Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4209, Returning to First Inn


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Yang Kai did not expect that the first acquaintance he met upon returning to the Star City in Thousand Birds Territory would be Pei Bu Wan.


More than ten years ago, he interacted with this gruff man when he went to Hundred Refining’s Hall to collect debt payment on behalf of the Proprietress. In the end, he was tricked by Pei Bu Wan into entering the Asura Arena and fighting a match. By relying on that fight, Pei Bu Wan earned a huge fortune. Not only did he overcome the deficit in the finances of Hundred Refining’s Hall and passed the inspection from his superiors, but he also paid his arrears in full as promised.


For that reason, Yang Kai had a deep impression of this bear-like guy.


“It really is you, Little Brother Yang!” Pei Bu Wan also had an expression of pleasant surprise on his face. He seemed very enthusiastic, almost as if he had been reunited with a long-lost relative. While speaking, he even took two steps forward in his excitement.


Yue He stood in front of Yang Kai and stared at Pei Bu Wan coldly.


He involuntarily froze in his tracks and the muscles in his face twitched slightly. He glanced at Yue He fearfully and smiled awkwardly. Just as Yang Kai had surmised, he had noticed Yang Kai’s familiar back from among the crowd and wanted to pat him on the shoulder to confirm his guess. To his surprise, he was stopped by Yue He before he could do anything.


Although Yue He’s movements looked calm and relaxed, it had to be said that Pei Bu Wan was in the Fourth-Order Open Heaven Realm, so he was not weak. Even so, she managed to stop him so effortlessly. It was obvious that her strength was far greater than his.


[This woman is definitely in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm, or even the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm! Who is she!?] Pei Bu Wan was puzzled.


“Young Master, this is…” Yue He asked softly.


Yang Kai replied, “Shopkeeper Pei of Hundred Refining’s Hall. I have had some dealings with Shopkeeper Pei before.”


She studied Pei Bu Wan and exclaimed in surprise, “How can such a vicious-looking man be a shopkeeper? Does Hundred Refining’s Hall make any money? Won’t all the guests be frightened away?”


Pei Bu Wan almost spat out a mouthful of blood at those words. Her remarks might have been unintentional, but they stabbed right into his emotional wounds. The reason why he tricked Yang Kai into entering the Asura Arena back then was precisely because Hundred Refining’s Hall had experienced a huge deficit under his management. Therefore, he had been in desperate need of a large amount of Open Heaven Pills to make up for the debts. If Yang Kai had not won in that battle, he would not have been able to continue working as a shopkeeper. He would have been called back by the great force behind Hundred Refining’s Hall for punishment instead.


Still, he coughed lightly and responded to her words, “Sister, my appearance was given to me by my parents. This Pei Bu Wan might be born ugly, but I am very kind at heart.”


Yue He naturally did not express her opinion. Seeing as he was Yang Kai’s acquaintance, this was just a misunderstanding. Besides, nobody dared to make a scene in this Star City managed by Great Battle Heaven, so she immediately retreated to stand behind Yang Kai and watched coldly from the sidelines.


Yang Kai looked at Pei Bu Wan with a smile, “How may I help you, Shopkeeper Pei?”


Pei Bu Wan grinned meaningfully, “It’s nothing. It’s just that I have not seen Little Brother for more than 10 years, Little Brother Yang. I missed you quite a lot. This shopkeeper went to First Inn to inquire about you from Madam Lan in the past, but she would only tell me that you left on business and said nothing else, so I didn’t even know where to find you.”


Yang Kai was astonished, “Why were you looking for me, Shopkeeper Pei?” He suddenly became extremely wary, “You can’t be thinking of asking me to go and fight in the Asura Arena again, right?”


Pei Bu Wan immediately denied the accusation, “How can that be? Gambling at the Asura Arena is only good if done occasionally. How can this Old Pei regard it as a long-term business? If that were the case, I would lose more than just Hundred Refining’s Hall! It’s just that you helped me out greatly back then, Little Brother Yang. This Old Pei has not thanked you properly for your help, so I’ve always felt ashamed in my heart.”


Yang Kai looked at him suspiciously and replied lightly, “We were only helping each other. You don’t need to worry about it, Shopkeeper Pei.”


Pei Bu Wan chuckled, “Little Brother Yang, you are a man of noble character and unquestionable integrity indeed. Uh… Are you on your way back to First Inn?”


Yang Kai nodded, “Yes. I’m on my way to First Inn right now.”


“Oh!” Pei Bu Wan showed a look of surprise, “In that case, I won’t hold you up any longer, Little Brother Yang. Please convey my greetings to Madam Lan later. If you have the time, you should come and visit Hundred Refining’s Hall as a guest. This Old Pei will welcome you warmly.”


“Sure. Sure,” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


They chatted a bit more before Yang Kai left; even so, he could not shake the feeling that Pei Bu Wan’s attitude towards him was a little too enthusiastic. He could not understand the reason but could not be bothered to wonder about it either. Thus, he tossed this matter to the back of his head and walked towards First Inn with anticipation.


After passing through a few more streets, Yang Kai finally came to the familiar storefront. He looked up and saw the characters ‘First Inn’ shining brightly while people were coming and going through the lobby full of guests.


[Regardless of the time or location, First Inn will always be lively.] Yang Kai composed himself. Then, he quickly walked into First Inn and came to the counter.


The accountant was fiddling on his abacus, making click-clackety sounds as he worked. When he noticed somebody approaching, he spoke without even looking up, “300 for a night’s stay. Food and drinks are charged separately. Would you like to eat or stay for the night?”


Yang Kai grinned and raised a hand to rap sharply on the table.


Only then did the accountant look up. He tilted his head to the side and stared at Yang Kai with a pair of dead fish eyes. Then, he quickly lowered his head again and continued with his work as he repeated himself, “300 for a night’s stay. Food and drinks are charged separately.”


The veins in Yang Kai’s temples throbbed as he slapped the abacus with his hand and spoke through gritted teeth, “It’s me!”


The accountant sighed and glanced sideways at Yang Kai, “I know it’s you. That’s why I’m asking you whether you are here to eat or stay.”


Yang Kai was speechless and turned his head to look around, “Where is Old Bai and Proprietress?”


“Old Bai is working in the kitchen. Proprietress is discussing a business transaction.” The accountant lifted Yang Kai’s hand and placed it on the counter. After that, he stared straight at Yang Kai with his dead fish eyes.


Yang Kai was tempted to poke out those eyes as he snapped, “I’ll eat!”


“Please head inside,” The accountant gestured lightly.


Yang Kai strode inside, followed by more than 30 people. They found a few empty tables and sat down and soon a woman walked over elegantly. When she reached Yang Kai’s side, she suddenly covered her mouth and exclaimed, “Big Brother Yang!?”


Yang Kai looked up and smiled, “Junior Sister Luo?”


This woman was none other than Luo Hai Yi. She was also a person with a difficult life. She used to work as a guide in the Star City, showing people around to earn a living. Yang Kai had not been familiar with the Star City when he first started collecting debt payments, so he hired her to assist him. In the end, she began working at First Inn after he recommended her to the Proprietress.


Looking at her now, she seemed to be doing pretty well. Her complexion was much brighter compared to the first time he met her and it seemed that her beautiful eyes were filled with delight and astonishment from seeing him.


“You’ve returned, Big Brother Yang!?” She still seemed to be in disbelief.


“En, I’m back.” Yang Kai smiled widely at her. Looking at her clothes, he asked, “Did Proprietress arrange for you to work as a waitress here?”


“Yes.” She nodded, and then she seemed to remember something, “Please wait, Big Brother Yang. I will go inform Big Brother Bai and the others.”


After saying that, she ran towards the kitchen.


A short while later, Old Bai and the cook hurriedly came running out. Old Bai was dressed as a waiter as usual. His aura was completely withdrawn, so nobody could have imagined that he was a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master! On the other hand, the cook was wearing an apron wrapped around his waist, yet his fat body was indescribably agile. He came over to Yang Kai while holding a butcher knife in his hand. Glancing Yang Kai up and down, he grinned meaningfully, “Wait for a bit. I’ll whip up something delicious for you.”


Meanwhile, Bai Qi sat down next to Yang Kai. He tossed the white cloth in his hand down on the table and smiled, “You brat, why did you come running back here? Don’t you need to worry about Void Land anymore?”


Yang Kai said, “The Nine Heavenly Layers Grand Array has been completed, so I don’t have to worry about Void Land for the moment. I came to ask Proprietress about something.”


Bai Qi grunted, “In that case, you’ll have to wait for a short while. Proprietress is currently in the middle of a business deal, but she should be done soon.”


“How have you been?” Yang Kai asked.


“How else could I have been? We’re the same as usual here.” Bai Qi laughed heartlessly.


They did not exchange more than a few words between them when somebody nearby slapped their table and shouted, “Waiter, why hasn’t this old man’s food and drinks been served yet!?”


Bai Qi got up quickly and said, “Please continue. I’ll come find you later. I need to attend to the guests first.”


After saying that, he slipped away to continue with his work.


The eyes of Guo Zi Yan and the others were larger than a goose’s eggs. They never imagined that a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would be so willing to serve as a mere waiter. It had to be said that even the Head Manager of Scarlet Star, Zhao Bai Chuan, was only in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm himself. [Would the guest clamouring for his food just now piss his pants in fright if he knew that the waiter he shouted at was in the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm?]


They did not wait for long before Luo Hai Yi and Old Bai brought out an endless stream of the very best food and wine. Everybody had travelled a long way to come here, so they had worked up an appetite and immediately began wolfing down the meal.


Another short while later, a woman walked out of the inner hall with a happy smile. She was followed by several young girls dressed as maidservants. This woman had clearly come to First Inn to buy information, and judging by her expression, she probably received the answer she wanted. 


Not long after that woman departed, another lady walked out of the inner hall. The moment this lady appeared, it felt as though all the colour in the world dimmed for a moment. Countless pairs of eyes in the hall were drawn towards her direction and the sound of gulping echoed through the air.


The woman who just departed after inquiring about the information she wanted had been rather beautiful. She had an enchanting figure and a charming face, turning the heads of many men in her direction; however, they finally understood the meaning of ‘a peerless beauty’ when the Proprietress appeared. Comparing the two, the woman from before paled miserably. The Proprietress might not be born as the most beautiful woman, but she was definitely the most attractive to a man.


When she appeared, she gently pushed her hair behind her ear and her eyes swept across the hall and landed on Yang Kai. Be that as it may, she quickly shifted her gaze away and made her way through the hall with a smile. She would occasionally stop to talk to some of the guests, making herself seem extremely hospitable. After walking around the hall, she finally arrived at Yang Kai’s table.


Yue He hurriedly got up and bowed elegantly, “Elder Sister!”


The Proprietress smiled sweetly, “You must have had a hard time.”


While speaking, she did not pause at their table. She brushed past Yang Kai’s side and reached out a hand to rap her knuckles on the back of his head. It was neither light nor heavy. Then, she left.


Yang Kai was speechless! He did not know what the Proprietress’ actions meant. Asking Yue He and the others to remain at the table, he got up on his own and followed her into the inner hall.


A short while later, he gently knocked on the door of the Proprietress’ room and a lazy voice came from inside, “Enter.”


Yang Kai grinned. Pushing the door open, he entered the room and glanced back furtively before closing the door. He groaned and almost had a nosebleed at the sight he was greeted with when he turned around. The Proprietress was currently reclining on top of a sofa. She had one hand supporting her cheek and her eyes were closed as though she was sleeping. Her other hand was gently fanning herself with a hand fan. Her exquisite and graceful curves imprinted themselves upon his eyes and her fair thighs under her skirt left him feeling dizzy as her jade feet looked like the most perfect porcelain in the world. She seemed to shine with a charming lustre just laying there.




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