Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4167, Void Great Emperor Returns


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Although Yu Ru Meng was doubtful, she hadn’t forgotten her manners as she smiled and nodded at the three of them, “Many thanks for escorting this Mistress’ Husband all this time.”


Lu Xue and the others wouldn’t dare to accept her gesture of gratitude, and at the same time, they secretly felt amazed. Although Yu Ru Meng’s cultivation was nothing in their eyes, it was truly difficult to find a woman as alluring as she was. They thought that Yang Kai was extremely lucky to have gotten together with her.


After some small talk with Yu Ru Meng, Yang Kai found out the reason she was here. She was going to feed Ah Da with some ‘food’.


The Great Emperors of the Star Boundary were still recuperating, so she was the only one who was powerful enough to protect the Universe World. On the other hand, Ah Da had been lingering in the periphery of the Star Boundary. Before Yang Kai left, he had come to an agreement with him, but Ah Da wasn’t the brightest of fellows, so he might forget about the agreement and gobble up the Star Boundary at a moment’s notice.


In order to placate him, Yu Ru Meng would send some food to him from time to time. His food was made by Bustling World Great Emperors using Dead Stars from the Lower Star Fields. They were similar World Beads.


After a nod, Yang Kai took Yu Ru Meng’s hand and dashed towards Ah Da.


Compared to this humongous being, Yang Kai was like an ant standing in front of an elephant. In the past, even after he used his Dragon Transformation, he could slip into Ah Da’s nostril and grab his nasal hairs, which went to show how colossal the Giant Spirit God was.


“Ah Da! Ah Da!” Yang Kai passionately waved his hands and shouted. From a distance, Lu Xue and the others were apprehensive as they were worried that a puff of breath from the Giant Spirit God’s nostrils could kill Yang Kai.


Presently, Ah Da was chewing on his food as crunching sounds were coming from his mouth. Hearing Yang Kai’s voice, he extended his neck and took a proper look before grinning, “Little ant, it’s you! Ah Da remembers you!”


Yang Kai chuckled, “It seems that you’re not too silly.”


“Ah Da remembers you. Ah Da is hungry. Ah Da must eat!” The Giant Spirit God leaned forward, which caused Yang Kai to be drenched in cold sweat in an instant as though he had been pressured by the entire universe.


He had experienced the wonders of the Outer Universe and even met some High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters; however, when compared to this Giant Spirit God, even those High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters seemed insignificant.


The Giant Spirit Gods indeed lived up to their name as the strongest species in the entire universe. Fortunately, there were not many of their clansmen, and they were all somewhat half-witted; otherwise, there wouldn’t be any room for other species to survive.


They were the testament of the saying that the Heavens were fair in all things.


While Ah Da was speaking, a deafening growl was heard coming from his stomach, causing Lu Xue and the others to turn pale in fright.


Yang Kai hurriedly poked Yu Ru Meng, who was beside him. Upon getting his hint, she tossed some chess pieces to him.


“Nom, nom, nom…” Ah Da was pleased with his food.


Yang Kai wouldn’t dare to remain lest Ah Da demanded food from him again. Thus, he said to Lu Xue and the others, “All of you, stay here!”


The World Principles of the Star Boundary were broken, so the Universe World couldn’t bear such immense powers. Lu Xue and the others were all Open Heaven Realm Masters, and if they rashly entered the Star Boundary, it might have some negative impact on the Universe World. In order to be safe, Yang Kai decided to let them stay outside.


Upon receiving the order, Lu Xue and the others nodded and watched as Yang Kai and Yu Ru Meng rushed into the Star Boundary.


After the pair left, the trio traded glances and secretly retreated until they were very far from their original spots. This couldn’t be helped, as the Giant Spirit God gave off immense pressure. No one dared to remain near him.


The Star Boundary was in a horrible state, and the World Principles were a mess. Void Cracks appeared randomly and traces of the war that took place several dozen years ago still remained. The Star Boundary was slowly dying, and the Great Emperors were unable to reverse it.


Due to the fact that the Principles were a mess, the living conditions in the Star Boundary had also become terrible. Natural disasters happened frequently, which caused unimaginable losses to everyone in the Star Boundary. It was akin to a death by a thousand cuts.


In the Eastern Territory, a ship was moving forward at full speed on the ocean. Behind the ship, waves were seen surging as high as several thousand metres, darkening the entire sky. Although the cultivators on the ship were trying their best to resist, they were unable to compete with the forces of nature.


People were heard screaming and wailing as hundreds of people on the ship were despondent.


In the Southern Territory, mountains shook as great chasms appeared in the earth. Scorching magma spurted out of the chasms and destroyed towns and villages. Countless people lost their homes. 


With Azure Sun Temple as their leader, the great forces joined together to mitigate these disasters, but there was only so much they could do. The best they could do was to prevent more people from dying.


In the Western Territory, a great sandstorm swept across the desert and engulfed everything in its path. On the edge of the desert, the new Liu Family Patriarch looked at the sandstorm in horror and muttered with a forlorn voice, “It’s over! Everything is over!”


During the war between the two Universe Worlds, the Western Territory suffered the worst losses. That was because the traitor, Night Shadow Great Emperor, was from the Western Territory, and the Two Worlds’ Passage was originally established in this Territory.


It had been almost 70 years since the war ended, and the Liu Family had made a name for itself as a rising star. The Patriarch was a capable person and over the years, he had led his family to thrive; however, faced with the horrifying sandstorm, any move appeared useless. They could only watch as the sandstorm struck and prayed that their Grand Array could resist the impact.


However, the Liu Family Patriarch was fully aware that his family was unable to ward off the natural disaster. He wasn’t even sure how many of them could survive after the sandstorm passed.


In the Northern Territory, blizzards raged as the weather turned extremely chilly. On the once pristine lakes, ice sheets over a metre thick had formed and all the vitality froze over.


However, compared to the other Territories, the Northern Territory was still in a better state. That was because High Heaven Palace was located in this Territory. Any disciple from High Heaven Palace who had some strength would naturally go out for life experience, and resisting natural disasters was the best training for them.


In front of a certain city, a palace was hovering in mid-air. There were some glowing characters written above the doors of the palace, which read ‘Flowing Time Temple’.


At the main entrance to this floating temple stood two figures, a man and a woman. The man’s snow-white hair swayed with the wind while the similarly coloured cloak he was clad in flapped in the wind, giving him a brave and heroic look. On the other hand, the alluring woman had a slim figure. By just standing there, she looked like a hibiscus that was blooming.


The two of them gazed at the approaching Frozen Tide with solemn expressions.


Although they were fairly powerful now, and they had the help of the Flowing Time Temple, they wouldn’t dare to be careless when facing this immense force. That was because millions of people had pinned their hopes on them.


“It’s here!” Yang Xue yelled.


After a nod, Yang Xiao took a deep breath and in the next instant, the two of them raised their hands and began forming a set of complex hand seals. Then, they pushed out their palms as a howl reverberated around the world.


Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!


The horrifying Frozen Tide seemed to have gotten stuck in an eerie manner, as if time had stopped running around it.


Seeing that, the people in the city started cheering.


“Twin Masters, you’re so powerful!”


“Twin Masters, you’ve too wonderful!”


“Twin Masters, many thanks for saving us. If not for you, it would’ve been the end of the world!”




Over the years, Yang Xiao and Yang Xue had repeatedly taken action to ward off the natural disasters plaguing the Northern Territory and saved countless lives in the process. While the disasters had helped strengthen their powers, they had also earned the title the ‘Twins of Time’.


However, the overwhelming praises didn’t make them smile; instead, the pair sported grim expressions.


Yang Xiao said through clenched teeth, “Little Aunt, the Frozen Tide this time seems to be more ferocious than the previous one.”


Yang Xue nodded, “Can you withstand it?”


“Are you kidding me? Can I withstand it?” Yang Xiao replied arrogantly, “Little Aunt, if you can’t take it anymore, just tell me right away; after all, you’re a woman. As a man, I… Oh, no!”


Yang Xue’s expression changed slightly and without hesitation, she summoned the Infinite Hourglass. The two of them joined forces and activated it, whereupon ten-thousand and eight grains of Flowing Time Divine Sand left the hourglass and shot into the Frozen Tide.


In an instant, the power of the Frozen Tide visibly weakened. After the Flowing Time Divine Sand slowed the speed at which the time flowed, the Frozen Tide rapidly stalled out. Nevertheless, the Frozen Tide could not be stopped entirely.


The pair gritted their teeth and surged their Emperor Qi to push back against the Frozen Tide.


Just then, a voice was suddenly heard speaking in their minds, “Both of you have done a great job!”


They were stunned for a moment, and the next instant, they saw an illusory hand appearing in the Frozen Tide all of a sudden. The hand gently brushed across the Frozen Tide, which they were unable to stop regardless of how hard they tried, and immediately made it subside.


The turn of events was so abrupt that Yang Xiao and Yang Xue were rooted to the spot. Just a moment ago, the land before them was being devastated by the Frozen Tide, but now, it was calm and peaceful. That big hand was able to easily subside the Frozen Tide as though it was just trying to smoothen a crease on a shirt.


After they traded glances, Yang Xue asked hesitantly, “Xiao’er, did you hear anything?”


Yang Xiao remained startled for a long time before he jumped up and yelled, “Adoptive Father is back!” 


Without waiting for Yang Xue to react, he hurriedly drove the Flowing Time Temple towards High Heaven Palace, leaving behind millions of people who cheered gratefully to them.


At the same time, the waves on the ocean in the Eastern Territory were suppressed, leaving the people on the ship reeling from shock.


The earthquake that had been ongoing for a few months in the Southern Territory had finally stopped, and magma retreated into the depths of the earth. Wen Zi Shan and Gao Xue Ting traded glances as they were both puzzled, but the next instant, they detected something and became elated, “Senior Void is back!”


In the Western Territory, the appalling sandstorm suddenly dissipated right before it struck the Headquarters of the Liu Family. Upon escaping from death’s door, the Liu Family Patriarch fell on his bottom, all his clothes were soaked in sweat.


Billions of lives in all four Territories learned a piece of shocking news at the same time. Void Great Emperor had returned!


After a short moment of silence, cheers erupted around the entire Star Boundary.


Decades ago, during the Two Worlds Great War, Great Demon God raised chaos in the Star Boundary and almost managed to swallow it whole. It was Void Great Emperor’s Sect that remained the last pure land in the Star Boundary and had given everyone their last bit of hope. Void Great Emperor managed to turn the tide by ‘killing’ Great Demon God with his spear, which saved the Star Boundary from destruction.


After the epic war, the Great Emperors had to heal their wounds in seclusion while Void Great Emperor took the risk to leave the Star Boundary to look for a way to save it.


Now, he was back!




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