Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4197, Completion of the Grand Array


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Three months went by in the blink of an eye.


During these three months, the 600,000 people from the Star Boundary gradually became familiar with Void Land. Under the proper management of Yue He and Bian Yu Qing, these 600,000 were settled in the various Spirit Provinces and were now performing their respective duties.


Under Bian Yu Qing’s suggestion, Void Land established several ‘Halls’. They were Pill Hall, Artifact Hall, Array Hall, Scripture Hall, Martial Hall, and Divine Spirit Hall.


Among them, the Wondrous Pill Great Emperor served as the Hall Master of the Pill Hall. He cultivated the Alchemic Dao and used that to condense his Dao Seal. His achievements in Alchemy had long since reached the limits of the Star Boundary; therefore, his Alchemy skills were so superb that he stood at the peak of all those present.


If Void Land wanted to develop further, it could not afford to sit around and do nothing while the resources were depleted. Most of the resources that Yang Kai obtained from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary had been spent on the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array. Even if there was some surplus, they could not be considered abundant. In addition, what they found in the secret storehouse of Seven Wonders Land and the compensation from Flying Flower Boat would not last long. The Great Emperors had reached the limits of their cultivation, so they were eager to improve themselves, but if they were to start cultivating, they would surely require materials of the Fifth Order and above, right?


The price for any Fifth-Order material was calculated by the millions of Open Heaven Pills, and that was only for Fifth-Order materials. It might be that the Great Emperors would need more than Fifth-Order materials. They might require Sixth-Order materials or even higher! If so, the costs would be even greater and more terrifying! Therefore, Void Land required a means of generating income.


It was just that Void Land was newly established, so with neither connections nor contacts, how could it have a means of generating revenue? It was truly fortunate that Seven Wonders Land had left behind an amazing heritage. The seven Orchards were currently Void Land’s greatest wealth. The seven types of spirit fruit were the primary ingredients to refine Open Heaven Pills, so if they could get their hands on the pill recipe, refining Open Heaven Pills would not be a problem with Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s heritage in the Alchemic Dao. That was why Void Land’s highest priority at the moment was to develop the Pill Hall. It was also the key to Void Land’s rise to greatness in the future.


On the other hand, Hou Yu served as the Hall Master of the Artifact Hall. Her cultivation could not be considered high as she was only in the Second-Order Emperor Realm. Nevertheless, nobody in Void Land could surpass her when it came to Artifact Refining. Back in the Star Boundary, the name ‘Monkey Grandmaster’ had become famous throughout the land. Many cultivators had taken pride in owning the artifacts she personally refined. If not for Nanmen Da Jun’s introduction, Yang Kai would not have been able to get her under his command.


Hou Yu had refined countless amazing artifacts for High Heaven Palace back in the Star Boundary, and those artifacts played a huge role in the war between the two worlds.


Meanwhile, Nanmen Da Jun naturally served as the Hall Master of the Array Hall. He hardly had a moment to rest since he arrived in Void Land as he had been studying under Grandmaster Wu Liang. Nanmen Da Jun was practically obsessed with Arrays but the Universe World known as the Star Boundary had bound his hands and feet; therefore, he had been unable to pull himself away after seeing the mystery of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array upon his arrival at Void Land.


He had an extremely rich heritage in the Dao of Spirit Arrays and a high sense of comprehension. Otherwise, he would not have achieved the success he enjoyed today.


Over the past three months, he had been working under Grandmaster Wu Liang and proclaiming himself to be a Disciple. He was hard-working and conscientious to the point where he neglected to even eat and sleep.


Grandmaster Wu Liang originally despised Array Masters who originated from lower Universe Worlds; however, he quickly discovered that Nanmen Da Jun had a unique sense and comprehension in the Dao of Spirit Arrays. While Nanmen Da Jun’s achievements in the Dao of Spirit Arrays could not be compared to his, that was simply because their environment for growth was too different. He had to admit that he might not have reached the level of achievement that Nanmen Da Jun had if he was placed in a lower Universe World instead. Combined with his gratitude towards Yang Kai for providing him with the means to arrange the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array and fulfil his long-cherished wish, the Grandmaster did not conceal his knowledge and fully intended to teach Nanmen Da Jun.


One was willing to learn and the other was willing to teach; hence, Nanmen Da Jun madly absorbed the mysteries of the Outer Universe’s Dao of Spirit Arrays during these three months and experienced a huge leap in growth.


The existence of the Scripture Hall was to store various Secret Techniques and ancient books. Be it in the Star Boundary or the Outer Universe, Yang Kai had killed many, especially in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. He obtained many spoils of war, among which contained many Secret Techniques and Secret Arts. These were almost all useless to him, but he kept them anyway. These resources were now stored in the Scripture Hall so that the disciples could study and cultivate them.


Yang Kai entrusted the position of Hall Master of the Martial Hall to Lu Xue. She was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all, so it was a given that she had the qualifications. On this point, even the Great Emperors had nothing to say.


It was just that most of the 600,000 people who came from the Star Boundary had relatively shallow foundations; therefore, on the basis of understanding the common sense of the Martial Dao in the Outer Universe, the Great Emperors and Pseudo-Great Emperors would occasionally preach the Dao to the disciples regarding the important points to take note of during their cultivation and some cultivation tricks.


In the Star Boundary, it was practically impossible to receive a chance to listen to the teachings of a Great Emperor. None of the Great Emperors had that much time to do such things. They would only take in a few disciples to carefully teach and nurture at most; however, they put aside their status after coming to the Outer Universe and contributed to the development of Void Land.


How precious and valuable were the Great Emperors’ cultivation experiences? It was exactly what these 600,000 people needed. For that reason, the lectures would be bursting at the seams with people every time the Great Emperors held a class. Countless cultivators broke free of their own shackles during these three months and their strength increased sharply.


As for the Divine Spirit Hall, it was a very special hall. There was no helping it. Many Divine Spirits had been brought over from the Star Boundary. Leaving aside the fact that dozens of pure-blooded members of the Dragon Clan from Dragon Island were here, there were also several hundred Dragonborn with the Dragon Clan bloodlines. Not to mention, Luan Feng, Fan Wu, Cang Gou, and the countless Monster Kings from the Ancient Wild Lands.


These Monster Kings originally had faint Divine Spirit bloodlines flowing in them but could not really be considered Divine Spirits. The Blood Gate had remained open after Zhang Ruo Xi came out of retreat though. Consequently, many members of the Monster Race had entered the Blood Gate over the years and received their ancestor’s Sources.


Take Ying Fei for example. He received the Flaming Eagle’s Source from within the Blood Gate, allowing him to become a Divine Spirit now. As such, almost half of the thirty-two Monster Kings had become Divine Spirits.


There were also the Stone Spirit Clan, Xiao Xiao, the Wood Spirit Clan, Liu Yan, Qiong Qi, and Spirit Beast Island’s Jiu Feng who served under Martial Beast Great Emperor Mo Huang.


It was very rare for so many Divine Spirits to gather in one place, even in the 3,000 Worlds. Divine Spirits were extremely prideful existences and generally acted alone. Only a unique environment like Void Land could make them coexist so peacefully.


The Divine Spirits mainly cultivated by improving their Bloodline Power and Purity while developing their Source. It was very different from ordinary cultivators. In this regard, nobody could help them except themselves.


However, if these Divine Spirits managed to grow and become powerful, even the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises would not be able to challenge Void Land easily.


The many halls carried out their respective duties, and while there were some flaws, Void Land was a newly-established entity after all. It was only natural that there were many arrangements that had yet to be perfected. The many disciples were also free to join the respective halls in order to cultivate according to their interests and specialties.


In addition to these many halls, the current Void Land was also divided into two types of disciples: the Outer Disciples and the Inner Disciples. The Outer Disciples consisted of the cultivators below the Emperor Realm, and there were many of them, consisting of practically 99% of the population. On the other hand, the Inner Disciples were those in the Emperor Realm, of which there were about 1,000 at the moment. These people not only included the Emperor Realm cultivators from the Star Boundary but also those who originally belonged to Small Orchid Palace.


Once somebody advanced into the Open Heaven Realm, they would automatically leave the Inner Disciples and be promoted to the status of a Deacon. It was just that the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land were so few at the moment that they could only look forward to future development.


In just three months, Void Land had already formed a preliminary outline and organizational structure. Everything was right on track.


At this moment, Yang Kai was standing in the sky above Void Land. He was holding the Void Land’s Array Jade in his hand and feeling the mysteries of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array.


Grandmaster Wu Liang was standing next to Yang Kai. Compared to the first time they met, the Spirit Array Grandmaster had lost a lot of weight and appeared quite haggard; however, his expression was extremely animated. He was explaining the various benefits and aspects of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array to Yang Kai.


“True Monarch, I’m sure you have some understanding of this Old Master’s Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array already but let me explain again. The Grand Array can be divided into nine layers that integrate various functions into one. Moreover, these functions are linked together. It is so wonderful that it cannot be described in words.” His eyes were bloodshot, but he was in high spirits. His entire being was filled with vigour as he pointed forward and continued, “The first three layers of the Grand Array are the basic foundations of the Grand Array. When in operation, they will draw Star Power from the outside and pour the energy into the Grand Array to keep it running smoothly. The excess energy will be stored for emergencies. That is not all. The first three layers of the Grand Array are also capable of self-restoration. As long as the damage is not too serious, they will be able to repair most damage by themselves.”


Yang Kai was mentally connected to the Array Jade, so when he studied the first three layers of the Grand Array, he discovered that Grandmaster Wu Liang had not exaggerated his words. Thus, he nodded lightly. Grandmaster Wu Liang had already explained these functions to Yang Kai before setting up the Nine Heavenly Layers after all.


Grandmaster Wu Liang continued, “The three middle layers are Defensive Arrays. The first function is for concealment. If you wish, True Monarch, you can activate the Spirit Array to hide Void Land completely so that it cannot be seen from the outside. Of course, you can also lure the enemy deeper into your trap if you wish with this method. This Concealment Spirit Array does not only work to conceal but also to create illusions. The second function is to bewilder one’s enemies. Those who enter this Spirit Array will experience all sorts of hallucinations. They will not be able to distinguish North from East, West, or South. Naturally, you can also increase the power of this Spirit Array if you have a suitable artifact to act as its Array Core. This Old Master has already reserved a spot for this Array Core in advance. When that time comes, you can decide for yourself whether to use it or not!


“The third function is for pure defence. I have already set the Heavenly Net Umbrella you brought back previously into the Array Core. I have no idea who created the Heavenly Net Umbrella, but it is very powerful. If you use this as the Array Core to activate the Defensive Grand Array… This Old Master does not dare to say that Void Land will be impenetrable, but it would take at least ten Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters working together for three days and three nights to break through it.”


Yang Kai raised his brow at those words and happily expressed his thanks, “Many thanks, Grandmaster.”


Grandmaster Wu Liang waved his hand dismissively, “You don’t need to thank this Old Master; in fact, it is I who should be the one thanking you instead. The cost of the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array is truly enormous. This Old Master conceived this Spirit Array several hundred years ago but has never had the chance to arrange it. With your support, I was finally able to see my grand idea come alive. It can be said that this Old Master’s lifelong wish has been fulfilled.”




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