Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4163, Destroy That City for Me


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Now, the situation was in Yang Kai’s favour. Hei He was on his own, so while he had to flee, he also had to heal his wounds. As long as Yang Kai could keep chasing after him, he would exhaust Hei He and ensure that he couldn’t recover from his injuries. Eventually, Hei He would be forced into a corner.


Apparently, Hei He realised that as well, so he had been trying to shake them off. Nevertheless, he was severely injured, so how was he supposed to achieve that?


The two parties went on to move across half of the Great Territory. While hunting him down, Lu Xue kept sending out horrifying sword waves at him. Due to the distance, she couldn’t really harm him, but Hei He also had to remain focused on dodging and defending himself, so he had no time to recuperate.


“Don’t you cross the line! Do you think this King is unable to fight back? This King will perish together with you all at worst!” Hei He yelled at them in fury.


Standing inside the windmill, Yang Kai scoffed and remained unfazed. Hei He’s behaviour suggested that he indeed didn’t have a way out; otherwise, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would have made such empty threats.


A few days later, after the windmill arrived at a Universe World, they realised that Hei He was nowhere to be found.


The three of them looked down at the Universe World. This place was similar to the Star Boundary. There were countless such Universe Worlds in the 3,000 Worlds and the reason Hei He had disappeared must be that he had snuck into this world.


It had to be said that it was a wise choice. After he entered this Universe World and concealed his aura, it would be like a water drop falling into the ocean. If they didn’t have any special tracking technique, they could never locate him.


Yang Kai and the others didn’t have such a technique. Frowning, Yang Kai gave it a thought for a moment and made a decision, “Go down.”


If he couldn’t kill Hei He this time, there was bound to be more trouble in the future. If Hei He tailed him secretly and found the Star Boundary, things would become thorny.


Upon receiving his order, Lu Xue drove the windmill towards the Universe World.


Every Universe World had an invisible World Barrier. This barrier not only protected the cultivators in this world but also restricted them. Only when their strength reached a certain point could they break free of these restrictions and head to the Outer Universe. Conversely, if an outsider wanted to get in, they had to break through this World Barrier.


Of course, this kind of barrier was nothing to Lu Xue as she could easily break through it. After the windmill was put away, the three of them looked around and realised that Hei He was nowhere to be found. He must have found a place and hid himself.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had already expected this. If he was Hei He, he would’ve done the same, so after a snort, he shouted to the skies, “Where are the Great Emperors of this world? Present yourselves to me now!”


This world was similar to the Star Boundary, and its World Principles were on the same level, so there must be Great Emperors here. As for the number of Great Emperors, it depended on the capacity of the World’s Bottle.


While Yang Kai was entering this Universe World earlier, he could clearly feel some Divine Senses inspecting him. Obviously, these Divine Senses belonged to the Great Emperors of this world.


The Great Emperors in any Universe World had obtained the World’s Will, which allowed them to borrow its World Force.


It could be said that the Great Emperors were still just Emperor Realm cultivators, and their personal power stayed within that realm, but in their own Universe World, they were able to display the power of the Open Heaven Realm.


After all, the fundamental difference between the Emperor Realm and Open Heaven Realm was the ability to use World Force.


In the past, Great Demon God raised chaos in the Star Boundary. He was able to use the power of the Open Heaven Realm; however, in the Star Boundary, Yang Kai and the other Great Emperors were still able to borrow World Force and kill him.


Usually, when the Great Emperors were in their own Universe Worlds, their strength would be equivalent to the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm if they went all out; therefore, some Great Emperors were not willing to leave their Universe Worlds, for once they did that, they would lose the ability to utilize World Force.


However, there were some benefits to be gained if they chose to leave, which was a chance to comprehend the secrets of a higher Martial Dao. It was entirely up to them to make that decision.


If Yang Kai wanted to look for Hei He, the best way to do so was to seek help from the Great Emperors in this world as they must be aware of Hei He’s whereabouts.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai felt speechless at the fact that after he called out to them, no one replied. The Great Emperors in this world pretended that they hadn’t heard him. Apparently, they wanted to stay out of this mess.


Firstly, Hei He barged into this world, then Yang Kai and the others raced after him and arrived at this place. Anyone who wasn’t blind could see that this was a fight between Open Heaven Realm Masters, so it was understandable that the Great Emperors of this world were not willing to interfere.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t give up, so after looking down for a moment, he nodded his head, “This is such a peaceful place. The city here has many residents, and all of them are able to live and work harmoniously together. There are no conflicts at all. The Great Emperors of this world have managed it well.”


Following his gaze, Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue looked down and saw a city; however, they didn’t understand why he commented on it.


“Destroy this city for me. Make sure no one is left alive!” Yang Kai suddenly pointed at the city with a hideous expression.


Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue turned to look at him, hardly able to conceal the shock behind their gazes.


It had been quite some time since they started following Yang Kai, and they knew that he wasn’t someone who was blood-thirsty or who killed the innocent for no reason. It could be said that he was a reasonable man, so why was he giving an order like he was a Devil Lord now?


There were more than 1 million people in the city below them. These were over 1 million Humans, not blades of grass.


While Lu Xue was hesitant, Guo Zi Yan cupped his fists and replied solemnly, “Yes.”


Then, he hovered above the city and, ignoring his own injuries, surged his World Force before raising his hand. At that instant, the sky turned dark as a gigantic palm took shape above the city. Following Guo Zi Yan’s movement, the huge palm slowly forced its way down.


While Lu Xue’s heart leapt to her throat, Yang Kai crossed his arms and sneered.


In the city, countless people looked up at the sky in horror. The gigantic palm had shaded all light from them and as it descended, the aura of death filled the air.


The city fell into chaos as people were heard screaming and crying. Although Guo Zi Yan was only in the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm, which was nothing in the 3,000 Worlds, he could easily destroy such a city.


Just as the palm was about to hit the city, someone was suddenly heard yelling, “Stop!”


At the same time, World Force was mobilised as it turned into a dense light and shot towards the enormous palm. Upon impact, the palm became damaged. Consequently, Guo Zi Yan grunted and staggered backwards.


The residents in the city had just escaped from death’s door as they started shouting, “It’s Senior Qi Hai!”


“Senior Qi Hai has come to rescue us!”


“Senior Qi Hai, you have to stand up for us!”


“Senior Qi Hai…”


All of them were cheering for the person called Qi Hai.


Yang Kai snorted and turned to look in a particular direction, only to see an elderly man rapidly approaching him. As he was flying, he wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead.


This elderly man was apparently the ‘Senior Qi Hai’ that these residents had called out.


If possible, he wasn’t willing to meddle in a fight between Open Heaven Realm Masters; however, Yang Kai had threatened to kill the million residents of this city. Therefore, he had to appear even though he wasn’t willing to; after all, he was a Great Emperor who had obtained the World’s Will. If he just let these people perish, he would suffer a backlash from this World.


Yang Kai was also a Great Emperor, so he was fully aware of this. Sometimes, a threat was more effective than persuasion. He didn’t really intend to kill a million people, so even if Qi Hai didn’t make a move in the end, Yang Kai would still tell Guo Zi Yan to stop.


After all, he wasn’t really a Devil Lord. Although the way he did it was extreme, it had to be said that it yielded an excellent result.


“Thousand Inspirations World’s Qi Hai greets Sirs and Madame.” The elderly man flew towards Yang Kai and cupped his fist.


An arrogant Yang Kai was seen with Evil Qi surrounding his face, and his Demon Essence was so ample that it was as though he was really a wicked Devil Lord. Upon shooting him a glance, he sneered, “Why don’t you keep hiding? This King thought you’d never show up.”


Qi Hai brushed away the cold sweat on his forehead and said apologetically, “This Old Master was cultivating in seclusion, so he wasn’t aware of your arrival. Please forgive me for the mistake I’ve made.”


“Since you know you’ve made a mistake, how do you want to die?” Yang Kai’s murderous intent surged.


“What?” Qi Hai was stunned. He didn’t mean what he said, but Yang Kai had taken it seriously, which went to show that the latter was indeed a Devil Lord. Apprehensive, he pleaded, “Sir, please punish me.”


He was a Great Emperor, but he knew that even though they were in Thousand Inspirations World, and he had the blessing of the World Force, he was unable to go against these people.


In a grim voice, Yang Kai continued, “This King should skin you alive, pull out all your tendons, and suck out your Soul to serve as a warning! However, this King has more important matters to attend to, so as long as you are useful to me, I’ll spare your pathetic life for now.”


Qi Hai felt bitter as he had realised Yang Kai’s intention and spoke respectfully, “Sir, please state your orders.”


Yang Kai replied, “This King has been pursuing a great Devil, but he has disappeared all of a sudden. He must have hidden himself here. As a Great Emperor of this world, you must be aware of anyone barging into this world. Point out his location for this King immediately. After dealing with this heinous man, you shall be rewarded.”


[Great Devil? Are you talking about yourself?] Qi Hai mocked Yang Kai in his heart, but he wouldn’t dare to say so out loud. Subserviently, he said, “Sir’s trust in this Old Master’s ability is flattering, but this old man is getting on in years and can’t see clearly…”


Before he could finish his words, Yang Kai bellowed, “Guo Zi Yan, destroy the city for me! No one is to be left alive!”


“Yes, Sir!” Guo Zi Yan grimly said.


“Wait a moment!” Qi Hai exclaimed.


Yang Kai scoffed, “What else do you want to say?”


Certainly, there was nothing else Qi Hai could say. He truly didn’t want to meddle in this fight. Be it Yang Kai or Hei He, he and everyone else in this world couldn’t afford to offend them. Nevertheless, Yang Kai was behaving like a true Devil Lord, so he had no other choice.


He secretly stole a glance at Yang Kai’s grim expression attempting to speak calmly, “Sir, you should know that Thousand Inspirations World is owned by Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land. Everything in this world belongs to them.”


Yang Kai’s expression changed when he heard that, “Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land?”


He immediately recalled the face of a certain petite woman.




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  1. why they assumed every world universe only has great emperor as protector? what if these “great emperor” go out then return after become openheaven, or send some of them to look for the material to bring it back to them to become OH? there’s so many scenarios that can happen.

    1. Mainly because open heaven realm masters wouldn’t stay in these universe worlds. The environment in universe worlds is only good enough to raise a few emperor realm masters who have formed dao seals. And this is the best case scenario. There are universe worlds that can’t even do that. As such universe worlds just wouldn’t be comfortable for open heaven realm masters. They are too desolate and run down for any open heaven realm master to want to stay there. Not only is the world energy not suitable for cultivation, but they would have to restrain themselves in these worlds or else they would damage them. This is especially true for open heaven realm masters above mid rank. Any one of them would be able to easily destroy a universe world. Like, what are the odds of finding a millionaire living with homeless people, or how happy do you think a shark or a whale would be to live in a fish tank?

      I don’t think it’s impossible to find open heaven realm masters in these universe worlds, but even if there are any Yang kai’s side also has a 5th order open heaven realm master. As long as any open heaven realm master who lives in the universe world actually cares about it, they wouldn’t start a fight with Yang kai, because as we have seen with the star boundary, the end result of that fight would be the destruction of the world. Since Yang kai’s goal isn’t really to harm this world, even if there are any open heaven realm masters here everything can be negotiated.

    2. For the same reason people at thirty do not wear pants and use the same bed as they had back when they were three – because there’s more suitable environment for their cultivation level and usually they can afford it by then.

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