Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4162, I Won’t Go Easy on You


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Hei He Heavenly Monarch was only a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and the woman was just as powerful as he was, so he instantly found himself at a disadvantage after being successfully ambushed.


He now knew that Yang Kai was a wicked and cunning man who told his subordinates to conceal their auras to deceive him. That realisation made him so furious that he was about to spit blood.


He thought that Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan had used some Secret Technique to restrict their auras, but reality was far different from what he had imagined. Two months ago, Lu Xue was really in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, while Guo Zi Yan was just in the Second-Order.


The reason they could go through such a transformation in such a short period of time was that they had consumed World Fruits.


The information regarding Hei He gathered by Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan made Yang Kai have a headache. Fifth Order and Fourth Order were just one Order apart, but the gap in power was akin to the difference between the Heavens and Earth. There was no way Lu Xue was able to defeat Hei He as she was.


It wasn’t like Yang Kai could hide inside the Universe Temple forever. In order to solve this problem, he had to let Lu Xue ascend to the next Order.


However, it was extremely difficult for an Open Heaven Realm Master to achieve a breakthrough. It would normally take centuries of accumulation and cultivation to ascend even one Order. Yang Kai couldn’t possibly wait for such a long time. Fortunately, he had some World Fruits in his possession.


He possessed three Mid-Rank World Fruits. Before leaving Void Land, he had given one of them to Yue He, so he was left with two. Now, his life was hanging by a thread, so he had no choice but to let Lu Xue consume one.


Guo Zi Yan was given a Low-Rank World Fruit.


They were held up in the Universe Temple for two more months because Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan had to refine the World Fruits.


The World Fruits indeed lived up to their reputation. With the help of these amazing fruits, both of them managed to ascend to the next Order, which allowed them to gain the upper hand in this battle.


However, even though Lu Xue had ascended to the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, she still might not be a match for Hei He in a one-on-one fight; after all, she had only just broken through, so her foundation wasn’t stable. She needed a long time of accumulation before she could properly use her strength. On the other hand, Hei He was a veteran Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Be it the heritage of his Small Universe or his control of his World Force, Lu Xue wasn’t comparable to him.


Even though they were in the same Order, there was a conspicuous gap between their powers.


With that said, Lu Xue had the capital to fight against him, so following the ambush, she managed to take a decisive advantage.


The battle went on in the void. Lu Xue wielded her weapon as sword light engulfed her opponent. She was doing her best to maintain the advantage she had gained with difficulty, and she wouldn’t dare to be complacent. On the other hand, Guo Zi Yan immediately returned to the battlefield after he was sent flying away. In a battle between two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters, he, a newly promoted Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would not be of much use. Even so, he would still be able to distract Hei He’s attention, though the price he had to pay was that he would be struck with a heavy blow every time.


After all, Hei He had a deeper heritage. As the battle went on, he slowly composed himself and soon found a glimmer of hope. During his fight with Lu Xue, he realised that she wasn’t as powerful as she appeared to be. This woman, who was also in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, was clearly weaker than he was. If he went all out, he would be able to defeat her.


However, he feigned ignorance of this reality as he growled and continued retreating, as though he was really no match for her.


On the other hand, Lu Xue was relentless. The power of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm mesmerised her as one of her long-held dreams had finally come true, which strengthened her belief that she was right to have chosen to stay in Void Land. If she had left on her own, she would’ve had to cultivate for several hundred more years before she could ascend to the Fifth Order.


Now, she had been granted a precious World Fruit that allowed her to raise her Order directly and increased her growth limit.


In the past, her limit would have been the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, which was still within the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm, but now, her limit was the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm!


It never crossed her mind that she would one day have a chance to experience the wonders of the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. This made her feel eternally grateful, which was why she was doing her best to ensure Yang Kai’s safety.


As her World Force undulated and streamed into the cold water longsword in her hand, the sword light expanded, and rays of Sword Qi criss-crossed one another, making it extremely difficult for Hei He to parry her attacks.


In the midst of the intense battle, Lu Xue found an opening in Hei He’s defence and thrust her sword forward decisively.


Sword light could be seen glistening as Lu Xue had gone all out in this attack. If Hei He, who was also in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, got struck by it, he would be severely wounded.


Just as the sword was about to stab into him though, Hei He suddenly grinned and wielded his whip as his aura abruptly surged.


In an instant, Lu Xue felt a horrifying force coming at her. Pressured by the World Force, she felt as if she was unable to resist it.


[He was concealing his true power!] Lu Xue was horrified. Instantly, her sword light shattered as Hei He’s whip struck her, drawing a grunt from her lips as her entire figure was shaken. The Small Universe in her body was trembling violently, and her World Force became disordered.


Looking up, she realised that Hei He had thrown her off and was now headed straight towards Yang Kai.


[I was tricked!] Lu Xue clenched her teeth, knowing that she had been fooled. Apparently, Hei He had the power to turn things around all along, but he had been concealing it just to make a move at the most critical moment. His target had always been Yang Kai.


It was apparent that Yang Kai was the leader of this group, and while it wasn’t easy for Hei He to deal with Lu Xue, as long as he could capture Yang Kai, the outcome of the battle would be decided. With Yang Kai in his grasp, he could go or stay as he pleased.


It had to be said that his plan was well thought out. Lu Xue was distracted by her newly obtained Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm power, so she failed to notice this subtle deception, and it was already too late by the time she understood what was happening.


While she was sent flying, Lu Xue grit her teeth as a crack appeared on her glabella. It was as if a third eye had opened on her forehead.


Third Eye Sword!


This was Lu Xue’s trump card. She wouldn’t use it unless absolutely necessary because it consumed a tremendous amount of her energy. Now that Yang Kai was facing a life-or-death crisis though, a guilt-ridden Lu Xue had no other choice.


A faint sword light shot out from her glabella. It wasn’t dazzling or imposing, but despite the fact that it flew forward silently, it was filled with murderous intent. The sword light directly shot towards Hei He’s back.


At the same time, Yang Kai wore a terrified expression as he widened his eyes and staggered backwards while shouting, “Don’t come near me! Otherwise, I won’t go easy on you!”


Seeing as Yang Kai still dared to threaten him, Hei He guffawed, “Brat, since you had the guts to kill my descendant, I’ll make life a living Hell for you today!”


As he extended his hand, he sealed off the space around them, and even the Void seemed to have been suppressed. This was the manifestation of the power of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Certainly, Hei He wasn’t oblivious to the fact that the Third Eye Sword was coming at him from behind, but he had the confidence to capture Yang Kai first before dodging the terrifying attack.


Time seemed to have frozen. Lu Xue, who had unleashed her Third Eye Sword, turned pale and shot forward. She appeared to be on pins and needles. Guo Zi Yan ignored his own safety and roared before rushing forward with his shield.


Although they were eager to save Yang Kai, they couldn’t possibly be swifter than Hei He, who had managed to throw both of them off with his little trick.


Seeing as his opponent’s hand was about to reach him, Yang Kai suddenly flashed a cunning smile at Hei He and raised his hand to summon the gourd vine.


Then, he wielded the vine and in an instant, Yin, Yang, and Five Element Powers blended together, mutually strengthening one another and the aura of World Force spread around.


Without hesitation, Yang Kai lashed Hei He with the vine.


“Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm!?” The grin on Hei He’s face froze, and his expression was transformed by shock, for he could feel a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm aura coming from the vine. He couldn’t help having a doubt in his mind.


[Has this Brat been pretending to be weak this whole time? He looks like an Emperor Realm brat, but he might actually be in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm!!]


The moment of shock and hesitation made him lose his only chance. The gourd vine shattered Hei He’s palm print and struck right at his head. A horrified Hei He hurriedly withdrew his whip to parry the blow.


As the vine and the whip clashed, an intense force spread around.


On the gourd vine, the seven small bottle gourds rolled away and fell into a deep sleep. On the other hand, Yang Kai sprayed out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying away.


Although he could activate the gourd vine’s power, this thing could only shock the opponent but couldn’t be used to fight against him; after all, the other party was a real Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


After trading moves, Yang Kai immediately suffered serious injuries. He felt all his five viscera and six organs weltering in his body, and many of his bones had cracked.


Nevertheless, it was enough. Although Yang Kai could only make one strike with the gourd vine, he had managed to ward off Hei He and send him flying back.




Hei He’s expression instantly turned hideous as he sprayed out a blood mist.


This couldn’t be helped. Lu Xue’s Third Eye Sword struck right at his back and formed a cut that stretched from his shoulder to his waist, exposing his battered organs and drawing a copious amount of blood.


If Yang Kai hadn’t made such a surprising move, Hei He could’ve captured him and dodged the Third Eye Sword; however, a moment of hesitation made him lose his chance, and he was subsequently struck by Lu Xue’s attack without being able to defend himself.


Third Eye Sword was Lu Xue’s trump card, so it was expected to be horrendously powerful. Upon impact, Hei He’s aura deflated significantly.


“Cunning brat! This King swears to torture you to death one day!” Hei He bellowed before turning around and fleeing swiftly.


He was severely injured, so he didn’t dare to remain. The most important thing for him now was to look for a place to recuperate. Although he acted threateningly, he was determined to flee. That was because he knew that given the condition he was in, there was no way he could capture Yang Kai. Rather than wasting time here, he reckoned that he should escape now and make a comeback in the future.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t let him go. Seeing as Hei He had turned into a ray of light, he immediately called out to Lu Xue, “Quickly! Pursue him!”


Lu Xue obediently fished out her windmill artifact, whereupon the three of them dashed inside and chased after Hei He.


Inside the windmill, Lu Xue was still reeling from the shock. Earlier, Yang Kai almost fell into mortal danger because of her negligence. If it weren’t because Yang Kai still had a trump card up his sleeve to save himself at the most critical moment, he would’ve been captured.


Her guilt soon turned into fury as she ignored her injuries and spared no effort to hunt down their opponent. Moreover, Hei He was heavily wounded, so the gap between the two parties was rapidly shortening.


“Take it slow. There’s no rush.” Yang Kai suddenly comforted her as he knew what was on Lu Xue’s mind. Then, he and Guo Zi Yan sat down with their legs crossed and began swallowing pills to heal themselves.


Although the three of them were injured during the battle, Hei He was worse off. That was the result after Lu Xue ascended to the next Order. In the past, if they faced a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Hei He, they would’ve been totally powerless to resist.




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  1. there is another way for yangkai to evade this. by using his mask and veil. the mask may not be able to block what ever technique this hei he put on him, but the veil should do. and he also can use his bag. hide in the bag then let some1 to bring them out of the territory.

    and 1 thing, every treasure that fall in yangkai’s hand /used by him became nerf. like this vine gourd, the bell and many more. while use by other is so powerful. heh

    1. Neither the mask nor the veil would work, because this guy is a 5th order open heaven realm. They might have worked if he wasn’t paying attention, but he was keeping an eye on them so that he could follow them once they left the universe whatever place they were in. Besides I guess Yang kai thought it would be better to just take care of this guy now, rather than have this guy track him down and cause trouble in the future.

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