Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4191, One Sword Stab


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“Is your daughter aware of this?” Yang Kai asked in a solemn voice.


“It’s enough for this Queen to decide her marital matters for her. What does it matter whether or not she is aware of this matter?”


“What about Protector Tong? Do you think that way too?” Yang Kai turned to look at Tong Yu Quan.


Tong Yu Quan’s expression was gloomy and he said nothing. Looking at the other party’s expression, Yang Kai instantly understood that Tong Yu Quan probably did not have much say in this matter; therefore, he immediately ignored Tong Yu Quan and looked back at Shangguan Long, “If I refuse, are you going to order the people hiding in ambush outside to come in and slaughter me, Madame?”


In such a short period, the auras of many Open Heaven Realm Masters had gathered outside. They had no intention of concealing themselves so it was obvious that it was planned by Shangguan Long.


Shangguan Long knew that Lu Xue, who was in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, would not be much weaker than her. Nevertheless, this was Flying Flower Boat’s ship. Not to mention, they had deployed all their elites for the sake of hunting Mo Yu down. With so many Masters gathered in this place, it would be all but impossible for Yang Kai to escape.


“That’s not necessary. We don’t have any bad blood between us. Why would we need to fight to the death?” Abruptly changing the topic, Shangguan Long continued calmly, “But, the road ahead is long. I’m sure you will have enough time to consider your decision and give this Queen a satisfactory answer before we arrive at Void Land. I can wait!”


“There’s no need for you to wait,” Yang Kai resolutely replied. “You are full of schemes, Madame. You don’t even hesitate to ignore your daughter’s happiness. I’m afraid I don’t agree with such ruthlessness. Although I feel bad for your daughter, I have not made any irreversible mistakes. I will not agree to this matter.” Without giving her a chance to speak, he added, “Please excuse me, Madame. I wish to leave this place.”


Shangguan Long frowned, “Is Yu’er ugly? I can’t believe how unwelcoming you are toward her. Even if you don’t hold any affection for her, you won’t lose anything from marrying her. Why do you have to refuse so decisively?”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “Junior Sister Yu is a beauty of the highest order. How could any man find her ugly? However, such matters have nothing to do with one’s appearance, it only depends on one’s heart!”


Shangguan Long stared at him deeply, as though trying to stare into the depths of his Soul. After a while, she gave a heavy sigh, “Good. It’s rare to see a man like you nowadays. This Queen was mistaken. I should not have acted so rashly. Let’s forget about what happened today. I cannot force you if you are unwilling. Let Yu’er go. I will allow you to leave!”


Upon hearing those words, Tong Yu Quan sighed in relief.


Yang Kai said, “Madame, you can’t be so naive to think that I’m easy to bully just because I am young, right? Would I still have a chance to leave this place if I release Junior Sister Yu?”


Tong Yu Quan’s expression changed as he gritted his teeth and said, “What do you mean by that, little brat!?”


Yang Kai glanced at Tong Yu Quan, “My apologies, Protector Tong. You know better than anyone else what kind of woman your wife is. If I really obeyed her instructions and released Junior Sister Yu, I would not live to see another day. I’m afraid Junior Sister Yu will have to suffer for a bit.”


“How dare you!?” Tong Yu Quan was livid and his aura spilled out of his body menacingly.


“I have no other choice!” Yang Kai squeezed Shangguan Yu’s neck. The unconscious Shangguan Yu involuntarily groaned, causing Tong Yu Quan’s expression to change drastically once more. He immediately froze in place and turned to look at Shangguan Long with an incensed expression.


Similarly, Shangguan Long’s expression was very ugly. When she and Tong Yu Quan first rushed into the room to discover Yang Kai holding her daughter back, she had the feeling that the situation had spiralled out of her control.


In her imagination, both she and her husband would be greeted by a lewd scene when they rushed into the room. If that had happened, anything she asked for would not have been too much. Contrary to her expectations, Yang Kai remained clear-headed enough to hold a fluent conversation with her.


She stared at Yang Kai and her expression slowly darkened. She couldn’t help thinking that it was a pity. It had been a spur-of-the-moment idea when she came up with this plan, but now it would seem that she made the right choice. The young man in front of her was countless times better than Wei Wu Shuang. How could he be considered ordinary when he could suppress his desires under those circumstances? He would definitely achieve great things in the future.


If her daughter married him, her daughter would be saved from the repercussions of being kidnapped in the past. That was not all; Flying Flower Boat would also gain a powerful ally. It would be even better if she could absorb Void Land into Flying Flower Boat. Unfortunately, she could not use him as she pleased and might even cause a grudge to form due to this incident.


As their gazes met, Shangguan Long’s expression turned as gloomy as deep water. Meanwhile, Yang Kai increased the force he exerted in his hands. The unconscious Shangguan Yu’s complexion was becoming more and more ugly by the moment.


“Madame, please move aside!” Yang Kai shouted.


Shangguan Long suddenly broke out into a smile, “What if I refuse to move aside? Based on my observations, you are not a ruthless man. I don’t believe that you will actually harm Yu’er in any way. Besides, if you really killed Yu’er, the three of you would never leave this place alive!”


The words had only just left her mouth when she saw Yang Kai reaching out and snatching the cold water longsword from Lu Xue’s hands. Under Shangguan Long’s startled and horrified gaze, the sword pierced into Shangguan Yu’s back and came out of her chest! The sword had stabbed right through her body!


Fresh blood flew everywhere and Shangguan Yu groaned as the colour in her face swiftly drained away.


The pupils of Tong Yu Quan’s eyes immediately contracted to the size of pinpoints. His vision was filled with the redness of the blood and it felt as though his entire world had turned blood-red.


“Madame.” Yang Kai’s cold voice sounded from behind Shangguan Yu, “There is a saying ‘You may know a person’s face, but not their heart’. You and I only met for the first time recently, so how dare you judge my character so arbitrarily? Aren’t you afraid that you might have overplayed your hand?”


Ignoring Shangguan Long’s furious expression, Yang Kai turned to look at Tong Yu Quan, “Don’t worry, this blow is not lethal. I avoided Junior Sister Yu’s vitals, but if you dare make a move to rescue your daughter, Protector Tong, I will not be able to guarantee her safety again.”


Those words were like spirit fixing needles, pinning Tong Yu Quan in place.


“Woman!” Yang Kai glared at Shangguan Long, “I will ask one last time. Stand aside and let us pass!”


Shangguan Long gritted her teeth, her body trembling endlessly.  Her beautiful eyes were filled with a difficult struggle. She never imagined that the mild-mannered Yang Kai would turn out to be so ruthless, cruel, and cold-hearted. He actually injured Shangguan Yu so severely just because they were at an impasse in their disagreement. Could it be that his previous politeness was just an act?


“What are you still hesitating for!? Are you really planning to kill Yu’er!?” Tong Yu Quan’s voice exploded in her ears like thunder and lightning.


She turned to look and saw him glaring at her with bloodshot eyes. It was as though he was looking at his greatest nemesis. The gaze was so unfamiliar that it made her heart tremble and she did not doubt that if she did not move aside, the first person to attack her would not be Yang Kai but her beloved who had stayed beside her for hundreds of years! Her heart sank to the bottom of the abyss. Taking a deep breath, she spoke through gritted teeth, “Fine! This Queen will let you leave, but you cannot harm another hair on Yu’er’s head!”


“Rest assured. As long as you don’t do anything foolish, I won’t act again.” Yang Kai agreed.


“Once you leave, you have to return Yu’er!”


“Impossible!” Yang Kai shook his head, “I will release her once I return to Void Land. If you feel uneasy, you can follow behind us from an appropriate distance.”


Shangguan Long’s chest rose and fell heavily, but after some serious consideration, she nodded. She and Tong Yu Quan each stepped to one side and opened the way.


Yang Kai shot a look at Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan and the two of them escorted him, one leading the way and the other bringing up the rear. In that way, they walked out.


There were indeed many people lying in ambush outside the room. It was just that they were shocked and furious to see that Yang Kai had captured Shangguan Yu. Moreover, Shangguan Yu had a longsword protruding out of her chest. They did not know what had happened. Shangguan Long had tried to set up Yang Kai with her own daughter, so it was only natural that she did not explain the situation clearly. It was only just in case that she mobilised these people.


If everything had gone as she planned, then things would have ended happily. She never imagined that the situation would end up like this. Countless questioning eyes turned towards her, making her expression gloomier than ever before. It was extremely awkward.


It didn’t take long for Yang Kai and the others to exit the Lotus Flower Artifact. Lu Xue summoned her own flight-type artifact and Yang Kai hurriedly rushed inside with Shangguan Yu with Guo Zi Yan following closely behind. Then, Lu Xue glanced vigilantly at the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Flying Flower Boat before entering the artifact and driving it away. The artifact turned into a stream of light that headed into the depths of the void.


The enormous Lotus Flower Artifact followed from behind at a fixed pace. All the Open Heaven Realm Master stood on the flower petals of the lotus, coldly watching the windmill.




Inside the windmill, Yang Kai summoned Lu Xue and pointed at the unconscious Shangguan Yu, “Tend to her wounds.”


Lu Xue nodded. Once he left the room, she immediately began working on her task.


Yang Kai’s attack had seemed decisive, but the truth was that he controlled his strength perfectly. Even though the sword had penetrated right through the body, the wound itself was not really serious. Lu Xue removed Shangguan Yu’s clothes and while using her World Force to apply pressure on the wound, she carefully pulled out the longsword. After she used some healing salve and fed Shangguan Yu a healing pill, she finished her task.


Shangguan Yu was an Emperor Realm cultivator, so she was not weak and would only require a few days of rest to heal completely from such a wound.


Yang Kai returned to check on the situation and was relieved to see that Shangguan Yu was in no danger.


Looking at the sleeping Shangguan Yu, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. He had no other choice at the time. If he did not display his resolve, Shangguan Long would not have compromised. If it really came down to a fight, leaving aside whether or not he could escape, Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan would surely be severely injured. They might even end up dying in that situation.


At this moment, Lu Xue’s voice rang out, “Sir, Tong Yu Quan is flying over.”


Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and sure enough, he sensed that Tong Yu Quan was approaching them at a high speed. However, Tong Yu Quan was alone while Flying Flower Boat’s enormous lotus was still several dozen kilometres behind.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment, “Let him come.”


Lu Xue understood and slowed down. A moment later, Tong Yu Quan’s voice sounded, “Little Brother Yang, I wish to check Yu’er’s wounds. Please be accommodating.”


Tong Yu Quan originally thought he would not receive any response, so who could have known that the windmill would actually open up for him? He immediately slipped into the windmill without any hesitation whatsoever.




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