Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4187, He Wants to Kill You


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Yang Kai responded to those words with a polite smile, “It was nothing much. There’s no need for that.”


Shangguan Long smiled, “One’s life-saving grace must be repaid; otherwise, people would criticize my Flying Flower Boat for being ungrateful if word got out about this matter. Also, Flying Flower Boat has prepared some small gifts for Little Brother. I hope you will accept them.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Kai turned around and replied solemnly, “Madame is right. It would be bad if people misunderstood you because of this matter. It would damage Flying Flower Boat’s reputation. Since you are being so kind, Madame, we will not refuse.”


She then gestured, “Please!”


The Lotus Flower Artifact was huge and luxuriously decorated inside, which revealed the profound heritage of the Flying Flower Boat. A magnificent palace stood where the stamen was located.


Yang Kai and the others entered the palace under the guidance of Shangguan Long.


Everybody took their seats, and upon seeing Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan standing respectfully behind Yang Kai with an extremely loyal appearance, Shangguan Long and several of the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters of Flying Flower Boat glanced at each other meaningfully. They were becoming more and more certain that Yang Kai came from an extraordinary background.


How else would a mere Emperor Realm Junior hold such an honoured post? Furthermore, judging from his demeanour, he was used to standing in a position of power. His expression did not even change despite facing so many Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. Rather, he was just calmly observing the decorations in the hall.


Yang Kai then absentmindedly turned to look at Shangguan Long with a slight smile, “I have long heard of the Flying Flower Boat. Now, I can see that your heritage is indeed deep. Just this Lotus Flower Artifact alone is an eye-opener.”


For some reason, he could not shake the feeling that this woman was studying him with a look of scrutiny. It was not malicious but rather seemed to stem from interest.


Although Yang Kai only learned about the great force known as Flying Flower Boat recently and could not truthfully claim to have admired them for long, there was no harm in speaking words of flattery that did not cost him anything. Sure enough, the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Flying Flower Boat all smiled with pride upon hearing his words.


Shangguan Long also pursed her lips, “You flatter us, Little Brother Yang. Flying Flower Boat is only a drop in the ocean in the 3,000 Worlds. Compared to the Cave-Heavens and Paradises, we are not worth mentioning at all.”


Yang Kai nodded seriously, “That’s true. The Cave-Heavens and Paradises are First-Class great forces that have experienced the accumulation of time spanning tens if not hundreds of thousands of years. They are not something we of the Second-Class great forces can compare to. They can crush us just by lifting a single finger.”


When she heard those words, her heart rate quickened as she asked, “Little Brother Yang, which people from the Cave-Heavens and Paradises have you met?”


Yang Kai simply shook his head slowly, “I have never gotten the chance to meet any of them. It is only what I heard from others.”


Shangguan Long breathed a sigh of relief. From the way he spoke, she thought that he was connected to one of those top forces. There was less pressure now that she learned he did not have such connections.


One of the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters next to her spoke up, “Little Brother Yang, I heard you say that you are from Void Land. Please forgive me for being ignorant and uninformed, but which Great Territory is Void Land located in?”


This Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was none other than the person who caught Shangguan Yu earlier. Yang Kai could not tell if it was just his imagination, but he felt that this person was somewhat similar to Shangguan Yu.


“You are…” Yang Kai looked over questioningly.


Shangguan Long pursed her lips and smiled, “This is my Husband and the Right Protector of Flying Flower Boat.”


The Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master cupped his fists, “Tong Yu Quan offers his greetings!”


Yang Kai was stunned. He glanced at Shangguan Long, then glanced at Tong Yu Quan. Only then did he finally understand why he felt that Shangguan Yu was somewhat similar to this man. It turned out that they were father and daughter!


[Does that mean that this woman is in charge of Flying Flower Boat? Tong Yu Quan’s cultivation is slightly weaker compared to Shangguan Long’s after all. It looks like he does not have much say in Flying Flower Boat.]


“So it is Protector Tong!” Yang Kai cupped his fists in return, “It’s normal that you have never heard of Void Land before. That is because I only just established Void Land.”


“A newly established Second-Class great force!?” Everyone was in an uproar over those words. In the 3,000 Worlds, the establishment and growth of any great force required long-term accumulation. It did not simply happen overnight; however, seeing that Yang Kai had a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master as his bodyguard, it would seem that he certainly had this qualification.


Shangguan Long hesitated, “Then, the Master of Void Land…”


“It is this lowly one,” Yang Kai smiled slightly.


Everyone was stunned. For an Emperor Realm Junior to be the Leader of a Second-Class great force… There was no other precedent in the 3,000 Worlds; thus, they became more and more certain that he had a very powerful supporter behind him. Otherwise, how did he manage to make an Open Heaven Realm Master obey him? It was just that… with such an extraordinary background, how was it that he was not related to either the Cave Heavens or Paradises? It was extremely confusing.


Shangguan Long restrained the strange look in her eyes and gently said, “In the 3,000 Worlds, the heritage of any great force depends on the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters under them. The more Open Heaven Realm Masters they have, the stronger their heritage, and vice versa.”


Yang Kai sighed, “You are right, Madame. I’m worrying about this issue too. At present, Void Land only has five Open Heaven Realm Masters in total. Our strength is lacking indeed.”


Including Yue He, Chen Tian Fei, Lu Xue, Guo Zi Yan, and Hei He, who was newly added to the Loyalty List, there were indeed only 5 Open Heaven Realm Masters. This was the most fundamental heritage of Void Land.


Everyone in Flying Flower Boat looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Even a Third-Class great force would have more than just five Open Heaven Realm Masters. This number was simply far too small.


What they did not know was that although there were only five Open Heaven Realms in Void Land, each one was stronger than the last. Chen Tian Fe was in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm while Hei He was in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Not to mention, there was a high probability that Yue He had advanced into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Aside from Guo Zi Yan, who was in the Low-Rank, the remaining four people were all in the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm. Such a ratio was impossible for any Second-Class great force to have.


Seeing Yang Kai’s somewhat worried expression, Shangguan Long smiled, “There’s no need to feel rushed, all great forces grow over time. You can’t achieve success overnight. Little Brother Yang has already established Void Land, so in the future, you can gradually cultivate your own Open Heaven Realm Masters as long as you have Void Land as your foundation. This Queen believes that the name Void Land will spread throughout this vast world one day.”


Yang Kai cupped his fists in response, “I shall take advantage of Madame’s auspicious words then.”


After the banquet, the atmosphere was harmonious and everybody was drinking away happily. People would approach Yang Kai to offer him a toast and thank him for his kindness. Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan also sat down, accompanying Yang Kai by his side.


Several rounds of drinking later, Shangguan Yu came out in full dress. It could be seen that she had deliberately groomed and dressed herself up. While she still looked a little pale, she was in much better condition compared to the time she was just rescued. There was a faint flush on her cheeks that made her seem even more innocent and appealing than ever.


It was only natural that she was extremely grateful towards Yang Kai, who had saved her; therefore, she had honoured him with several glasses of wine in succession to the point where she had to take her leave from being overwhelmed by the drink.


Half a day later, Yang Kai and the others were guided to rooms that Shangguan Long arranged for them and rested. She also told them not to worry as they would take him back to Void Land.


Seeing how enthusiastic she was, Yang Kai could not refuse her offer. Besides, why should he waste his energy on travelling when somebody had offered to give him a ride? The Lotus Flower Artifact was also much faster so it would save him time.


Flying Flower Boat arranged three separate rooms for Yang Kai and the others, but Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan did not enter their rooms and stood outside the door of Yang Kai’s room instead. There did not seem to be any malicious intentions from Flying Flower Boat and it could even be said that Shangguan Long had gone out of her way to indicate her friendly intentions during the banquet; however, it was better to be on guard against any unwanted occurrences.


Inside the room, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged and comprehended the mysteries of his Elements in hopes of realising another Divine Manifestation.


Inside another room, Shangguan Yu, who had only just recently been rescued, was staring at her mother with a pale complexion. Her beautiful eyes trembled slightly as she asked in disbelief, “Mother, you want me to seduce Senior Brother Yang!?”


Just moments ago, Shangguan Long had a short chat with her. Although her mother had not said anything specific, that was more or less the nature of the meaning behind her words. Shangguan Yu thought that she had misunderstood, but further inquiry had proven that this was indeed the case. Thus, she almost could not believe her ears. She could not believe that her mother would have such thoughts.


Shangguan Long’s expression, however, remained stern, “What do you mean by seduce? How can a lady speak such vulgar words? I am talking about falling in love with each other and establishing a marital relationship between the two of you. Naturally, it will involve the process of making love to each other. How can you call that seduction!?”


Shangguan Yu retorted with grief and indignation, “I have never met Senior Brother Yang before! Although he saved my life and I am very grateful towards him, there is no such thing as love between us. How can we fall in love with each other!?”


Shangguan Long got up, stood in front of the transparent window, and looked out into the starry scenery in the void as she calmly replied, “Just because there is none right now does not mean that there won’t be any in the future. Men are all the same. After consummating with each other, he will have tasted how great you are. Over time, he will naturally yearn for you!”


Those remarks resounded in Shangguan Yu’s ears like a loud sonorous bell. She covered her red lips with her hands, shocked beyond words. [Going by what Mother just said, she not only wants me to seduce Senior Brother Yang but also go all the way with him! Is this really the same Mother who has always loved and cared for me!? Also, what is the purpose of doing this? Senior Brother Yang is certainly brave and heroic with a compelling air about him. I cannot say that I dislike him and in fact, I even admire him a little. Even so, both Mother and I have only just met him for the first time today. Why would Mother come up with an idea like this?]


“Mother, are you drunk?” She asked hesitantly. During the banquet just now, her Mother had consumed quite a lot of alcohol. However, there was no sign of intoxication whatsoever when she looked into her Mother’s eyes. Those eyes were very clear and sober.


Shangguan Yu shook her head, “I can’t. I can’t do it. Mother, you might not know. But, Big Brother Wei and I…”


“Do you think your Big Brother Wei still wants you?” Shangguan Long interrupted Shangguan Yu coldly.


Shangguan Yu’s tender body trembled at those words. Her beautiful face went pale and she asked, “Mother, what do you mean by that!? Could it be that Big Brother Wei…”


“Rest assured. Your Big Brother Wei has not said anything or been harmed in any way. The situation is not how you imagine though. In the pursuit of that rotten old dog over the past two years, he has put in more effort than anybody else.”


Shangguan Yu smiled, “I knew Big Brother Wei wouldn’t abandon me.”


Shangguan Long said coldly, “Do you think your Big Brother Wei is trying so hard in order to save you?”


“Is that not it?”


“Foolish girl!” Shangguan Long flicked her sleeve angrily, “How could I not understand how a man thinks? Only a sheltered little girl like you will have such unrealistic fantasies. I will tell you now. Your Big Brother Wei was not hunting that old dog so desperately to save you, but… to kill you!”


The moment those words rang out, Shangguan Yu’s face, which had just shown a blush of happiness, suddenly became extremely pale. Her mouth fell open slightly and she looked at her mother in shock as though she had heard something utterly incredulous.




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