Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4200, Shocking Swan Territory


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Guo Zi Yan had only been in the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm at the time, but he was very loyal to Yang Kai in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. It stood to reason that Yang Kai would deal with things justly so there was no reason for him to reward one person but not the others.


Guo Zi Yan later mentioned that he had a daughter and asked for some resources for her, to which Yang Kai agreed on the spot.


Yang Kai could still recall the proud expression on Guo Zi Yan’s face at the time. Guo Zi Yan had talked about how his daughter’s aptitude was several times better than his own. In terms of aptitude, his daughter had hopes of achieving the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm!


It was just that he was a Great Commander of Scarlet Star so both his status and cultivation were neither high nor low. He also risked his life every single day, so his future was always uncertain. There was no saying when he would die at the hands of his enemies; therefore, he did not allow his daughter to remain in Scarlet Star and sent her away to another great force to cultivate.


After considering all this, a sudden thought struck Yang Kai, “Is the place where your daughter is cultivating located somewhere in Shocking Swan Territory?”


Guo Zi Yan smiled lightly, “That’s right, Sir. Blood Swan Continent is located in the Shocking Swan Territory and this subordinate is an old acquaintance of one of the Elders of that force, Gu Zhi Xin. I entrusted my daughter to Elder Gu’s care not long after she was born.”


When speaking of his daughter, Guo Zi Yan became infinitely proud. He cupped his fists and added, “Sir, this subordinate would like to take my daughter and bring her back to Void Land to teach her personally. Please forgive my selfishness.”


Yang Kai laughed, “I’ve already promised you this long ago. Why would I forbid it now?”


While saying so, he checked the Universe Chart and discovered that Blood Swan Continent was located not far from the Star City. With Guo Zi Yan’s current speed, it would only take him three or four days for a round trip.


Yang Kai thus waved his hand, “Go. Bring your daughter back. This King dares not promise the Heavens, but he can promise that she will be provided with the best cultivation resources within her ability to refine.”


“This subordinate thanks Sir!” Guo Zi Yan solemnly said before turning around to leave.


“Wait!” Yang Kai stopped Guo Zi Yan.


“Is there anything else, Sir?” Guo Zi Yan turned back only to see Yang Kai tossing a Space Ring to him. A sweep of his Divine Sense told him that the Space Ring contained a few hundred thousand Open Heaven Pills and he couldn’t help being surprised, “Sir, this is…”


Yang Kai smiled, “You left your daughter in the care of others for so many years. Now that you want to take her away, you should give your thanks to Blood Swan Continent. Take these with you as a thank you gift. In any case, you and your daughter are now part of Void Land. Don’t sully Void Land’s reputation.”


Guo Zi Yan squeezed the Space Ring tightly and gratefully said, “Many thanks for your generosity, Sir.”


“Go swiftly and return quickly. We will be waiting for you in the Star City!” Yang Kai waved goodbye.


Guo Zi Yan nodded and rushed out of the Falling Lotus, heading towards the direction of Blood Swan Continent.


Once Guo Zi Yan departed, the Falling Lotus finally continued towards the Star City.


It didn’t take long for the Falling Lotus to arrive at Star City’s dock, which was bustling with people that came and went without pause. After searching for a place to anchor the Falling Lotus, Yang Kai led Yue He out into the city, immediately drawing a lot of attention from the surrounding people.


Compared to the other artifacts, the Falling Lotus was quite extraordinary. Its shape was also very unique. It was built by a Second Class great force like Flying Flower Boat at the cost of a lot of resources after all. It was not something an ordinary great force could compare with. The Third Class great forces did not have the money while on the other hand, there was only one Second Class great force in Shocking Swan Territory, known as the Shocking Swan Pavilion. Even Shocking Swan Pavilion might not be able to bring out an artifact of similar quality to the Falling Lotus.


Countless pairs of eyes turned in their direction, and when they saw that Yang Kai was only an Emperor Realm cultivator, they couldn’t help becoming astonished.


The dock was managed by a Shocking Swan Pavilion disciple to whom Yang Kai and Yue He had to pay a fee before they could successfully enter the city. In general, every Star City was similar. The strongest great force in the Great Territory where the Star City was located would control the Star City and manage its traffic. They would charge fees to those who entered the Star City and in addition, the shops in the Star City would have to pay a fixed rent to the great force in question on a regular basis.


Needless to say, the great force also had to guarantee the safety of the Star City whilst enjoying the benefits of controlling it. There were many Star Beasts in the void and the great force would have to provide the manpower for defence if the Star City was attacked.


In the past, Void Territory’s Star City was managed by Seven Wonders Land. By doing so, Seven Wonders Land would obtain income from the Star City. However, the Star City had been left ungoverned since Yang Kai occupied Seven Wonders Land.


It was not that Yang Kai could not see the huge benefits of controlling the Star City, but rather that he was strong in will but weak in strength. If he wanted to send somebody to manage the Star City, they had to be a Mid-Rank Open Heaven at minimum to maintain order. He would also need to send many disciples there to patrol and resolve disputes that might arise in the Star City.


How many Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters did Void Land have at present? There was Yue He, Chen Tian Fei, and Lu Xue. Even if Yang Kai included Hei He, who was at the Star Boundary, that was still only four in total.


It was impossible for him to send Yue He. As a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, she was Void Land’s biggest guarantee. Sending her to manage the Star City was not just overkill, it was simply not possible.


Lu Xue was the Hall Master of the Martial Hall. She now had the heavy responsibility of guiding the disciples in their cultivation.


On the other hand, Chen Tian Fei was needed to take care of the gourd vine. The gourd vine could produce Fifth-Order Element materials on a regular basis. It would be difficult for anybody who was not in the Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm to tend to the gourd vine.


Lastly, there was no need to expect anything from Hei He!


Among these people, the only one who could be dispatched was Chen Tian Fei. Even if Chen Tian Fei could be dispatched though, there were no other Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters to assist him, so it would be tough for him to succeed at this task alone.


Even though Yang Kai knew that controlling the Star City would bring a steady stream of income, he could only yearn helplessly. He could only do something about Void Land’s Star City when the cultivators in Void Land had grown stronger.


Fortunately, several people among Lang Qing Shan’s group that had followed Yang Kai for so many years were about to advance to the Open Heaven Realm. It would greatly ease the awkward situation caused by the lack of Open Heaven Realm Masters in Void Land once that happened.


Upon entering the Star City, Yang Kai swept through the shops, one by one, and bought large amounts of resources like before. All the shopkeepers were extremely attentive towards him, so much so that they were practically worshipping him as the God of Fortune.


What surprised and delighted Yang Kai was that he actually managed to purchase a Sixth-Order material in this Star City. This Sixth-Order material came from a shop that was not too large and it seemed that the shopkeeper had only just gotten his hands on it recently. He was planning to send this material to a larger Star City for auction, but decided to try selling it to Yang Kai when he saw how deep the latter’s pockets were. Yang Kai immediately expressed his intention to purchase the material and after some bargaining, he finally bought it for 17 million Open Heaven Pills.


When Yang Kai first entered Seven Wonders Land, Dié You explained the value of the cultivation materials of various Orders. At the time, Dié You mentioned that Sixth-Order materials were worth approximately 15 million; however, that was only under the most ideal circumstances!


The real situation was that Sixth-Order materials were extremely rare and precious, so the price would generally be much more expensive. Even so, it would not be overly expensive either. That was because there were not many cultivators who could use Sixth-Order materials in the first place as the requirements towards one’s foundation and Dao Seal were extremely high.


17 million Open Heaven Pills was a fair price. The shopkeeper would also save on the risk of travelling long distances and the fees from the auction house; hence, he was quite happy.


For an ordinary cultivator, even one Sixth-Order material was extremely precious. However, for Yang Kai and Void Land, one Sixth-Order material was not enough to fill the gaps between their teeth. That was because all eight Great Emperors needed Sixth-Order materials!


After cleaning out the entire Star City, Yang Kai and Yue He did not rush to leave. It would take Guo Zi Yan a few more days to return, so they decided to stay at an inn and search for the pill recipe for Open Heaven Pills whilst enjoying the different scenery and culture.


Around three days later, Yang Kai and Yue He had just ordered several dishes and a bottle of wine at the dining hall of the inn and sat down to share a meal together.


Although Yue He was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm and her cultivation was extremely profound, she could not win against the strength of the alcohol. Her small face flushed red after only two or three glasses. Her skin had always been fair, but it was now tinged with a rosy hue. It looked like one could squeeze out water with a casual pinch. Thus, many cultivators in the hall secretly admired her from afar while drooling slightly. That annoyed her greatly and she secretly gnashed her teeth in anger, but her actions only served to make her look even more charming.


After several bottles of wine, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly changed and he cocked his ears to listen attentively.


One of the cultivators sitting at a table nearby was gossiping, “Yun Xing Hua has been in retreat for more than 10 years, but he finally exited half a year ago. It seems he successfully advanced into the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. How enviable!”


Another scrawny cultivator commented, “He has been accumulating for close to 50 years in the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm. What’s so strange about him advancing into the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm?” He suddenly lowered his voice and continued, “Besides, I heard that Yun Xing Hua’s original aptitude was extraordinary. He was expected to advance directly into the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm but was forced to advance to the Third-Order Open Heaven Realm after Shocking Swan Pavilion interfered.”


The person who spoke first just now nodded at those words, “I heard about that too. Looking at the current situation, it would seem that those rumours were not groundless.”


The second man snorted coldly, “Shocking Swan Pavilion controls this Great Territory and while the Old Pavilion Master might be in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, he is quite old and has grown weaker. I’m afraid he won’t live for much longer. However, Shocking Swan Pavilion doesn’t even have a single Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master under him. If Yun Xing Hua really did advance directly into the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, who in the Shocking Swan Pavilion could stop him once the Old Pavilion Master passed on? Once Yun Xing Hua became stronger, Shocking Swan Pavilion would end up being devoured by Blood Swan Continent. If that happened, Shocking Swan Territory would need to change its name to Blood Swan Territory instead!”


“Your words make sense, Brother Sun. As the Leader of the Blood Swan Continent, Yun Xing Hua is a rare talent indeed. It’s unfortunate that he was born at the wrong time in the wrong place. How sad!”


“But, now that Yun Xing Hua has advanced to the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, I wonder what attitude Shocking Swan Pavilion will have towards him. Will they try to win him over? Or, suppress him?”


“What do other people’s affairs have to do with us? Come, let’s drink!”


“Hahaha! That’s true. Brother Liu, I heard you received a new batch of beautiful women recently. Is that true?”


“I can’t hide anything from you, Brother Sun. If you’d like, you can come with me later. You can take any that you fancy.”


“I’ll have to thank you in advance then, Brother Liu.”


The conversation between those two ended there as they drank and laughed with each other.




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