Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4185, The Demon Realm’s Potential


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Six days later, Embodiment got to his feet, and following his movements, the entire world started buzzing.


After six days of refinement, the heritage of the Open Heaven Realm Masters who were killed in this world had been absorbed by the Demon Realm. Even though there was some wastage, it wouldn’t exceed 20%, which was an incredible ratio.


Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan looked at the Embodiment in amazement. Although they could be considered to be experienced people, they were still astounded by what they just witnessed.


Once an Open Heaven Realm Master passed away in a particular world, the World Force leaving their body would slowly assimilate into the surroundings, but that would take a long time. Moreover, only a small amount of it, 10 to 20% at most, could be absorbed while most of it would dissipate into the void and become wasted.


However, over the past few days, they could clearly feel that the heritage of those Open Heaven Realm Masters from the Black Feather Sect was barely wasted. Most of it was quickly absorbed by this Universe World.


[What kind of world is this? Just what is this Stone Man?]


Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue were not certain about this, but Yang Kai had received some clear feedback from Embodiment.


The Demon Realm had been damaged in this battle. After all, the fight between two Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters had destroyed a radius of several hundred thousand kilometres. Nevertheless, compared to the damage, more benefits had been gained.


The death of the eight Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could already make up for or even surpass the loss, not to mention the World Force from Mo Yu, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.


The reason Mo Yu had his eyes on the Demon Realm was that he could feel that this world was a perfect match for his Small Universe. If he could seize the Demon Realm, he could devour its Principles and World Force. By doing so, not only could he heal his wounds in a short period of time, but his strength would also increase.


Unfortunately, his plan was ruined by Yang Kai. Instead of achieving his goal, he had lost his life.


The Principles and World Force of the Demon Realm were nourishing for Old Ancestor Mo Yu, and in the same way, his heritage was useful to this world. That was the reason the two of them could mix with ease.


Otherwise, Embodiment couldn’t have devoured it in just six days. 


Presently, even though a radius of several hundred thousand kilometres around this area remained shattered, the Demon Realm had had some exponential growth compared to the time before the battle.


Its World Principles solidified, and its World Force had become thicker.


Solid World Principles could allow the Demons living in the Demon Realm to more easily comprehend the Grand Dao and Heavenly Way so that they could quickly increase their cultivation.


Richer World Heritage meant that Demon Saints like Embodiment, Yu Ru Meng, and Bei Li Mo, who had obtained the blessing of the World’s Will, could exert greater might within this world.


In the past, they were equivalent to Second-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters in the Demon Realm, but now, they were as powerful as Third-Order Masters.


According to Embodiment’s estimation, if they had such heritage in the Demon Realm in the past, Mo Yu would’ve had to personally make a move. Those subordinates wouldn’t have been useful at all.


In a nutshell, the Demon Realm greatly benefited from the battle. This made Yang Kai fall into his wild thoughts.


Yu Ru Meng, Bei Li Mo, and Chang Tian were excluded. Even though they were Demon Saints, they still had the potential to grow. After they got rid of the restrictions of this world, they could split Heaven and Earth apart in their bodies to form Small Universes after gathering the requisite Elements into their Dao Seals.


However, Embodiment was different. In the past, he used the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to create something as amazing as Gun-Gun; hence, he was already tied to the Demon Realm.


If he left the Demon Realm, without the support of Heaven Devouring Battle Law, the world would fall apart. That was the reason Yang Kai told Embodiment to stay in the Demon Realm. It was because Embodiment couldn’t leave.


Initially, he thought that Embodiment would never be able to grow as he was eternally trapped in the Demon Realm, but now it seemed that there was another path of growth for him.


As long as enough Open Heaven Realm Masters died in the Demon Realm, he could swallow the powers from their Small Universes to strengthen the heritage of this world.


The stronger the heritage of the Demon Realm, the greater the power Embodiment could use.


With the help of the Demon Realm, he was equivalent to a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm or even a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. One day, he might be able to use a power that was in the Fifth-Order, Sixth-Order, Seventh-Order or even Eighth-Order.


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened as he became excited at the thought.


With that said, even though there was such a possibility, it was difficult to make it happen; after all, where would they find so many Open Heaven Realm Masters to kill? Even if there were plenty of such Masters in the 3,000 Worlds, they might not be willing to come to the Demon Realm to have a fight.


Therefore, even though Embodiment and the Demon Realm still had the potential to grow, it was rather restricted.


After pulling himself together, Yang Kai communicated with Embodiment for a bit and sent him some messages.


Embodiment nodded and drove the Demon Realm in the direction where the Star Boundary was located.


This time, Old Ancestor Mo Yu accidentally discovered the Demon Realm and intended to harm it. This made Yang Kai realise that even though this was a remote location in the 3,000 Worlds, it wasn’t totally safe. There might be another Old Ancestor who had his eyes on the Demon Realm in the future.


Given the power of the current Demon Realm, it wasn’t likely they could oppose a Mid-Rank cultivator; therefore, they’d better head to the Star Boundary where Hei He was located. He could help take care of the Demon Realm as well.


One would normally have to pay a hefty price in order to move any Universe World, but it was a different case for the Demon Realm. Following the pursuit of Mo Yu, the Demon Realm had moved around in this Great Territory for a long time. Now, they just had to identify the right direction and set out.


Yang Kai also gave Embodiment a jade slip and told him to pass it to Hei He. This jade slip would fill Hei He in on all the details so that he wouldn’t be confused.


After Yang Kai was done with all that, he put Bei Li Mo, Yu Ru Meng, and Chang Tian into the Small Sealed World.


A moment later, the three of them brought the ice block Shangguan Yu was in and shot into the sky.


A few days later, they arrived at the Territory Gate.


Yang Kai stopped in his tracks and turned his head. His gaze seemed able to pierce through this endless void as he looked in the direction where the Star Boundary was located.


Even though there had been some upheavals in his trip back home, it was generally a smooth ride.


Since he had already found the Star Boundary, it would be easier for him to come back in the future. It would just take him some time. After some calculations, he realised that it would take half a year to travel back and forth between the two places. 


Unfortunately, he couldn’t move the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm to be within Void Territory; after all, even though a Territory Gate was huge, it couldn’t allow a Universe World to pass.


If he wanted to move from this Universe World to Void Territory without going through the Territory Gates, it would take him several dozen to a hundred years, and there might be unforeseeable incidents.


Perhaps when he ascended to the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm one day, he could come up with a way to move the Star Boundary and the Demon Realm to Void Territory so that Void Land could protect them. By then, he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone having their eyes on the two Universe Worlds anymore.


The following journey was safe and uneventful, and seven days later, they entered a different Great Territory.


With Lu Xue driving the flight-type artifact, Yang Kai didn’t have to worry about anything as he just had to focus on cultivating. Presently, he had condensed four Element Powers, so he needed three more to ascend to the Open Heaven Realm. The problem was that he needed Yin, Yang, and Metal Elements of the Seventh Order at the very least, which required a lot of luck to come across.


However, he hadn’t gained a footing in this expansive universe yet, so he had no way to collect these resources. Perhaps he could seek the Proprietress’ help; after all, First Inn was a place for gathering information. Over the years, they must have gathered some information regarding Seventh-Order materials.


As such, Yang Kai decided that after everything was settled in Void Land, he would look for the Proprietress. As for the danger of trying to directly become a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master that she had mentioned, he still remembered it; after all, it would be a terrible thing if those from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises had their eyes on him.


Nonetheless, he had built such a sturdy foundation that it’d be a shame if he gave up halfway. Moreover, if he changed his goal just because he was afraid of the unknown, it would damage his Dao Heart as well. If he gave up, how was he supposed to face any difficulties in the future? He might just escape from them.


Regardless of the possible troubles, he had to give it a try.


“Sir, some people are following us,” Lu Xue was suddenly heard saying, “Moreover, their speed is quite swift.”


“Hmm?” Yang Kai awakened from meditation in shock and turned his head, but he couldn’t see anyone, “Who are those people?”


Lu Xue shook her head, “I have no idea, but I’m certain that they’re pursuing us because I’ve changed directions several times and still can’t get rid of them.”


Yang Kai frowned as he was annoyed at the fact that they were pursued for no reason, but when he caught a glimpse of Shangguan Yu, who was in the ice block, he suddenly realised something.


If he wasn’t mistaken, the people following them might be from Rising Heavens Pavilion or Flying Flower Boat.


These two great forces had been relentlessly pursuing Old Ancestor Mo Yu, and in the past two years, they had gotten into more than ten battles against him. This Great Territory wasn’t far away from the one the Star Boundary was in, so it wasn’t surprising that they would come across them here.


However, why did those people have their eyes on Yang Kai and the others? Yang Kai swept a glance over Shangguan Yu and speculated that she might have an artifact with her that could be used to track her location.


Despite his speculation, he believed that it would be better to be cautious. As such, he told Lu Xue to circle around as he secretly left some Space Beacons in the void.


Meanwhile, in a faraway place, a huge lotus had turned into a ray of light as it travelled across the void at full speed.


In fact, it wasn’t a real lotus as it was just a flight-type artifact that was made to look like a lotus. The Artifact Refiner who made this artifact was clearly quite skilful, which was why the lotus looked lifelike. From afar, one would mistake it for a real lotus.


On the lotus stood many figures who exuded the auras of the Open Heaven Realm while a woman stood at the front clad in an imperial dress, releasing a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm pressure.


She was none other than the Boat Master of Flying Flower Boat, Shangguan Long!


This woman looked like someone in her early thirties. Besides a curvy figure, she also had a pair of eyebrows that looked like willow leaves. With her eyes filled with murderous intent, she stared at the void in front of her and snarled through clenched teeth, “Faster! I can already detect Yu’er’s aura. This time, I will not let Old Dog Mo Yu flee!”


As Shangguan Yu’s Mother, she had a Secret Technique that could be used to detect her daughter’s presence within a certain range, which was why she had been chasing after Yang Kai and the others. Previously, she had used this Secret Technique to hunt down the Old Ancestor Mo Yu.


Following her order, the gigantic lotus sped up.




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