Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4194, How Outrageous


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“Void Land has such a grand atmosphere and heritage even though it is newly established. It has really opened this Queen’s eyes. Flying Flower Boat can only sigh and admit its inferiority.” Shangguan Long forced out a smile and looked at Yang Kai, “It’s true that there are talented people all over the world. When my cultivation was in the Emperor Realm like you, Little Brother Yang, I was struggling over various unremarkable cultivation resources. However, you have already occupied an entire Spirit Province. There are also many capable subordinates serving under you. Your future ahead will be limitless.”


Listening to her exaggerated flattery, Yang Kai smiled faintly, “Madam Long, you are too polite.”


She then added, “Flying Flower Boat is extremely grateful to you for saving my daughter’s life, Little Brother Yang. We specially prepared some gifts to show our appreciation and sincerity. I hope you won’t refuse.”


After saying that, she curled her finger and flicked out a Space Ring towards him.


Yang Kai reached out his hand and caught the Space Ring. Scanning through the contents with his Divine Sense, he lifted his head and glanced at her with interest. There were a lot of items inside the Space Ring, far exceeding the scope of thank-you gifts. Even for a Second-Class great force, this kind of gift would be a huge expenditure.


Back when she first invited him to board the Lotus Flower Artifact, Shangguan Long had mentioned wanting to prepare a thank-you gift for him for saving Shangguan Yu. It was just that she failed to fulfil her promise over the next few days, and then there was that disturbance afterwards. For her to throw out this Space Ring at this time clearly indicated her conciliatory intentions. There might not have been so many items inside this Space Ring at the start. It was most likely that she added a portion of these items in at the last moment.


As they looked at each other, Yang Kai’s gaze was filled with aggression. Although Shangguan Long’s expression revealed her nervousness, her eyes contained a hidden determination in their depths.


She was the one who made a mistake in the first place. She initially thought nothing of Void Land, but she immediately understood that all her scheming from before was delusional when confronted with Void Land’s powerful heritage. Since she was at fault, she could accept suffering a little pain to calm the other party. However, if he refused to back down, then she would show him that the elites of Flying Flower Boat were not pushovers either!


The void almost seemed as if it would freeze into solid ice.


Yue He and Chen Tian Fei were clueless about the situation, but they could sense that the atmosphere was not right. They both turned their gazes towards Shangguan Long at the same time, firmly locking onto her! The moment she made any strange movements, she would definitely receive a storm of attacks from the both of them.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai smiled, “Many thanks, Madam Long. Purging evil is simply what one should do. Saving Junior Sister Yu was just a coincidence.”


Shangguan Long let out a breath of relief and broke out into a smile, “Regardless of the circumstances, Flying Flower Boat owes you a favour. If Void Land ever needs our help, please feel free to speak. Flying Flower Boat will not refuse as long as it is within our abilities!”


“Madam Long is righteous indeed. Since you have said so, then I won’t hold myself back. It just so happens that I would like to ask you for something, Madam Long. I wonder if you can give it to me.”


Shangguan Long groaned in her heart as she thought to herself, [Smelly Brat, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch!]


She was tempted to confront the other party right here and now, but she was helpless. Her daughter was still in their hands; thus, she could only force herself to smile and ask, “What did you take a liking to, Little Brother Yang?”


Yang Kai lifted a hand and pointed behind her, “I’ve taken a great liking to Flying Flower Boat’s Lotus Flower Artifact. Void Land is newly established, so there is a shortage of people and resources. We lack everything you can think of, not to mention such a large flight-type artifact. It would be great if you were willing to give it to me, Madam Long. It’s no big deal if you are reluctant, you can just pretend I never said anything.”


Left Protector Qin Wu Sheng immediately glared at Yang Kai, “Brat, how dare you try to take the lion’s share!? Do you know just how valuable our Falling Lotus is!?”


Likewise, all the other Open Heaven Realm Masters of Flying Flower Boat glared at Yang Kai furiously!


An artifact like the Falling Lotus was not just a simple flight-type artifact. It was an all-rounded artifact that integrated both defensive and offensive abilities. Such a vessel was often the manifestation of a great force’s heritage. Moreover, not every great force could afford something like that. Refining such an artifact would consume an unimaginable number of resources. There was only one Falling Lotus in the entire Flying Flower Boat, so how could they not be furious when Yang Kai was openly coveting it?


However, Qin Wu Sheng had only just finished speaking when he felt a strong gust of wind blowing towards him. He hurriedly surged his World Force and raised his arms to guard himself.




His body swayed unsteadily as blood trickled out the corner of his mouth while both his arms fell limply to his sides. He looked up and stared at Yue He in shock and horror as the attack just now came from her.


“If you dare speak impolitely towards Young Master again, you will die!” Yue He’s beautiful eyes were filled with fury as she glared at Qin Wu Sheng coldly, causing him to flush with anger but not dare to say a word.


He was only in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm while she was in the Sixth-Order. There was a difference of two whole Orders between them; hence, he instantly felt the horror of this woman from that blow alone. It was not just him, all of Flying Flower Boat put together would not be her opponent.


Yang Kai lazily said, “Just forget it if you are reluctant to part with it, Madam Long. I was just asking casually.”


Shangguan Long’s expression was dark as she clenched her fists tightly and her chest heaved violently. It was clear that her emotions were not stable, but a short while later, she gritted her teeth and smiled lightly, “Since you’ve taken a fancy to the Falling Lotus, this Queen will give it to you, Little Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai lifted a brow and chuckled happily, “Many thanks, Madam.”


She replied, “I’m glad you like it.” Then, she turned to look at Shangguan Yu, “Yu’er, come here.”


Shangguan Yu turned her head to glance at Yang Kai and seeing that he was smiling at her with no intention of stopping her, she finally moved her body and ran over to Shangguan Long. She reached her mother’s side in an instant and lightly let out a breath of relief.


Then, Yang Kai enthusiastically offered, “You have all come a long way. It must have been tiring to travel so far. Why don’t you come in and have a rest inside? That way, I can fully show you some proper hospitality.”


“No need,” Shangguan Long rejected his offer without any hesitation. She was afraid that she would explode in anger if she remained here any longer. Thus, she decisively said, “It has been two years since we first left Flying Flower Boat. It is time for us to return. If we get another chance, we will definitely come to visit you!”


“Is that so…” Yang Kai revealed a regretful look, “In that case, I won’t keep you here any longer. I’m very grateful for your hard work in escorting me all the way back. I hope we meet again in the future.”


Shangguan Long gave him a deep look before pulling her daughter by the hand, activating her power, and flying off into the depths of the void. The hundred or so people from Flying Flower Boat gradually flew out of the Falling Lotus to follow closely behind her. Some of them even turned back to stare at the Falling Lotus with reluctant gazes before they left.


It wasn’t until they flew far away that a burst of terrifying undulations erupted out of Shangguan Long’s body. She had suppressed her rage up until this moment but could not do so anymore. She had to vent her anger; otherwise, her rage would damage her heart and injure her.


“How outrageous!” She gashed her teeth. This incident was nothing short of a huge humiliation. Flying Flower Boat had stood strong in the 3,000 Worlds for thousands of years, but it had never been humiliated so terribly before. Moreover, all of this was caused by a mere Emperor Realm brat! It was difficult for her to dispel her depression.


“Boat Master, are we really just going to give him the Falling Lotus?” Qin Wu Sheng looked angry. He had suffered a loss at Yue He’s hands just now. Unfortunately, his strength was lacking and he did not dare to fight back. Even so, it was a given that he would hold a grudge over the incident.


“What else could we have done otherwise!?” She gashed her teeth, “That little bastard specifically asked for the Falling Lotus. It would have come down to a battle if I refused! Who can stop that Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!? What’s more, Yu’er was still in their hands!”


Just thinking about the power of that woman in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, everybody felt a resonating sense of sympathy.


Tong Yu Quan scowled, “What’s gone is gone. At least all of us came out of this incident alive. Besides, Flying Flower Boat was in the wrong. Just think of it as a monetary loss in exchange to avoid disaster.”


“What did this Queen do wrong!? He should be honoured that this Queen took a liking to him, but that stinking brat did not appreciate my kindness. Void Land… Just you wait! One day, this Queen will definitely make you pay for this humiliation with interest!”


Tong Yu Quan turned to look at his wife of many years, but when he saw her face that was distorted by hatred, he couldn’t help sighing heavily.




Outside Void Land, Yue He stared into the void suspiciously, “Young Master, what happened between you and that group of people?”


Although she could tell that Yang Kai and Flying Flower Boat were not on friendly terms, she did not know what had happened between them. It was only because she received a message from Yang Kai just now that she and Chen Tian Fei hurriedly flew out to receive him.


“It’s a long story,” Yang Kai slowly shook his head. He did not wish to explain further in detail; after all, this incident would also affect Shangguan Yu’s reputation. Looking Yue He up and down, he asked, “When did you come out of retreat? Were there any dangers in your breakthrough?”


When Yue He saw how concerned he was over her, a feeling of sweetness that was sweeter than honey welled up in her heart. She broke into a huge smile as she reported, “I came out of retreat about a month ago, but my cultivation has not stabilised completely yet. I will need some time to consolidate it. My breakthrough was also very smooth and there were no dangers. Please rest assured, Young Master.”


If one were to cultivate in a regular manner, it would take at least several hundred years of accumulation to break through from the Fifth Order to the Sixth Order; however, a single Mid-Rank World Fruit had allowed her to advance by an entire Order in a matter of months. That was not all. Yue He originally could only be expected to reach the Seventh Order, but she now had hope of reaching the Eighth Order because she consumed the World Fruit! The World Fruit enhanced not only her current Order but also increased the limits of her future growth.


On the other hand, Chen Tian Fei was staring at Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan in dumbfounded amazement. His eyes pushed apart the fat and widened to the size of eggs.


He was not particularly bothered by the strange occurrence earlier. Rather, he discovered something that shocked him greatly when the people from Flying Flower Boat left. Lu Xue had advanced into the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm! Even Guo Zi Yan had advanced into the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm!


He could accept Guo Zi Yan’s breakthrough as the other party’s starting point was lower, so breaking through was also easier. However, Lu Xue’s breakthrough completely baffled him!


Previously, Lu Xue and he were in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm so their strength was on par with each other and nobody was inferior to the other. Now, however, Lu Xue had leapt over him after this trip. It was rather difficult for him to accept.


Not to mention, if he recalled correctly, Lu Xue became an Open Heaven Realm Master several dozen years after him! In other words, he should have been the first to advance into the next Order! Lu Xue should not have beaten him to it!


[It makes no sense for these two to suddenly advance into the next Realm after going on a trip with Yang Kai. Just… what kind of mysterious and wonderful opportunity did they encounter?]


For a while, Chen Tian Fei was filled with both envy and jealousy. Rubbing his fat hands together, he came to Yang Kai’s side and gave a flattering smile, “Sir, can you bring this humble subordinate with you the next time you head out?”




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