Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4181, Lured Into a Trap


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Yang Kai pondered for a moment before asking, “You said that your Old Ancestor Mo Yu is severely injured, right? How much of his power can he exert now?”


With a bitter expression, the man replied, “I don’t dare to speculate on such a matter…”


Yang Kai snorted, “Cut the crap and tell me what I want to know!”


“60%? Perhaps 70%.”


After a nod, Yang Kai moved his foot away from the man as a glint flashed across his eyes.


The severely wounded Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was a wicked man, so it wouldn’t cause any psychological burden to Yang Kai to kill him. More importantly, since he was the Sect Master of the Black Feather Sect, he must have brought all the Sect’s valuables with him when he fled.


It had cost Yang Kai a massive amount of resources to arrange the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array in Void Land, and even though he had made a fortune in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he couldn’t bear the depletion of resources at such a speed. Furthermore, he was bringing 600,000 people from the Star Boundary to Void Land. These people would need cultivation resources as well.


Perhaps he could get his hands on the Old Ancestor Mo Yu’s wealth here.


While he was lost in his thoughts, Yang Kai suddenly sensed something and turned his head to look at Embodiment. Presently, Embodiment was seated with his legs crossed, circulating a certain Secret Technique. Following his move, the Void Cracks that had appeared due to the epic battle were restoring themselves rapidly, and the broken World Principles within a radius of several hundred thousand kilometres were also getting repaired at an incredible speed. Moreover, the depleted World Force was being replenished.


Yang Kai was lost for words, and after communicating with Embodiment a bit, he was amazed.


After the battle, four Open Heaven Realm Masters lost their lives. Three of them were Third-Order, while one of them was Second-Order. The corpses of these Open Heaven Realm Masters were destroyed, and some of them had even turned into dust; however, when their Small Universes broke apart, the Principles and World Forces all leaked out.


These invisible powers filled the battlefield, so through the Demon Realm, Embodiment activated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and was amazed to learn that he could absorb these powers directly.


That was the reason the broken Principles were getting restored rapidly, and the World Force was being replenished as well.


This reminded Yang Kai of the battle in Seven Wonders Land previously. After those Open Heaven Realm Masters were killed, their World Force escaped from their bodies and some of it was assimilated by Seven Wonders Land.


Yue He said that the World Force that leaked from their bodies could enhance the heritage of Seven Wonders Land and make it more prosperous. That was how those Cave-Heavens and Paradises became so powerful. After their Masters passed away, their Small Universes would break apart, and their World Force would get infused into their Headquarters. As time passed, those Cave-Heavens and Paradises slowly developed into such formidable great forces.


Now, it seemed that what was happening in the Demon Realm was similar to what happened back in Seven Wonders Land.


However, there was a huge difference between the two. At that time, many Open Heaven Realm Masters lost their lives in Seven Wonders Land, and many of them were Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters; nevertheless, despite the fact that a lot of World Force was released into the air, there was not much that Seven Wonders Land could absorb. Most of it was wasted and dissipated into the void.


Nonetheless, it was a different case in the Demon Realm. The entire Universe World was built on the foundation of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, so with Embodiment in charge, he could activate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and absorb all of the leaked World Forces.


Demon Saints like Yu Ru Meng and Bei Li Mo were able to detect the tiniest changes in this Universe World, so they soon appeared to be surprised. As Embodiment continued with his movements, the transformation was getting more conspicuous.


Initially, Yang Kai was hesitant, but after realising the great transformation the Demon Realm was going through, he made up his mind and turned to look at the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Then, he said with an amiable expression, “We’ve had a long chat, but I haven’t found out what your name is.”


That man replied in a shaking voice, “S-Sir, my name is Ma Yuan De.”


Yang Kai nodded his head and fished out the Loyalty List from his Space Ring. After turning to page three, he passionately said, “Come. Use your Blood Essence and leave your name and aura here.”


An incense stick late, Ma Yuan De turned into a ray of light and shot into the sky.


At the same time, on the ship that was in the periphery of the Demon Realm, Old Ancestor Mo Yu was seated in the host’s seat while Lu Xue was seated across from him. Both of them seemed to be having a delightful conversation.


From the looks of it, they appeared to be old friends, but Mo Yu secretly felt bitter. When he detected a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master’s presence with his Divine Sense earlier, he was truly horrified, thinking that those from Rising Heavens Pavilion and Flying Flower Boat had found him.


He almost decided to flee; however, after some quick examination, he realised that the person was unfamiliar to him. He was certain that he had never met her before.


Not willing to give up the chance to heal his wounds, Mo Yu suppressed his doubts and stayed put. After communicating with each other from a distance, he realised that this Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master had nothing to do with Rising Heavens Pavilion or Flying Flower Boat. She was actually one of the Managers of Sword Pavilion.


He was aware of Sword Pavilion, and he had even come into contact with its Leader several times, so he knew that it was a powerful great force he could not afford to offend.


After probing for a bit, he realised that Lu Xue could answer all his questions correctly, and upon confirming her identity, he set his mind at ease.


Since she wasn’t from Rising Heavens Pavilion or Flying Flower Boat, there was nothing he needed to fear. He was an acquaintance of the Pavilion Master of Sword Pavilion, so he knew that it would be impolite of him to shut Lu Xue out; therefore, he invited her aboard his ship.


He had never come into contact with Lu Xue before, so he wasn’t sure about her temperament. Naturally, he wouldn’t dare to expose the state he was in. Therefore, when they were communicating, he had suppressed his injuries so he would not appear weak or frail when they met face to face.


As they spoke, Mo Yu repeatedly hinted that he was in the midst of something important and really couldn’t entertain her for long; however, Lu Xue was unfazed as though she didn’t understand him, which made him slightly displeased.


With that said, she was just as powerful as he was, so he wouldn’t dare to flare up at her.


Just then, Mo Yu felt something and turned his head, only to see a figure rapidly approaching his ship. A blood-soaked man landed on the deck and shouted in excitement, “Report!”


Mo Yu raised his head, and upon seeing that the person was his subordinate Ma Yuan De, he became elated and shouted, “Come in!”


Ma Yuan De respectfully entered the cabin and swept a glance around. A hint of surprise flashed through his eyes when he saw Lu Xue, but he soon cupped his fists and said, “Old Ancestor, we’ve completed our task!”


Old Ancestor Mo Yu already had this speculation, but upon confirming it, he still guffawed and praised his subordinate. Then, he looked at Ma Yuan De with a joyful expression and said, “All of you have made a significant contribution. This Old Ancestor will reward you handsomely later!”


A joyful Ma Yuan De replied with a fawning smile, “It is the duty of this subordinate to share Old Ancestor’s burdens, so I won’t dare to ask for any rewards.”


After stroking his slightly ruddy face, Mo Yu turned to look at Lu Xue, “Elder Lu, as you can see, this Old Master has something to attend to…”


With a faint smile, Lu Xue rose from the chair, “Since you have other matters to attend to, this Mistress will take her leave.” Certainly, she wasn’t willing to simply depart; however, if she insisted on staying, the other party’s suspicions would be aroused. Just when she was pondering on what she could do next, she saw Ma Yuan De imperceptibly giving her a hint with his eyes.


After giving it a thought, she understood his message and set her mind at ease.


“En, safe journey, Manager Lu. When this Old Master is free in the future, he will head to Sword Pavilion and pay you a visit,” Mo Yu said respectfully.


With her lips pressed together, Lu Xue smiled faintly, “This Mistress and Pavilion Master will await your arrival.”


A moment later, Mo Yu stood on the deck as he looked into the distance and watched Lu Xue leave. It wasn’t until he could confirm that she was really gone that he could finally relax, then he waved his hand, “Bring us down.”


Then, the ship passed through the crack in the World Barrier and arrived at the Demon Realm.


The aura of the Universe World whisked across his face, and upon closely feeling the Principles and World Force of this world, Mo Yu became ecstatic as he realised that it was a little different from what he felt previously. This world seemed to be even more suited for him than he had expected. If he could devour the power of this world, not only could he heal his wounds, but his power would also increase.


Certainly, he couldn’t ascend to the Sixth-Order, but it would save him at least a hundred years of hard cultivation.


Such a revelation made him feel over the moon. Since his good-for-nothing son’s scandal was exposed two years ago, everything seemed to be going wrong for him. Finally, he could turn things around on this day.


This pleasant surprise made him have the urge to throw his head back and laugh at the sky; however, the next moment, his pleasant surprise turned into horror.


A vine that radiated a light of seven colours extended from the Void. More surprisingly, the aura of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm could be felt wafting from the vine. Wherever the vine passed, the space collapsed and the surrounding world trembled.


[An ambush!] Mo Yu felt his heart clench in his chest as he could sense the horrifying power coming from the vine. Then, he bellowed and, ignoring his injuries, activated the Grand Array of his ship.


In an instant, a green light barrier appeared around the ship.


The vine lashed the light barrier and caused a loud bang. The light barrier lasted for only one breath before cracking apart like a broken mirror.


It wasn’t that the defence of his ship was weak, and usually this kind of attack could not have broken its protective barrier; however, over the past two years, Mo Yu had been pursued by the top cultivators from Rising Heavens Pavilion and Flying Flower Boat. After more than ten battles, the Grand Array around the ship had been severely weakened, and in the last battle, it was even shattered.


After some patchwork repair, the Grand Array was able to start running again, but its power was less than 20% of that at its peak, which was why it couldn’t withstand this one attack.




The vine didn’t stop and lashed the middle of the ship, smashing its midsection. The entire ship was almost broken in two. Upon impact, the Low-Rank cultivators on the deck exploded into blood mist without even being able to cry out.


Mo Yu sprayed out a mouthful of blood, but that was because his wounds had been irritated after he forcefully activated the ship’s defence rather than because he was injured by the blow.


Then, from the corner of his eye, he saw a figure hurriedly trying to escape from the ship and bellowed, “Ma Yuan De, how dare you betray me?!”


The person dashing out of the ship was none other than Ma Yuan De, who reported the ‘good news’ to him. As an experienced man, Mo Yu immediately figured out that he had fallen into a trap. Ma Yuan De must have decided to betray him after he was offered some benefits.


Suppressing the weltering vitality in his chest, Mo Yu pushed out a palm in rage.




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