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Martial Peak – Chapter 4199, Major Purchase

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“A Star City might not necessarily have it either.” Yang Kai shook his head. He once stayed in a Star City for a while and even dealt with many of the shopkeepers of prominent stores there. Even so, he had never heard of anybody selling the pill recipe for Open Heaven Pills before. That undoubtedly meant that the pill recipe for Open Heaven Pills was a rare item. While speaking, his eyes suddenly lit up, “I know who to look for!”


Yue He smilingly asked, “Are you thinking of Big Sister Lan?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Proprietress will surely have the pill recipe.”


Besides, he already planned to look for the Proprietress once the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was successfully completed. This couldn’t be helped. His cultivation had also fallen into an awkward state as there were no suitable Yin, Yang, or Metal Element materials. Even the cleverest woman could not cook a meal without rice. The Proprietress had been in First Inn for a very long time and controlled a lot of rare information, so it might be possible to ask her about where to find what he needed.


Now that the Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array was completed and Zhu Jiu Yin had regained some of her strength, Void Land had secured very powerful defences. There was nothing to worry about even if he left on a journey; therefore, Yang Kai did not bother to delay any longer. Three days after Grandmaster Wu Liang departed, Yang Kai quietly made arrangements for many of Void Land’s affairs and set off on a journey.


This trip was different from his previous one. On the last trip, Yang Kai only brought Lu Xue and Guo Zi Yan with him; this time, however, he brought quite a few people with him. The Falling Lotus that was ‘gifted’ to him by Flying Flower Boat was a large flight-type artifact that required many people working together to control it.


Most of the cultivators he brought from the Star Boundary were in the middle of cultivating; hence, Yang Kai decided to bring Lang Qing Shan and the group of people that followed him out of the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Yue He and Guo Zi Yan came along too. With a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yue He around, nobody would dare to pull the tiger’s whiskers by causing trouble for them.


Inside Void Land, Lu Xue, Chen Tian Fei, and Bian Yu Qing stood in a row and respectfully said, “Have a safe trip, True Monarch.”


Lu Xue and Bian Yu Qing were understanding; however, Yang Kai did not understand why Chen Tian Fei looked extremely disgruntled, almost like an abandoned resentful widow. Chen Tian Fei had volunteered to come along with Yang Kai when the decision to visit Proprietress was first made. Unfortunately, Yang Kai refused the request after taking the fact that Chen Tian Fei was needed to take care of the gourd vine into consideration. The expression on Chen Tian Fei’s fat face immediately became bitter after that.


Ignoring that resentful glare, Yang Kai nodded and plunged headfirst into the enormous lotus. The others quickly followed after him and a short while later, the enormous flower petals of the lotus slowly spread open under Yue He’s control. Spinning slightly, the lotus transformed into a stream of light that sped off towards the outside.


The Grand Array rumbled and cracked open by a gap through which the lotus rushed out and soon vanished out of sight.


“Haaaa!” Staring into the void, Chen Tian Fei let out a heavy sigh.


The last time Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue had gone out on a trip with Yang Kai, they had both experienced a breakthrough. He later tried to ask them about what kind of opportunity they encountered, but both Guo Zi Yan and Lu Xue were very tight-lipped. They did not tell him the details and only claimed that it was Yang Kai’s gift that allowed them to enjoy their success.


Fatty Chen had been stuck in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm for many years; even so, it would take another several dozen to a couple hundred years of intense cultivation and accumulation before he could experience a breakthrough. If he could achieve a breakthrough just by following Yang Kai on a trip, then how could he not grasp at the chance? It was a pity that Yang Kai had refused him so he couldn’t help but sigh and mope as a result.


Reluctantly withdrawing his gaze, he turned to look at Bian Yu Qing and chuckled, “Second Manager, now that True Monarch is gone and Lady Yue He has accompanied him, all of Void Land’s affairs will depend on you.”


Bian Yu Qing politely replied, “I will be relying on the two of you to help me.”


He said, “Of course. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to give me the order, Second Manager. I, Chen Tian Fei, am loyal to the True Monarch. I will not refuse as long as it is within my capabilities.”


“In that case, allow this Mistress to thank you in advance.”


He enthusiastically added, “Second Manager, if you have any questions regarding your cultivation, you can also come to this Old Chen. This Old Chen will be forthcoming.”


Lu Xue glanced at him warily and said lightly, “I will explain to Second Manager myself regarding matters of cultivation.” 


Chen Tian Fei opened his mouth but said nothing. Then, he gave another heavy sigh. He could only head towards the place where the gourd vine was to carry out his duties. When he arrived there though, he discovered that the gourd vine was nowhere to be seen. There was only a large hole in the spot where the gourd vine used to be. His complexion immediately turned pale as he shouted, “My Little Ancestors, where did you run off to!?”


He frantically began searching. Fortunately, the Grand Array had not been opened since it was completed, so the entire Void Land was a sealed space. Therefore, the gourd vine could not escape Void Land even if it wished to.




The Falling Lotus was extremely fast and it only took a day’s time to arrive at the Star City in Void Territory.


Every Great Territory that wasn’t entirely desolate had its own Star City. It was just that the scale of the Star City was directly related to the heritage of the Great Territory. If there were many powerful great forces in a Great Territory, then the Star City would be very lively. If not, it would be rather desolate.


The heritage of Void Territory was not that great as Seven Wonders Land was the only Second-Class great force present and it was at best average in terms of strength. For that reason, the Star City in this place was not very large and the goods that flowed through the city were not very valuable either.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai not only intended to ask for the Open Heaven Pills’ pill recipe from the Proprietress and inquire about information about materials for his cultivation, he also planned to purchase other cultivation resources during this trip. He still had some 8 billion Open Heaven Pills in his possession and at the moment, Open Heaven Pills were not urgently needed in Void Land. What they urgently needed were cultivation resources of various Orders. That was why it would be best if he could exchange Open Heaven Pills for materials of various Orders. Since he was already in a Star City, it was a given that he could not let this opportunity slip him by.


It was also Yang Kai’s first time coming to the Star City in Void Territory. The Falling Lotus stopped outside Star City and Guo Zi Yan remained behind to guard it while Yang Kai led Yue He and Lang Qing Shan into the city.


Half a day went by before they returned from the Star City. In half a day, Yang Kai spent almost a billion Open Heaven Pills to purchase Third-Order and Fourth-Order materials.


There was no need to expect to find Sixth-Order materials in a Star City of this scale because nobody else in the entire Void Territory had the ability to consume such high Order materials aside from Yang Kai and his people.


As for Fifth-Order materials, Yang Kai had no plans to buy them. There was enough since Void Land had the gourd vine. The gourd vine could be harvested once a month; moreover, each harvest was enough to provide a full set of Yin, Yang, and Five Element materials for a cultivator. Accumulated over the years, there would always be enough to use.


That was why he only bought Third-Order and Fourth-Order materials.


One Fourth-Order material was only 150,000 Open Heaven Pills and one Third-Order material was just 15,000 Open Heaven Pills. Spending more than 1 billion Open Heaven Pills, Yang Kai practically cleaned out all the Third and Fourth-Order cultivation materials from the entire Star City. In all the years since the Star City in Void Territory had been established, it had never dealt with such a large transaction before. Every shop in the city practically regarded Yang Kai as a God of Fortune and treated him reverently.


Yang Kai did not buy any materials below the Third Order though as all 600,000 people from the Star Boundary had very solid starting points. In addition, they had the entire Void Land backing them up so they would either fail to achieve the Open Heaven Realm or succeed to become a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master at the very least!


Besides, the people Yang Kai brought over from the Star Boundary were elites who underwent rigorous selection. Becoming a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would not be a problem for them. Naturally, the prerequisite was that they could condense their own Dao Seal.


There were countless Emperor Realm Masters who underwent intense cultivation but were unable to gain insight into their Grand Dao and failed to condense their own Dao Seal. In that case, their cultivation journey would stop there. In the end, how many of these 600,000 people could reach the Open Heaven Realm? It might be 10% or it might be 5%. Even so, they were part of Void Land’s future foundation so it was worth investing in them.


A few days later, Yang Kai and the others arrived at the Star City of another Great Territory. This Great Territory was called Flying Smoke Territory on the Universe Chart. It was the Great Territory where Flying Smoke Temple was located.


Seven Wonders Land and Flying Smoke Temple were originally neighbours and had a lot of friction between them. If not for Flying Smoke Temple’s all-out effort to attack Seven Wonders Land back then, Seven Wonders Land would not have fallen into Yang Kai’s hands through a stroke of luck. In a way, it was Flying Smoke Temple that contributed most to Yang Kai taking over Void Land.


The Star City in this Great Territory was not that different from the previous Star City, so after anchoring at the Star City’s Starry Sky Dock, Yang Kai, Yue He, and Lang Qing Shan stepped into Star City. Another half a day later, Yang Kai strode away as all the shopkeepers of the Star City’s main shops saw him off with huge, flattering smiles on their faces.


And so, they continued on their journey, making purchases along the way.


Three Star Cities later, Yang Kai now had less than 4 billion Open Heaven Pills remaining. The Open Heaven Pills he spent had been exchanged for several thousand Fourth-Order materials and tens of thousands of Third-Order materials. This amount was absolutely terrifying.


Another half a month passed by and the lotus entered a place known as Shocking Swan Great Territory. Referring to the Universe Chart and searching for the Star City’s direction, the Falling Lotus headed straight over under Yue He’s control.


Yang Kai estimated that they should have enough resources to cover Void Land’s current needs after he finished purchasing the Third-Order and Fourth-Order materials of this Star City.


As for the remaining Open Heaven Pills, he wanted to see if he could purchase some Sixth-Order materials. It was just that Sixth-Order materials were extremely rare and had always been priceless items not often seen on the market. Ordinary cultivators would never have the chance to even come across such resources. If Sixth-Order materials were to appear for sale, they would usually lead to a fierce competition that might even come to blows.


[Perhaps I should head to the Star City where the First Inn is located. That particular Star City is quite large and I might be able to find some Sixth-Order materials there. Besides, I have to keep some Open Heaven Pills in reserve. Although Void Land currently does not have many Open Heaven Realm Masters, they will need Open Heaven Pills when they are cultivating. In particular, the needs of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yue He are very large. She alone will consume thousands to tens of thousands of Open Heaven Pills in a single day.]


Yang Kai was deep in thought inside the lotus but when he raised his head, he suddenly noticed Guo Zi Yan looking at him hesitantly. Guo Zi Yan immediately looked away the moment their gazes met.


Yang Kai laughed, “Commander Guo, do you have something to say? Don’t hesitate to speak if you do.”


Guo Zi Yan scratched his head awkwardly and hesitantly said, “Sir, this subordinate would like to take a few days off.”


“Take a few days off?” Yang Kai glanced at Guo Zi Yan strangely, “Where are you going?”


Likewise, Yue He turned to look over in this direction.


Guo Zi Yan’s aged face blushed furiously, “Sir, do you remember this subordinate telling you that he has a daughter?”


Yang Kai was taken aback, but after carefully thinking about it, he nodded, “I remember. You mentioned that you sent her somewhere to study under a Teacher who was a friend of yours.”


This was something Guo Zi Yan mentioned back when they were in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. At the time, Yang Kai was giving out rewards for their meritorious deeds. Lang Qing Shan and the shaved-headed man had chosen cultivation resources suitable for their use while only Guo Zi Yan, who was already in the Open Heaven Realm, had not made any requests.



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    1. He plans on getting it for free from proprietress lan. If she does have it, I doubt she wouldn’t give it to him for free. If she has to pay a price to get it for him, and Yang kai can’t afford it, she can just add that amount to Yang kai’s tab.

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