Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4173, I’ve Slain Them All


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“Oh?” The person seemed to have noticed their murderous intent. As he looked smilingly at the two of them, his aura surged all of a sudden.


Zi Xiao and Xiao Wu felt as though they had been hit by a mountain and grunted and stepped backwards as the vitality in their chests weltered.


[He’s an Emperor Realm Master!] Both of them were horrified as this ordinary-looking man was actually in the Emperor Realm. They were only in the Origin Returning Realm, so how were they supposed to resist his pressure?


If it weren’t because this man had restricted 99% of his aura, they would’ve exploded under the pressure.


Their Souls trembled for a long time, and when they came to their senses, the man was already nowhere in sight. They traded glances and realised that both of them were drenched in cold sweat.


“Congratulations, you two.” The disciple from High Heaven Palace rose from the chair and cupped his fists.


Zi Xiao and Xiao Wu were perplexed, wondering why he congratulated them. After brushing away the cold sweat on his forehead, Zi Xiao asked, “Senior Brother, who was that man?”


The disciple replied with a smile, “You’re adept in the Dao of Spirit Arrays, but you’re not aware of who he is?”


An embarrassed Zi Xiao also asked, “We both lived in a small village all our lives and are a bit inexperienced. Senior Brother, please enlighten us.”


With a solemn expression, the disciple replied, “His surname is Nanmen…”


The pupils of Zi Xiao and Xiao Wu contracted when they heard that and the latter exclaimed, “He was Sir Nanmen Da Jun?”


“That’s right.”


The two of them became rooted to the spot.


As Array Masters, they had naturally heard of Nanmen Da Jun before. He was acknowledged as the top Array Master in the entire Star Boundary and it was said that the Sect Defending Array of High Heaven Palace was arranged by him personally. During the Two Worlds Great War, High Heaven Palace had relied on this Array to resist the invasion from the Demon Race countless times, which ensured that the last pure land in the Star Boundary could be saved.


It could be said that the reason the Star Boundary was still around was thanks to Void Great Emperor, but Nammen Da Jun had also made a significant contribution.


Even though they lived in a remote village, they had repeatedly heard of Nanmen Da Jun before.


The two of them had always looked up to this Grandmaster, imagining that they would be as powerful as he was one day. By then, they could converse with him about the Dao of Spirit Arrays freely.


It was inconceivable that such a Grandmaster had appeared beside them and commented on the Aura Gathering Array they had arranged randomly. However, they actually thought about trying to silence him to keep their secret safe.


If they were aware of his identity earlier, they would never have had this kind of thought.


At that instant, Xiao Wu was scratching his face, which was red now, “Zi Xiao…”


Zi Xiao had no idea what to say either. Suddenly, he let out a long sigh with a dejected expression. He was worried that Grandmaster Nanmen found them to be useless after what they had done.


Just then, the disciple was heard saying, “Senior Nanmen has never given anyone such high regards. Little Brothers, it seems that he’s approved of your mastery in the Dao of Spirit Arrays…”


“What did you just say?” Xiao Wu gazed at him in shock, “You said Grandmaster Nanmen had given us high regards?”


[Why wasn’t I aware of this?]


The disciple followed up, “He said that your array was not bad. He has looked around this place several times, but has never said so to anyone else. Little Brothers, please keep it up and don’t disappoint Senior Nanmen.”


The two of them were still muddle-headed as they left the Grand Hall.



High Heaven Peak was the Main Peak of High Heaven Palace, and in the master bedroom, a number of naked bodies could be seen lying on the massive bed as an amorous smell permeated the room.


Presently, Shan Qing Luo was clinging on to Yang Kai like she was an octopus. Yang Kai raised his hand and gently pushed her away. Then, he got up and saw that the ladies were all still asleep.


The sight made him chuckle.


It had been a long time since he last bedded a woman, so he had been a little rough over the past few days. Although these ladies had all ascended to the Third-Order Emperor Realm or higher, they were unable to withstand his vigour. All of them had collapsed on the bed after begging Yang Kai to let them off earlier.


A relentless Shan Qing Luo was determined to compete against him, but she passed out in the end. Before her, Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, and Xue Yue were already exhausted and had fallen asleep.


It was Yu Ru Meng, who had the greatest stamina and continued making love to him; after all, she was a Charm Demon Saint, so her strength was truly extraordinary. However, when it came to physical prowess and restorative powers, she was no match for Yang Kai. Presently, she had curled up in a corner of the bed as her tender body twitched every once in a while.


On the other hand, Yang Kai felt that he could still continue for another hundred rounds. After getting out of bed, he put on his clothes and walked out of the room with dishevelled hair.


Outside the room, Head Manager Hua Qing Si was already waiting respectfully. When she caught a glimpse of the sight inside the room, she couldn’t help blushing.


As Yang Kai shuffled forward, he asked, “How is it going in Ice Snow City?”


“I was about to report this to you.” Hua Qing Si followed him closely, “After the news was spread, the people from all four Territories were ecstatic. Countless people have come to Ice Snow City to register. About 30 million people have registered in the last half a month.”


“That’s a staggering figure!” Yang Kai was shocked. He knew that many people would come to register, but the figure still stunned him.


“Sir, how many people do you intend to bring with you this time?” Hua Qing Si asked respectfully, “Please give me a number so that it’ll be easier for us to filter the candidates.”


“500,000 at most.” After reaching the outer hall, Yang Kai adjusted his clothes and took a seat, whereupon a maidservant served him tea before leaving.


“500,000…” Hua Qing Si smiled helplessly. It was a difficult task to select 500,000 people from 30 million. Moreover, it had only been half a month since the recruitment began, and more people would come to register in the coming days.


Her Palace Master had put her in a tight spot. With that said, it wasn’t the first time Yang Kai had given her such a difficult task over the years. As Head Manager of High Heaven Palace, she knew how to share his burden.


“For those from High Heaven Palace…” she hesitantly said.


“They’ll be selected fairly just like everyone else.” Yang Kai took a sip of the tea, “Other than the Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters that must come with me, everyone else has to demonstrate enough ability if they want to head to the Outer Universe. Cultivation is just one of the criteria. More importantly, we have to look at their moldability and potential for growth. Besides that, the Outer Universe is unlike the Star Boundary as it’s paved with danger, so you have to make this clear to them as well.”


“Yes,” Hua Qing Si replied, “I’ll make the arrangements now. Everything will be ready in 2 months, so Sir, please get ready as well.”


Then, she prepared to leave.


Yang Kai raised his hand, “Head Manager, wait a moment!”


“Sir, is there anything else?”


An embarrassed Yang Kai scratched his head and spoke up, “Please help me comb my hair… I have to meet my parents.”


Hua Qing Si burst into a fit of giggles as she said, “I can’t help you with that… but I know someone who can. I’ll summon her now as she’s been waiting for you for some time now.”


Without waiting for Yang Kai to agree to it, Hua Qing Si immediately fished out a communication artifact and contacted someone. A moment later, a figure walked into the hall in an elegant manner.


“I’ll take my leave now.” Hua Qing Si laughed meaningfully before calmly leaving.


While Yang Kai was staring at this newcomer, she was also gazing at him with a reddened face. After saluting him, she greeted, “Senior Brother.”


“Junior Sister Yao…” Yang Kai burst into laughter.


The person was none other than Ji Yao.


Pressing her lips together, Ji Yao said in a soft voice, “Head Manager told me that you need someone to comb your hai… Ah!”


Before she could finish her words, she felt an immense force pulling her as she uncontrollably fell forward and crashed into Yang Kai’s embrace. Feeling the familiar aura and smelling the familiar scent, she was extremely nervous.


Looking up, she saw Yang Kai gazing smilingly at her, “We haven’t met for years. Junior Sister, why are you acting so polite to me now?”


Her lashes fluttered, and her breathing became rapid. She repeatedly parted her lips, but she was unable to say a single word.


“If you remain silent, I’ll just do whatever I want!” Yang Kai grinned and carried Ji Yao up before shuffling towards the inner hall.


Feeling that something was off, Ji Yao asked anxiously, “Senior Brother, w-w-what are you trying to do?”


Yang Kai grinned and replied with a determined gaze, “I’m making a confession.”


“W-What do you mean by that?” Ji Yao became more flustered.


Yang Kai had already reached a room and kicked the door open. Upon seeing the sight in the room, Ji Yao widened her eyes in disbelief.


She could see a few naked ‘corpses’ in the room, their clothes scattered everywhere. The entire room looked just like a battlefield, and the scent of intimacy still lingered in the air. The women lying on the bed and the ground were convulsing and subconsciously mumbling.


Ji Yao had never seen such a brutal sight before. At that moment, she wouldn’t even dare to breathe a little louder.


It wasn’t until Yang Kai gently set her down on the bed that she almost burst into tears. With her eyes trembling, she exclaimed, “Senior Brother!” She pressed her hands against the man’s chest as though she was trying to resist a huge mountain.


“They’ve all been slain by me, and now it’s your turn.” Yang Kai laughed.


Was this the kind of confession he was talking about? Ji Yao was torn between tears and laughter. At the same time, she felt conflicted deep down inside.


Looking up, she saw Yang Kai gazing lovingly at her. Even though his expression appeared determined, and there didn’t seem to be any room for rejection, he didn’t make a move.


She knew that as long as she appeared to be reluctant, he would never force himself upon her. Then, she asked herself whether she still wanted to hide this secret from everyone. 


Did she still want to stand in a faraway place and look on as the other women surrounded and smiled with him? Did she still have to come up with excuses to approach him even though she was extremely worried and missed him dearly?


The sense of fluster behind her gaze dissipated as she gently closed her eyes and wrapped her hands around the man’s neck. Despite the fact that a single tear rolled down from the corner of her eye, she sported a joyful smile.


Yang Kai raised his hand and wiped away the teardrop before kissing her long smooth hair. Then, he slowly stripped off her robes and, for the first time, bonded with her in a true sense.


Unlike how rough he was with his other wives earlier, Yang Kai was as gentle as a spring breeze this time. Two became one and enjoyed the moment together.


Yu Ru Meng slightly opened her eyes and faintly saw something, but she dozed off again due to exhaustion and subconsciously muttered, “Enemy of all women…”


Hearing that, Ji Yao stiffened and shuddered while Yang Kai’s lips curved into an evil smile, which made her flush.


A long time later, Ji Yao slipped off into dreamland, and when she awakened, she realised that some people were staring at her in the room.


As she regained her senses, she recalled what had happened and exclaimed. Then, she grabbed the quilt and covered herself up.


She was too embarrassed to face anyone!




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    2. @raymondjr I had a friend who at one time rented 4 prostitutes and had a go with them for experience then showed us his amateur video. He was able to last for 4 shots until he got drained but that was with the help of a blue pill and some energy drinks. I myself have been in 3some at least 4-5x (not prostitutes fortunately) and it’s quite tiring as well (without pills or any drinks coz I’m not into meds). Now I’m married and have a single woman and so far it’s still not hard for me to please my woman. So my advise for you my boy is to do some more training. 🤣🤣🤣

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