Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4192, Flying Flower Boat’s Suspicions


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Upon entering the windmill, Tong Yu Quan immediately came face to face with Yang Kai, who was standing right in front of him. When their eyes met, a trace of anger and murderous intent flashed through the Protector’s eyes before he lowered his gaze and said, “I wish to check on Yu’er’s injury.”


“Protector Tong, please come this way,” Yang Kai gestured to the side.


Tong Yu Quan lowered his head and entered a small room. Shangguan Yu was lying quietly inside. Her breathing was steady even though blood stains remained on her chest while her complexion was slightly pale.


Stepping forward with a sullen expression, Tong Yu Quan sat down next to her and reached out to place his fingers against her wrist. After a quick check of her pulse, he discovered that his daughter’s aura was stable. It was clear that somebody had tended to her injury. Moreover, there was a powerful medicinal efficacy flowing through her meridians and blending into her body to heal her wound.


“I asked Lu Xue to treat her injuries just now. There should not be any problems. She will only need to rest for a few days to recover completely,” Yang Kai’s voice sounded from behind.


Tong Yu Quan coldly snorted and said nothing in response. What happened this time was ultimately a result of Shangguan Long’s greed. Yang Kai had only acted to protect himself. Nevertheless, there was no denying that he caused Shangguan Yu’s injury. Even if Yang Kai was Shangguan Yu’s saviour, Tong Yu Quan could no longer view Yang Kai favourably.


“Junior Sister Yu will probably wake up tomorrow, but it is not convenient for me to explain this situation to her. She might not believe me even if I explained the truth to her, so to avoid any unnecessary disputes, I ask that you leave a jade slip that contains the entire story of what happened behind, Protector Tong. I will hand it to Junior Sister Yu when she regains consciousness. I’m sure she will believe what you say.”


Tong Yu Quan said, “I’ll stay here and explain the situation to Yu’er when she wakes up.”


Yang Kai shook his head, “No. The fact that I allowed you to check on Junior Sister Yu is my greatest display of sincerity. I cannot allow you to remain inside the windmill for so long. You are a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Master after all. If a fight breaks out, I will have a hard time resisting. Please understand, Protector Tong.”


Tong Yu Quan raised his head and glared at Yang Kai, “If I wanted to do that, I would already have done that from the beginning. Why would I waste my time here bickering with you?”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “While I also believe that you have no other intentions, Protector Tong, I am taking these precautions just in case. Before boarding Flying Flower Boat’s vessel, I never imagined that what happened today would occur either. Madam Long is a person who can repay kindness with enmity. As her beloved, what is to say that you are not influenced by her, Protector Tong?”


“She is she. I am me. Don’t confuse me with that vile woman,” Tong Yu Quan was furious.


Yang Kai quickly said, “If you insist, Protector Tong, we will end up confronting each other here. I hope you can keep Junior Sister Yu safe during the fight later. She is innocent after all.”


While Yang Kai was speaking, Lu Xue quietly appeared behind him, her beautiful eyes staring at Tong Yu Quan coldly.


The corners of Tong Yu Quan’s brow twitched before his furious expression suddenly collapsed and he nodded, “Fine. I will do as you say. I will leave a message to tell Yu’er what happened, but you have to promise that you won’t hurt a single hair on her head.”


“Don’t worry, Protector Tong. As long as Flying Flower Boat does not do anything, I promise that not a single hair on your daughter’s head will be harmed!”


“You had better!” Tong Yu Quan gritted his teeth.


A short while later, Tong Yu Quan departed. Just as Yang Kai had requested, he left behind a jade slip that contained a record of the whole story from beginning to end.


Yang Kai carefully checked the jade slip and found that there was nothing wrong with it. Everything described in the jade slip did not contain the slightest fabrication or embellishment. It only lacked the fact that Shangguan Yu had been affected by the Seven Emotions and Six Desires Wine, which caused her to do some rather disrespectful actions as a result.


Yang Kai could understand why Tong Yu Quan wanted to hide this kind of thing, so he said nothing about it. He put the jade slip away carefully in preparation for when Shangguan Yu woke up, so that he could hand it to her.


After Tong Yu Quan returned to the lotus, the enormous artifact gradually slowed down until it was 3,000 kilometres away from the windmill before it continued to follow them. This was one of Yang Kai’s requirements, and now that Shangguan Yu was in his hands, Flying Flower Boat had no choice but to comply.


One day later, the unconscious Shangguan Yu slowly woke up. When she opened her eyes, her eyes were filled with confusion. Her memory had stopped at the point where she had been drinking with Yang Kai.


Just as she was about to get up, a familiar voice entered her ear, “Junior Sister Yu, please don’t be impatient. You were injured, so it’s best if you don’t move around too much.”


“I’ve… been injured?” She was taken aback by those words, but upon a careful check, her beautiful face instantly turned pale. She could sense that she was indeed injured. Moreover, the injury was very close to her vital points. It could almost be said that she had narrowly missed death.


“What happened!? Did you save me, Senior Brother Yang? Where are my parents?” She turned to look to the side.


Yang Kai did not say much and simply handed her the jade slip that Tong Yu Quan left behind.


Shangguan Yu took the jade slip and poured her Divine Sense into it. As she checked the contents, her face turned deathly pale. She was very familiar with Tong Yu Quan’s aura and she deeply trusted every word her father spoke.


According to the information inside the jade slip, Yang Kai had gotten into conflict with Flying Flower Boat. In the end, he took her hostage and escaped the Lotus Flower Artifact; moreover, the injury on her body was caused by him.


Tong Yu Quan also told her not to act rashly. Many Flying Flower Boat Masters were following not far behind and Yang Kai would release her once he arrived at Void Land.


After checking the information inside the jade slip, Shangguan Yu’s mind fell into a chaotic mess. For her, she had simply slept through the day; however, the outside world had already changed drastically. Her saviour had turned against her parents, stabbed her with a sword, and used her as a hostage to escape. Her body involuntarily began trembling as her expression filled with fear and unease.


Yang Kai said, “Junior Sister Yu, please don’t panic. As long as you remain here quietly, I won’t do anything to you either.”


Shangguan Yu pursed her lips and nodded almost imperceptibly.


Her injury was not serious and Lu Xue had personally helped to treat her wounds previously, so she recovered completely after resting for five days.


These five days of recuperation not only allowed her to recover from her injury but also gave her mind some time to calm down. She had been thinking hard about certain things over the past few days. For example, what happened after she got drunk, why Yang Kai and Flying Flower Boat turned against each other, and why Yang Kai stabbed her with a sword…


She had the vague feeling that things were not quite as simple as she had been told. Although she mustered her courage to ask Yang Kai several times, he never answered her questions.


They passed through a Territory Gate half a month later. Then, Lu Xue’s voice rang out, “Sir, we have arrived in Void Territory.”


Yang Kai’s closed eyes slowly opened and he nodded lightly, “Good.”


A short while later, Flying Flower Boat’s Lotus Flower Artifact also passed through the Territory Gate and stepped into Void Territory.


Inside the lotus, Shangguan Long stared gloomily at the windmill 3,000 kilometres ahead of her while secretly gnashing her teeth.


All of a sudden, somebody came to report, “Boat Master, those people from Void Land are not heading towards any Territory Gate but to somewhere in this Great Territory!”


“They are not heading towards a Territory Gate?” She raised her brow at those words, “Check which Great Territory we are in!”


If they were not heading towards a Territory Gate, then it could only mean that they were almost at their destination. In other words, Void Land was most likely located in this Great Territory.


The man immediately took out the Universe Chart and referred to it, “Boat Master, this is Seven Wonder Territory.”


“Seven Wonders Territory?” She pondered for a moment, “If I remember correctly, this should be Seven Wonders Land’s domain.”


Tong Yu Quan had been silent for quite some time now, but he suddenly spoke up, “That’s right. Seven Wonders Land is located in this territory. The Master of Seven Wonders Land, Qi Qiao, is a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. However, Seven Wonders Land has always had a bad reputation and is despised by many people. Qi Qiao is also a petty man who seeks revenge for the slightest grievance.”


Shangguan Long frowned at those words, “I have also heard of Qi Qiao. He is not easy to get along with. If this territory belongs to Seven Wonders Land, then how could that brat dare to establish Void Land here? Are they not afraid of being destroyed to the point where not even their bones are left?”


In general, each Great Territory would only allow one Second-Class great force to exist; after all, how could one allow another tiger to live within one’s own territory? While there were certain Great Territories where two or more Second Class great forces coexisted, they either did so begrudgingly, or there was an immense difference in strength between them.


“Boat Master…” It was the person who spoke earlier. He seemed slightly hesitant and stammered his words, “Judging by the route they are taking, they seem to be heading toward Seven Wonders Land.”


Shangguan Long turned to look at that man, “Are you certain?”


The man hurriedly said, “Please take a look, Boat Master!”


While saying that, he respectfully handed the Universe Chart over to her. She took the Universe Chart from him suspiciously. Upon a careful check, she discovered that it was just as he mentioned. Yang Kai and the others were indeed heading straight towards Seven Wonders Land.


“Why are they heading towards Seven Wonders Land?” She was extremely bewildered.


Tong Yu Quan hesitated, “Are they related to Seven Wonders Land?”


Shangguan Long shook her head slowly. This was something she did not understand either. If that was truly the case, then things would become rather tricky. Seven Wonders Land was comparable to Flying Flower Boat in strength. If Yang Kai was closely connected to Seven Wonders Land, then things would become very troublesome.


For some reason, she had been feeling a sense of unease for a while now. In addition, that uneasy feeling was only growing stronger and stronger with time.


Three days later, a Spirit Province appeared in front of them. The Universe Chart indicated that it was the Seven Wonders Land and looking from afar, they saw that the Spirit Province was faintly emitting thousands of flashes of light. The endless Star Power of the vast universe was pouring into the Spirit Province under the traction of an inexplicable force, making it look magnificent and spectacular. The atmosphere surrounding this Spirit Province was much stronger than the Headquarters of Flying Flower Boat.


Shangguan Long asked suspiciously, “Did Seven Wonders Land have such a deep heritage?”


A group of Flying Flower Boat’s Open Heaven Realm Masters were also a little dumbfounded by the sight. Then, they all showed envious looks. It was their first time coming to the Seven Wonders Land but even so, Seven Wonders Land was not the only Second-Class great force they had ever seen. They had seen many other Headquarters of various Second-Class great forces, but none of them could compare with the present one.


Even without investigating deeply into this place, they could tell that the Seven Wonders Land was covered by an extremely sophisticated and profound Grand Array. Otherwise, it would not be possible for this Spirit Province to present such a wondrous scene.


The heritage of a Land was related to the future of the Land. Compared with the Seven Wonders Land in front of them, it was obvious that Flying Flower Boat was far from satisfactory. It was inevitable that they would feel a sense of discomfort.




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