Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4186, Flying Flower Boat


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Half a day later, Yang Kai and the two others stopped in the void and waited quietly. The speed of the flight-type artifact chasing after them was simply too great. Even with Lu Xue giving her all, she only managed to buy them half a day’s worth of time.


Looking back in the direction they came, a huge lotus was quickly blooming in their field of vision and soon dominated a large part of the void. At the same time, a high-pitched yet imposing voice came out from within the lotus, “Old Dog Mo Yu, let’s see where you can escape next! This place will become your grave today!


Yang Kai felt a great headache and thought to himself, [As expected, it’s either people from Rising Heavens Pavilion or Flying Flower Boat; otherwise, they would not have shouted those words. I wonder which great force our pursuer belongs to.]


It was fortunate that he had taken the time previously to set up many Space Beacons all across the void. If the situation turned bad, they could escape at any time. Besides, he was not Mo Yu and could even be considered the saviour of Shangguan Yu. [These pursuers will not attack indiscriminately, right?]


Clearing his throat, he shouted in a deep voice, “Who goes there? We are not a member of the Black Feather Sect, please open your eyes wide and take a good look.”


When his words rang out, the lotus suddenly stopped not far away. Then, more than ten figures flew out of the lotus after a brief silence. These dozen or so figures were in the Open Heaven Realm and quite a few of them were in the Mid-Rank, but their composition was varied. There were men and women, young and old.


These people were not the remnants of the Black Feather Sect. Black Feather Sect had been jointly attacked by two great forces, Rising Heavens Pavilion and Flying Flower Boat, and countless Masters of the Sect had been injured or killed after more than a dozen battles. Even Old Ancestor Mo Yu was seriously injured.


On the contrary, each of the dozen or so people in front of Yang Kai and the others exuded a sharp aura. They were staring at Yang Kai and the others coldly, revealing a deep sense of scrutiny. That was particularly true for the leader of the group, a noblewoman dressed in an imperial dress. The feeling she gave Yang Kai was almost identical to that of what he felt from Zhao Bai Chuan! In other words, this woman stood at the peak of the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm and was only one step away from advancing into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.


“Who are you? Where is that old dog?” Shangguan Long scowled as her beautiful eyes swept over the ice block. When she saw that not only was her daughter safe and sound, but that she had also managed to successfully perform the Secret Technique that she taught her back then, she finally felt a weight lifting off her heart. Even so, Yang Kai and the other two were unfamiliar faces so she couldn’t help being suspicious of them.


In particular, the existence of a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm like Lu Xue puzzled her even more. Mo Yu was the only Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in Black Feather Sect, so who was this woman? If these people were not part of the Black Feather Sect, then how did Yu’er fall into their hands?


“Void Land Yang Kai greets Madame!” Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Are you affiliated with Rising Heavens Pavilion or Flying Flower Boat?”


“Void Land?” Shangguan Long frowned slightly. She had never heard of this great force before. In addition, an Emperor Realm cultivator like Yang Kai was being neither humble nor submissive when facing a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master like her. The fact that he did not seem at all restrained by the difference in their strength surprised her greatly. What amazed her even more was the fact that this Emperor Realm Junior seemed to be the leader of this group consisting of two men and one woman! Both the woman in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm and the man in the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm seemed to be nothing more than guards.


[This young man must come from a very powerful background!] After considering all this, Shangguan Long’s expression involuntarily softened slightly. Although she had never heard of a great force by the name of Void Land before, the 3,000 Worlds was simply too big. She did not dare to claim that she knew all the great forces in existence. Moreover, a great force that dared to use the word’ land’ in their name had to be a Second-Class great force. That was enough to be on an equal footing with Flying Flower Boat.


“This Queen is the Boat Master of Flying Flower Boat, Shangguan Long!”


Yang Kai immediately realised something, “So it is Madam Long!”


He had his suspicions when he saw how similar this woman was to Shangguan Yu, but now, he could be sure.


“You mentioned that your name is Yang Kai. In that case, this Queen will call you Little Brother Yang,” Shangguan Long said softly. She looked kind, but her eyes were as sharp as knives and made her seem slightly mean.


He smiled, “As the Madame pleases.”


She nodded, “Little Brother Yang, I wonder if you know that lady standing beside you…”


“Oh! I almost forgot.” He slapped himself on the head. Reaching out, he pushed the ice block next to him, in which Shangguan Yu was frozen, to the front, “This is your daughter, right? She was already like this when I found her. I didn’t know how to help her and did not dare to take action rashly. I was planning to deliver her to Flying Flower Boat in person, but it’s convenient that I met you here, Madame.”


As the ice block drifted towards Shangguan Long, one of the men in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm immediately stepped forward to catch it. He gave Yang Kai a deep look before flying back to the ship with Shangguan Yu without looking back.


However, Shangguan Long was surprised, “Does that mean you saved this foolish daughter of mine?”


Yang Kai laughed, “You flatter me. I just happened to be there at the time.”


“What about the old dog?” she asked.


“We slaughtered the remnants of Black Feather Sect without exception, so please rest assured, Madame.”


As soon as his words came out, the other side went into an uproar! They had been hunting the remnants of the Black Feather Sect in this endless void for two whole years. Although they almost succeeded several times, Mo Yu had always managed to escape their clutches in the end; therefore, they knew just how difficult it was to deal with him and couldn’t help feeling mixed emotions after hearing from Yang Kai that the remnants of Black Feather Sect had been slaughtered. Some couldn’t believe those words while others were relieved. They had been pursuing these enemies for so long, so it was only natural that they were exhausted.


Be that as it may, the two Open Heaven Realm Masters beside Yang Kai certainly had the capability to kill Mo Yu as Flying Flower Boat had already severely injured him during their previous battle. It could even be said that Yang Kai succeeded by taking advantage of their previous efforts.


“Now that I have handed your daughter over to you, Madame, we no longer have anything to do here anymore. We will be taking our leave!” Yang Kai cupped his fists while saying that, but he had no intention of leaving at all. That was because he knew that it was impossible for the people from Flying Flower Boat to let them go.


Sure enough, Shangguan Long raised a hand as soon as his words rang out and shouted, “Wait a moment, Little Brother Yang!”


“Is there something else, Madame?” He looked at her sincerely. [This Young Master saved your daughter. It’s enough if you just give me some precious treasures as gifts.]


He was not being greedy. The other party belonged to a Second-Class great force, so their gifts would not be too poor, but contrary to his expectations, Shangguan Long continued, “It is not that this Queen does not trust you, Little Brother Yang. It’s just that everything you’ve said before is just a one-sided account of the story. I know Mo Yu is as scheming and cunning as a fox. Regarding what is the truth of the matter… I hope you can wait for a moment, Little Brother Yang. I will make my own conclusions after gaining a little bit of understanding.”


Yang Kai blinked, unable to believe his ears as he asked, “Madame, do you suspect me of being allies with the Black Feather Sect?”


She shook her head slowly, “This Queen never meant to imply that!”


While she was speaking, more than a dozen Open Heaven Realms Masters of Flying Flower Boat scattered around them indistinctly to surround Yang Kai and others.


Yang Kai was furious by the sight. He only wanted to obtain some benefits from Flying Flower Boat, but they turned out to have no intention of giving anything at all. As if that was not bad enough, they even treated their Young Lady’s saviour with such an attitude.


[Just who are these ungrateful people!?] However, Yang Kai considered the situation from another perspective and realized he would not have easily trusted him if the situation was reversed.


With this thought in mind, Yang Kai suppressed the anger in his heart and nodded even though his expression was dark, “How do you plan to understand the situation, Madame? Let’s be frank. Every single person from Black Feather Sect is dead. Not a single one survived. At this point, we are the only people left who know what happened back then. Ask what you wish; we won’t deceive you, but, as for whether you believe our words, Madame… That is your business.”


Yang Kai was in no mood to ask for any benefits anymore. He needed to solve this issue as quickly as possible so that he could return to Void Land to finish arranging the Grand Array and settle his people in.


Shangguan Long smiled and said, “I won’t need to bother you at all. This Queen has her own plans.”


Yang Kai frowned slightly, looking thoughtfully in the direction of the lotus.


A short time later, two figures flew out from the lotus. One of them was the man in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm who left previously while the other person was a pure, pleasant-looking, and beautiful girl.


Yang Kai couldn’t help being surprised by the sight and stared at the girl in a daze. Who else could that girl be but Shangguan Yu, who was frozen in the ice block just now? [How did she leave the ice block so quickly?]


Nevertheless, it would seem that her foundation was slightly damaged from being frozen in the ice block for too long. Her current complexion was as pale as a sheet, which added a pitiful look to her appearance.


Brought back by that Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she stood beside Shangguan Long. The Divine Senses of both mother and daughter surged. They were obviously communicating about something.


Yang Kai was puzzled as he had checked her condition before. Her entire body was frozen in ice and only the slightest hint of vitality remained in her. Even if she was present on the battlefield at the time, how could she have perceived anything? But, judging by Shangguan Long’s posture, it was obvious that she planned to seek information from Shangguan Yu.


What Yang Kai didn’t know was that although Shangguan Yu was completely frozen with only the slightest hint of vitality remaining in her, she could still vaguely perceive her surroundings; therefore, she was capable of receiving some bits and pieces of information from the outside world. Not to mention, the battle at the Demon Realm was shockingly powerful so it was hard not to notice anything.


After a simple inquiry, Shangguan Long learned that there was indeed a big battle not long ago. Numerous Open Heaven Realm Masters had died, one after another. Shangguan Yu even heard the screams of Mo Yu before he died… Hence, there was no doubt that these people from Void Land were indeed Shangguan Yu’s saviours. As for the remnants of the Black Feather Sect, they were probably dead.


Turning around, Shangguan Long smiled brightly, “Please forgive me, Little Brother Yang. Yu’er has explained the situation to me. This Queen was being paranoid.”


Yang Kai waved his hand and replied in a sullen voice, “It’s a matter regarding your child. I can understand why you were being so cautious, so there’s no need for that.”


Her eyes lit up at his words, “Little Brother Yang, you are very understanding. This Queen is ashamed.”


He then said, “If there’s nothing else, Madame, we will be taking our leave now.”


After saying that, he turned to leave.


Shangguan Long, however, hurriedly called out, “Wait!”


Yang Kai looked back at her faintly.


After which she continued, “You are my daughter’s saviours. Moreover, you also helped me kill that old dog, who was a great enemy of mine. You have done so much for Flying Flower Boat. This Queen also feels bad for the misunderstanding just now. I ask that you board the boat and allow this Queen a chance to make amends. I also wish to thank you for saving my Daughter.”


While Shangguan Long was speaking, Shangguan Yu also looked at Yang Kai expectantly; after all, Yang Kai was the person who saved her life. She would feel very uneasy if she did not even thank him for his life-saving grace.




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