Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4206, Suffering Cannot Be Escaped


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The sound of something shattering rang out. In less than a stick of incense’s worth of time, numerous spider web-like cracks appeared in the Defensive Grand Array surrounding the entire Blood Swan Continent under the constant bombardment of Yue He, Yang Kai, and the Falling Lotus.


Yun Xing Hua might have been desperately drawing upon his power to reinforce the Grand Array, but it was nothing more than a struggle in vain.


Soon, the Grand Array collapsed, accompanied by a violent burst of energy fluctuations. As if struck by lightning, Yun Xing Hua spat out fresh blood and his complexion turned pale.


An invisible pressure spread out in an instant, enveloping the entire Blood Swan Continent. The weight of the pressure felt as though a thousand Universe Worlds were pressing down on everybody’s heads. It made them unable to breathe and caused despair to grow in their hearts. That was the majesty of a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master!


Every single Open Heaven Realm Master in Blood Swan Continent trembled like a quail without a nest in the middle of winter. They stared at the beautiful and charming woman in the sky with a mixture of shock and horror. None of them could muster the slightest resistance, much less the courage to fight her.


Yang Kai appeared in front of Yun Xing Hua in a flash. He kicked him to the ground and stepped on the latter’s chest before pressing the Azure Dragon Spear against the latter’s forehead and asking coldly, “Tell me; how do you want to die?”


Yun Xing Hua raised his gaze to stare at Yang Kai, his mouth filled with the taste of blood and humiliation. With his strength as a Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, it would not be difficult for him to kill this Emperor Realm brat in front of him if he lashed out violently; however, he did not dare to act rashly. That was because the woman’s Divine Sense was firmly locked onto him and her beautiful eyes were gleaming with a cold light. If he so much as twitched suspiciously, a storm of attacks would rain down upon him and he would die on the spot before he could make a move.


Despite the stifling feeling in his heart, Yun Xing Hua did not dare to make any strange moves. He suppressed his unwillingness and backed down, “Please have mercy, True Monarch! Blood Swan Continent is willing to provide compensation and apologise!”


“What’s the point of compensation and an apology?” Yang Kai’s expression was frosty, “This King came here today to seek justice for my people. I will let the 3,000 Worlds know that nobody can oppress the people of Void Land! Hurry up and choose the way you wish to die! This King might just let you keep a whole corpse!”


Yun Xing Hua felt his heart sinking into the abyss. He never imagined that Yang Kai would be so resolute, refusing to give face whatsoever.


At this moment, Yue He’s expression changed as she informed, “Young Master, Commander Guo has awoken.”


“Oh?” Yang Kai raised his head to look in the direction of the Falling Lotus. His Divine Sense spread out and sure enough, he could sense that Guo Zi Yan had woken up.


At this moment, Guo Zi Yan walked out of the Falling Lotus with Guo Miao’s help. When he looked around, he was shocked to discover that Yun Xing Hua was being trampled underfoot by Yang Kai and could not move. Many of Blood Swan Continent’s Open Heaven Realm Masters were frozen in place with panicked looks on their faces, as though a Binding Technique had been used on them. In addition, there were countless Blood Swan Continent disciples lying unconscious on the ground in the surroundings.


He immediately understood what was going on. Yang Kai had attacked Blood Swan Continent!


[What a domineering approach!] Looking at the current situation, it would seem that Blood Swan Continent was completely incapable of fighting back. That was no surprise though as how could a Third-Class great force stop a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like Yue He?


“Commander Guo, your injuries have yet to heal. You should be recuperating right now. Why did you come out?” Yang Kai looked at Guo Zi Yan.


Guo Zi Yan exhaled lightly, “Many thanks, Sir, for your concern. This subordinate’s injuries are not an issue and will recover fully with a few days’ rest. It’s my daughter… She has something to ask of you, Sir.”


Yang Kai looked at Guo Miao with a light expression and gently nodded, “Your Father serves under me, and although it has not been long, he is very loyal to this King and has made many worthy contributions. You are his only offspring and the most valuable existence in his life. A person he is willing to give up his life to protect. Go ahead and tell me what you want. As long as it is within this King’s abilities, I will not refuse you!”


Guo Miao hurriedly bowed when she heard those words, “This disciple would like to thank you in advance, Sir. This disciple… This disciple has no other wish. I just hope that Sir can show mercy. Please spare the Sect Master and Elders. Please spare Blood Swan Continent.”


As soon as her statement came out, not only did Yang Kai look surprised, even the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Blood Swan Continent looked astonished. The eyes of Yun Xing Hua, who did not dare to move under Yang Kai’s foot, glimmered with a sliver of hope.


Guo Zi Yan seemed to have anticipated what his daughter would say, so he was not surprised and simply let out a sigh.


“Are you certain?” Yang Kai stared directly into Guo Miao’s eyes, as though he was trying to stare into the depths of her Soul, “Gu Zhi Xin stole your resources and forced you to refine a Second-Order Element to cut off your future. Earlier, he also hunted you and your Father down with a group of men. You and your Father nearly lost your lives in the void. If not for this King’s timely arrival, you two would not be alive right now. As the Sect Master of Blood Swan Continent, it is bad enough that Yun Xing Hua failed to shelter and take care of a disciple like you, but he even condoned the crimes of Gu Zhi Xin. When this King came here to question him about the incident, he feigned ignorance about the matter. Such a villain, such a filthy place; are you sure you want me to be merciful?”


Guo Miao lowered her head, “Honoured… Gu Zhi Xin stole my resources and cut off my future. I hate him for that. His death is not worth pitying. I won’t lie to you, Sir. I used to dream countless times about taking revenge one day. I wanted him to die the most painful death. But, now that this day is here, this Disciple only feels sadness and for some reason, I am very unhappy.”


While speaking, her eyes reddened slightly and tears flowed out of the corner of her eyes. Guo Zi Yan lightly patted her on the shoulder and pulled her into his embrace.


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he could vaguely understand the contradiction in her heart; after all, she was practically raised by Gu Zhi Xin. Guo Zi Yan had sent her to Blood Swan Continent when she was very young, so having lost her Mother at a young age and parted with her real Father, she had struggled to survive as a child. In her eyes, Gu Zhi Xin was the closest person to her besides her Father. However, the closest person to her had harmed her during the most important juncture of her life. He forced her to condense a Second-Order Element despite her aptitude to help another reach the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Therefore, she hated him and cursed him with all her heart. Even so, her great hatred could not entirely erase the gratitude she had towards him for raising and teaching her.


Her gratitude and her hatred were in conflict, causing her emotions to become turbulent. It was only natural for her to feel sad. Rather, nobody with the slightest conscience in them would be able to bear watching Blood Swan Continent be wiped out.


Guo Miao rubbed at the corner of her eyes and said, “The culprit is dead and my Father and I are safe and sound, so this Disciple asks Sir to show mercy. Please let this matter end here.”


Blood Swan Continent was ultimately the place she grew up in and it could be considered her second family. Despite all the sorrowful happenings, the Fellow Brothers and Sisters that grew up with her and lived with her for many years were here in this place. If Yang Kai slaughtered all the Open Heaven Realm Masters, where would her Fellow Brothers and Sisters go?


After listening to her words, the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Blood Swan Continent all looked ashamed. On the other hand, Yun Xing Hua looked inexplicably grateful. He thought he was going to die, but who could have known that there would be a turning point in this scenario and he still had a chance to survive?


Yang Kai looked at Guo Zi Yan, “Commander Guo, is that also your intention?”


Guo Zi Yan replied, “This subordinate has no other wishes now that he has been reunited with his daughter.”


“Understood!” Yang Kai responded. He lowered his head to look at Yun Xing Hua only to see the other party looking at him beggingly.


When their gazes met, Yun Xing Hua looked like he was trying to force out a smile, but his facial muscles were so stiff that his smile was uglier than his crying face.


“Forget it!” Yang Kai spat disdainfully, “I’ve lost my murderous intent after listening to what the two of you have said. I’ll spare their lives today.”


A burst of relieved exhalation sounded. The Open Heaven Realm Masters of Blood Swan Continent felt as though a mountain had been lifted from their hearts. They immediately relaxed considerably. Looking at each other, they found that each other’s faces were covered in sweat; thus, they couldn’t help smiling ruefully. The feeling of lurking in front of the Gates of Death was horrible indeed.




The Azure Dragon Spear slid past Yun Xing Hua’s cheek and stabbed into the ground beside his ear. Yang Kai leaned down and spoke in a sinister voice, “You better be thankful that you took in such a kind-hearted disciple.”


“Yes! Of course!” Yun Xing Hua nodded repeatedly, “Blood Swan Continent will never forget the mercy Guo Miao showed us today!”


Yang Kai continued, “While death may be exempted, punishment may not.” He took out the Loyalty List and flipped to the third page, “Force out your Blood Essence, then record your name and aura here.”


The Loyalty List had a total of nine pages. The first page contained Chen Tian Fei’s name. The second page had Hei He’s name. There used to be a name written on the third page, a subordinate of Old Ancestor Mo Yu. Yang Kai previously used that person to lead Mo Yu into a trap. Unfortunately, that person had a short life. Mo Yu killed him immediately after noticing that something was wrong. Consequently, the name that used to exist on the third page faded away and disappeared.


Guo Miao’s gratitude allowed her to forgive the people of Blood Swan Continent, but Yang Kai was not willing to let them off so easily.


At the moment, Void Land was desperately short of manpower. In particular, there were too few Open Heaven Realm Masters among their ranks. It made handling various matters rather difficult. If he could absorb the Open Heaven Realm Masters of Blood Swan Continent, then he would have enough people to manage Void Territory’s Star City.


He once planned for Lang Qing Shan and the others to take care of the Star City once they advanced into the Open Heaven Realm, but that would take a few more years at least. On the other hand, this group of Open Heaven Realm Masters of Blood Swan Continent would undoubtedly meet his immediate needs. Moreover, Yun Xing Hua was in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm so he was reluctantly strong enough to manage and maintain the order of the Star City.


Yun Xing Hua might not know the secret behind the Loyalty List, but he instinctively knew that it was not a good thing. Unfortunately, he was a person under the eaves. Yue He’s aura was also firmly locked into him, so how could he resist?


Fortunately for him, he was a rather flexible individual. Having been suppressed by Shocking Swan Territory in the past, Yun Xing Hua cultivated a character capable of enduring disgrace and humiliation. He knew when to bend and stretch. Hence, he readily forced out his Blood Essence to leave his name and aura on the Loyalty List.


A blood light shone brightly. Then, the name ‘Yun Xing Hua’ appeared on the third page of the Loyalty List.


Yang Kai grinned at Yun Xing Hua, “A wise man will submit to the circumstances. You did well.”


Only then did he remove his foot from Yun Xing Hua’s chest.


Yun Xing Hua observed himself quietly for a while, seeming to vaguely understand the mysteries of the Loyalty List. Regardless of how turbulent his emotions were inside, he did not reveal the slightest hint of dissatisfaction on the surface and instead smiled brightly, “Yun Xing Hua greets Sir. If you have any instructions in the future, this subordinate will not refuse your orders, come Hell or high water.”


Yang Kai glanced at Yun Xing Hua with a smile that did not reach his eyes. He naturally did not trust the latter. Nevertheless, he was not worried about what troubles Yun Xing Hua could cause as long as he had the Loyalty List in his possession.




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