Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4180, Old Ancestor Mo Yu


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Following a pop, which sounded like a bubble bursting, the Small Universe behind the woman fell apart and dissipated.


As her Small Universe was washed out by Yuan Magnetic Divine Light, it shattered and broke apart.


Her Open Heaven Realm’s aura began plummeting as her cultivation regressed from a Second-Order Master to a mere Emperor Realm cultivator.


The next instant, the woman’s physique seemed to have been pared by a knife as her flesh fell off layer by layer. Even her five viscera and six organs turned into the most insignificant dust, leaving a skeleton that still seemed defiant against Yang Kai.


After Yang Kai retracted the Divine Light, the skeleton cracked and broke into pieces.


A dumbfounded Bei Li Mo stared dazedly at the bottle gourd in Yang Kai’s hand, her expression transformed by horror.


Even though she wasn’t sure what the mysterious light that came out of the bottle gourd was, she knew that it must be a horrifying weapon; otherwise, it couldn’t have killed an opponent she could only look up to in such a short period of time.


When the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master lost her life, Guo Zi Yan and Yu Ru Meng had also settled their opponents. Both parties killed their respective targets at almost the same time.


Without stopping, Guo Zi Yan, Yu Ru Meng, and Yang Kai shot towards Embodiment, Bei Li Mo became startled for a moment before following them.


Presently, Embodiment was battling against two people on his own. One of them was a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master while the other was a Second-Order. He was in a dangerous situation as he had to deal with two people at the same time. Cracks had been formed in his figure, and the chips scraped off from his body scattered everywhere.


The relationship between Embodiment and the Demon Realm was equivalent to that between Yang Kai and the Small Sealed World. In this Universe World, he was the ruler who could use a power that far exceeded his own.


It could be said that the power Embodiment could use was much greater than that of Bei Li Mo and Chang Tian, which was why he could persevere for such a long time.


When Yang Kai and the others appeared, the two enemies noticed it and became shocked, wondering where these people had suddenly come out of.


In just over ten breaths’ time, their companions had all lost their lives, which horrified them. Seeing as Yang Kai and the others were charging towards them like ferocious tigers, they wouldn’t dare to remain. After trading glances, they pushed out their palms against Embodiment before shooting towards the sky.


Embodiment roared and let the attacks strike him without dodging, all so he could madly activate the World Force of the Demon Realm and use it as an invisible cage to trap them.


At that instant, the two Open Heaven Realm Masters were unable to break free immediately, and they appeared to be in a despairing state.


Before they could escape their predicament, Yang Kai and the others had reached them, thereby making them unable to flee.


The following battle tilted heavily in one party’s favour. Guo Zi Yan alone was able to deal with the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, while the other Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was no match for Yang Kai and his companions.


Just one hour later, the battle ended. Still reeling from shock, Bei Li Mo panted heavily. It was the first time she directly battled against Open Heaven Realm Masters and despite the fact that she could mobilise the World Force of the Demon Realm, she still couldn’t see any hope of defeating her opponent earlier.


At the outset of the Two Worlds Great War’s final battle, she had been knocked out by Yang Kai, so she had never fought with Great Demon God. That was the reason she hadn’t experienced the true might of an Open Heaven Realm Master before.


If it weren’t because her opponent wanted to toy with her without trying to kill her directly, she would’ve lost her life by now.


Up until this point, she still didn’t understand what kind of realm these people were in and why they were so powerful.


Yu Ru Meng’s face was also pale. Just now, she cast an Illusion Technique to deal with a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, and after her technique was broken, she suffered a serious backlash.


On the other hand, Yang Kai and Guo Zi Yan were far better off. The former had an extremely firm foundation while the latter was powerful; hence, they could easily deal with this kind of situation.


However, after the war that had lasted for months, the World Principles in a radius of several hundred thousand kilometres of this place had been broken, and countless mountains had been crushed. This area had practically turned into a purgatory.


Such an epic battle had caused some serious damage to the foundation of the Demon Realm and without hundreds if not thousands of years, it would be impossible to recover.


The Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had been killed by Yang Kai and Guo Zi Yan, while the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was on his last breath. Presently, all his strength had been restricted. With a pale face, he was kneeling on the ground. Guo Zi Yan was holding an axe that radiated a cold glint at his neck’s.


Yang Kai calmly walked over and looked down at him in a condescending manner.


The person shuddered and pleaded in a shaking voice, “S-Sir, please spare my life. I was forced to do this. Please don’t kill me!”


Yang Kai directly landed a kick on him, which caused him to collapse to the ground, and pressed his foot against the man’s chest. Then, he exerted more force with his foot, whereupon the sounds of bones cracking were heard coming from the man’s chest. Feeling excruciating pain, the man despaired.


“Answer my questions. If you dare speak nonsense, I’ll make you beg for death!” Yang Kai glared at him. His hideous expression was that of a savage thug.


Suppressing his fear and pain, the man hurriedly nodded.


A moment later, Yang Kai finally figured out what was going on.


Just like what Lu Xue had speculated, the ship’s owner was indeed a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master; however, he was only in the Fifth Order, not the Sixth Order. Furthermore, this Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was severely wounded.


Yang Kai was still doubtful earlier. Since the ship’s owner was a Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, and he coveted the Principles and World Force of the Demon Realm, why didn’t he personally make a move? If he did so, no one in the Demon Realm could go against him.


The reason Lu Xue gave him was that the might of the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm was too terrifying, and if he accidentally destroyed the Principles in the Demon Realm, they wouldn’t be beneficial to him. That was the reason he kept sending his subordinates to suppress those in the Demon Realm.


However, now it seemed that her speculation was off. The real reason was that the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master was seriously injured, and it wasn’t convenient for him to make a move.


The ship’s owner was called Old Ancestor Mo Yu, and he was the Sect Master of Black Feather Sect which occupied a Spirit Province in a somewhat distant Great Territory, so it could be said that he was a big shot.


Mo Yu was in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, which was equivalent to Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch, and he had several Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters as his subordinates. Hence, Black Feather Sect could be considered a somewhat powerful Second Class great force.


The Sect Master was a savage person, and many of his disciples were also ferocious rogues. One year ago, one of Mo Yu’s favourite descendants was out for a walk in a certain Star City with his subordinates when he laid eyes on a woman and began tailing her. After she left the Star City, he stopped her with the intent to violate her modesty.


Certainly, the woman wouldn’t let him have his way, and she had many bodyguards as well, so the two parties argued before clashing with one another.


After the battle, all of the woman’s bodyguards were killed, and she was kidnapped by this Young Lord as they returned to Black Feather Sect.


It wasn’t the first time this Young Lord had kidnapped women, and usually, he wasn’t held accountable; unfortunately for him, this time, the woman he targeted had an extraordinary identity. She was the childhood sweetheart as well as the fiancée of a Young Pavilion Master from a Second Class great force, Rising Heavens Pavilion.


Black Feather Sect and Rising Heavens Pavilion were situated in the same Great Territory, and they were not on good terms. Their respective disciples often clashed with one another outside of the Sects, and there would be people losing their lives every year, so irresolvable grudges had been formed between the two parties.


Upon learning that his fiancée had been kidnapped by the debauched Young Lord, the Young Pavilion Master of Rising Heavens Pavilion was so incensed that his eyes turned bloodshot. Naturally, he had to storm into Black Feather Sect to get his revenge.


Not only was his son’s fiancée’s virtue and life at risk, Rising Heavens Pavilion’s face was also at stake, which was why the Pavilion Master was infuriated as well.


Usually, there were some small conflicts between the two Sects, where not many of their disciples lost their lives, so they could still begrudgingly coexist; however, this incident could never be tolerated.


Moreover, the woman wasn’t ordinary in her own right. Since she could get engaged to a Young Pavilion Master, she naturally also came from a powerful family.


In fact, she came from a neighbouring Great Territory and was the daughter of the Leader of another Second Class great force, Flying Flower Boat. This time, she had received her Mother’s order to head to Rising Heavens Pavilion to discuss some matters.


It could be said that the Young Lord of Black Feather Sect’s one act had managed to offend two great forces at the same time.


Upon receiving the news, the Leader of Flying Flower Boat was livid and immediately mobilized her forces to barge into the neighbouring Great Territory.


And so, a great war was ignited.


Since Rising Heavens Pavilion and Flying Flower Boat had joined forces, there was no way that Black Feather Sect could defeat them despite the fact that they had a rich heritage. If it were a normal conflict, there would’ve been some room for negotiation; however, this matter was deeply related to the two Sect’s reputations, so there was no way to de-escalate.


The only way to settle this was with blood!


After resisting with difficulty for half a year, the Grand Array of Black Feather Sect was broken, which was followed by a horrifying close-quarters melee. Countless disciples from Black Feather Sect lost their lives, and Old Ancestor Mo Yu became battered and was forced to flee from his Sect. He was seriously wounded in that battle, and even now he hadn’t recovered.


Of course, the Leaders of Rising Heavens Pavilion and Flying Flower Boat wouldn’t let Mo Yu off, so the two great forces divided their troops and began pursuing their hated enemy.


Two years had passed since that epic battle. During this period of time, those from Rising Heavens Pavilion and Flying Flower Boat had been relentlessly hunting Mo Yu, giving him no time to recuperate and forcing him to choke down his anger and grievances.


Left with no choice, he could only keep running; otherwise, he wouldn’t have arrived in this far-off Great Territory. The Great Territory that the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm were in was an extremely remote area in the known 3,000 Worlds. It was an area with little to no valuable resources, so rarely would anyone visit this place.


Usually, Old Ancestor Mo Yu wouldn’t bother to come to such a backwater place; however, he had no other choice as he was on the run.


As he wandered around this Great Territory, he accidentally discovered the Demon Realm and became elated. That was because he could sense that the Principles and World Force of this Universe World matched almost perfectly with his own Small Universe. If he could devour this Universe World, he could heal his injuries and even strengthen himself somewhat.


Even if he couldn’t get his revenge, he would stand a greater chance of fleeing.


Certainly, he didn’t have any regard for a mere Universe World, so he sent his subordinates to suppress it; however, the fierce resistance from Embodiment and the others was beyond his expectation. A few months had passed, but he still couldn’t seize control of it.


That was when Yang Kai and his companions appeared.


Upon hearing this man’s explanation, Yang Kai frowned as he hadn’t expected that there was so much going on behind the incident.


“Sir, I’ve told you everything I know. Please spare my life!” The Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master clearly feared death, so after he was done with his explanation, he kept begging with a terrified expression.




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  1. 1. if dead openheaven can strengthen spirit province, why they can’t universe world? is that not a thing anymore?
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