Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4211, I Must to Challenge You


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“The Burning Light and Serene Glimmer were born diametrically opposed to one another and can never get along; thus, they have been fighting each other endlessly for countless eons. Those Great Territories were destroyed by the fallout of their battle,” the Proprietress explained slowly, “There originally existed many great forces and Universe Worlds in those Great Territories, but they are all gone now.”


Yang Kai drew a breath of cold air. [How violent must the battle be for it to destroy several Great Territories!? But, it’s possible for the two ancestors of the Divine Spirits to have such abilities.]


Yang Kai’s face twitched slightly as he said, “Proprietress, the Yin and Yang Element materials that you mentioned earlier… You can’t be talking about these two, right?”


She nodded, “I am. Their bodies are formed from the purest Chaos Powers that transformed into the original Yin and Yang Elements. The Order of the Power contained in their bodies is extremely high, possibly even at the peak of the Ninth Order, so they fully meet your requirements.”


Yang Kai naturally angrily retorted, “I don’t want to die yet!” [Is she crazy!? The fallout of the battle between those two can destroy everything in several Great Territories! If a mere Emperor Realm cultivator like me dares to go there, not even ash will be left!]


She giggled softly, “At least you’re a little self-aware!” Pausing for a moment, she added, “But then again, I don’t actually know whether the Burning Light and Serene Glimmer exist. These are only things I have heard from others. Nevertheless, these Great Territories are completely devoid of life and it doesn’t matter if you are in the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm or the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm. No matter how high your cultivation, you will die the moment you dare to even set foot into those Great Territories.”


Yang Kai felt extremely uneasy and memorized the locations of those Great Territories, secretly deciding to never step into them no matter what. Still, he asked without giving up, “Are there no other ways?”


She pondered in silence for a long while before she answered, “Wait for half a year. An opportunity might present itself then, but it is only a possibility.”


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up at those words, “What kind of opportunity?”


She shook her head gently, “It is still uncertain for the time being. I will let you know once the news has been confirmed. It’s useless to tell you now since the situation is still uncertain.”


Yang Kai could not force her if she did not wish to speak about this matter, so he could only suppress the suspicions in his heart. In any case, he had nothing else to do in the near future so he immediately nodded and agreed.


At this moment, a sweet yet stern shout rang out from the outside, “Where is Yang Kai!? Show yourself!”


Yang Kai was startled upon hearing that voice as it clearly belonged to a woman, but he found it to be extremely unfamiliar. It was obviously somebody he was not acquainted with. Why would somebody he did not know come looking for him? He was filled with doubts.


The Proprietress tilted her head to the side and looked at him with a teasing look, “Smelly brat, did you break a heart somewhere?”


“Proprietress, rice may be eaten at will, but words should not be spoken indiscriminately.” He shook his head in all seriousness, “I’ve always kept myself clean. How could I possibly break a random heart?”


“Is that so?” The expression on her face was full of distrust as she swept her Divine Sense out and revealed a look of surprise, “Why is she here?”


“Who?” He asked.


“You will know once you take a look for yourself. Messing with her… You’re in for a lot of trouble.” The Proprietress looked like she was enjoying his misfortune. Closing her beautiful eyes slowly, she gently fanned herself and acted as though everything had nothing to do with her.


Feeling extremely annoyed, Yang Kai could only push open the door and walk out. He heard the woman’s voice again before he even arrived at the hall, “Yang Kai! Hurry up and get out here!”


Inside the hall, many cultivators who came here to eat were watching this woman with great interest.


On the other hand, Guo Zi Yan and the others were glaring at the woman furiously. This woman had a tall figure, but her cultivation was only in the Emperor Realm. Even so, she was not afraid despite facing so many Open Heaven Realm Masters. She even dared to make such a ruckus in a place like First Inn, completely thinking nothing of everybody else inside. They had to admit that she was very bold.


Yang Kai strode out from the inner hall.


As soon as he appeared, the young woman’s beautiful eyes immediately fixed on him like the sharp gaze of a falcon. Her entire body was exuding a boundless fighting spirit and her aura climbed steadily, causing her black hair to dance like snakes even though there was no wind.


“I waited for you for more than ten years. You finally appeared!” She gritted her teeth lightly. The look in her eyes was complicated, seemingly filled with accusations of blood and tears.


Countless pairs of eyes turned towards Yang Kai in unison. Judging by this woman’s words, there seemed to be a hidden backstory.


Yang Kai tilted his head and looked at her.


She then continued, “Did you think you could shame me then just walk away after everything you did!?”


The moment those words came out, countless people immediately cast contemptuous looks at Yang Kai. Some of them had already concocted a scenario where Yang Kai and this woman were deeply in love with one another, but in the end, the scumbag of a man must have abandoned her after taking her innocence.


Yue He covered her red lips with her hand, “Young Master, this young lady…”


“It’s not what you’re thinking.” Yang Kai felt rather speechless. Calmly looking at the woman, he frowned and said, “Though I feel a little apologetic, I’m afraid I have to ask. Just… who are you?”


Those contemptuous looks instantly turned into complete disdain!


The woman also seemed taken aback by his words. Her momentum that had climbed to the limit suddenly withered as though crushed by a huge mountain. A cold murderous intent appeared on her beautiful face as she asked, “Have you forgotten who I am?”


Yang Kai looked embarrassed as he continued, “You look familiar, but… I can’t recall who you are. Can you give me a hint?”


The woman clenched her tender fists tightly and grit her teeth so hard that the grinding sound could be heard. She placed great emphasis on each word she spoke, “Asura Arena, Yu Luo Sha!”


There was a huge uproar in the hall immediately as somebody yelled out in excitement, “What!? She is Yu Luo Sha? The one ranked first in the Asura Arena’s Earth Rankings!?”


“That’s right! That’s right! She really is Yu Luo Sha! I saw her fighting in the Asura Arena before! It’s just that I was too far away and her movements were too fast. She defeated her opponent in just two or three moves. I couldn’t see clearly.”


“I heard she is one of the most outstanding disciples of Asura Heaven, a Core Disciple who is expected to advance straight to the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. She is only one step away from advancing already!”


“Who is this brat? How can he have such an ambiguous relationship with Yu Luo Sha? He can’t have done something to her, right?”


“There’s going to be a good show…”


Everybody in the hall was fervently discussing this issue among themselves. Meanwhile, the realization finally seemed to hit Yang Kai as he pointed at Yu Luo Sha and remarked, “Oh! It’s you!”


Back when he was tricked by Pei Bu Wan into entering the Asura Arena, he naturally fought against somebody. The opponent of that battle was none other than Yu Luo Sha. It had not been long since Yang Kai arrived in the 3,000 Worlds and his strength at the time was far inferior compared to what it currently was, but he still stood out amongst cultivators in the same Realm. Be that as it may, it had been a difficult battle to win. Arena Heaven was one of the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens, and as one of Asura Heaven’s Core Disciples, it stood to reason that Yu Luo Sha was not an easy opponent.


The Asura Arena was directly managed by Asura Heaven, and almost every large-scale Star City had an Asura Arena where cultivators could battle each other to the death. The first reason was that Asura Heaven could earn a lot of resources through operating such a venue, while the other reason was that it allowed the disciples of Asura Heaven to enter the Asura Arenas to gain experience. Every one of Asura Heaven’s disciples had slaughtered their way out of the Asura Arena, so all of them were extremely warlike and could kill without emotion.


The Asura Arena was divided into three different rankings, namely Heaven, Earth, and Mortal. They corresponded to the Open Heaven Realm, Half-Step Open Heaven Realm, and those below the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm. When Yang Kai fought Yu Luo Sha, she ranked fourth in the Mortal Rankings. In comparison, she was now apparently ranked first in the Earth Rankings. That went to show just how much she had achieved and how much she had grown in the past 10 years!


Yang Kai had not thought much about the battle that took place that day. It was just one unimportant obstacle he had to overcome in his life. Thus, it was not worth remembering. He never imagined that Yu Luo Sha would come looking for him after more than 10 years had passed.


“Did Shopkeeper Pei tell you that I’m back?” he asked.


[No wonder Pei Bu Wan seemed so eager when I ran into him earlier.] It was Pei Bu Wan who brought Yang Kai to the Asura Arena back then. During the years that Yang Kai was away from the Star City, it was most likely that Yu Luo Sha had constantly questioned Pei Bu Wan about Yang Kai’s whereabouts. Otherwise, she would not have come looking for Yang Kai as soon as he returned to the Star City.


“So what?” Yu Luo Sha looked at Yang Kai coldly.


Yang Kai frowned, “Junior Sister Yu, why are you looking for me?”


“I must challenge you!” She shouted decisively.


As soon as her statement rang out, there was another uproar in the hall.


Who was Yu Luo Sha? She was the rank 1 in the Earth Rankings of the Asura Arena. It could be said that she was an invincible existence among those below the Open Heaven Realm in the Star City. She could only be challenged by others, so why was she taking the initiative to challenge some unknown boy?


On the other hand, who on Earth was this man to deserve such treatment from Yu Luo Sha? Everybody could almost predict that Yang Kai’s name would surely become known throughout the Star City once news of this incident was to spread.


“Challenge me?” Yang Kai was stunned, “Why?”


Yu Luo Sha replied matter-of-factly, “I was defeated by you back then. I must redeem myself!”


“That’s all?”


“Indeed!” After saying that, she suddenly tossed out a jade slip and looked at him seriously, “Three days hence, in the afternoon. I will be waiting for you in the Asura Arena.”


Glaring at him coldly, she turned around and left.


Yang Kai barely caught the jade slip before she had vanished out of sight, not even giving him the chance to speak a single word or react whatsoever.


“What a swift and decisive woman!” Yang Kai sighed and swept his Divine Sense over the jade slip. It really turned out to be a challenge letter.


Bai Qi, who just came out with a tray of dishes, clicked his tongue as he placed the dishes on the table and joked, “You brat, how charming you must be to make a woman wait for you for more than 10 years.”


“Stop talking nonsense.” Yang Kai curled his lips and turned his head to look outside before snorting, “Shopkeeper Pei, why don’t you come inside? You’re already here anyway. Why sneak around like that?”


Outside the door, Pei Bu Wan stuck his head inside with an embarrassed laugh. He did not seem ashamed even after Yang Kai saw through him. Striding over to the table, he took a seat and said, “Congratulations, Little Brother Yang.”


“What is there to congratulate?” Yang Kai gave Pei Bu Wan a sideways glance.


Pei Bu Wan spoke sternly, “You can have a match with Yu Luo Sha. Moreover, she was the one who took the initiative to challenge you. No matter who wins or who loses, your name will soon be known throughout the Star City, famous to all. What is that if not an auspicious event?”


Yang Kai responded in a tone that neither denied nor affirmed those words, “Is that so? Doesn’t that mean I should thank you, Shopkeeper Pei?”


Pei Bu Wan’s expression became bitter and pitiful, “Little Brother Yang, please don’t blame me. I was forced to do it. There really was no other way.” While speaking, he couldn’t help shedding bitter tears, “You suddenly vanished without a trace, so you don’t know just how annoying Yu Luo Sha is…”




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