Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4165, Hei He Surrenders


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It was impossible for such a ring to appear here for no reason. Someone must have left it on purpose.


After pondering on it for a moment, Qi Hai suddenly burst into laughter, “That boy wasn’t a Devil Lord. He was bluffing the whole time!”


Apparently, the ring was left behind by Yang Kai as a form of compensation for this world. If he were really a wicked Devil Lord, he would’ve just left and ignored the people in this world cursing his name.


As a Great Emperor of this world, Qi Hai wasn’t a fool, so he immediately figured out what was going on after giving it a thought.


However, this was still a serious matter that had to be reported to the great force behind them; therefore, the nine Great Emperors shared the Open Heaven Pills first before holding a discussion. Then, Qi Hai and another female Great Emperor headed to Mirror Flowers Water Moon Land to report what had happened in Thousand Inspirations World.


While Qi Hai and the female Great Emperor were setting off, somewhere in the void, Hei He Heavenly Monarch, appeared dejected as his aura had withered. His body was covered with wounds, and his clothes were soaked in blood. His brow twitched as he was rooted to the spot.


In a nearby place across from him, Lu Xue was staring fixedly at him, but didn’t seize the chance to kill him.


Hei He was fully aware that given the condition he was in, he was no better than a dry oil lamp. If the woman in front of him wanted to end his life, he would be powerless to resist.


However, even though his opponent wasn’t making a move, her aura had already locked onto him. He believed that once he made any move, he would be attacked. When that happened, he wouldn’t be able to hold her off, so he didn’t dare to move a muscle.


[What’s going on?] He could not understand.


Previously, in Thousand Inspirations World, he had gone all out and severely injured this woman, so supposedly, she shouldn’t have much energy left, but the truth was far from it.


The woman wasn’t in as terrible a state as he had imagined; rather, she was even now recovering rapidly. He wasn’t sure what precious pill she had consumed or what Forbidden Technique she had used, he only knew that despite the fact that he had gone all out in this battle, he had still lost in the end.


While they were locked in a confrontation, Yang Kai and Guo Zi Yan finally reached them. 


Seeing the situation before him, Yang Kai wasn’t surprised one bit.


Hei He was already on his last legs while Lu Xue had consumed a Divine Medicine’s grape and then raced after him. There was no way he could fend her off. If it weren’t because Yang Kai had told Lu Xue not to kill him, Hei He would’ve become a corpse by now.


Seeing Yang Kai, Hei He sported a conflicted expression. Since he detected the aura of the restriction he had planted back at the Universe Temple, he had been plotting to avenge his Junior’s death. It wasn’t that he treasured the Junior as he just planted the restriction on a whim in the past. Nevertheless, his Junior had been killed, so he would lose face if he couldn’t retaliate against the murderer.


He also didn’t have any regard for Yang Kai and his companions, believing that he could kill the three of them easily. It never crossed his mind that this mistake would cost him his life.


Forcing a smile, he said to Yang Kai, “Little Brother, grudges should be resolved, not formed. I’m willing to pay a price to make peace with you and will swear an oath to not find fault with you again.”


He had no choice but to admit defeat. He wasn’t willing to be so obsequious, but his life was at risk, so he preferred a temporary embarrassment to a permanent death.


Seeing his behaviour, Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction. If Hei He were unyielding, things would’ve been troublesome. He had suffered a big loss this time, so Yang Kai was determined to gain something back.


“What price can you pay?” Yang Kai looked nonchalantly at him.


Hearing that, Hei He relaxed slightly. He was worried that Yang Kai would directly order Lu Xue to end his life. In that case, he could never survive. As long as Yang Kai was willing to discuss terms, it was to his favour.


Although he was heartbroken, he still hurriedly fished out something from his Space Ring and held it in his palm, “Little Brother, what do you think about this?”


The item glistened with a golden glow and radiated a Fifth-Order Metal Element Power.


Yang Kai took one glance at it and lost interest as he scoffed, “Trash!”


“T-Trash?” Hei He choked. This was a Fifth-Order material which was worth 1.5 million Open Heaven Pills! He had obtained it with great difficulty a long time ago, so how could it possibly be trash?


[Is he trying to raise the price?] Hei He secretly clenched his teeth and fished out more resources, almost emptying out his entire fortune.


Nevertheless, in Yang Kai’s eyes, these things were nothing more than rubbish.


Hei He’s face twitched as he had fished out all his most precious items, but Yang Kai wasn’t moved one bit, wondering, [Is he really going to ruthlessly kill me?]


Suppressing his anger, Hei He asked, “Little Brother, what do you want? Please name your price.”


With his lips curving into a smile, Yang Kai sized Hei He up and said, “I only have one request. If you agree to it, I’ll let you off. If you dare to say no, you’ll die today.”


Hei He turned pale and cupped his fists, “Please speak plainly. As long as this Hei is able to, he won’t turn you down.”


At that instant, Yang Kai became enthusiastic as he summoned an ancient-looking book that was made from animal skin. Upon opening it, he said, “It’s simple. Just leave your name and aura here.”


“This is…” Upon seeing the words on the cover, Hei He exclaimed, “Loyalty List? You have the Loyalty List?!”


It was a well-known fact that this book belonged to Loyalty Demon in the past, but why was it in this brat’s hands now? It was said that the Loyalty List had been destroyed along with Loyalty Demon! What was the relationship between this boy and Loyalty Demon!?


“Oh?” Yang Kai looked smilingly at him, “You know the Loyalty List? Things will be much simpler then.”


“You want to enslave this Hei?” Hei He was infuriated. In order to survive, he was willing to pay a steep price, but that didn’t mean that he was willing to surrender his freedom. As a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he could never tolerate being bossed around by a mere Emperor Realm Junior.


Yang Kai’s face sank as his murderous intent surged, “What’s wrong? Are you not willing to? In that case, you can die.”


Lu Xue lifted her sword as her weapon howled.


A horrified Hei He hurriedly raised his hand as his forehead was drenched in cold sweat, “Wait a moment…”


“I have no time to waste on you. You have ten breaths to think about it. Live or die, it’s your choice!” Yang Kai snorted and hinted at Lu Xue.


As her World Force undulated, Lu Xue stepped forward and pointed her sword at Hei He.


Internally struggling, Hei He felt cold sweat drip down his face. As a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he had always been aloof, so he wasn’t willing to be enslaved; however, as his life was at risk now, he didn’t have the right to say no.


Sensing Lu Xue’s murderous intent, he knew that Yang Kai wasn’t pulling his leg. If he refused, his life would end. Should he agree to it just like that? It was simply too embarrassing!


Ten breaths later, Yang Kai sported a cold expression, “What an obstinate man. Kill him!”


Just as Lu Xue was about to make a move, Hei He hung his head low and shouted through gritted teeth, “I’ll do it! Little Brother, please let me off.”


He wasn’t an unyielding person; otherwise, he wouldn’t have backed down so quickly just now. In order to survive, he didn’t mind leaving his name and aura on the Loyalty List. In any case, he could try to get rid of that restriction in the future as long as he survived.


Yang Kai grinned, “You’ve definitely made a wise choice.”


Then, he had Hei He leave his name and aura on the Loyalty List. During the process, Lu Xue remained vigilant as she stared fixedly at him. As long as he dared to make any rash movement, she would immediately end his life.


Soon, Hei He’s name appeared on the second page of the Loyalty List and Yang Kai could clearly feel that a connection had been established between Hei He and the book.


The Loyalty List was an amazing artifact which could be used without the need to refine it. The book was made from Xie Zhi’s flesh and essence. Xie Zhi was one of the Divine Spirits, and was born able to judge right from wrong, malicious from benign. The book made from his physique had this effect as well.


The book had many benefits, but there was also a downside.


Since Yang Kai was unable to refine it, it meant that he could never fully control the book. In other words, if someone snatched the Loyalty List, they could determine the life or death of the people whose names were recorded in it.


Initially, there was only one name on the Loyalty List, which was Chen Tian Fei. Now, Hei He’s name filled the second page. The entire book consisted of only nine pages; in other words, the owner of the book could only enslave nine people.


Yang Kai had practically traded a page for a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master to be his subordinate. This deal was worth it.


However, it had also cost Yang Kai two extraordinarily precious World Fruits. In order to allow Lu Xue to have the power to fight against Hei He, he had let her consume a Mid-Rank World Fruit while he had also given Guo Zi Yan a Low-Rank World Fruit which allowed him to ascend to the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm.


Yang Kai only had three Mid-Rank World Fruits in total and previously, he had given one to Yue He. Now he had let Lu Xue consume another one, so he only had one left.


Hei He was fully aware of the situation he was in. Since he had left his name on the Loyalty List, he was powerless to resist; therefore, he changed his attitude and took the initiative to give Yang Kai the items he had fished out earlier as a form of apology.


Instead of rejecting him, Yang Kai accepted the things with a smile. These items weren’t worth anything in his eyes now, but he needed a lot of resources to build the Nine Heavenly Layers in Void Land, so he would never refuse free resources.


Then, Lu Xue summoned her windmill, whereupon the four of them boarded and flew off while recuperating.


Hei He was severely injured and it would take him at least a year to fully recover. That was because when Lu Xue was battling against him, she was unable to hold back at all and her Third Eye Sword almost ended his life on the spot.


Even though she could help him scatter the residual Sword Intent, it was hard for him to heal his wounds.


As such, Yang Kai directly pulled Pu Bai Xiong out of the Small Sealed World, but instead of picking one of the grapes on his head, Yang Kai simply let him stay by Hei He’s side to help treat his wounds.


Pu Bai Xiong was a Divine Medicine whose primary purpose was healing with the grapes on his head being supreme tonics for treating wounds. However, even without using one of the grapes, Pu Bai Xiong could still transfer a significant amount of vitality and medicinal essence which was useful for healing wounds.


Seeing this Human Form Divine Healing Medicine, Hei He was absolutely astonished. It was then he understood that Yang Kai had the right to say that his treasures were trash. Compared to this Divine Medicine, even his entire life’s fortune really wasn’t worthy of mention.




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    1. If hei he went and killed everyone in the star boundary, sure he would get revenge (not that he wants revenge in the first place, he was just doing this to protect his honor) but he would definitely die afterwards. Its not like Yang kai wouldn’t find out what he did, he can’t keep it a secret, which means if he he were to kill everyone in the star boundary he would be guaranteed to lise his life as well. He wouldn’t do that unless he is a madman, or if he really really wanted revenge so much so that he would forego his life. People aren’t self destructive you know. Why would he kill the people in the star boundary if it meant his own doom? Besides Yang kai plans on bringing everyone he cares about back to void land, don’t know if he will do it now or later. And as long as he keeps hei he around, he will never get the chance to kill people in the star boundary.

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