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Martial Peak – Chapter 4169, Restoring Star Boundary

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It wasn’t until this moment that these top cultivators found out the wonders of this boundless Outer Universe, and that Great Emperors were just a special title, not a true realm of the Martial Dao. Above the Great Emperors, there were the Open Heaven Realm Masters who split Heaven and Earth apart in their own bodies to form a Small Universe within themselves.


There were countless Universe Worlds like the Star Boundary, and there were more than 1,000 Great Territories. There were many great forces in those Great Territories. The Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises were undoubtedly the most powerful among the great forces, and below them, there were innumerable Second Class and Third Class great forces.


In this boundless universe, the Star Boundary was as insignificant as dust.


It had been more than 10 years since Yang Kai left, and he had grown tremendously; however, his road towards the Open Heaven Realm was paved with difficulties. There was still a long way to go before he could achieve the ascension.


The banquet lasted for the entire night, and Yang Kai went on to talk for just as long. The top Masters were flabbergasted and unable to calm themselves down for a long time. All of them appeared to be in a dazed state when they left.


On the other hand, the Great Emperors stayed in High Heaven Palace.


Inside a secret room, all the Great Emperors gathered together. Sheng Yu Zhu, Tian Yan, and the two Elders from the Dragon Clan also attended. Although the latter four were not Great Emperors in the Star Boundary, they had the heritage of Great Emperors, so they had the right to attend such a meeting.


Hua Qing Si led the maidservants to serve them tea before leaving respectfully.


After some small talk, Yang Kai cut to the chase and asked solemnly, “Why are all of you in a worse state instead of getting better?”


That was the biggest doubt in his mind. All the Great Emperors were powerful, and they had been recuperating in seclusion, so supposedly, their wounds should have healed at least somewhat. Even if one to two of them were unable to stop their wounds from worsening, it wasn’t likely that the same thing happened to all the Great Emperors.


All of them traded glances, and then Duan Hong Chen replied with a bitter smile, “It hasn’t been a long time since you became a Great Emperor, and you left the Star Boundary not long after you obtained the World’s Will, so you might not be aware of it.”


Yang Kai turned to look at him.


After a sigh, Duan Hong Chen went on to say, “We’ve obtained the World’s Will and become Great Emperors of the Star Boundary. Although we’re able to use a power that far exceeds the Emperor Realm, our fates have also been tied to this Universe World. After the great war, we were all injured, and the World Principles were broken. The Star Boundary is in a horrible state and at risk of disintegration at any moment.”


Mo Huang continued, “If the World was on the mend, we would be able to make use of the World Force to heal ourselves; however, the World Force is almost exhausted, so none of us dare to use it. Although we’ve been recuperating in seclusion, all we can do is prevent our wounds from getting worse.”


Zhan Wu Hen spoke up, “The average person could make use of pills to heal themselves, but we can’t do that. As long as this world doesn’t improve, there won’t be any hope for us to recover, unless we break free from the world’s restrictions and head to the Outer Universe, like what you’ve done.”


It was then that Yang Kai understood what had happened.


Just like what Duan Hong Chen had said, after the Great Emperors obtained the World’s Will, their fates were tied to this Universe World. Since the Star Boundary was deteriorating, there was no way they could recover.


Yang Kai already had incredible restorative powers to begin with, and he had a Wood Element Power condensed from the Immortal Tree, so he didn’t have such concerns, but it was a different case for the others.


“Regardless, we have to solve the problem facing the Star Boundary.” Chu Tian Ji stared at Yang Kai, “Void, since you’ve returned, does it mean that you’ve found a solution?”


All of them looked fervently at him with gazes filled with hope.


Yang Kai nodded his head, “En, I’ve found a way, but I can’t guarantee that it will work.”


He had to plant the World Tree’s root first to find out whether it was effective at all. If that didn’t work, he would have no choice but to take everyone away.


“No matter what, it’s best to try first.”


It was then Yang Kai rose from his chair, “I’ll start right now, then. Hopefully, I’ll bring back some good news.”


Hearing that, all of them were energised.


Yang Kai closed his eyes and scanned the surroundings, then he disappeared from the spot. When he reappeared, he was already atop a mountain.


It wasn’t certain how far away this mountain was from High Heaven Palace, but it was where the four Territories intersected. This nameless mountain was extremely high and completely barren. All Yang Kai could see was gravel and shale.


Then, sending his consciousness into the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai carefully uprooted a certain sapling.


The Small Sealed World shook a little.


In the past, as soon as Yang Kai obtained the World Tree’s root, he directly threw it into the Small Sealed World. Later on, he took a look and realised that the root had become rooted in the ground and turned into a sapling as it madly absorbed the World Energy in the Small Sealed World. Following its rapid growth, the Principles in the Small Sealed World became more stable and complete.


If Yang Kai hadn’t discovered this, he wouldn’t have associated the root with what Ah Da had mentioned in the past. That was how he thought about using it in the Star Boundary.


Since he had decided to use it to restore the Star Boundary, Yang Kai wouldn’t let it grow in the Small Sealed World; therefore, he immediately sealed off the World Energy, lest it be absorbed by the sapling. Therefore, it was still a sapling when he pulled it out.


Yang Kai carefully dug a hole and planted this sapling before covering the hole with soil. After giving it a thought, he waved his hand, whereupon a bit of clean water was summoned from a faraway place and splashed on the sapling.


Feeling nervous, he stared at the sapling and waited patiently. The survival of the Star Boundary depended on this little sapling. Although he appeared calm, he was anxious deep inside. 


To his dismay, the sapling remained unchanged. The green leaves swayed with the wind, but the sapling didn’t grow rapidly like what he had imagined.


Both shocked and doubtful, Yang Kai wondered what had gone wrong. In the past, after he threw the root into the Small Sealed World and did nothing else, it took root all on its own, transforming into this sapling. Now that he had nurtured it carefully though, there were no changes at all.


While he was pondering on it, Yang Kai suddenly heard a faint rustling sound. Before he could figure out what was going on, it turned into a rumbling as the entire mountain shook. At the same time, a horrifying suction was felt coming from the sapling as it madly absorbed the World Energy around it.


An elated Yang Kai hurriedly checked on it and realised that the roots of the sapling had penetrated deep into the ground and were madly expanding. In several breaths’ time, they had expanded by more than ten kilometres, and they were still rapidly developing.


The entire barren mountain kept shaking as the roots became exposed to the air. At the same time, the gravel cracked and fell apart. On the other hand, the sapling was now rapidly growing, which forced Yang Kai to keep moving backwards.


An incense stick later, the sapling, which was only as tall as a Human some time ago, had turned into a 300-metre-tall tree. Like a great umbrella, the tree crown seemed to have covered the entire mountain peak.


Nevertheless, it still hadn’t stopped growing. The roots of the World Tree were still continuously expanding, and the tree was still unstoppably growing taller.


As the World Tree developed and influenced its surroundings, Yang Kai could see that a Void Crack that was several hundred kilometres away from this barren mountain slowly began to seal.


Wherever the roots covered, the broken World Principles solidified. It hadn’t only become complete, but it had also improved significantly.


[Success!] Back when Yang Kai obtained the World Tree’s root, he speculated that this thing would be useful to the Star Boundary. It wasn’t until this moment that he could prove it though. With this World Tree around, the problem facing the Star Boundary would be solved.


Certainly, it wasn’t the real World Tree. Strictly speaking, it was just the World Tree’s Clone as the real 3,000 Worlds Tree was still in the Primordial Land.


Yang Kai wondered if this Clone would develop 3,000 World Fruits in the future. The thought of this made him feel excited. It would be incredible if his imagination was materialised.


When the World Tree had grown by another 100 metres, its growth visibly slowed down. Yang Kai checked on it and realised that it hadn’t reached its limit, it was just that there wasn’t enough supply of energy.


It required a lot of World Energy for it to grow, but all the World Energy in a radius of several thousand kilometres had been sucked dry, and it would take some time before the World Energy from further away would flow over and replenish it.


Upon that realization, Yang Kai immediately fished out lots of Source Crystals from his Space Ring and hurled them away. Before the Source Crystals came into contact with the ground, they exploded and turned into pure World Energy.


It was then the World Tree started growing rapidly again.


Now, Source Crystals were no longer useful to Yang Kai’s cultivation, and he still had a lot of them, which could be used in this place.


In order to help the tree grow even faster, Yang Kai activated his Divine Sense and sent the same message to many people.


Just a moment later, Yang Kai pointed at the front and caused a swirl in the Void, whereupon Mo Huang stepped out of it. When he raised his head and saw a gigantic tree nearly 500 metres tall in front of him, he was stunned, “Is this the World Tree?”


When Yang Kai sent a message to everyone, he also informed them of the problem he was facing and what the World Tree needed, so Mo Huang was already aware of it.


“Strictly speaking, it’s something like the World Tree’s Soul Clone,” Yang Kai replied as he continuously scattered the Source Crystals around.


Mo Huang became jubilant, “This thing is indeed useful. The Principles in this place are different from the other areas in the Star Boundary. They’re more solid.”


Then, he also fished out a tremendous amount of Source Crystals from his Space Ring.


The next moment, Chu Tian Ji stepped out of the swirl, and without saying a word, he spread his Source Crystals around. He was followed by Zhan Wu Hen, Hua Ling Long, Yao Jun, and so on.


The Great Emperors had countless Source Crystals, and they didn’t really need them for cultivation, so now they could put them to good use.


With so many Great Emperors making a move together, the sight was magnificent. Innumerable Source Crystals turned into pure World Energy, which was then absorbed by the World Tree Clone. Like a bottomless pit, it sucked in as much World Energy as it was provided.


Following that, Hua Qing Si also brought with her the reserve from High Heaven Palace, and upon receiving the order, Wen Zhi Shan and the leaders of the other great forces from all four Territories stepped forward and respectively made contributions.


The usually deserted mountain was now bustling with noise.


Meanwhile, the World Tree was still growing. The roots expanded in all directions in the ground and seemed like they would eventually cover the entire Star Boundary. Wherever the roots spread, the World Principles would be repaired. The Death Qi, which had engulfed the Star Boundary for a long time, finally began to dissipate.



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