yang Kai suddenly realised what was on her mind, then he nodded in agreement, “Good. I’ll take the two of them with me.”


Then, he secretly sighed and thought that Void Land was in the midst of rebuilding, so it was inappropriate for him to take two of their very few Open Heaven Realm Masters away at this point. However, he was unable to persuade Yue He, so he could only agree to it.


Before he set off on his journey, he fished out a glowing fruit and passed it to her.


Yue He took it and frowned, “This is…” Upon sensing it, she felt a rich World Force coming from it.


“It’s a World Fruit.”


With her eyes widening, Yue He exclaimed, “A World Fruit?”


She was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so she had heard of World Fruits before; however, those amazing treasures were supposed to exist only in legends. It never crossed her mind that she would see it with her eyes one day, not to mention that she was holding it in her hands.


“This is a Mid-Rank World Fruit. After I’m gone, refine it when you’re free. It will be beneficial to you,” Yang Kai said casually.


He had 16 World Fruits, but only 3 of them were Mid-Rank ones. Mid-Rank World Fruits were best consumed by Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. After taking it and refining its medicinal efficacies, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master could directly ascend to the Sixth-Order. Certainly, Fourth-Order and Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters could consume one as well, but the benefits would not be as great. As for Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, it was useless for them to take it.


“Did you get it from the Primordial Land?” Yue He asked in shock.


She was fully aware of the rewards he had obtained in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, but she had never heard that he had gotten a World Fruit. The only possibility was that he had acquired it in the Primordial Land.


In response, Yang Kai nodded his head.


“Young Master, this is too precious. I can’t accept it!” Then, Yue He hurriedly pushed the World Fruit back to him.


Yang Kai said, “Just use it. I have many of them.”


“You’re lying!” Yue He pursed her lips, “Although I’ve never seen World Fruits before, I know that everyone only has one chance to obtain a fruit from the World Tree in their lifeti… Why do you have so many?”


As she spoke, she gazed at Yang Kai’s palms in shock, for there were more World Fruits on them.


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “Do you believe me now? By improving your cultivation, it will be beneficial to Void Land. Unfortunately, most of the World Fruits I have are just Low-Rank ones, which are not that valuable. If all of them were Mid-Rank, I could produce a group of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.”


A stunned Yue He asked, “Why do you say Low-Rank World Fruits are not valuable?”


Yang Kai explained, “A Low-Rank World Fruit can only help a cultivator ascend to the Third Order, which is why it’s not worth a lot of money.”


Yue He stared blankly for a moment before she burst into a fit of giggles, “Young Master, you’re mistaken. It’s true that a Low-Rank World Fruit can only help a cultivator ascend to the Third-Order, but it will also extend their limit for growth. This kind of benefit is simply invaluable.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai arched his brow.


Yue He lifted the Mid-Rank World Fruit in her hand, “Take me as an example. I’m now in the Fifth-Order, and my limit is the Seventh-Order. That’s because if I consume too many Open Heaven Pills, they will stop having any benefits for me. However, if I consume this World Fruit, I’ll ascend to the Sixth Order directly, and the limit to which Open Heaven Pills can take me will also ascend to the Eighth Order.”


“Does it work that way?” Yang Kai was astounded.


“A Low-Rank World Fruit can help a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master to directly ascend to the next Order, so that benefit alone isn’t valuable. Nevertheless, many people would pay anything to extend their upper limit.”


“I see,” Upon hearing her explanation, Yang Kai realised that he had severely underestimated the value of these Low-Rank World Fruits. He used to believe that these ten or so fruits were useless.


Now, it seemed that they were also treasures, which made him feel ecstatic as though he had received a windfall.


Clenching the World Fruit in her hand, Yue He pressed her lips together and said, “I’ll keep this World Fruit, then. Many thanks, Young Master.”


Earlier, she had no idea that Yang Kai possessed so many World Fruits, so she didn’t have the heart to consume such a precious treasure. Now that she became aware of the real situation, she decided not to turn him down. Just like what he had said, if she ascended to the Sixth Order, it would be beneficial to Void Land. It had been several hundred years since she made her initial breakthrough to the Fifth Order, and once she ascended to the Sixth Order with this World Fruit, her accumulation so far would also be brought forward as well, so by then, she would only be one step away from the Seventh-Order, which was already the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm.


After everything was settled, Yang Kai summoned Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan, then they shot into the sky.


Upon leaving Void Land, Lu Xue summoned an artifact that looked like a windmill. After they entered it, the windmill turned into a ray of light as Lu Xue drove it across the void.


The 3,000 Worlds were expansive, and each Great Territory was connected with at least one other.


In fact, Yang Kai wasn’t certain about the location of the Star Boundary. He had bought a Universe Chart from a big Star City, and since then, he had been trying to figure out the exact location of the Star Boundary. Even though he still wasn’t sure about it, he had found three likely locations.


Left with no choice, they could only search these places one by one. Yang Kai secretly prayed that one of these locations would turn out to be correct. If all of them were wrong, he wouldn’t know what to do.


Judging from the distance, the Star Boundary was supposed to not be far away from Void Land. That was because not long after he and Zhang Ruo Xi left the Star Boundary, they came across a Myriad Facets Insect. They were separated after they were swallowed by the giant insect. Yang Kai fell into a Great Territory where he was tricked by the Venerable of Fire Spirit Land, Duan Hai, and brought to Seven Wonders Land.


Inside the windmill, Yang Kai pointed out the direction for Lu Xue so that she could chart a course forward.


They went on to pass through several Great Territories. On their way, they came across some danger as well as some Space Beasts. They would avoid them as best as they could and if there was no other choice, they would fight.


Two or three months later, they arrived in a particular Great Territory.


Lu Xue was heard saying, “Sir, we’ve arrived.”


This Great Territory was Yang Kai’s first destination. Upon hearing that, he stepped out of the windmill and looked around with a hopeful gaze.


However, he discovered nothing. With that said, he wasn’t disappointed. After all, a Great Territory was vast, so the Star Boundary might be hidden in a particular corner of this place. It was expected that he couldn’t see it right away.


Moreover, he was a native of the Star Boundary, and titled as Void Great Emperor having obtained part of the World’s Will. If the Star Boundary was really in this Great Territory, as long as they were not too far apart, Yang Kai would be able to sense a connection to it.


As such, he told Lu Xue to keep looking around in this Great Territory as he scanned the surroundings.


One month later, Yang Kai sighed and conceded, “Let’s go to the next location.”


The Star Boundary wasn’t in this Great Territory. Over the past month, he had searched around the entire Great Territory, but still discovered nothing.


After a nod, Lu Xue followed the direction Yang Kai pointed and headed to the next destination.


More than ten days later, in a particular place in the void, an epic battle came to an end. Lu Xue was panting as her chest heaved and there was a huge cut on Guo Zi Yan’s waist as he was almost split in two.


Although Yang Kai appeared to be unharmed, his face was pale. After he coughed a little, blood started streaming out of his mouth.


While travelling across the void, they would come across danger from time to time, and this time, they were truly unlucky as they had bumped into a pack of more than 10 Star Flame Colts. These Space Beasts seemed to have gone mad as they relentlessly chased after the 3 of them. Left with no choice, they could only stand and fight.


After the Beasts were killed, all three of them were injured. Even Lu Xue’s windmill had been damaged.


Yang Kai hated the fact that they suffered such a setback even before they found the Star Boundary.


Lu Xue cleaned the blood from her cold water longsword and said, “Sir, we have to go to a Universe Temple to recuperate.” 


Yang Kai nodded, “Let’s go.”


Given the condition they were in, it was not appropriate for them to keep going. If they came across any danger again, they wouldn’t be able to ward it off. Fortunately, there was a Universe Temple in this Great Territory, so they could take a rest there.


Of course, their main purpose was to repair Lu Xue’s artifact. Without this flight-type artifact, they would need to expend a lot more energy to navigate through the void.



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