Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4170, Future Plans


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A few days later, following a rumbling sound, Zhan Wu Hen flew over from a distance and held something that looked like a Great Dragon in his hands. The thing’s aura was intimidating and was actually an entire Earth Vein.


It wasn’t certain where Zhan Wu Hen had extracted it from, but upon reaching the World Tree, he directly hurled it forward.


Instantly, the Earth Vein shattered apart and turned into surging World Energy. Like a storm, it swept across the place and shook the ground.


The storm lasted for only ten breaths of time before it dissipated as the energy was completely absorbed by the World Tree’s Soul Clone. With the help of the Earth Vein, the tree had grown another few hundred metres taller.


Meanwhile, Ice Feather Great Emperor flew over with another Earth Vein, and Martial Beast Great Emperor was doing the same thing. With many Earth Veins being used, the tree was growing rapidly again.


Initially, Yang Kai watched the tree grow with a grin, but he soon realised that something was off. That was because the World Tree’s growth was simply unstoppable.


Chu Tian Ji was extremely worried as well as he asked, “Void, is this World Tree going to suck the entire Star Boundary dry?”


Although the World Tree’s growth had solidified the Star Boundary as the broken Principles had been visibly repaired, its consumption of World Energy was horrifying. If this went on, all the World Energy in the Star Boundary would be completely gone in a few years. By then, it would be pointless even if the World Principles were stable. Without World Energy, cultivators would be unable to cultivate.


“I don’t think so.” Yang Kai was uncertain. If that was the case, he would have practically picked up a rock only to drop it on his own foot. The reason he planted the World Tree’s Soul Clone was to save the Star Boundary. If the Universe World became barren because of that, it would be a huge loss for everyone.


Presently, the tree was already 3,000 kilometres and the originally barren mountain present in this place was gone as it had been shattered by the roots. Anyone would be able to see the outline of such a gigantic tree from a long distance. On the other hand, the roots had already expanded by a radius of a million kilometres underground.


The region covered by the roots was different from the other parts in the Star Boundary as it was being transformed by a mysterious power. The broken Principles were also being repaired and improved.


Time went by quickly. One month later, the tree was already 10,000 kilometres in height. 


The humongous tree crown had covered an area of several thousand kilometres. Like a great guardian, the colossal tree sheltered this area of the world. It wasn’t certain how far the roots had expanded, but they had probably covered ten percent of the entire Star Boundary’s land mass by now.


After reaching this point, the growth of the World Tree suddenly slowed down.


Yang Kai checked on it and realised that it wasn’t that the World Tree had stopped growing. It was just that they couldn’t see it anymore. The tree was no longer growing taller or bigger, but the roots underground were still obstinately expanding towards other areas of the Star Boundary.


At the same time, a mysterious power from the universe was drawn by the World Tree and then absorbed by it. Through the leaves on the crown, it turned into very pure World Energy. As a result, the World Energy of the Star Boundary was being replenished.


“The power of the Stars!” Zhan Wu Hen arched his brow.


The Great Emperors had sensitive perception, so they were able to detect all the changes that occurred in the Star Boundary. The mysterious power was obviously the power of the Stars that came from the Outer Universe.


Seeing this, Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief.


From the looks of it, the Star Boundary was finally in a stable state, and he didn’t have to worry that the World Tree would suck the World Energy in the Star Boundary dry. The tree would absorb the power of the Stars to sustain its own growth now. When its roots were able to cover the entire Star Boundary one day, the World Principles would be completely repaired, and there might be some unforeseeable benefits.


The World Energy that had been consumed by it would be replenished after it absorbed enough power of the Stars. One day, the tree would be able to give back ten times or even a hundred times more World Energy. By then, what kind of transformation would the Star Boundary go through?


There was no doubt that the World Tree was abstruse.


An amazed Yang Kai turned around and saw that the facial complexion of the Great Emperors had become better while their breathing had also stabilised.


Since the Star Boundary had benefited greatly from the World Tree, the Great Emperors, whose fates were closely tied to the Universe World, would recover and possibly even strengthen further as well.


Standing at the bottom of the World Tree, more than ten figures were silently observing it.


Suddenly, Yang Kai detected something and fished out the artifact he used to contact Lu Xue. Upon reading the message he received and became shocked for a moment before he understood what was going on. Then, he said to the other Great Emperors, “I’ll be right back.”


The next instant, he disappeared from the spot. A moment later, he appeared in the periphery of the Star Boundary. Looking up, he saw a gigantic creature that was facing away from him and shuffling forward.


The gigantic creature was none other than Giant Spirit God Ah Da.


His movement wasn’t swift and could even be said that he was extremely slow, but every step he took could stride across a vast distance. After just two to three steps, the huge figure became as small as a black dot in the distance.


Lu Xue flew over and reported, “Sir, just now, the Giant Spirit God suddenly got up and left without saying anything.”


“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded. Ah Da was attracted to the Star Boundary due to its death aura, and he had stayed in the periphery for several dozen years, awaiting the Universe World’s death. However, the World Tree’s Soul Clone that Yang Kai had brought back had pulled the Star Boundary back from death’s door. Ah Da must have detected something, which was why he decided to leave.


Ah Da’s departure suggested that the Star Boundary’s future had been secured. If the Universe World was still on the brink of death, he wouldn’t have left. This was good news for them.


Then, Yang Kai charged forward and reached Ah Da in a moment. Hovering in front of him, he called out, “Ah Da!”


Ah Da looked down, and upon seeing that it was Yang Kai, he reached out to let him stand on his palm without stopping in his tracks. With a grin, he said, “Ah Da is leaving.”


“Where will you go?” Yang Kai asked.


Ah Da became startled for a moment before patting his belly, “Ah Da is hungry. Ah Da must look for food.”


“Stay here. I’ll give you food.” After finishing his words, Yang Kai tossed a World Bead at him.


As the Giant Spirit God munched on it, he shook his head, “It’s not enough. Ah Da needs more food!”


At that, Yang Kai was speechless. Initially, he wanted to make Ah Da stay. After all, with such a huge creature staying in the periphery, no one would dare to invade the Star Boundary. Ah Da had stayed in this place for several years, and even though he had consumed lots of World Beads, they were nothing more than snacks to him. The food he wanted was a real Universe World; however, Yang Kai was unable to give him that.


“Will we meet again?” Yang Kai shouted.


Ah Da just smiled like a fool.


After a sigh, Yang Kai yelled, “Open your mouth!”


“Ah…” Ah Da’s mouth was wide open, as though he was able to swallow an entire Star.


Several dozen World Beads were tossed into his mouth and disappeared. 


“Nom, nom, nom…” Ah Da appeared pleased.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai had already leapt away from his palm. Hovering in the void, he watched him leave, and soon, Ah Da disappeared from his sight. He wasn’t certain whether they would ever meet again. Those from the Giant Spirit God Clan were benevolent, but they wouldn’t stay in the same place forever. For all their lives, they were continuously pursuing dying Universe Worlds. Their special talent allowed them to detect the aura of a dying world, and years before that happened, they would go over and wait patiently.


The Outer Universe was boundless, so after they parted ways, it was practically impossible for them to meet again.


When Yang Kai returned to the base of the World Tree, the Great Emperors were still standing there.


Mo Huang took a glance at him and asked, “What are your future plans?”


Now that the crisis facing the Star Boundary had been resolved, the burden that had bogged down everyone for decades had also been lifted. Since they no longer had to worry about the Star Boundary’s survival, it was time they thought about the future.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai replied, “I was about to talk about it with all of you. I’ve snatched a Spirit Province in the Outer Universe and re-named it Void Land. It’s in the midst of being revitalized, so I need a lot of people to help me. So, I want all of you to come with me to help build Void Land together. Besides that, I want all the cultivators in the Star Boundary who have reached the Third-Order Emperor Realm and above to come with me, as long as they’re willing to follow me.”


Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters already had the right to head to the Outer Universe; however, they were unable to cross the void easily if they were on their own.


For those who were below the Third-Order Emperor Realm, Yang Kai wouldn’t mind bringing them with him as long as they wanted to come. He needed a lot of people to help him build Void Land, and even though many outsiders had come over to help, they were not as reliable as his own people.


Furthermore, if Void Land wanted to grow stronger, it needed fresh blood.


Hearing that, Mo Huang said, “We had no idea that there was still something bigger ahead of us. Now that we’ve found out about it, we naturally want to experience it. But… if all of us are gone, who will protect the Star Boundary? What happens if some powerful enemies come to invade this place?”


“I’ll stay,” Zhan Wu Hen grimly declared.


Duan Hong Chen grinned, “I’ll also stay.”


Seeing as the other Great Emperors were about to say something, Yang Kai hurriedly raised his hand to stop them, “Please don’t worry. I already have a plan for the Star Boundary. To be honest with you, I didn’t come back alone. I’ve brought 3 subordinates who are all Open Heaven Realm Masters, so I’ll just ask one of them to stay here and protect the Star Boundary. Moreover, the Great Territory that the Star Boundary is in is pretty barren and remote, with only a few Universe Worlds around, so usually, no one will come here.”


He had spent quite some effort before he could find the Star Boundary. No Open Heaven Realm Masters would come all the way here to make a fuss as this place didn’t have anything attractive to them. That was the reason there had never been any records regarding the Open Heaven Realm in the Star Boundary.


The Great Emperors traded glances and nodded. Since Yang Kai already had a plan in mind, they no longer had to worry about anything.


Soon, a piece of news was spread across the entire world. Void Great Emperor intended to bring all the Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters to the Outer Universe. Those who were willing to go should gather together in High Heaven Palace. Others were also welcome, but for those who were below the Third-Order Emperor Realm, they had to go to High Heaven Palace to register first before a selection process would occur.


Initially, there were many Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters in the Star Boundary, but many of them had lost their lives during the Two Worlds Great War. Now, there were only a few dozen people in that realm in total. There was no room for growth in the Star Boundary for these people, so they had to be brought to Void Land.


However, there were countless people below the Third-Order Emperor Realm, and it was impossible to bring all of them to Void Land, so a screening had to be done.




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