Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4193, Someone Who Should Not Be Provoked


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“Boat Master, they’ve stopped,” An Elder in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm suddenly called out.


The others looked up and saw that the windmill artifact had stopped outside Seven Wonders Land without proceeding any further.


“Hmph. Looks like they really are related to the Seven Wonders Land. Did they think that they’ll be safe just because they sought shelter here?” Shangguan Long coldly snorted.


Tong Yu Quan quickly said, “Yu’er’s safety is of the utmost importance. Flying Flower Boat was the one who made a mistake first, so don’t create further trouble.”


“I know!” Shangguan Long snapped angrily.


During their conversation, they saw the windmill artifact being put away. Yang Kai and the others revealed their figures and quietly looked in this direction. Shangguan Yu stood beside Yang Kai. She did not seem to have been treated harshly. Moreover, a slight rosy tint had returned to her cheeks after this period of recuperation.


Tong Yu Quan breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing this.


“Let’s go. Come with me to check out the situation.” Shangguan Long stood up and walked out.


Many of Flying Flower Boat’s Masters followed closely behind. It did not take long for them to arrive outside the lotus where Yang Kai smilingly called out to them as soon as they halted in their tracks, “Welcome to Void Land!”


The Open Heaven Realm Masters of Flying Flower Boat couldn’t help looking at each other in surprise when they heard those words. Some even took out the Universe Chart to compare and verify their location.


Shangguan Long frowned, “Void Land? Isn’t this place Seven Wonders Land? How did it become Void Land?”


Yang Kai smiled, “You’re not wrong, Madam Long. It was indeed Seven Wonders Land before. However, it is now Void Land.”


His words shocked everyone! There was no reason for a Second-Class great force to suddenly change its name as a name carried fame and prestige that had been inherited over thousands of years. It was not easy to re-accumulate such fame and prestige, so they would not change their name unless the great force no longer existed.


“What do you mean?” Shangguan Long’s slender eyes narrowed slightly, the anxiety in her heart growing ever stronger.


“I took over Seven Wonders Land. From that moment onward, Seven Wonders Land no longer existed in this world. There is only Void Land!” Yang Kai explained patiently.


The Open Heaven Realm Masters suddenly burst into an uproar. Although they had some speculations in their hearts just now, they still found it hard to believe when they heard what Yang Kai said.


Seven Wonders Land was a Second-Class great force that was comparable to Flying Flower Boat in strength, not the kind of Third-Class great force that sprung up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. It contained an inheritance that spanned thousands of years, so how could it be taken over so easily? To put things into perspective, it was impossible for Flying Flower Boat to capture Seven Wonders Land even if they mustered all their strength together. Their strength might be on par with each other, but it would require a huge disparity in strength for the one attacking to achieve victory over the one defending. Did Yang Kai have such great ability?


“What about Qi Qiao Heavenly Monarch?” Shangguan Long asked.


“Naturally, he’s dead,” Yang Kai replied with a smile.


She was now completely stunned and did not know if she should believe his words. Logically speaking, since Yang Kai was speaking aloud despite being right outside Seven Wonders Land, it was obvious he had something to rely on. Besides, it would have been impossible for Qi Qiao to turn a blind eye to this disrespect if he were still alive.


Even so, she subconsciously refused to believe those words. She was still entertaining the idea of marrying her daughter to Yang Kai and slowly assimilating Void Land into Flying Flower Boat, but if Yang Kai truly had such abilities, then it was hard to say who would end up devouring whom in the end. Furthermore, she heard him saying that Void Land only had a total of five Open Heaven Realms Masters! How could he take down the entire Seven Wonders Land with just five Open Heaven Realms Masters!?


[What a joke! It’s not as if the Open Heaven Realms Masters of Seven Wonders Land are weak prey. Qi Qiao is a Fifth-Order, not to mention the several Venerable Protectors that are also Fourth-Order! It’s impossible unless… Void Land has an Open Heaven Realm Master above the Fifth Order!] The moment that thought crossed her mind, Shangguan Long’s heart pounded wildly and her gaze shifted behind Yang Kai.


Two figures were speeding out from among the countless flashes of lights. These two people were extremely fast and from the moment they appeared to the time they arrived next to Yang Kai, less than five breaths had passed. One was a beautiful and charming woman while the other was a large fatty.


The fatty was so large that it was outrageous. He was practically a huge, rolling meatball. The fat layers on his face piled up over each other so much that even his eyes were covered under the layers of fat. Although he was extremely large, the aura that he exuded certainly belonged to the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm!


It was one thing if it was just him alone; however, the key was the woman. That woman was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm!


All eyes from Flying Flower Boat immediately landed on the woman and they all felt as though they were confronting a terrifying enemy. Even Shangguan Long narrowed her phoenix eyes with an expression of shock on her face. [Void Land really does have an Open Heaven Realm Master above the Fifth Order!]


“Greetings, Sir!” In front of everyone, the fatty was the first to give his greetings. There was a flattering smile on his face as though he was not facing an Emperor Realm Junior but a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master, “Sir, your journey must have been tiring. You’ve worked hard.”


“Young Master!” The woman also bent her knees and gave an elegant bow.


Cold sweat dripped from the foreheads of all the Open Heaven Realm Masters from Flying Flower Boat. There was no wind in the Void, but they all felt a chill running from the tops of their heads to the tips of their toes at that moment.


Just the appearance of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master left them feeling inexplicably shocked; however, that Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master that they all looked up to was now calling Yang Kai ‘Young Master’! [Which family did this boy come from? How could he make a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master act so humble before him!? That is a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master! A powerful existence that could serve as a Deacon or take on other positions of authority in the Cave-Heavens and Paradises!]


[This brat can’t be the illegitimate son of some Cave-Heaven or Paradises’ Leader, right?] Shangguan Long’s expression was extremely ugly. The horror in her heart was washing over her in huge waves. When this woman in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm appeared, she knew that she had made a huge mistake!


Void Land’s heritage was much stronger than she had imagined. It was not something the small Flying Flower Boat could even think of devouring. It was almost ridiculous that she had been scheming all sorts of things before, even going so far as to disregard her daughter’s wishes. If she had known this earlier, she would never have acted so. She would have treated Yang Kai as an honoured guest and provided him with the best hospitality to get closer to him.


Even so, it was not as though there was no room for recovery. She might have schemed against Yang Kai, but she had no intention of actually causing him harm. To put it bluntly, she only tried to seduce him with a beauty, though in the end, her plans had resulted in her daughter being stabbed with a sword.


She secretly rejoiced that she had not engaged in an all-out conflict with Yang Kai; otherwise, Flying Flower Boat would have suffered greatly. The Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master alone was not something that Flying Flower Boat could deal with.


“Is that… Chen Tian Fei?” A voice suddenly came from behind.


Shangguan Long didn’t even need to look back to know that it was the voice of the Left Protector, Qin Wu Sheng, so she frowned slightly and muttered, “Chen Tian Fei? I seem to have heard that name before.”


Qin Wu Sheng explained, “Boat Master, have you forgotten? I was ordered to go out to purchase a batch of resources 30 years ago. At the time, I went to an underground part of a certain Star City and dealt with Chen Tian Fei. I bought a lot of things from him back then. You even mentioned that the quality of those resources was excellent.”


Realisation spread across her face and she nodded lightly, “I remember it now. When you came back, you even told me that the Second Manager of Scarlet Star was extremely talented. You claimed that it would be difficult to find another person like him in this world. Is that him?”


“Exactly!” He nodded.


“But… wasn’t that person the Second Manager of Scarlet Star? Why would he appear here? Not to mention his attitude towards Yang Kai,” She was puzzled.


Qin Wu Sheng replied, “Please give me some time, Boat Master. I will investigate this matter.”


While saying that, he took out a communication bead and poured his Divine Sense into it. This communication bead was something he exchanged with Chen Tian Fei back then. It was supposed to make contacting each other easier if they had any other transactions with each other in the future; however, 30 years had passed and he never returned to Scarlet Star’s Star City. If he had not seen Chen Tian Fei here today, he would not have recalled that incident back then.


Sure enough, Chen Tian Fei suddenly looked up and glanced over in Qin Wu Sheng’s direction after he sent a message.


Qin Wu Sheng nodded and smiled at Chen Tian Fei while cupping his fists in that direction.


Chen Tian Fei nodded lightly and used his own communication bead to speak with Qin Wu Sheng.


After some time, Qin Wu Sheng’s expression became more and more solemn. It even reached a point where he was sweating profusely!


“What’s wrong?” Shangguan Long noticed that something was wrong and asked, “Did you find out why he, as the Second Manager of Scarlet Star, is here and not in their Star City instead? What does Void Land have to do with Scarlet Star?”


Qin Wu Sheng swallowed nervously and replied astringently, “Boat Master, I’ve finished asking about that matter. Scarlet Star is gone.”


“Scarlet Star is gone?” She was surprised, “If I remember correctly, Scarlet Star is also a Second-Class great force, right? They have several Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. How can Scarlet Star be gone?”


“Yes. Scarlet Star is a Second-Class great force. Not only that, there were two other Second-Class great forces in that Star City, Sword Pavilion and Thunder Lightning. These three great forces used to occupy a single somewhat chaotic Star City, but…” His expression twitched, “They are all gone now.”


“What happened!?” She was stunned. [All three Second-Class great forces are gone!? What the Hell happened in that Star City!?]


“Thunder Light and Scarlet Star were wiped out by Yang Kai! Chen Tian Fei further claimed that the destruction of Sword Pavilion was also related to him.”


“What!?” Everyone from Flying Flower Boat was shocked. [Three Second-Class great forces were destroyed just like that!? How cruel and ruthless could Yang Kai be!? How much hidden strength does he have!? Not to mention, Flying Flower Boat has also offended Yang Kai…]


For a moment, everybody felt their limbs going cold. It felt as though they had glimpsed the future of Flying Flower Boat.


Qin Wu Sheng’s expression was stiff, almost as though he had eaten an entire basket of bitter gourds. His smile was extremely bitter as he continued to report, “Chen Tian Fei told me that he is just Yang Kai’s servant now. The name ‘Scarlet Star Second Manager’ should never be mentioned again.”




The sound of people gulping nervously came out. A Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master was, by no means, weak in the 3,000 Worlds. Even so, he was willing to humble himself and admit to being someone else’s servant. That was not just a matter of suppression of strength.


[What kind of power does this Yang Kai have to subordinate a character like Chen Tian Fei? Furthermore, that Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master calls Yang Kai ‘Young Master’! Flying Flower Boat… seems to have provoked someone who should never be provoked!]


Instantly, everybody else’s eyes turned to Shangguan Long. Although nobody said any words of rebuke, Shangguan Long still felt her face burning with shame. She was in no mood to get annoyed though as she knew that if she did not handle the situation well, then what happened to Seven Wonders Land, Scarlet Star, and Thunder Light would most likely become Flying Flower Boat’s future!




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