Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4174, Parents’ Decision


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“Greetings, Father, Mother!” Yang Kai adjusted his clothes and fell on his knees before saluting his parents.


“Get up, quickly!” Dong Su Zhu hurriedly helped him up and looked up at him with slightly reddened eyes. After tucking his hair behind his ear, she complained, “You’re a Great Emperor now, so you shouldn’t fall to your knees so easily. It’ll be embarrassing if others see you doing this.”


“So what if he’s a Great Emperor? Does he not have parents?” Yang Ying Feng snorted on the side, “I gave him life and raised him. So what if he kne…”


Feeling a murderous intent, he turned his head and saw Dong Su Zhu glaring at him with gritted teeth. Hurriedly, he took a sip of the tea and gulped down what he was about to say.


After shooting him one more glare to warn him, Dong Su Zhu turned her head and looked smilingly at Yang Kai. Then, she made him sit beside her and sized him up. She could not stop looking at him, and there was a proud and happy smile on her face.


[He’s my son!] She had never expected that the little one she could carry in her arms in the past would grow up to be such a powerful man one day. She felt proud that he had achieved great things in life.


Moreover, she was now a greatly respected lady thanks to her son. Even though her cultivation wasn’t very powerful, no one in the Star Boundary would dare to look down on her. When the Pseudo-Great Emperors visited High Heaven Palace, they would always give their respects to her and her Husband.


Hence, she was satisfied with what she had. As a mother, she didn’t expect her son to be wealthy and powerful, she just wanted him to be safe for all his life. Now that Yang Kai was healthy and doing well, she was more than happy.


She went on to have a chat with Yang Kai. Most of the time, she was the one asking all sorts of questions while Yang Kai replied to her accordingly. She didn’t ask about the Outer Universe because she knew that he must have encountered a lot of danger in the past 15 or so years, so she was worried that she couldn’t bear it if she became aware of it all.


Presently, Yang Kai was a Great Emperor, and every move he made would affect the trillions of lives in the Star Boundary; therefore, she couldn’t influence him in whatever he did like she used to in the past. Otherwise, she would be harming the interest of the Star Boundary.


On the side, Yang Ying Feng was seated calmly. Although he appeared dispassionate, he was actually all ears so he wouldn’t miss out on any details in their conversation.


One hour later, Yang Kai raised his head and asked, “Father, are you suffering from any internal injury?”


He already noticed it when he entered this place earlier. Most of the time, his father’s aura was stable, but there were times when it became unsteady for a moment. Apparently, he was suffering from an internal injury. Yang Kai was aware of that because he was a Great Emperor who had incredibly sharp eyesight. Any other Pseudo-Great Emperors wouldn’t have noticed had they not been paying special attention.


Yang Ying Feng became startled for a moment before waving his hand, “It doesn’t matter. Don’t worry.”


With a frown, Yang Kai asked, “How long has it been?”


Before Yang Ying Feng could say anything, Dong Su Zhu answered it for him, “It’s been more than 30 years.”


[More than 30 years!] That meant that the incident took place after the Two Worlds War and during the period of time when he was refining his Wood Element Power. After the war, Yang Kai spent 50 years refining the essence of the Immortal Tree and stabilizing his cultivation before he left the Star Boundary.


However, when he left, he informed no one and did so in a secretive manner.


“Let me have a look.” Then, he got up and approached Yang Ying Feng before placing his fingers on his father’s wrist.


Yang Ying Feng parted his lips, but in the end, he let Yang Kai check on him without saying a word.


As Yang Kai used his Divine Sense, he examined his father for a moment before frowning, “Was the internal injury formed when you broke through to the Emperor Realm?”


Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu were pretty weak, as they were only in the First-Order Emperor Realm; after all, their aptitudes were not outstanding. It was only thanks to the near-unlimited support from High Heaven Palace that they had such achievements.


His father’s injury was not serious, but it also couldn’t be dismissed either. If left untreated, it would be troublesome when Yang Ying Feng cultivated in the future.


“The injury… seems to have been caused due to an unstable foundation. Father, why did you try to rush your cultivation?” Yang Kai was torn between tears and laughter. The injury was not caused by an external force. Instead, it was Yang Ying Feng who had cultivated without any restraint, beyond what his body could tolerate.


Yang Ying Feng snorted, “You’re now a Great Emperor. Even though I don’t expect to be as powerful as you are, a father cannot be too weak and embarrass his son.”


At that, Yang Kai was lost for words.


“Can it be treated?” Dong Su Zhu asked nervously. The couple didn’t talk to anyone about his injury. That was because after the great war, the Star Boundary was in the midst of rebuilding, so they didn’t want to burden the resources of High Heaven Palace.


“It’s not very serious. I’ll ask Ning Chang to make some pills later. You should consume the pills every day, and I’ll come over to help you clear your meridians every five days. In just one month, you’ll fully recover.”


In the past, he wouldn’t have any solution to this problem; however, given his capabilities and knowledge now, it was easy for Yang Kai to treat this kind of injury.


“Wonderful!” Dong Su Zhu breathed a sigh of relief. Yang Ying Feng, who sported a grim expression, seemed to be relieved as well.


Yang Kai stressed, “But Father, you can’t cultivate too hard again in the future. In the past, you taught me to exercise moderation in whatever I did. After you two enter the Outer Universe, there will be greater and better resources for you, so I’m sure your cultivation will improve steadily then.”


The couple traded glances, before Dong Su Zhu hesitantly said, “We were about to discuss this with you. We… don’t intend to head to the Outer Universe for now.”


“Why?” Yang Kai was stunned.


With a smile, Dong Su Zhu explained, “We love this place; moreover, after all of you are gone, someone must remain here and take care of this place for you. Your Father and I will stay here to help you manage your home. If you face any difficulties in the outside world, you can always come back here and have a place to stay.”


Yang Kai burst into laughter, “Some other people will take care of this place, so you two…”


Before he could finish his words, Yang Ying Feng raised his hand to stop him, “We know you are filial, but your Mother and I are only in the First-Order Emperor Realm, and we’re not ambitious people. Even if we follow you to the Outer Universe, we won’t be able to help you in any way; instead, we might even hold you back. In that case, we’d rather stay here… Furthermore, I can feel that there has been some kind of transformation in the Star Boundary recently, as though it is in the process of being reborn. It must have something to do with you, right?”


In response, Yang Kai nodded his head. Even though the World Tree had absorbed a lot of World Energy from the Star Boundary, which depleted it significantly, it had saved the Universe World from shattering. The world had been strengthened, and the Principles had been repaired. In the long term, it would be greatly beneficial to the Star Boundary. In the short term, it was safe to say that the Star Boundary had been reborn.


Yang Ying Feng was an Emperor Realm Master, so it wasn’t odd that he could vaguely sense this change.


“There are resources in the Outer Universe that are unavailable in the Star Boundary, and perhaps your Mother and I will improve faster if we follow you, but I have a feeling that we’ll obtain greater benefits if we remain here.” Yang Ying Feng stared at him, “So, stop trying to change our mind. We’ve already made our decision.”


At that, Yang Kai fell silent. Others might not know what was going on, but he was fully aware of it.


His Father was right to say that there would be better resources if they followed him to the Outer Universe, and their cultivation would improve faster as a result, but there were also benefits to be gained if they stayed in the Star Boundary.


The Star Boundary had practically been reborn, and the World Principles were in the process of being rebuilt; therefore, cultivators who stayed here would grow alongside the Star Boundary as it recovered and improved. It would be easier for them to comprehend Principle Strength and even World Principles, and they would be closely connected to the Star Boundary. One day, they might be able to comprehend deeper mysteries of the Heavenly Way by studying this unique process. Strengthening one’s foundation was more important than any resource could ever be.


All in all, it would be wonderful if they left the Star Boundary, but there were also benefits to be gained if they chose to stay. The two options couldn’t be compared fairly.


Otherwise, Yang Kai would’ve taken all Emperor Realm Masters away instead of making some of them stay. However, it was a different case for Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters. They had already reached the peak of the Star Boundary’s Martial Dao, so it was pointless for them to stay. What they needed to do was comprehend their own Grand Dao and condense their Dao Seals.


The Star Boundary, a reborn world, was unable to help them with that; therefore, all Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters and above had to leave. 


Yang Kai had never mentioned this to anyone before, but his Father was able to sense it, which could possibly be a kind of opportunity. If Yang Kai forced his Father to leave with him, he might actually harm his future.


Furthermore, since his Father could sense it, other Emperor Realm Masters might also be aware of this change.


At the thought of this, Yang Kai nodded, “Since you two have made a decision, I’ll not say anything else. Don’t worry. I’ll come back to see you whenever I’m free.”


Yang Ying Feng chided with a smile, “Work hard in the outside world as the future of the Star Boundary hinges on you. Don’t think about those unnecessary things. Your Mother and I are deeply in love, after all of you are gone, we’ll live a happy life together, so we don’t need you to come back and disturb us.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai felt embarrassed.


While they were speaking, two people dashed into the hall. They were none other than Yang Xue and Yang Xiao, who were known to be the Twins of Time.


“Big Brother!” Yang Xue called out in a clear voice as the hairpin in her hair glistened. It was one of the accessories Yang Kai purchased in the Universe Temple on his way here.


“Greetings, Grandpa, Grandma!” Yang Xiao appeared obedient. After saluting Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu, he called out respectfully, “Adoptive Father!”


Yang Kai nodded and patted the younger man’s shoulder, “You’ve done a great job over the years.” In the past, the World Principles of the Star Boundary were broken, and disasters would befall the people from time to time. Over the years, the Twins of Time had saved many people and resisted many calamities.


With a serious expression, Yang Xiao said, “It is a son’s duty to share his father’s burden.” Then, he darted his eyes around for a moment, “Father… is the Outer Universe fun?”


“Do you want to go?” Yang Kai looked smilingly at him.


Yang Xiao repeatedly nodded his head as his eyes seemed to be glowing, “Of course I want to!” When Yang Kai secretly left the Star Boundary in the past, he wanted to follow him, but he was captured by Yang Xue before he could. Then, he went on to wait for Yang Kai to return for a long time. Now that Yang Kai was back, and he intended to bring some people to the Outer Universe, Yang Xiao certainly wouldn’t miss this chance.


“Bring you to the Outer Universe?” Yang Kai stroked his own chin, “I can do that, but the Outer Universe is full of danger, so you need to prove to me that you’re able to protect yourself. Show me the result of your years of cultivation. If I think it’s good enough, you can come with me. If not, you’ll have to stay in the Star Boundary.”


Both shocked and surprised, Yang Xiao became enthusiastic and proclaimed, “Please observe and advise me, then!”




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