Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4168, Everyone Is Here


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Upon learning that Void Great Emperor had returned, cheers went up around all four Territories.


Living in this dying Universe World, trillions were struggling to survive, so the return of Void Great Emperor had undoubtedly brought some new hope to them.


In the deepest part of High Heaven Palace, Dragon Clan Great Elder Zhu Yan and Second Elder Fu Zhun slowly opened their eyes. They were a married couple, and in the past, they were severely wounded during the fight against Great Demon God. Many years had passed, but they were still unable to recover despite the fact that they were Dragon Clan members. Over the years, they had been in seclusion trying to heal their wounds.


Upon trading glances, they saw the joy behind each other’s gazes.


On Spirit Beast Island in the Eastern Territory, Martial Beast Great Emperor, Mo Huang, sported a gentle smile as he muttered, “He’s finally back.”


Upon finishing his words, he rose from where he was sitting and waved his hand, whereupon the door, which had remained closed for decades, creaked open. Mo Xiao Qi was standing outside as she gazed at him with a look of pleasant surprise and called out, “Father, is Big Brother Yang back? I think I heard his voice.”


Mo Huang’s face instantly fell as he bitterly replied, “Your Father has been recuperating in seclusion for almost 70 years, but you don’t even bother to ask how he is and instead all you care about is your Big Brother Yang?”


Mo Xiao Qi’s face reddened as she asked in embarrassment, “Father, how have you been?”


Mo Huang sighed, “I won’t die yet.”


Hearing this, Mo Xiao Qi rushed over, wrapped her arm around his, and pleaded, “Then, bring me to High Heaven Palace now…”


Mo Huang grunted. His injuries, which had finally stabilised, seemed to have been irritated again. He felt a burning sensation in his chest as he was completely incensed, “Surnamed Yang! This King cannot exist under the same sky as you!”


Upon realising that her Father was infuriated, Mo Xiao Qi hurriedly placated, “Father, please don’t get me wrong. Perhaps Big Brother Yang has some wonderful pills that can treat your wounds. I’m just worried about you…”


Torn between tears and laughter, Mo Huang sighed, “Alright. Stop explaining. I have to go over and ask him what happened anyway.”


At that instant, Mo Xiao Qi became jubilant.


Meanwhile, Serene Soul Great Emperor walked out of Serene Soul Palace. Outside the palace, Yao Si and the other top Elders were already waiting for him. Seeing the Great Emperor, all of them saluted him respectfully, “Palace Master!”


Yao Jun nodded and patted Yao Si’s shoulder, “You’ve done well these past years.” Although he had been cultivating in seclusion all this time, it didn’t mean he was oblivious to what was happening outside.


A calm and collected Yao Si replied, “It is my duty.” 


He was the Great Emperor’s Son, and had been pretty arrogant in the past; however, during the Two Worlds Great War, he was forced to become Yang Kai’s Adjutant and in the latter’s stead basically organized and commanded the Sixty-First Army. Leading such an army and fighting a dying war against the Demon Race helped him mature significantly as a person. Over the years, Yao Jun had been cultivating in seclusion, so Yao Si had been left in charge of Serene Soul Palace, and he had managed it well. Fewer losses had been incurred in the Eastern Territory thanks to Serene Soul Palace’s, and by extension Yao Si’s efforts.


“Void Great Emperor has returned. Come with me. We’ll see him now,” Yao Jun said.


Yao Si nodded and followed closely behind his Father.


Inside Heavens Spying Valley, Heavens Revelations Great Emperor gazed at the three ancient-looking turtle shells in front of him and guffawed, “Great blessings have come! The Star Boundary will be revitalised! Such wonderful news!”


Gao Zhan was just standing behind him as he appeared pleasantly surprised, “Honoured Master, you mean, Senior Void’s return this time can solve the problems facing the Star Boundary?” He was born blind, but he was the best candidate to inherit the mantle of Heavens Revelations Great Emperor; therefore, the Great Emperor took him on as a disciple when the latter was a young child and taught him divination.


“It is all but certain.” Chu Tian Ji chuckled and rose from the seat, “Let us head to High Heaven Palace now.”


Wondrous Pill Great Emperor left Medicine Pill Valley with some of his disciples while Iron Blood Great Emperor left Iron Blood Fort with Lin Yun’er.


There was also Bustling World Great Emperor, who had been staying in Azure Sun Temple as well as Flower Shadow Great Emperor from Thousand Flowers Valley and Ice Feather Great Emperor from Heavens’ Borderline.


Almost simultaneously, the Great Emperors, who had been cultivating in seclusion for decades, left their residences and headed to High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory.


Besides them, Luan Feng, Fan Wu, and Cang Gou from the Ancient Wild Lands in the Eastern Territory, Valley Master Bing Yun of Ice Heart Valley in the Northern Territory, Sheng Yu Zhu of Luo Sha Sect, and other top Masters who were Yang Kai’s acquaintances all began rushing over to High Heaven Palace.


All the top cultivators from the four Territories were headed to the same destination.


“Welcome back, Palace Master!”


In High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory, tens of thousands of disciples, led by Head Manager Hua Qing Si and Second Manager Bian Yu Qing, cupped their fists and greeted Yang Kai. They fervently stared at the figure that was descending from the sky with gazes filled with admiration and respect.


After sweeping a glance over them, Yang Kai saw Grand Master Ling Tai Xu, Ancestral Founder Chu Ling Xiao, as well as all his other old acquaintances that came to this place with him from the Great Han Dynasty, Tong Xuan Realm, and Shadowed Star. He also saw his parents, Meng Wu Ya, and Xia Ning Chang.


Little Senior Sister still had her face covered with a thin veil, but her tender body was trembling involuntarily, and her eyes that looked like Stars were wet with tears. If it weren’t because there were many people around, she would’ve pounced on Yang Kai right then and there.


Xue Yue was standing beside her and had her lips pressed firmly together, her eyes seemingly suggesting she felt a mixture of joy and anxiety.


After nodding gently at the two of them, Yang Kai turned to look at the others and said with a smile, “How are you? It must have been difficult these past years.” Yang Kai had examined the entire Star Boundary, so he knew that life had been difficult for all of them. Nevertheless, he was still gratified to see so many familiar faces at this moment.


Hua Qing Si replied, “We’re fine, Palace Master. Many thanks for your concern.”


Yang Kai nodded his head and shuffled towards his parents. Apologetically, he spoke, “Father, Mother, your son has not been filial and has constantly made you worry.”


Dong Shu Zhu sniffled and tried to prevent her tears from sliding down her cheeks. With her lips pressed into a line, she spoke, “You’re a man, so you’re supposed to venture into the outside world and achieve great things in life. You don’t need to worry about us.”


Yang Ying Feng nodded lightly, “If you can solve the crisis facing the Star Boundary, that will be the best you can do to repay us.”


Solemnly, Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll do my best not to disappoint you.”


Then, he turned around and took the hands of Little Senior Sister and Xue Yue before lovingly saying, “It must have been tough for you two.”


The two of them traded glances and shook their heads, “We’re fine.” However, their tears started streaming down their faces. Despite knowing that it was inappropriate for them to cry in this situation, they could hardly control their tears.


Seeing that, Yu Ru Meng walked over and comforted them. Then, Yang Kai saluted the two Elders from the Dragon Clan and Tian Yan.


Tian Yan was a Great Emperor from the Divine Ascension Mirror. During the Two Worlds War, he had made a significant contribution. In the past, he concealed his identity and infiltrated the core of the Demon Race before causing them immense losses at the most critical moment. After the war, he stayed in High Heaven Palace; however, due to the fact that the Principles in the Star Boundary were broken, he was unable to become a Great Emperor again despite having the heritage of one.


A moment later, the Space Array lit up and revealed three figures.


Yang Kai turned around, only to see Bing Yun, Su Yan, and Ji Yao stepping into the Grand Hall.


While Yang Kai was still greeting the three women, the Space Array flickered again, whereupon a loud voice was heard yelling, “Is Adoptive Father back?”


The next instant, Yang Xiao dashed out and looked around. Upon seeing Yang Kai, he cheered and bolted towards him. Then, he circled around him like a noisy monkey.


“Smelly brat, stop being disrespectful!” Unable to take it anymore, Zhu Yan pinched Yang Xiao’s ear and yanked him away.


Yang Xiao groaned and begged for mercy.


On the other hand, Yang Xue stood in front of Yang Kai and called out in a clear voice, “Big Brother!”


Yang Kai guffawed and patted her head, “We haven’t met for a few years, but you’ve become even more beautiful.” He doted on his little sister, but at the same time, he felt some guilt towards her.


Over the years, he had been swamped with his duties both in the Star Boundary and beyond it, so he was unable to repay his parents’ favour for raising him, nor could he take care of his Sister. Fortunately, Yang Xue was around to keep their parents company, which allowed Yang Kai to achieve great things without having to worry about his home.


Hearing his words, Yang Xue sniffled and replied, “Big Brother, you’re such a sweet talker. No wonder you were able to trick so many pretty sisters into being your wives.”


Yang Kai burst into laughter.


The Space Array glowed again as Martial Beast Great Emperor, Mo Xiao Qi, and Fu Xuan arrived. The next instant, Bustling World Great Emperor, Wen Zi Shan, and Gao Xue Ting appeared together. A moment later, Yao Jun and Yao Si came.


Since the great war, there had never been a day when the Space Array in High Heaven Palace had been activated so frequently. It was also the first time so many top Masters had gathered together in this place.


Wondrous Pill Great Emperor and his Disciples were here; Flower Shadow Great Emperor and Li Shi Qing were here; Heavens Revelations Great Emperor and Gao Zhan were here; Ice Feather Great Emperor came; Iron Blood Great Emperor and Lin Yun’er appeared; the three Divine Venerables of the Ancient Wild Lands, Qiong Qi, Liu Yan, and Shan Qing Luo showed themselves.


Everyone was here!


In the past, before Yang Kai departed, he had left countless Space Arrays in the Star Boundary, which connected all four Territories. Anyone could go wherever they wanted in the Star Boundary without restrictions now. The reason he had done so was in order to allow the great forces to support each other more easily.


What he had done had benefited everyone up until now. It didn’t take these top cultivators much time to arrive at High Heaven Palace; otherwise, it would’ve been time-wasting for them to travel all the way here from the different Territories.


Yang Kai saluted the Great Emperors one by one. Despite his calm appearance, he was shocked inside. That was because he realised that the auras of the Great Emperors were even more unsteady than before. It was apparent that their injuries hadn’t healed. 


It had been 70 years since the great war, and after the war, Yang Kai had cultivated in seclusion for 50 years to properly stabilize his Dao Seal and condense his Wood Element Power before leaving the Star Boundary.


Initially, he thought that after such a long time, even if the Great Emperors hadn’t fully recovered, their wounds should’ve stabilized at least. Nevertheless, upon seeing them, he realised that he was wrong. Instead of getting better, their injuries seemed to have worsened.


Yang Kai was puzzled by this, but he soon realised why the Great Emperors never made a move despite the fact that the Star Boundary was in a perilous situation. They were unable to do that as they were still injured.


A small Xiao Xiao squeezed through the crowd and approached Yang Kai. Upon reaching Yang Kai’s feet, he climbed up and sat on his shoulders before smirking in a silly manner.


High Heaven Palace was bustling with noise as many top cultivators had gathered together. The Head Manager and Second Manager were swamped with work all of a sudden as they had to hold a grand banquet to welcome these guests.


Soon, well over 100 people gathered together in the venue where the banquet was held. Ordinary people didn’t have the right to attend as all of these hundred-plus people were the top Masters from the four Territories.


Yang Kai took a seat at the head of the hall as he was the star for today.


The people seated below, including the Great Emperors, all listened to his interesting narration of the Outer Universe, provoking awe and desire in all of them.




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  1. am I the only one reading this and thinking “you were worried Ah Da could try to eat the world at any moment, and when you get back rather than instantly trying to use the root, you are going to have a banquet and catch up first?” maybe its just me but I cant help but feel like he has lost the urgency he had a short time ago.

    1. That happens unfortunately often. For example when he found the Hu sisters in the Tong Xuan Realm, he first invited them in instead of immediately asking where they came from/where the Portal to the Han Dinasty is. And when he went through that Portal, he first cultivated for a month or so before going to the capital that was still in danger.

    2. @burke that was also my concern. Just do a fckng stupid party first . And then suddenly they will see a big mouth in the sky engulfing everything because Ah Da is so hungry he forgot he needs to wait for someone to feed him. As you said his urgency is gone, coz probably he is already thinking how to bone his wives at the same time.

      Speaking of boning his wives it’s really a BS that YRM as a succubus demon is still a virgin when he boned her. It’s not as if she was a natural born GE/saint. And to think all the succubi he met and killed b4 needs to be boned to get strength/lvl up from the boners.

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