Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4190, Why Make Things Difficult


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Outside the room, Shangguan Long looked at Yang Kai with surprise in her beautiful eyes.


[How is this boy still fine?] It had to be said that the medicinal efficacies of the Seven Emotions and Six Desires Wine were extremely domineering. Even an Open Heaven Realm Master would find it hard to resist its power after drinking it, so how was it possible for an Emperor Realm Junior to remain clear-headed?


This wine was made from many precious treasures and took hundreds of years to ferment. It was originally the secret drug of an extremely evil and vicious serial rapist by the name of Hua Wu Ying. Hua Wu Ying had used this Seven Emotions and Six Desires Wine to ruin the reputations of countless young maidens. He was notorious for committing crimes across numerous Great Territories.


300 years ago, one of Shangguan Long’s Legacy Disciples had been defiled by Hua Wu Ying, her Martial Heart corrupted as a result. She was highly favoured by Shangguan Long due to her extraordinary aptitude and Shangguan Long had wanted to nurture her into the next Boat Master, so she consequently poured a lot of effort into teaching her. She was originally expected to advance into the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, but unfortunately, her heart demon appeared during her breakthrough. In the end, all of her previous achievements were lost and her body was destroyed. It could be said that she died because of Hua Wu Ying.


Shangguan Long was furious and spent the next several decades hunting down Hua Wu Ying. She even went so far as to use other female disciples of Flying Flower Boat as bait to tempt Hua Wu Ying into falling for her trap. Her efforts paid off eventually and she finally caught the bastard in a Universe World after 40 years.


There was no need to explain what happened in the end. Although Hua Wu Ying was sly and cunning, he was not that strong, only a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so he died on the spot at Shangguan Long’s hands. In that way, the secret drug that was unique to Hua Wu Ying now belonged to her Sect. This evil and obscene drug had been useless to her and she initially wanted to destroy it, but she kept a bottle of it for some strange reason in the end.


As a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Master, it was a simple task for her to slip a little something into her daughter’s wine. She also only needed to mention a few things in advance to make Shangguan Yu obediently bring the food and wine to Yang Kai’s room.


[Even Open Heaven Realm Masters succumb to their lust when Hua Wu Ying fed them the Seven Emotions and Six Desires Wine, so how is an Emperor Realm boy like Yang Kai able to resist the medicinal efficacies of this wine?] Shangguan Long frowned! She vaguely felt that either Yang Kai had extremely strong willpower or the wine had less impact on men than she expected. This was a drug that Hua Wu Ying came up with in order to target women after all.


This situation was not what she was hoping to see. She had expected to catch Yang Kai and Shangguan Yu in the throes of passion, so as to make Yang Kai submit. Unfortunately, that plan had gone awry. 


[This is going to be troublesome.]


The thoughts in her head spun desperately as her red lips moved as she sighed and looked at Yang Kai, “Little Brother Yang, what are you doing? Even if you like Yu’er, you still shouldn’t act so domineering. If word about this incident gets out, how will Yu’er hold her head up high in society in the future?”


Yang Kai suppressed the tumultuous desires in his heart and looked at the woman with slightly uneven breathing as he snarled through gritted teeth, “Madam Long, you are indeed skilled, calculating, and cruel!”


If it wasn’t for the initial suspicion in his heart in addition to Tong Yu Quan’s furious roar, he might have believed this woman.


Shangguan Long’s expression turned solemn as she replied, “What do you mean, Little Brother Yang? I don’t quite understand.”


Tong Yu Quan, however, shouted, “Little Brother Yang, please release Yu’er!”


He was extremely concerned about his daughter’s safety even though Yang Kai had not actually done anything to Shangguan Yu except knock her unconscious. Nevertheless, he could not help feeling very uneasy with his daughter in the hands of others.


While they were conversing with each other, Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan had flashed to Yang Kai’s side and assumed a defensive stance in case of any unforeseen circumstances.


Yang Kai turned to look at Tong Yu Quan, “Don’t worry, Protector Tong. I do not hold any ill will toward Junior Sister Yu. She is not hurt, merely passed out.”


“If that’s the case, please hurry up and let her go. I will not hold you accountable for what happened today!” Tong Yu Quan shouted through gritted teeth. His eyes were practically spitting fire. Regardless of whether he prosecuted Yang Kai for what happened today or not, it was certain that his daughter had suffered a loss in Yang Kai’s hands. Hence, it was difficult for him to have any good feelings toward Yang Kai.


“The matters of Flying Flower Boat are not for you to decide!” Shangguan Long coldly snorted. Flicking her sleeves angrily, she took a few steps forward and said aggressively, “Little Brother Yang, it will not be good for you and I both if word of today’s incident were to spread. I’m sure you don’t wish for this matter to be blown up, right?”


Yang Kai nodded, “That makes sense. What do you suggest, Madame?”


She chuckled, “It’s very simple. You saved Yu’er’s life, so it’s not too much for her to repay you with her body. I would not have brought this up if not for what happened today, but since this incident has already taken place, I hope you can… take her as your wife.”


Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan had been watching Shangguna Long vigilantly while secretly activating their strength to guard against any unexpected circumstances at any time; however, they couldn’t help being so stunned at this moment that their mouths gaped open.


[What… does that mean?] They initially thought that there was no way for things to end on a positive note, so how did something so terrible turn into such an auspicious matter all of a sudden? Their expressions involuntarily became weird as a result.


Yang Kai himself couldn’t believe his ears and hesitated before asking, “What did you say, Madame Long? Did you misspeak? Or, did I mishear you?”


Shangguan Long smiled, “I didn’t misspeak and you didn’t mishear me either. This incident today is not something to be proud of after all. It would be harmful to your reputation if word of this incident got out. Yu’er would not be able to hold her head high in society either, but it would no longer be an issue if you marry her and give her a proper status.”


Yang Kai looked at her, then he glanced over at Tong Yu Quan who was standing nearby with a helpless yet incredibly furious expression. All of a sudden, the realisation struck him and he instantly understood Shangguan Long’s intentions. Yang Kai smiled and inquired, “If I’m not mistaken, isn’t your daughter engaged to the Young Pavilion Master of Rising Heavens Pavilion, Wei Wu Shuang?”


To which she replied lightly, “It’s only a verbal agreement. It is of no consequence.”


“I see! I understand!” Yang Kai gently nodded.


Shangguan Yu had been kidnapped by Mo Ning for two whole years, so who could say what had happened to her during that time? In particular, Wei Wu Shuang would have been living in torment every day for the past two years. And now, although she had been rescued and her life was no longer in danger, who could guarantee that she still retained her purity?


If Wei Wu Shuang were an ordinary man, this would not have been an issue. The key point was that he was the Young Pavilion Master of Rising Heavens Pavilion! With such a prominent status, how could he take a ‘tainted’ woman as his wife? Even if he himself did not mind, the entire Rising Heavens Pavilion would not agree.


[No wonder the people of Rising Heavens Pavilion came and went in such a rush!] Yang Kai had not quite understood the situation at first, but he eventually figured out the entire story after mulling over it. Rising Heavens Pavilion did not leave in such a hurry because they had different return routes. Rather, it was most likely to express their attitude towards this matter.


Yang Kai suddenly recalled the scene when Wei Wu Shuang came to thank him. There had been a hint of hatred mixed into the helpless look in Wei Wu Shuang’s eyes. A bolt of shock suddenly ran through Yang Kai as he understood. Wei Wu Shuang probably didn’t wish to rescue Shangguan Yu! Or rather, he did not want to rescue a living Shangguan Yu! Shangguan Long must have realised that, and knowing that her daughter could no longer obtain happiness by marrying Wei Wu Shuang, she decided to target him instead; after all, he previously revealed the existence of Void Land to her. Not to mention having bodyguards like Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan by his side. In Shangguan Long’s opinion, marrying Shangguan Yu to him would not be a humiliation and she was probably behind everything that happened today.


During the time when his thoughts were changing, Shangguan Long’s voice sounded in his ears again, “Little Brother Yang, you were the one to rescue Yu’er; therefore, you know her situation the best. She was still sealed in ice when you rescued her. In other words, she has not been treated harshly in the past two years and remains a pure maiden. It’s just that… with what happened today, her innocence will be hard to defend. You need to take responsibility for this. Furthermore, while my daughter might be a little foolish, she has an excellent temperament. Her aptitude is not bad either. It will not be a problem for her to advance to the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the future. I’m sure that will not besmirch your status. If our two families join in marriage, we can watch over and help each other in the 3,000 Worlds. You mentioned earlier that your Void Land has only just been established. It is not an easy task for a great force to take root and rise up to glory in this vast Outer Universe. On the other hand, Flying Flower Boat has been established in Flying Flower Territory for thousands of years. It can be said that we have some foundation in place. We can help you in this matter. What do you think, Little Brother Yang?”


She had a pleasant appearance that made her seem earnest and enticing; moreover, her words were clear and reasonable and the way she worded her speech made it seem as though he would suffer a huge loss if he did not marry Shangguan Yu. Thus, Yang Kai repeatedly nodded at her words, “You’re right, Madam Long!”


Tong Yu Quan’s furrowed eyebrows relaxed slightly. Although he was not willing to let the situation develop in this direction, at this point, it would still be one way to resolve this situation if Yang Kai agreed to marry his daughter. Wei Wu Shuang could not be relied upon any longer. Compared to Wei Wu Shuang, the young man in front of him was much more pleasing to the eye. As for the young man’s character, that remained to be verified. Nevertheless, it could not be worse than Wei Wu Shuang’s.


Shangguan Long’s smile grew brighter, “Since you agree, then why don’t we sit down and discuss this matter carefully?”


Yang Kai shook his head in response, “I’m afraid that will not work.”


The smile on her face stiffened, “What do you mean?”


He replied, “While I do agree that what you’ve said so far makes sense, it does not mean that I would go along with what you say. I will not hide this from you, Madame; I may look like I am alone and unmarried, but I already have seven wives. Before I left my home this time, my strongest wife warned me to keep myself virtuous and not fool around with others outside. Even if I fool around outside, I must not let her find out about it, much less bring them home; otherwise, she would rip them apart limb to limb. Therefore, please forgive me. I must pass on your offer.”


Shangguan Long narrowed her eyes slightly, “It doesn’t matter. This Queen will explain the circumstances to your wives herself. I believe they will at least give this Queen some face.”


She was not surprised that Yang Kai had so many wives. He was not an ordinary person after all. It would be strange for him to not have several wives. [I just need to marry Yu’er into his family. After that, she will have me as her support so it will not be difficult to get rid of the other wives.]


However, Yang Kai shook his head again.” How long have I known your daughter? How can we talk about marriage when there is no affection between us?”


“Love can come later. As long as you get married, there is no need to be worried about not having enough time in the future.”


“Why do you have to make things difficult for me, Madam Long?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice.


To which she became slightly annoyed, “This Queen is giving you her daughter’s hand in marriage! How is that making things difficult for you!? Junior, don’t you dare trample upon my kindness!”


Yang Kai sighed heavily, “It seems that you are insistent on this, Madame.”


“At this point, this is the only solution. Otherwise, I will not be able to give Yu’er a proper explanation when she wakes up.”


Silavin: It seems like the author has forgotten about the fact that females have Primordial Yin, and it can be checked…




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  1. The same thought occured to me Silavin, but Tachankas explanation also holds considerable weight.

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  2. It is true that whether she still has her primordial yin can be checked, but the thing is she was kidnapped for 2 years, and the fact that she was kidnapped should be known by the general public. Even if she still had her primordial yin, and everyone in her sect and her fiancé’s sect knew the truth, the general public would never believe it. They would have already formed their own opinion. In their eyes her reputation is ruined, and if she were to marry into her fiancé’s sect, that sect’s reputation would also be tainted. As such that sect wouldn’t accept her anymore, and would rather she be dead. Reputations are easy to damage but impossible to fix, and her reputation has already been ruined, proving her innocence wouldn’t change anything(not that she has done anything to be deemed guilty for, hell she was kidnapped and is the victim in this situation, but whatever).

    1. @delta, finally someone who understands the situation yeah mate. Even in real life if someone got kidnapped by a lascivious person and not even touched, probably only the family of the person will believe her. Others will talk behind their backs.

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