Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4189, This Is a Misunderstanding


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Half a day later, Wei Wu Shuang got up to take his leave and Yang Kai saw him off with a smile; however, Yang Kai frowned once he left.


Wei Wu Shuang had thick brows and large eyes. He also had an extraordinary bearing; he was the Young Pavilion Master of a Second-Class great force after all. Having received excellent training since he was young, it was not strange for him to have such a noble attitude and air.


He came here to express his gratitude to Yang Kai for saving Shangguan Yu’s life. Shangguan Yu was his fiancée and had been kidnapped by Mo Ning more than two years ago. The reason why the two great forces, Rising Heavens Pavilion and Flying Flower Boat, had pursued Black Feather Sect for so long was to rescue Shangguan Yu.


It was a pity that Old Ancestor Mo Yu was as cunning as a fox. He was also very strong, so he managed to escape their clutches numerous times. If not for the fact that he had tried to attack the Demon Realm and was consequently lured into a trap by Yang Kai, he might have escaped alive again.


Rescuing Shangguan Yu was just a passing effort for Yang Kai, but it was a huge favour for both Rising Heavens Pavilion and Flying Flower Boat. It was only natural for Wei Wu Shuang to express his thanks now that Shangguan Yu had returned safely. Both his words and his behaviour were sincere and earnest. Every word of thanks seemed to come from the bottom of his heart.


Even so, Yang Kai could not help feeling that something was off. Especially when Wei Wu Shuang occasionally revealed a hint of helplessness and hatred when he looked at Yang Kai, even though it was very well hidden. Yang Kai had gone through various hardships and seen many things in his life, so a flower grown in a greenhouse like Wei Wu Shuang could never compare with his insight and instinct.


[What is that guy upset about? Why does he seem to hate me? This is only our first meeting after all. Leaving aside the fact that I saved Shangguan Yu’s life, there’s no reason for him to hate me even if I was completely unrelated to this matter.] Yang Kai was extremely puzzled! Although he did not quite understand the situation, he couldn’t be bothered to care either. It was fine as long as Wei Wu Shuang did not provoke him. If Wei Wu Shuang dared to be arrogant towards him, then he wouldn’t mind teaching the other party how to show proper respect.


Another day passed. Yang Kai suddenly noticed a commotion outside. Spreading his Divine Sense to perceive the situation, he suddenly noticed Rising Heavens Pavilion’s palace rushing off in another direction and soon disappearing out of sight.


It would seem that Rising Heavens Pavilion was going to part ways with Flying Flower Boat. It was not surprising since the two great forces were not located within the same Great Territory so it was only natural that they would use different routes to return.


Shaking his head, Yang Kai calmed down and continued to comprehend the Powers within him.




Shangguan Yu stood ashen-faced on one of the flower petals of the Lotus Flower Artifact, staring at the palace that was quickly vanishing from sight. Her beautiful eyes had lost their former lustre. Rather, there was a sense of sorrow that was even greater than death.


Shangguan Long stood right behind Shangguan Yu and gently patted her daughter on the shoulder as she spoke, “Do you understand now, Yu’er?”


Shangguan Yu closed her eyes. Her tears fell silently as she recalled the indifference and rejection that Wei Wu Shuang had shown her over the past two days. How could she not understand that what her mother mentioned before was true?


Everything became irreversible the day she was kidnapped by Mo Ning two years ago. Even if she was truly innocent, even if she was completely without guilt, who would believe her? She was already a withered flower in the eyes of Rising Heavens Pavilion, no longer worthy to be the Madame of the Young Pavilion Master! This point had been proven by Wei Wu Shuang’s attitude towards her over the past few days.


Behind the pair, Tong Yu Quan also sighed deeply. Unfortunately, he was utterly helpless.


Shangguan Long said, “Yu’er, Wei Wu Shuang is not a man worthy of you. You don’t need to grieve for him anymore. You still have a long road ahead of you. You need to think about your future.”


Shangguan Yu’s eyes were blank and didn’t seem to have heard those words.


Tong Yu Quan was distressed by the sight; thus, he quickly stepped forward and comforted her in a low voice. Unfortunately, she just continued to weep in silence.


The Lotus Flower Artifact continued through the void, crossing Great Territory after Great Territory.




About half a month later, Shangguan Yu came to visit Yang Kai. She claimed that she wished to personally thank him for saving her life.


Yang Kai invited her in only to find that she had brought some food and drinks with her. Failing to stifle his laughter at the sight, he looked up and unexpectedly discovered that her appearance was haggard. Her eyes were also blank and lifeless; thus, he couldn’t help asking in surprise, “Junior Sister Yu, did something happen recently?”


She had sealed herself in ice for two whole years, and while it had damaged her foundation as a result, she had been gradually recovering after being released from her seal.


Meeting her again today though, Yang Kai realised that she had lost a lot of weight. Moreover, her appearance was extremely poor. It was obvious that she had experienced a huge mental shock.


At first, he didn’t quite understand the situation; however, he pondered for a moment and recalled the scene of how the people from Rising Heavens Pavilion came and left in a hurry. Yang Kai immediately had an almost complete grasp of the matter and summed it up simply as relationship problems.


Shangguan Yu’s eyes moved slightly and she forced herself to smile, “It’s nothing. I was just sealed up for too long and damaged my foundation as a result. I should have come to thank Senior Brother Yang sooner, but my body failed to live up to my expectations. That was why I delayed for so long. I hope you will forgive me.”


Yang Kai simply laughed, “It’s no big deal. You are being too polite, Junior Sister Yu.”


She then said softly, “It might not have been a big deal to Senior Brother Yang, but for me, it is a life-saving grace. Yu’er has nothing to her name, so I have no idea how I should thank you; therefore, Mother taught me how to cook some dishes myself. I don’t know if these dishes will suit your appetite, Senior Brother.”


Yang Kai lightly replied, “The fragrance is tempting and they looked exquisite. I can tell that you made these dishes with all your heart. I’m sure it will suit my tastes.”


Shangguan Yu barely managed to move the corner of her lips to reveal a smile. Setting the dishes down, she took out a bottle of wine and sat down.


Inside the room, the two of them sat across from each other to eat. It should have been a relaxing and enjoyable experience to dine with a beautiful woman; however, her emotional wounds had yet to heal. Even if she sincerely wanted to express her thanks, Shangguan Yu could barely force herself to smile. Similarly, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling awkward.


Fortunately, their tongues began to loosen after a few glasses of wine. As they chatted casually, the atmosphere became much more pleasant. It was just that while they were conversing, Shangguan Yu seemed to recall something and suddenly burst into tears. Despite feeling extremely troubled, Yang Kai had no choice but to speak a few words of comfort.


After bursting into tears, Shangguan Yu seemed to have opened up a dam of tears that would not stop. At the same time, she also gulped down glass after glass of wine, using it to drown out her sorrows. Yang Kai kept silent and drank with her, hoping that she would collapse from intoxication soon so that he could ask Lu Xue to send her back.


Half a bottle of wine later though, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed drastically. He could feel an uncontrollable movement swiftly surging through his body. His blood churned wildly and the air that came out of his nose was extremely hot.


[There’s something wrong with the wine!] Yang Kai was shocked. He was not a newcomer to travelling through foreign lands, so he always kept his guard up when consuming food and drink others had prepared for him. It was just that he had carefully checked the dishes and wine before and not found anything strange about them. There was no reaction either after drinking several glasses, so why did the effects erupt so suddenly?


That inexplicable force surged through his body, impacting his mind and making his senses blur. The young girl’s scent entered his nose and it created a sense of irresistible temptation. Yang Kai could barely suppress the urge to push the weeping girl in front of him down and ravage her.


Gritting his teeth, he grabbed her arm and shouted through gritted teeth, “Shangguan Yu!”


He originally thought that she had put some kind of drug into the wine, but to his surprise, he saw that her face was flushed red when he looked up at her. Her tears continued to flow without pause, but she was now laughing as well while her wrist also felt extremely hot.


[She got caught in this trap too!] Before Yang Kai could understand what was going on, the girl pounced on him while breathing heavily. She knocked him to the ground and sat on top of him, staring down at him with dazed eyes.


Yang Kai was stunned. His body was burning with desire and a beautiful woman was riding on top of his body. In addition, he could feel her burning skin and hear her rapid breathing. The combination nearly made him lose his mind.


Before he could do anything though, somebody kicked the door down without warning. Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue, who had been standing guard outside all this time, rushed in aggressively.


“Sir!” Guo Zi Yan shouted.


“What happened!?” Lu Xue also asked in surprise.


The two of them heard the commotion inside and immediately barged into the room to check on the situation; however, what entered their vision was Shangguan Yu riding on top of Yang Kai with a flushed face. Her hands were frantically tearing at his clothes, leaving his robe nearly in tatters.


“This…” Both of them were completely dumbfounded. Then, Guo Zi Yan quickly showed a hint of understanding while Lu Xue clicked her tongue and looked away with a blush.


*Deng deng deng deng…* 


A rush of footsteps sounded from the corridor and two powerful auras quickly approached them.


“Not good!” Guo Zi Yan’s expression changed as he glanced at Lu Xue. Afterwards, the two of them lightly tapped their feet against the ground, swiftly backed out of the room, and closed the door with a bang.


However, a violent energy fluctuation broke out in the corridor the next moment. The might of World Force fluctuated and following a loud explosion, the door to the room was opened again. Tong Yu Quan rushed in with scarlet eyes. He immediately saw Yang Kai lying on the ground in dishevelled clothes and Shangguan Yu giggling in a confused manner.


When their gazes met, a hint of embarrassment flashed through Yang Kai’s eyes as he forcibly suppressed the desire that was surging throughout his body.


Tong Yu Quan roared, “Shangguan Long, look what you’ve done!?”


When he heard that his daughter had entered Yang Kai’s room with food and drink, he instantly had a bad feeling and came to stop them; however, he was held up by Shangguan Long. His strength was inferior to hers in the first place, so how could he escape from her? While he was struggling to get away, they heard a commotion in this direction and both husband and wife immediately came to investigate the situation, only to be greeted with this scene.


Tong Yu Quan was instantly enraged.


Yang Kai looked past Tong Yu Quan and saw Lu Xue confronting Shangguan Long. On the other hand, Guo Zi Yan was slumped by the side with a pale complexion. A thousand thoughts ran through Yang Kai’s mind in that instant and the realisation struck him all of a sudden.


There was a high probability that Shangguan Yu was not behind the drug in the wine; after all, she had no reason to drug herself. Combined with Tong Yu Quan’s furious roar, the culprit was instantly revealed. It was Shangguan Long!


But why would she set her own daughter up like this? How did it benefit her? Yang Kai could not understand. Regardless of the circumstances, it was certain that Shangguan Long had nefarious intentions.


Lifting his hand, Yang Kai hit the back of Shangguan Yu’s neck, who collapsed without another word. He caught her and after setting her down he quickly got up. Leaning against a corner of the wall, he looked at Tong Yu Quan calmly, “Protector Tong, this is a misunderstanding!”


Tong Yu Quan looked at his daughter with heartache; then, he glared at Yang Kai ferociously. He knew that Yang Kai was not at fault for this situation, but his eyes were still blazing with flames of fury. He was also gnashing his teeth as if he wanted to rip Yang Kai apart.




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