Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4195, The Changes in Void Land


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Inside Void Land, Yang Kai closed his eyes and carefully perceived his surroundings. He had not left this place for long, at most only around a year or so. Even so, Earth-shaking changes had occurred. Nothing could be seen from the surface, but careful probing would reveal the impenetrable fortress hidden around Void Land now.


Under Grandmaster Wu Liang’s supervision, the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was gradually becoming more and more perfect. It was also gradually showing its power.


The entire Grand Array had cost Yang Kai countless resources. Almost 80% of the various precious treasures he brought back from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary had been invested into the Grand Array, so it could be perceived just how terrifyingly powerful the Grand Array would be once fully activated.


It was hard to say whether a Grand Array of this scale could be comparable to those of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises, but it was definitely not something a Second-Class great force would ever have. It was said that the Second-Class great forces had inheritances that were accumulated for tens of thousands of years or even longer. They also had large businesses and a powerful heritage. Nonetheless, they had many disciples under them. Cultivation required massive amounts of resources, so where would they find the extra resources and energy to arrange a Grand Array of this level?


If not for that, the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array would not have fallen into Yang Kai’s hands.


Grandmaster Wu Liang had helped many great forces arrange Grand Arrays, and he preached the various benefits of this particular one to many Leaders of various great forces.


How could those Leaders fail to understand the strength of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array? On the contrary, they almost immediately recognized this point. It was just that they did not have the budget to arrange something like that. They had many disciples under them to take care of, so if they poured such a large amount of resources into a single Grand Array, then what would they do about their disciples’ cultivation?


That was why nobody had given Grandmaster Wu Liang the chance to realize his ambitions so far despite how hard he persuaded the other party.


Only an extremely rich man like Yang Kai, who suddenly acquired a massive amount of terrifying resources and inexplicably acquired a Spirit Province out of nowhere, could let Grandmaster Wu Liang go so wild.


When Yang Kai left Void Land, the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was only half-completed, but by the time he returned, the Grand Array was more or less completed. It was only missing a few more key Array Cores. According to Grandmaster Wu Liang’s estimate, the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array would be perfected in two more months at the most. When that time came, the Grand Array would officially start operating. Yang Kai could not wait for that day to come.


He slowly opened his eyes and let out a long breath. Looking back, he saw that the 600,000 people he brought from the Star Boundary were continuously coming out of the entrance to the Small Sealed World. There might be many of them, but their movements were orderly.


Regardless of who they were, anyone would be amazed after suddenly coming to a new world. Even the Great Emperors were looking around their surroundings curiously.


Mo Huang said, “Kid, is this the Void Land you mentioned previously?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, this is Void Land.”


Duan Hong Chen carefully perceived his surroundings and said, “As I expected, it is slightly different from the Star Boundary. Improvement is certainly possible if we cultivate here.”


In the Star Boundary, the Great Emperors’ cultivation had already reached the limits of the Universe World so no matter how hard they cultivated, they could not improve any further. However, the unseen restraints that bound them vanished when they arrived at this place. They couldn’t help the feeling as though their world had expanded. Even their hearts and minds seemed to become wider.


This was also the reason why many Great Emperors of various Universe Worlds chose to jump out into the Outer Universe and shake off the shackles of their Universe World when their cultivation reached its limits. It was just that the Star Boundary was located in a rather isolated and remote area and they had never heard of the Open Heaven Realm before the arrival of Great Demon God, so they did not know anything about it.


Yang Kai laughed, “Those in the Emperor Realm and above require a large number of resources to cultivate. Please don’t rush. It’s not too late to start cultivating once you’ve gotten more familiar with this place.”


While they were conversing, Yue He watched quietly from the side. At this moment, she stepped forward and gave an elegant bow, “Yue He greets several Sirs. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions regarding your cultivation in the future. I will definitely help you to the best of my abilities.”


All the Great Emperors turned to look at her. She had been standing by Yang Kai’s side all this while. Moreover, her aura was not very obvious, so they had not paid much attention to her at the beginning. When they heard what she said, they couldn’t help releasing their Divine Sense to check her more carefully. However, their Divine Senses felt like raindrops sinking into the sea. There was no reaction whatsoever, so their expressions became strange.


Zhan Wu Hen secretly tugged at Yang Kai’s sleeve and asked in a whisper, “What is this lady’s cultivation?”


Yang Kai made a number ‘6’ gesture.


Flower Shadow asked, “How does she compare to the Great Demon God?”


“How should I put this…” Yang Kai scratched his face. The Great Emperors had only just arrived in the Outer Universe, so their understanding of the Open Heaven Realm was vague and he had no way to give them a detailed explanation in such a short time. So after some thought, he replied, “She could probably vaporize Great Demon God with a wave of her hand.”


Back when Great Demon God caused such chaos throughout the Star Boundary, he had only exerted the strength of a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master at most. It certainly would not take much effort for a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yue He to erase a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


Flower Shadow stared at him with horror in her beautiful eyes. Despite using up all their strength near the end of the war, they were still nearly wiped out in that battle. The strength of Great Demon God was still fresh in her memory, but as strong as Great Demon God was, he still couldn’t take a single blow from this woman…


Many of the Great Emperors’ expressions became solemn. They cupped their fists in unison while Zhan Wu Hen said, “You are far too polite, Madam. We will surely disturb you a lot in the future. Allow us to thank you in advance.”


Yue He pursed her lips and smiled, “Sir is being too stiff. I am the Young Master’s maidservant. It is part of my duties to share the burdens of the Young Master.”


Hearing her call herself a maidservant, he did not know how to respond. He simply glanced at Yang Kai with a meaningful look before putting his hands behind his back and studying his surroundings.


The gazes of Yu Ru Meng and the others felt like leeches, however, biting firmly into Yang Kai’s body with a deep sense of scrutiny.


Yang Kai sweated profusely as he chuckled awkwardly and introduced, “Yue He, these are my wives.”


Yue He bent her knees and bowed, “This servant greets the Young Madams!”


Yu Ru Meng and the others had strange expressions on their faces. It was their first time hearing the title ‘Young Madam”, so they couldn’t help being a little uncomfortable.


However, Yu Ru Meng was not just any ordinary person. As a Charm Demon Demon Saint, she used to be one of the greatest Masters in the Demon Realm; therefore, she showed no restraint even when faced with a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yue He. Naturally, the main reason was that she had also slaughtered a so-called Open Heaven Realm Master back in the Demon Realm, giving her more confidence.


She directly walked up, took Yue He’s small hand, and smiled brightly, “Such a pretty young lady. How can that bastard be so hard-hearted as to make you his maidservant? Did he bully you? Tell me; I will punish him for you!”


Yang Kai looked down to the ground, feeling cold sweat dripping down his back like a waterfall.


Yue He shook her head and replied gently, “No. I am following and serving the Young Master of my own volition.”


“Is that so?” Yu Ru Meng smiled sweetly “If he bullies you, you have to let me know. This man has a way with women. Look at us; we sisters were all tricked by him and boarded this pirate’s ship before we even knew it. At this point, we can’t even get off if we wanted to!”


Yue He said, “Young Master is a little strict, but he is a good man.”


Yu Ru Meng suddenly exclaimed, “Little Sister, your hands are so smooth.”


Yue He seemed shy, “Young Madam, your skin is also very smooth.”


“I got so carried away while talking to you that I forgot to introduce you to the others,” While saying that, Yu Ru Meng dragged Yue He along with her and began to introduce Su Yan and the others.


Yue He greeted every one of them and discovered that Su Yan and the others were each great beauties in their own right. They were either charming and seductive, cold and noble, sweet and adorable, naive and innocent, or heroic and valiant. They all had different temperaments and charms so she couldn’t help feeling secretly speechless. It was her first time learning that the Young Master she served had so many lovers. Thus, she couldn’t help turning to glance at him.


However, she saw Yang Kai standing there with a solemn expression. He was speaking to the Great Emperors in a low voice. After listening to their conversation, she heard him say, “Since it’s your first time here, why don’t I show you around? It will help you familiarise yourself with the surroundings.”


Zhan Wu Hen waved his hand dismissively, “No need. You can do your own things. The four of us will just stroll around casually.”


After saying that, he stepped forward and slipped outside.


Mo Huang said, “I’m going to take a look around too.”


He strode forward, heading towards a different direction.


Yang Kai turned to look at Duan Hong Chen, but Bustling World Great Emperor chased after Zhan Wu Hen while shouting, “Old Ghost Zhan, wait for me!”


*Shua shua shua…* 


One after another, the Great Emperors scattered in different directions. Before leaving, Flower Shadow glared at Yang Kai. Her expression indicated that she was taking pleasure in his misfortune as she snickered, “You get what you deserve!”


At this moment, somebody suddenly rushed over to Yang Kai and excitedly said, “Adoptive Father, have we arrived at Void Land!?”


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened as he grabbed Yang Xiao and nodded repeatedly. “That’s right, Xiao’er. This place is Void Land. In the future, you will be cultivating here. Let me tell you; Void Land has the Seven Lands of the Yin, Yang, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water Elements. It’s very mysterious. Why don’t I show you around?!”


Yang Xiao waved his hand swiftly though, “No need. Father can attend to his own matters. I’ll go and take a stroll with Little Aunt and Great Aunt.”


After saying that, he broke free of Yang Kai’s grip and called out to Yang Xue and Liu Yan before he turned into a stream of light and vanished out of sight.


Qiong Qi chased after them, “Young Masters, wait for me!”


Yang Kai was about to spit blood at this point. While he was feeling speechless, his gaze swept over somebody all of a sudden and he immediately shouted excitedly, “Second Manager!”


Among the crowd of people that had just walked out of the Small Sealed World’s entrance was Bian Yu Qing. Before she could even look around at her surroundings though, she immediately came over and cupped her fists, “How may I help you, Palace Master?”


“Has everybody come out?” Yang Kai asked solemnly with his hands behind his back, trying to look authoritative.


Bian Yu Qing just glanced at him strangely though. The Sealed World Bead was Yang Kai’s artifact, so he could tell how many people were still inside with a single thought. Why would he need to ask her? Even so, she answered his question honestly, “They’ve all come out, Palace Master. I was the last person to leave.”


“Good, good. You served as the Second Manager at High Heaven Palace. During all those years when I was gone, you and Head Manager handled all the affairs of the Palace and managed the place very well. Now that we are in Void Land and Head Manager did not come with us, I can only rely on you.”


She solemnly replied, “I will do my best so as not to disappoint you, Palace Master.”


“Let me introduce somebody to you.” Yang Kai turned to the side and shouted, “Yue He, come here.”


Yue He was talking to Yu Ru Meng and the other women, but when she heard Yang Kai’s call, she immediately excused herself and came over. She looked relieved as she did. Shooting him with a grateful expression, she asked, “How can I help you, Young Master?”




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  1. Wait until Yang Kai and everyone else discover that the Void Land is not a fixed placed. It is on the back of a Giant Turtle moving in space! And the turtle’s spirit will remind Dragon Ball fans of Master Rochi.

      1. I don’t know if 7 wonders land is actually on the back of a turtle, but I don’t think he was spoiling anything, his comment should be a joke. After yang kai destroyed scarlet star and took ownership of 7 wonders land, the author finally gave a description of how all the elemental orchards were arranged. And according to his description, the orchards were arranged in a way that made 7 wonders land resemble a turtle. The earth orchard being the shell, the 4 other elements being the limbs, and yin and yang being the head and tail. Raymondjram’s comment should have been a joke that was referencing this description. Or maybe he is right and 7 wonders land really is on the back of a turtle. Honestly wouldn’t bat an eye if it turned out to be true.

      2. The shape of the land has been described as “if it was a turtle, then earth land would be centre, other elements form the paws and yin/yang lands would be head and tail”. Just like the rest of Ray’s comments so far this one is hard to tell between joke and speculation, but it’s probably not a spoiler.

  2. Charming and seductive: Shang Qing Luo, Yu Ru Meng
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    naive and innocent: Xia Ning Chang
    heroic and valiant: Zhu Qing (?)

    Zhu Qing fits heroic the best out of the wives I think (or something different fits the other wives far better), and besides sweet, the others don’t fit Xue Yue I’d say (and sweet was still free).

    So I’ll count that as Zhu Qing not being forgotten

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