Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4208, Thousand Birds Territory


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“If you can withstand Fourth-Order Element Powers, then you should refine Fourth-Order materials in the future and achieve the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm.”


Guo Zi Yan said, “Miao’er currently has a Second-Order foundation. It won’t make a difference even if she refines Fourth-Order materials afterward. In the future, she will only be able to break through to the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm. Sir, there are many things to be done in Void Land. There is no need to waste resources. I will take care of Miao’er’s cultivation in the future.”


“Who said that it will be a waste?” Yang Kai laughed, “Have you forgotten about Meng Hong?”


“Young Master Meng Hong?” Guo Zi Yan was stunned by those words. It was a given that he knew Meng Hong as they had lived together in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary for more than 10 years. Therefore, he recalled what happened during this period with great clarity, “Sir, do you mean…”


Yang Kai solemnly replied, “Senior Brother Meng originally condensed Third-Order Elements; however, he wiped clean those Powers from his Dao Seal and is now condensing Fifth-Order Elements! If he successfully advances into the Open Heaven Realm, he will be in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm! His starting point is two Orders higher than at the beginning.”


“This subordinate is aware of this matter. But, Young Master Meng Hong only received this chance because he obtained some Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water. Something like the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water is simply too rare. It’s impossib… Sir, what is that?” While speaking, Guo Zi Yan suddenly widened his eyes and stared at the small jade bottle in Yang Kai’s hands.


Yang Kai shook the bottle, and the sound of liquid sloshing about inside could be heard as he smiled, “It’s Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water.”


Despite having some guesses, Guo Zi Yan involuntarily gave a sharp hiss of surprise when he heard Yang Kai confirming his conjecture. Even Yue He looked over in astonishment.


Open Heaven Realm Masters were not able to enter the Primordial Land; therefore, they were completely clueless as to what good things Yang Kai had obtained inside. Other people might not be able to obtain Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water, but Yang Kai had a lot in his possession. This Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water was one of the treasures that he obtained from the Primordial Land.


“With this Divine Water, we can cleanse the Power in Guo Miao’s Dao Seal. Fortunately, she has only condensed one Element so far, so it won’t be difficult to wash it away. The only question is whether you have the courage to do so, Guo Miao. Can you persevere through the process?”


Guo Miao was excited as she asked, “Based on what Sir has said, this Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water can give this Disciple a chance to start over again, right?”


She had never heard of Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water before as she had been cultivating in Blood Swan Continent all this while and did not have much contact with the outside world, so she was a little ignorant and uninformed. Nevertheless, that did not stop her from inferring the effects of this item from Yang Kai and Guo Zi Yan’s conversation.


“Indeed!” Yang Kai nodded, “Although I have never used the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water myself, one of my friends has. This item can give you the chance to rebuild your foundation, but the risks involved are high. It involves your Dao Seal after all. If you are not careful, you might destroy your foundation and cripple your future. Furthermore, I’m afraid you will suffer great pain during the process of cleansing your Dao Seal.”


Guo Miao asked tentatively, “May I know what happened to your friend in the end, Sir?”


Yang Kai laughed, “Although the process was extremely torturous, he managed to succeed.”


A look of determination flashed through the young girl’s eyes as she declared her intent, “In that case, please grant me the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water, Sir. This Disciple is willing to try.”


“Are you sure?” Yang Kai asked in a low voice.


“This Disciple is sure. This Disciple originally had the aptitude to reach the Fourth-Order, but was forced to condense a Second-Order Element. While I might be able to safely advance into the Second-Order Open Heaven Realm, I will never be reconciled with my fate. Instead of feeling dissatisfied for the rest of my life, I would rather take a gamble. This Disciple will not have any regrets even if I fail!”


Guo Zi Yan stood by the side, looking as if he was hesitating to speak. It seemed as though he wanted to stop her; however, he kept swallowing the words that appeared on the tip of his tongue. In the end, he heaved a long sigh and gave up on the idea of stopping her.


Yang Kai handed the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water to Guo Miao with a small smile, “You have an ambitious heart. This King will fulfil your wish, but you don’t need to worry too much. At the time, my friend passed the entire ordeal with his will alone even after he refined three Elements. Your situation is far better than his. I will have Yue He stand guard for you.”


“Many thanks!” Guo Miao accepted the jade bottle and held it tightly in her hands. She gripped the bottle as though she was not holding Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water, but her very future. She turned to glance at her father while Guo Zi Yan returned her look with an encouraging expression.


Without hesitating, she immediately went into retreat to consume the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water. Yang Kai naturally had no objections and instructed Yue He to take good care of her.


There were many secret rooms inside the Falling Lotus so the two ladies chose one, entered, and opened all the barriers to isolate themselves from the outside world. Guo Zi Yan stood outside the door like an iron tower, pacing back and forth with a worried and anxious expression on his face.


The days passed by as the Falling Lotus travelled from Great Territory to Great Territory. Twenty days later, they finally arrived at the Great Territory where First Inn was located.


When Yang Kai first arrived in this place, he did not know much about the Great Territory. Only now did he learn from the Universe Chart that this Great Territory was called Thousand Birds Territory. In addition, there was a Second-Class great force here known as the Thousand Birds Sect.


Be that as it may, the Star City in this place was not managed by Thousand Birds Sect, but this could not be helped. Thousand Birds Sect might be a Second-Class great force with a deep heritage, but it was the Subordinate Sect of Great Battle Heaven. Great Battle Heaven was the real Master of the Star City as it was one of the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens.


In the 3,000 Worlds, there were countless First-Class, Second-Class, and Third-Class great forces. Most of them had subordinate relationships with each other.


Take Void Territory for example. Void Land dominated the Great Territory; hence, all other Third-Class great forces living in Void Territory belonged to Void Land. As such, when Void Land was re-building, those Third-Class great forces had sent many people over to help.


This was the case for Void Land and most other Second-Class great forces had similar situations. Another example was Shocking Swan Pavilion and Blood Swan Continent. Blood Swan Continent was also in a subordinate relationship with Shocking Swan Pavilion.


A Second-Class great force could control a Great Territory, so what needed to be said about a Cave-Heaven or a Paradise? Every Cave-Heaven and Paradise controlled multiple Great Territories, with the number ranging from as few as five to more than ten. Everything in these Great Territories was part of the foundation of those Cave-Heavens or Paradises.


Thousand Birds Territory was one of the Great Territories under Great Battle Heaven’s direct control. As a Subordinate Sect of Great Battle Heaven, Thousand Birds Sect had no way to resist if Great Battle Heaven issued it a command, unless it no longer wished to exist in Thousand Birds Territory. After all, supporting the rise of a Second-Class great force to replace the current existing great force was a simple matter for any Cave-Heaven or Paradise.


Yang Kai secretly rejoiced that Void Territory was not within the jurisdiction of any Cave-Heaven or Paradise; otherwise, Void Territory would need to bow its head to one of them and act according to their wishes. He would not have the freedom he currently enjoyed.


On the second day that they arrived in Thousand Birds Territory, the door to the secret room that had been closed tightly all this while suddenly opened. Guo Zi Yan had waited outside all this time, and when he saw the door open, he anxiously asked, “How did it go!?”


Yue He smiled, “Why don’t you go in and have a look?”


After saying that, she moved aside and Guo Zi Yan immediately rushed into the secret room like a gust of wind. A short while later, Yang Kai heard a peal of cheerful laughter coming from Guo Zi Yan.


“You’ve worked hard,” Yang Kai gently nodded to Yue He.


Yue He shook her head, “From beginning to end, I didn’t do anything. Guo Miao passed through this trial by herself. She has great potential.”


Guo Miao had a greater advantage compared to the time when Meng Hong consumed the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water. The first reason was that she condensed only one Second-Order Element, which was an Order lower than the Third-Order Elements Meng Hong condensed. Hence, the effects of the Tai Yi Soul Cleansing Water were greater and faster. The second reason was that she only condensed the Second-Order Element a short time ago, so it was easier to wipe away. The final reason was that she only condensed one type of Second-Order Power. In contrast, Meng Hong had already condensed several Third-Order Powers.


If even Meng Hong could persevere through the process, then there was no reason why she would fail.


Guo Miao was in good condition and only needed to recuperate for a short while before she could begin creating a new foundation for her advancement into the Open Heaven Realm.


Guo Zi Yan soon led Guo Miao out of the room. Guo Miao thanked Yang Kai profusely, while on the other hand, Yang Kai immediately brought out several Fourth-Order materials and gave them to her, for which she was infinitely grateful.


Another two days passed by and the Falling Lotus finally arrived at the Void Dock of Thousand Birds Star City. Yang Kai put away the Falling Lotus, paid some entry fees, and then led Yue He and the others into the Star City in a grand manner.


Looking at the vaguely familiar streets and the shops that had barely changed, he couldn’t help feeling slightly emotional. Yang Kai owed a large amount of money the last time he came to this particular Star City with the Proprietress. In the end, he had to rely on the Proprietress to pay off all his debts. Back then, he was all alone and had nobody to turn to for help.


Although only slightly more than a dozen years had passed, he was now the Master of Void Land. Not only did he have several Open Heaven Realm Masters like Yue He and Guo Zi Yan as subordinates, but he also had future elites like Lang Qing Shan and the shaved-headed man just waiting to break through. So many things had changed during those ten or so years.


If it was said that the Star City in Void Territory was a medium-scale one, then the Star City in Thousand Birds Territory was a large-scale Star City. There were crowds coming and going at all times, and all kinds of goods flowed through the city. Compared to this place, the Star City in Void Territory seemed rather cold and desolate.


Yang Kai was not unfamiliar with this place as, while helping the Proprietress collect debts, he had practically visited every corner of the Star City. More than ten years had passed, but not much had changed in the Star City; thus, he naturally would not get lost. Leading the group of people behind him, Yang Kai headed towards First Inn with practised ease.


It was Guo Miao’s first time coming to a place like this Star City; therefore, she was filled with curiosity about the bustling city. Everything was new to her, so she bought a bunch of items in a short span of time.


Guo Zi Yan followed behind her with a smile. He bought everything that his daughter liked, no matter what it was. His doting affection was beyond words. It was almost as though he was trying to make up for all the regrets and the guilt he felt over the years.


They had only passed through two streets when Yue He, who was walking beside Yang Kai, suddenly frowned. She gave a flick of her hand and a gentle power swept out. Her beautiful eyes glanced towards the side with a cold look of vigilance.


Yang Kai had yet to realise what was going on and it wasn’t until he sensed some movement that he turned to look in that direction. A burly and somewhat thuggish man stood motionless not far away, staring at Yue He in shock. This person looked fierce and wicked, and at first glance clearly did not look like anything good. Combined with his stunned expression, he looked extremely amusing at the moment.


His hand was slightly lifted in the air as though he was about to pat Yang Kai on the shoulder, but unexpectedly, Yue He reacted quickly and immediately stopped him. Furthermore, this man felt Yue He’s tyrannical strength during that brief moment of confrontation and could not help feeling surprised.


Yang Kai glanced at the bear-like guy and laughed, “Shopkeeper Pei?”


This person was none other than Pei Bu Wan of Hundred Refining’s Hall!




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