Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4178, Sneak Attack


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After giving it a long thought, Yang Kai advised, “You can go, but you have to bring this with you.”


Then, he gave Lu Xue two Space Beacons and told her how to use them. After a nod, she took them. With these Space Beacons in possession, even if she came across any danger, it was highly likely that she could flee.


Certainly, the prerequisite was that she would use them well. Space Beacons were made by Yang Kai, and they could only work in pairs. One Space Beacon was for positioning, and when the other was activated, the user could ignore the restriction of space and pass through the Void in an instant.


After keeping the Space Beacons, Lu Xue took the initiative to leave the Shadowless Veil.


Although there was a distance of 1,000 kilometres between both parties, such a distance was nothing for Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Therefore, as soon as Lu Xue exposed herself, she felt a formidable Divine Sense sweeping over her from the ship that was 1,000 kilometres away.


World Force undulated around her and it was apparent that she was revealing her power to attract the attention of the ship’s owner.


Seizing the chance, Yang Kai gritted his teeth and stealthily shot towards the Demon Realm with Guo Zi Yan.


In just a stick worth of incense, they reached the crack in the Demon Realm’s World Barrier. Turning their heads, they saw Lu Xue calmly landing on the ship.


Even though she was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she had no idea about the true power of her opponent. By rashly entering another person’s ship, she was exposing herself to great risk. If that person wanted to harm her, she would fall into a perilous situation.


Knowing that she was trying to help him distract the enemy, Yang Kai stopped hesitating and plunged into the Demon Realm.


From the outside, the Demon Realm looked like a strange-looking fish, but the space inside it was expansive. Upon entering it, Yang Kai could feel that World Force was fluctuating violently, and the entire Demon Realm seemed to be trembling.


At the same time, a familiar aura connected with him. It was none other than Embodiment’s aura.


Embodiment was born after Yang Kai infused his Soul Clone into a Stone Spirit, so it could be said that Embodiment was his Soul Clone. Just like how Yang Kai was able to detect Embodiment within a certain range, Embodiment could do the same.


Upon sensing Yang Kai’s presence, Embodiment hurriedly activated his Divine Sense and sent him some messages.


Yang Kai went through them and immediately understood what was going on.


After Yang Kai left behind the newly born Demon Realm, Embodiment took charge of it, assisted by Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian. Afterwards, the Demon Realm went through rapid development.


Initially, everything was going well; however, just half a year ago, an unwelcome guest arrived at the periphery of the Demon Realm. The unwelcome guest was the ship Yang Kai had seen earlier.


After some probing, the people from the ship started attacking the Demon Realm. Certainly, Embodiment wouldn’t sit back and wait for death, so he joined forces with Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian to oppose these enemies. At the same time, he had Gun-Gun flee.


The pursuit went on for several months.


Embodiment, Chang Tian, and Bei Li Mo were far weaker than the Open Heaven Realm Master invaders; however, their status in the Demon Realm was equivalent to that of the Great Emperors in the Star Boundary. With the territorial advantage, they could mobilise the World Force of the Demon Realm and match the prowess of Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


By relying on the heritage of the Demon Realm, Embodiment and the others were able to resist their enemies. Nevertheless, their enemies were difficult to deal with as there were many people on their side. Although Embodiment and the Demon Realm Masters had injured many of the other party, they were not able to kill even a single person. On the other hand, their enemies were taking turns to wear them down. As soon as someone was injured, they would immediately flee and let their companions replace them.


That was the reason Yang Kai saw a blood-soaked Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master fleeing from the Demon Realm earlier.


After all, Embodiment and the others were too weak to stop a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master from leaving.


There were three people in the Demon Realm who had power on par with Demon Saints, so their enemies would always make sure there were five Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters to suppress them.


Presently, Embodiment was still able to fight; after all, he was a Stone Spirit who did not know fatigue. On the other hand, Chang Tian and Bei Li Mo were exhausted and were already on their last legs. If Yang Kai hadn’t come, they would only have lasted for another month at best. By then, the Demon Realm would be occupied, and their lives would be at the mercy of their enemies.


It only took Yang Kai a short moment to go through all this information and upon learning about the current situation in the Demon Realm, he grinned.


After the Shadowless Veil was put away, he and Guo Zi Yan were revealed. Following that, he waved his hand, whereupon a figure appeared before his eyes.


The person was none other than Yu Ru Meng.


She still appeared to be in a groggy state as she wondered why Yang Kai let her out so soon, but she quickly realised that she was now in the Demon Realm. After all, she was a Demon Saint born in the Demon Realm who had obtained the World’s Will of this place, so she was closely connected to this world.


Upon realising that something was off, she furrowed her brows.


Yang Kai briefly told her what was going on in the Demon Realm and her eyes began burning with rage as her murderous intent surged.


After appeasing her, Yang Kai secretly communicated with Embodiment for a bit. Then, he informed Yu Ru Meng and Guo Zi Yan about his plan, to which the two of them nodded solemnly.


The next moment, an invisible force engulfed them. As Space Principles undulated, the three of them disappeared.


At the same time, in a battlefield that was several hundred thousand kilometres away, Embodiment, Bei Li Mo, and Chang Tian were separated by five Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters as they waged a life-and-death battle.


Embodiment was now the owner of the Demon Realm, and he had mastered Wu Kuang’s Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Moreover, he didn’t have any flesh, so he knew no pain or tiredness; therefore, he was the strongest among the three of them. Presently, he was facing two Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. He continuously roared and activated World Force to battle against these two Low-Rank Masters, horrifying his opponents as he seemed ready to sacrifice his life to kill them.


On the other hand, Bei Li Mo was held up by a petite woman, and she was unable to get rid of her. The woman was also a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, and even though they were in a one-on-one fight, the woman was still at an advantage. After all, Bei Li Mo had been fighting against the enemies for months without rest, exhausting and injuring her greatly. Presently, her face was extremely pale, and her body was covered in blood. Her dishevelled hair made her look quite miserable.


As for her opponent, she was like a cat toying with a cornered rat, clearly intent on wearing Bei Li Mo down even further.


Compared to Bei Li Mo’s relatively less dangerous battle however, Chang Tian was in a perilous situation. Just like Embodiment, he was faced with two Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, and his enemies seemed determined to kill him as they continuously attacked with lethal moves.


Chang Tian had transformed into his true form. A ferocious and gigantic Demon Dragon was swimming through the sky, his eyes that were as big as two houses completely bloodshot. His sharp Dragon Claws were broken, and many of his Dragon Scales had fallen off. His extremely heavy Dragon Blood fell onto the ground and formed countless pits.


The three of them, who held the status of Demon Saints, were intentionally separated, making it obvious that their enemies intended to divide and kill them.


After they killed Chang Tian, these two Low-Rank cultivators could go over to help their companions. By then, both Embodiment and Bei Li Mo would be powerless to fend off their enemies.


Knowing that he was the key to the survival of the Demon Realm, Chang Tian went all out as he madly burned his Blood Essence.


The world seemed to have paled as the auras of World Force clashed with one another. The battlefield was surrounded by Void Cracks, and with the battlefield as the centre, the World Principles within a radius of several hundred thousand kilometres were broken.


Despite the fact that Chang Tian had done his best, there didn’t seem to be any hope of winning. His eyelids became increasingly heavy, and he was running out of energy.


He was already in the twilight of his life before this battle happened. Before the Demon Realm was devoured in the past, he already had his eyes on Yang Kai, who was forced to go to Hundred Spirits Continent, wanting to make him his successor.


If he still had a long life to enjoy, he wouldn’t have had this kind of idea.


He was basically burning his own vitality to sustain himself in this battle, and once it was over, regardless of the outcome, he would lose his life within a short period of time.


A moment of distraction revealed an opening in Chang Tian’s defence and the two Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had sharp eyesight, so they would never let this chance slip through their fingers. One of them ran his hand across his blade and seemed to merge with it. After turning into a ray of light, he charged towards Chang Tian’s chest.


The sword light flashed and disappeared the next instant while Chang Tian’s Dragon Scales flew off and Dragon Blood splattered everywhere as a sword pierced right into his chest.


Chang Tian widened his eyes and clenched his chest muscles. Eventually, he managed to stop the sword before it reached his heart. He grunted in pain and raised his Dragon Claws in order to rip at his own chest.


Just then, the other Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master shouted and wielded his halberd, intercepting the huge Dragon Claws.


Time seemed to have frozen at this moment. Two Humans and one Dragon were locked in a life-or-death struggle. Chang Tian’s whiskers flapped in the air as he roared and madly drew upon the World Force of the Demon Realm.


Knowing that they were at the most critical moment, the two Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters focused all their strength into their attacks.


Chang Tian was unable to move his Dragon Claws, but the sword in his flesh was slowly advancing towards his heart. As the sword moved forward, the piercing sound of a weapon squeezing through flesh was heard.


All of a sudden, Chang Tian widened his eyes and looked over his enemies in shock, as though he was seeing something inconceivable. His originally listless gaze beamed with a glow.


At the same time, the two Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, who were in a deadlock with Chang Tian, were terrified as they felt chills running down their spines.


The sword-holding Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master hurriedly turned his head, only to see a burly man appearing behind him with a huge axe. Following a grin, the man directly hacked at him with his weapon.


The Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master was horrified. The attack was menacing, and judging from the aura of the man’s World Force, he was clearly a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


The one being attacked was also a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. 


[Where did this guy come from?]


Engulfed in the aura of death, the sword-wielding man quickly attempted to withdraw his blade in to defend himself; however, his sword was stuck in Chang Tian’s flesh, so it was difficult for him to withdraw it swiftly.


Left with no choice, he abandoned his sword and performed a hand seal before raising both of his palms. The Small Universe’s illusory phantom flashed across his back as the World Force surged out.


Following a loud boom, he was struck by the axe and immediately turned pale and sprayed out a blood mist. He could feel that his Small Universe was trembling violently and the weltering vitality in his chest made him feel like throwing up.


Normally, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a pitiful state after just one attack; after all, he was just as powerful as Guo Zi Yan. However, he was unable to use his full strength or primary weapon as he was struck with a sneak attack. Given the fact that he could only hastily parry the attack, he was extremely lucky that he hadn’t been killed on the spot.


After getting struck by an immense force coming from the front, he was sent flying backwards and crashed into Chang Tian, bouncing away before falling to the ground like a leaf blown about by a storm.




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