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Martial Peak – Chapter 4184, Shangguan Yu

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Half a day later, the battle ended, and the dust settled.


Yang Kai wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked around, only to see that all the people who had taken part in the battle were wounded, including Lu Xue.


Even though the Old Ancestor Mo Yu was heavily injured, and wasn’t able to use the full extent of his power, he was still a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. Therefore, it was difficult to deal with him while he was in a desperate state. Fortunately, the battlefield was in the Demon Realm, and the Demon Saints could join forces to assist; otherwise, if Lu Xue were on her own, it wouldn’t have been hard to defeat Mo Yu, but it would’ve been almost impossible to kill him.


After Old Ancestor Mo Yu passed, his Small Universe collapsed, and his Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm heritage dissipated into the air. Embodiment activated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law and madly absorbed it all into the Demon Realm.


With the addition of the Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters that had been killed, the Demon Realm benefited greatly even though its foundation had been damaged.


The broken world was repairing itself, the Principles solidified, and the World Force became thicker.


All of them started healing their wounds on their own.


After storing the Azure Dragon Spear, Yang Kai turned to look in a certain direction. Then, he nonchalantly took a few steps forward and instantly reached the bottom of a collapsed mountain, where Chang Tian was seen with a shrivelled face and greying hair. Presently, he was seated with his legs crossed. Despite the fact that he appeared haggard, he still looked smilingly at Yang Kai.


Chang Tian was the most severely injured in the battle. He was already wounded before Yang Kai and the others arrived, and the ensuing battle exacerbated his condition.


Compared to the time before Yang Kai left, Chang Tian seemed to have aged by several hundred years. If he looked like a healthy middle-aged man in Yang Kai’s eyes in the past, he now looked like a frail old man.


Walking over, Yang Kai checked on him and furrowed his brows. Then, he fished out a pill from his Space Ring and gave it to him, “This will be useful to you.”


After taking it, Chang Tian examined it and was amazed, “Dragon Blood Pill? Moreover, this is an extremely high-grade Dragon Blood Pill. What a treasure!”


Following his praise, he tossed the pill back to Yang Kai, “I don’t need it. You should keep it. Your blood is related to the Dragon Clan, so this pill can enhance the purity of your Dragon Bloodline.”


The problem facing him wasn’t that he was wounded, it was that his vitality was reaching its limits.


He already didn’t have much time left to live, and he continuously burned his Blood Essence in the battle earlier, which further shortened his lifespan. Presently, the vitality in his body had withered, so he was just like a piece of dying wood.


His problem could not be solved by a Dragon Blood Pill. The only thing that could help him was a precious treasure that could extend his life.


Yang Kai stuffed the pill back into his hands, “I have many of these pills, so don’t turn me down.”


After giving it a thought, Chang Tian fell silent and nodded. Then, he gulped down the pill and slowly refined it. As the pill’s medicinal efficacies dissolved, his aura quickly stabilised.


Just then, Guo Zi Yan came over and said in a hushed voice, “Sir, we’ve found something in the ship.”


Previously, the ship was cut in two and fell to the ground. After the battle, Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue examined it and found something interesting.


When Yang Kai reached the ship, he saw a young man kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy with a trembling figure.


The young man had saggy bags under his eyes and a sallow face, so it was apparent that he was someone who indulged in wine and women. He was weak as he was only in the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm, but Yang Kai had a feeling that this man didn’t live up to the cultivation realm he was in. He seemed to be much weaker than Ma Yuan De.


Yang Kai realised something and asked, “Are you the Young Master of Black Feather Sect?”


When Mo Yu fled from Black Feather Sect, he brought many people with him; however, as he repeatedly battled against those from Rising Heavens Pavilion and Flying Flower Boat, many of his subordinates were killed. When he reached the Demon Realm, he only had eight Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm subordinates left with him.


Of these eight people, Yang Kai killed four and then released Ma Yuan De to lure his opponent into a trap. Later on, he also killed the remaining four Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters and the other much weaker cultivators.


Since this young man could survive, it suggested that his identity was extraordinary; moreover, judging from his clothes, he was clearly wealthy.


Yang Kai believed that this young man was the Young Master of Black Feather Sect because he couldn’t think of any other explanation. Since he was the Young Master, he could use a lot of resources to strengthen his cultivation; however, due to the limitations of his aptitude, he could only ascend to the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm. Moreover, since his foundation was unsteady and built upon countless resources, he was naturally weaker than Ma Yuan De.


As expected, the young man pressed his head against the ground and said apprehensively, “Sir, this one is Mo Ning. Please spare my life! Please spare my life!”


During the battle previously, he remained hidden in the broken ship as he watched the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Black Feather Sect being killed, and eventually, even Old Ancestor Mo Yu wasn’t spared, which made him feel horrified.


Nonetheless, he was trapped in the Demon Realm, so where else could he possibly go?


When Guo Zi Yan inspected the ship, he quickly found this Young Master.


Ignoring him, Yang Kai looked at the spot beside him with interest. 


Besides Mo Ning, Guo Zi Yan had also found a woman in this broken ship; however, at this moment, the woman was frozen in a block of ice. Her eyes were closed, and her hands were on her chest. Her calm expression might make others think that it had been thousands of years since her death.


Nevertheless, after scanning her with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai could detect the faint vitality in her body. In other words, this woman wasn’t dead.


The woman was certainly alluring. Moreover, her body was curvy, and her skin was fair. Despite her pretty face, she had a heroic air about her, which could easily make any man fall for her.


Yang Kai turned to look at Mo Ning and asked, “Is she the woman you kidnapped?”


Blood was streaming from the wound on Mo Ning’s forehead as he had repeatedly knocked his head against the ground. Upon hearing this question, he hurriedly replied, “Yes, Sir. She’s the daughter of the Boat Master of Flying Flower Boat. Her name is Shangguan Yu.”


“Did you turn her into this state?” Yang Kai knocked on the ice block and realised that it was pretty cold; furthermore, it seemed to be made from a strange material.


Mo Ning shook his head like he was a pellet drum, “Sir, this wasn’t my doing. She turned into this after she used a Secret Technique.”


“Nonsense!” Yang Kai snorted. He could sense that Shangguan Yu was just an Emperor Realm cultivator but the ice block that had engulfed her seemed to be on par with a Fourth-Order material at the very least. In other words, in order to melt this ice block, it would at least take a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master or a Fourth-Order Fire Element Power. Even if such a person were to act though, there was no guarantee that he could succeed in getting her out.


Perhaps the Secret Technique that Shangguan Yu had used had other restrictions. If a person forcefully broke it, other problems might arise. If not, given the fact that Old Ancestor Mo Yu was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, he would’ve attempted to break it.


A terrified Mo Ning replied, “It’s true, Sir. I would never dare to lie to you! It was her own doing!”


With an awkward expression, Yang Kai stared at him, “So, you kidnapped her, but she’d used a Secret Technique and turned herself into this?”


“That’s right!” Mo Ning nodded repeatedly.


At that, Yang Kai was lost for words. In that case, it was tragic for Mo Ning. Instead of bedding a beautiful woman, he had invited trouble for himself. Because of a woman, his Sect was destroyed, and even his father was killed in a place that wasn’t his homeland.


“Sir…” Mo Ning carefully examined Yang Kai, “I’m willing to follow you and obey your every command! Please don’t kill me!”


Yang Kai looked down at him and scoffed, “Waste! After kidnapping a woman, you can do nothing but stare at her. What use would I have for you? Kill him!”


A flurried Mo Ning wanted to keep begging for mercy, but Guo Zi Yan moved away from Yang Kai’s back and hacked at him with an axe.


Following a shriek, Mo Ning was cut in two, unable to even parry a single attack.


Guo Zi Yan muttered, “So weak.”


He had ascended to his current realm from the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm, but even if he was still in the Second-Order, he could kill ten people who were as weak as Mo Ning easily.


“Sir, what should we do about this woman?” Lu Xue asked, “Should we save her?”


“No!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head. He was certain that a special technique was required to break this Secret Technique that Shangguan Yu had used. Otherwise, Mo Yu, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, would’ve attempted to get her out of it. If any accident happened when they were trying to save her, it would be troublesome.


In any case, she wouldn’t lose her life while she was inside this ice block.


She was the daughter of the Boat Master of Flying Flower Boat as well as the fiancée of the Young Pavilion Master of Rising Heavens Pavilion. If Yang Kai could bring her back to either great force, they would thank him.


Void Land had just been established, and if they wanted to gain a footing in the 3,000 Worlds, they were bound to come into contact with other great forces. Flying Flower Boat and Rising Heavens Pavilion were both Second Class great forces equivalent to Void Land. If they could build a good relationship with these two great forces, it would be beneficial for the future of Void Land.


Even if this plan fell through, he could still demand some benefits from these great forces. It required a lot of resources to build Void Land, and the 600,000 people he had brought with him were like a bottomless pit as they had to cultivate as well. Naturally, Yang Kai had to get prepared early.


After telling Lu Xue to take care of Shangguan Yu, he started going through the rewards this time.


Excluding other rewards, there were more than ten Space Rings from those Open Heaven Realm Masters. The rings of those Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could be ignored as those people didn’t possess a lot of wealth. Yang Kai was someone who had gone through the vicissitudes of life, so he didn’t care about their rings. The most important things were the three Space Rings from Mo Yu.


All the rings were filled with lots of resources, which made Yang Kai feel ecstatic.


The average Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master might not have such immense wealth. Nevertheless, Old Ancestor Mo Yu was different. He was the Sect Master of Black Feather Sect; moreover, before his Sect was about to be destroyed, he must have packed up all the valuable resources before he fled.


These were all the reserves of a Second Class great force. Even though there were not many precious items, there was a large number of ordinary resources. There were countless Open Heaven Pills, materials of different Orders, and other precious treasures and pills.


These items could solve the pressing issue that Yang Kai was facing.


Even though he had made a fortune in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, it required a multitude of resources to build the Nine Heavenly Layers. He believed that by the time the Grand Array was completed, most of the resources he had obtained in the Boundary would be gone. These spoils could be used by his 600,000 people for quite some time.



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