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Martial Peak – Chapter 4182, I’ll Let You Understand Before You Die

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Ma Yuan De was only a Second-Order Open Heaven Master, so how was he supposed to parry a raging attack from Old Ancestor Mo Yu? The attack struck his back as the violent World Force penetrated his physique and assaulted his Small Universe, which severely injured him in an instant.


With his face turning ashen, Ma Yuan De sprayed out pieces of his five viscera and six organs as he fell from the ship. He lost all his aura before he even hit the ground.


Although Old Ancestor Mo Yu was seriously wounded and couldn’t fully display his true might, a Second-Order Open Master like Ma Yuan De was unable to counter his raging attack.


He lost his life after just one attack.


Mo Yu didn’t even bother to take a look at his corpse. As a thought flashed through his mind, the gigantic ship immediately moved backwards. He was a decisive man, so upon learning that he had fallen into an ambush, he knew that he was unable to turn things around, so he decided to flee instead of fighting.


However, Embodiment, Yu Ru Meng, and Bei Li Mo were already well prepared. As soon as Yang Kai activated the gourd vine, they mobilised the World Force in the Demon Realm. As the three of them yelled at the same time, the World Force madly streamed towards the ship. At that instant, the speed at which the ship was moving slowed greatly as the space around it became as thick as mud.


Without any defence, the ship started cracking. Even though it had slowed down though, it was still steadfastly retreating.


Although three Demon Saints of the Demon Realm had joined forces, they were unable to stop their opponent from leaving, which went to show that a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was truly powerful.


Seeing as the ship was about to leave the coverage of the World Force, they were flustered; however, regardless how hard they tried, they were unable to stop the ship.


According to Yang Kai’s plan, they had to stop their opponent from leaving the Demon Realm with their collective power so that they would have a chance to kill him; therefore, they couldn’t let him go easily.


At the most critical moment, a nearly 1,000-metre-long Dragon that was surrounded by Demon Qi swam across the sky and attempted to grasp the ship with his gigantic Dragon Claw.


Chang Tian had come to lend them a hand!


“Stop him!” Old Ancestor Mo Yu bellowed and widened his eyes. Dealing with Embodiment and the others was taking all of his energy, and his wounds had been irritated just now; hence, he was completely powerless to stop  Chang Tian’s attack.


Fortunately, he wasn’t the only Open Heaven Realm Master on the ship. 


Besides the five Open Heaven Realm Masters that Yang Kai had seen in the Demon Realm, there were three more Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters aboard the ship now.


Following Mo Yu’s growl, the three Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters finally came to their senses and activated their World Force as they sent out Divine Abilities to attack Chang Tian.


The Dragon was heard wailing as blood spurted out of his giant figure along with bits of his flesh and scales.


After just one breath, Chang Tian was sent flying away. His huge figure writhed in the air and crashed into a mountain, which instantly collapsed.


Fortunately, he managed to hold up his opponent for a moment, giving Yang Kai the opportunity to summon the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd and open the lid, whereupon a profound multi-coloured light burst forth from the artifact.


“That’s…” Upon realising the Order of the mysterious light, Mo Yu became horrified as he couldn’t understand why such a powerful artifact would appear in this damned place.


Without any defence, the ship was immediately damaged by the Divine Light while the Open Heaven Realm Masters had to use all their might to resist its horrifying power.


As the auras of World Force undulated, waves of energy clashed with one another.


Despite all that, the ship was still rapidly leaving the Demon Realm. Presently, more than half of the ship was already outside the Universe World and in just a few breaths’ time, it would break free from the trap.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth, and with bloodshot eyes, he attempted to look for something in the void. It wasn’t until he saw a cold flash of light expanding before his eyes that he breathed a sigh of relief.


[She’s finally here!] 


The cold flash was completely silent, but it soon turned into a colossal sword wave and slashed across the ship.


“What?” Old Ancestor Mo Yu was flabbergasted.


Sensing the terrifying power behind this attack, he leapt off the ship without hesitation. Without him taking charge, the ship, which had lost all its defence, was unable to withstand such an attack.


The sword light silently slashed across the middle of the ship as well as a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, who was trying his best to resist the Divine Light, before fading.


The violent battlefield descended into a moment of eerie silence as only some heavy panting was heard coming from everyone’s mouths.


Following a crack, the ship broke in half, with a smooth cut running across a large section of it. Besides that, a line of blood appeared on the forehead of the cultivator who was struck by the sword light earlier.


After he realised something, his eyes were filled with horror and fluster. Then, he tried to turn around and cried out, “Old Ancestor, save me!”


As soon as he finished speaking, the line extended downwards until it reached the part between his thighs.


Following that, he sprayed out a mouthful of blood. Just like the ship, this Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master split in two in mid-air as his five viscera and six organs scattered everywhere. He lost his life just like that!


It wasn’t until this moment that the other two Low-Rank Masters came to their senses and exclaimed as they moved to the sides and examined themselves. Upon confirming that they were fine, they heaved a sigh of relief.


Looking up, they saw a woman whose clothes were flapping in the wind appearing in the crack in the World Barrier. There was a cold water longsword in her hand, and she sported a frosty expression on her alluring face.


“Elder Lu!” Old Ancestor Mo Yu said through clenched teeth. Despite the fact that he was infuriated, he could only suppress his rage as he yelled, “What’s the meaning of this!?”


The woman who had destroyed his ship as well as his subordinate and appeared before him was none other than Lu Xue, who had left not long ago.


[Why is she here? How did she come back so soon?] Countless questions flashed through Mo Yu’s mind.


Lu Xue replied impassively, “Mo Yu, you’re fully aware of what’s going on, so what’s the point of asking the obvious?”


The corners of Mo Yu’s eyes twitched as he said through gritted teeth, “The predator has become the prey. This Old Master is willing to admit defeat, but there are two things that I don’t understand, so I hope you’ll enlighten me.”


Lu Xue stared silently at him without the intention to say anything.


Yang Kai stored the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd and grinned meaningfully, “Just ask away if there’s anything you don’t understand. Don’t worry. I’ll let you understand everything before you die.”


After finishing his words, he waved his hand, whereupon Guo Zi Yan, Embodiment, Yu Ru Meng, and Bei Li Mo pounced on the two remaining Low-Rank Masters.


The two Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters exclaimed and hurriedly parried their attacks as the two parties descended into a melee.


Old Ancestor Mo Yu’s face twitched as he took a look at his last two subordinates who were in the Open Heaven Realm. After hesitating between lending them a hand and standing idly by, he turned to look at Yang Kai and demanded, “Who do you think you are to speak to this Old Ancestor?”


As a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he naturally had no regard for an Emperor Realm Junior like Yang Kai. Since the beginning, Lu Xue had been his only enemy. As long as he could persuade her to let him off, he would be able to flee.


Unexpectedly, Lu Xue dispassionately answered, “He is my Young Master.”


Hearing that, Old Ancestor Mo Yu became shocked as he sized Yang Kai up and asked hesitantly, “Are you the Young Pavilion Master of Sword Pavilion?”


He couldn’t be blamed for having this kind of speculation. After all, Lu Xue was also one of the Elders in Sword Pavilion. The person she would call ‘Young Master’ could only be the Young Pavilion Master.


“Sword Pavilion?” Yang Kai snorted, “I destroyed it long ago. Sword Pavilion ceased to exist more than ten years ago.”


“What?” Old Ancestor Mo Yu widened his eyes and stared at Yang Kai in disbelief. Then, he turned to look at Lu Xue as though he was trying to get some confirmation from her.


However, he couldn’t tell anything from her indifferent expression. Seeing that, he was astounded. He now believed that Sword Pavilion had really been destroyed.


At that instant, he was drenched in cold sweat. He had personally witnessed how formidable the Pavilion Master of Sword Pavilion was and there were a lot of Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in Sword Pavilion. The collective power of Sword Pavilion was far greater than that of Black Feather Sect.


[Who is this young man? To be able to destroy such a great force! Is he the son of an Elder from one of the Cave-Heavens or Paradises?]


Both shocked and doubtful, he no longer felt disdainful of the young man.


Yang Kai looked smilingly at him, “Mo Yu, didn’t you say you have two questions? Ask away now, or you’ll never have that chance again.”


An incensed Mo Yu took a deep breath to settle his raging emotions before asking, “I want to know why you’re making things difficult for this Old Master. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time we have met, and there are no grudges between us. Why must you force me to my end?”


“Making things difficult for you?” Yang Kai smiled and opened his arms wide as though he was trying to embrace the entire world, “This Universe World is mine. You’re raising chaos in my land and even coveted this world’s Principles and World Force. You’re the one making things difficult for me, not the other way round.”


Old Ancestor Mo Yu became startled for a moment before he stammered, “T-This must be a misunderstanding. Initially, I thought that this was an ownerless place. If I knew it had an owner, I wouldn’t have made such a rash move.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Since you’ve done such a thing, there’s no point explaining. Things have come to a point that only one of us can live!”


Old Ancestor Mo Yu’s face fell as he suppressed his fury and turned to look at Lu Xue, “My second question is, Elder Lu, how did you return so quickly?”


He was completely certain that Lu Xue had left, which was why he dashed into the Demon Realm without worries; however, not long after he barged into the Universe World, she came back and struck him from behind. Even though Lu Xue was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it should be impossible for her to move around so swiftly.


This was something he could not figure out. If it weren’t because of her attack at the last moment, he could’ve fled from the Demon Realm instead of getting trapped here with no way to save himself.


“It’s none of your business,” Lu Xue replied impassively. The reason she could come back so quickly was that she had made use of Space Beacons. Earlier, before leaving, she secretly left behind a Space Beacon in the void, and at the most critical moment, she activated the Space Beacon and returned in an instant before sending out that horrifying attack.


The Space Beacons were given to her by Yang Kai as he was worried that the ship’s owner would be too powerful. With these items in possession, Lu Xue could easily flee. None of them could have expected that the Space Beacons could be used in such a way at the most dangerous moment.


Hearing her reply, Old Ancestor Mo Yu was infuriated as a myriad of expressions came over him.



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