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Martial Peak – Chapter 4213, I Won’t Disappoint You

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Yang Kai ignored the looks and comments of the outsiders and entered the Asura Arena. He was immediately greeted by the sight of the Heaven, Earth, and Mortal Rankings, each of which contained 100 names.


He casually swept a glance over the rankings and sure enough, he saw Yu Luo Sha’s name right at the top of the Earth Rankings. It was shining golden and looked very dazzling. The list was constantly changing. From time to time, one of the names would slide down the rankings while others would vanish altogether. Those names that slid down the rankings belonged to the people who were defeated in the Asura Arena while those names that vanished from the rankings belonged to the people who died in battle.


Yang Kai suddenly glanced towards the bottom of the Mortal Rankings and smiled, “That brat, Qing Shan, is doing pretty well.”


In the 95th position of the Mortal Rankings was Lang Qing Shan’s name. Three days ago, Yang Kai asked Lang Qing Shan and the others to enter the Asura Arena for training. They immediately rolled up their sleeves and came over the very next day. Over the past few days, they didn’t even return to First Inn. They were practically regarding the Asura Arena as their home.


In just three days, Lang Qing Shan had made his way into the 95th position of the Mortal Rankings. It went to show just how diligently he had been fighting. During their conversation, Lang Qing Shan’s name suddenly jumped up the rankings and abruptly landed on the 89th spot. The name of the person who used to rank 89th slid down and stopped just below his name. At the same time, Yang Kai faintly heard an Earth-shaking roar of cheers coming from a corner of the Asura Arena.


“Are you Yang Kai?” A person’s voice sounded from the side.


Yang Kai looked up and saw a few young men dressed as Young Lords walking over from not far away. They were followed by several Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. It would seem that they came from a rather extraordinary background. There were three people in total and they were all dressed differently. One was dressed in black; one was dressed in white; and the other was dressed in green.


The person who spoke just now was the Young Lord in green. He was holding a folding fan in his hand and pretending to be suave. While he was speaking, he couldn’t help stealing a few glances at Yue He with gleaming eyes.


On the other hand, Yue He’s gaze was as sharp as knives. She gave him a vicious look, causing him to smile in embarrassment and reluctantly withdraw his gaze.


“That’s right, and you are?” Yang Kai politely cupped his fist.


The Young Lord dressed in white announced, “You don’t need to know who we are. All you need to know is that our interests are closely related to your victory or loss today.”


Yang Kai suddenly understood the situation. These people must have placed bets. A betting pool would be opened for every battle in the Asura Arena and these wagers would have different odds to attract the cultivators watching to gamble. It stood to reason that he knew about this; after all, this was the reason why Pei Bu Wan suddenly earned such a large sum of money last time. His battle with Yu Luo Sha today would surely have a similar aspect.


[But, why did these people come to find me?] Yang Kai had a sudden thought and looked at them in astonishment, “Could it be that the three of you placed a bet on my victory?”


The Young Lord in white responded without a trace of politeness, “In your dreams. We might come from wealthy families and spend money like water, but we are not stupid enough to just throw money away. Why would we bet on your victory?”


Yang Kai became annoyed, “If you favour Yu Luo Sha, then why did you come to me?” [Are these three people sick in the head?]


The Young Lord in black raised a hand to pat Yang Kai on the shoulder and gave a sigh, “Junior Brother Yang, the three of us actually quite admire your courage. We can’t believe you have the guts to accept Yu Luo Sha’s challenge. It’s rare to see a young man as bold as you nowadays. I heard you defeated Yu Luo Sha more than ten years ago. Is that true?”


Yang Kai nodded in response.


The Young Lord in black heaved another heavy sigh, “It is said that one can make great progress in three days, much less after more than ten years. It is best not to think of her in the same way. You might have won against Yu Luo Sha in the past, but now…” He gazed at Yang Kai with a pitying look and patted Yang Kai on the shoulder, “Work hard to survive. You will only have hope for the future if you survive!”


Yang Kai chuckled and did not know how to respond.


The Young Lord in green closed his folding fan, “That’s not the main point. The main point is that you must survive for some time against Yu Luo Sha! The three of us are betting that you can hold out against that crazy woman for an incense stick at least!”


The Young Lord in white said, “Since you have the guts to accept Yu Luo Sha, I’m sure you have some confidence in your abilities. An incense stick should be fine, right?”


Yang Kai was curious, “You can even make a bet like that?”


The Young Lord in black replied, “Why not? The Asura Arena opened an extensive betting pool, and although the odds are lower, we can still earn a lot if we bet a lot.”


Yang Kai looked at the three of them and exclaimed in surprise, “Did all of you bet that I could hold out for an incense stick?”


The Young Lord in black looked apologetic, “Not all of us. I bet that you won’t last for more than half an incense.” Seeing Yang Kai glaring at him resentfully, he continued, “There are even worse out there. Xu Tang Tang bet 3 million Open Heaven Pills that you will be defeated in ten moves. That guy is nuts! So, Junior Brother Yang, you have to do your best! You must hold out for more than ten moves…” he added in a low voice, “and lose to Yu Luo Sha within half an incense! I will treat you to a meal later!”


Yang Kai was so furious that steam came out of his nostrils, “Did Yu Luo Sha send the three of you here to humiliate me!?”


The three Young Lords smiled in embarrassment and quickly replied, “Of course not.”


Yang Kai snapped, “Didn’t anybody bet that I would win!?”


The three Young Lords exchanged glances with each other before shaking their heads in unison. They looked at Yang Kai like he was a lunatic.


Yang Kai smiled and nodded, but his smile did not reach his eyes, “Good, good. I will do my best not to disappoint the three of you then!”


The Young Lord in black brightened at those words and cupped his fists, “Many thanks, Junior Brother Yang! If you survive the battle today, the three of us will definitely become your friends!”


“Sure. Sure.” Yang Kai smiled and nodded. Afterward, he parted ways with these three. Under the guidance of one of the people from the Asura Arena, he walked into a room to wait for the Asura Arena to prepare the battlefield. Then, he abruptly turned towards Pei Bu Wan, “How much did you bet, Shopkeeper Pei?”


Pei Bu Wan made an incoherent noise as his gaze wandered nervously for a bit before he raised a finger.


Yang Kai smiled brightly, “How long did you bet that I would last?”


Pei Bu Wan looked guilty. He hesitated for a long while, then he gave a flattering smile, “An hour.”


“Wow! Shopkeeper Pei, you sure think quite highly of me. Should I thank you?”


Pei Bu Wan immediately said, “Little Brother Yang, it’s not that this Big Brother is favouring an outsider over you. It’s just that Yu Luo Sha’s growth over the past ten years is extremely terrifying! She is much stronger today than she was back then. But, I know that you are no ordinary guy either, Little Brother Yang. I’m sure you grew tremendously over the past ten years, so you can definitely hold out for an hour.”


“Three to one!” He considered for a moment, “Little Brother Yang, do you want to bet a little? There is still time. It’s no big deal even if you lose a battle. It’s more important to earn some Open Heaven Pills. Besides, now is the time when you need lots of cultivation resources for your cultivation. You won’t get another chance like this if you let this chance slip by.”


“Three to one. Those are some really stacked odds.” Yang Kai secretly gritted his teeth. The Asura Arena was obviously looking down on him by offering such odds. It could even be said that nobody who knew about this battle was optimistic about his chances at all, “If the odds are so high just for me to hold out for an hour, then the odds of my victory against Yu Luo Sha should be even higher, right?”


“Ten to one!” Pei Bu Wan answered solemnly, “These are the highest odds that the Asura Arena has ever offered in its history. There has not been any precedent of a higher offer.”


Yang Kai turned to look at Yue He, “How many Open Heaven Pills do we have left?”


Yue He immediately replied, “We still have more than 360 million. Young Master, are we going to place a bet?”


“Bet everything!” He waved his hand grandly, “I’m going to force Asura Arena to compensate me with the clothes on their back, down to their underpants!”


Yue He accepted the order and took her leave.


Pei Bu Wan’s mouth gaped open in shock. At first, he was shocked that a trivial Emperor Realm cultivator like Yang Kai had several hundreds of millions of Open Heaven Pills in hand. It had to be said that even as the shopkeeper of the Hundred Refining’s Hall, the funds that passed through his hands were no more than tens of millions at most.


[Did he rob a Cave-Heaven or a Paradise over the past few years!? How did he accumulate so many Open Heaven Pills!?]


A moment later, he was shocked at how decisively Yang Kai decided to bet all those Open Heaven Pills in one go.


It wasn’t until Yue He departed that he finally came back to his senses and hurriedly said, “Little Brother Yang, what are you betting on!? You can’t just randomly make such a bet!”


[That’s several hundreds of millions of Open Heaven Pills! What if he loses!?] Just thinking about the possibility distressed Pei Bu Wan.


“None of your damn business!” Yang Kai snapped angrily.


Pei Bu Wan was in the wrong here, so he did not dare to say another word.


A short while later, Yue He returned and reported with some dissatisfaction, “Young Master, the Asura Arena only accepts a maximum bet of 100 million. I can’t bet any more than that. I have asked Guo Zi Yan and the others to rush over immediately.”


Yang Kai nodded gently.


While they were conversing with each other, the door opened and an elderly man walked into the room. He swept a glance across the room and asked, “Which one of you is Yang Kai?”


Yang Kai stood up, “Me!”


“Please come with this Old Master. The battle is going to begin soon,” After saying that, the elderly man turned around and led the way.


Yang Kai had no choice but to follow the elderly man through corridor after corridor and soon came to a set of tightly closed doors. The doors were several metres high and at this moment, they were slowly opening. With the opening of those doors, an Earth-shaking cheer that made one’s blood boil with excitement came from within the Asura Arena.


“Please enter!” The elderly man gestured forward.


Yang Kai strode forward and entered the Asura Arena. It was not his first time here; however, it had been more than ten years since he last came. The reason his battle with Yu Luo Sha this time attracted so much attention was also thanks to the diligent efforts of the Asura Arena.


The entire battlefield was so vast that it was impossible to see the end at a glance. He turned out to be standing on a platform and a thousand metres opposite him, Yu Luo Sha stood on another platform in tight-fitted clothes that revealed her graceful curves. She was looking in this direction with a burning fighting spirit.


The doors behind both of them slowly closed and at the same time, numerous barriers were activated inside the Asura Arena. A transparent light barrier covered the entire battleground in order to prevent fallout from the battle from spreading outside the arena.


Following the activation of the barrier, the environment of the entire battlefield changed rapidly as towering ancient trees rose from the ground. It was a strange sight to see. The environment in the Asura Arena would change randomly, which was something Yang Kai had known for more than ten years. The last time he fought Yu Luo Sha, their battle had taken place in a desert. This time around, it seemed to be a forest.


Soon after, a booming voice sounded throughout the Asura Arena, explaining the rules. The voice was neither fast nor slow, but it was very penetrative. It clearly resounded in one’s ears despite the clamouring noises of the countless cultivators in the stands.



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  1. 1B from sword pav master and almost another Billion from others and this is because they live in a bustling star city. Well guys don’t forget that last time he asked YH she said their wealth got depleted more than a billion in the array and it’s still not finished at that time and GM array needs 10% commission. I really don’t get why Hei he and MO Yu got more OH pills than the SPM who lived in the star city. Even the wealth found in the secret stash of SWL is so little as they previously mentioned. So him getting extra 7 billion is questionable.

    Well he is the MC so author can make him rich as he wants without further explanations.

  2. Only 360 million left? I thought there would still be like 2-3 billion even after the shopping spree. And still seems like mediocre odds, considering that he isn’t even supposed to be fighting in the Earth rankings.

    1. I think it was a translation error that he had a few billion open heaven pills. From what I recall all the wealth he got from that world he was in for 10 years was about 1 billion pills. I don’t know how he suddenly had 7 or 8 billion pills left over after spending alot of it on the sect defending array. I think the real amount he had left was 700 or 800 million, this is because he replenished a lot of his used up wealth with the wealth he got from killing that guy trying to refine the demon realm. So it makes sense for the amount of money he had left to be close to 1 billion, but not more. Its very common for numbers to be translated incorrectly by a magnitude of 10 or even a 100 when translating chinese or japanese. Don’t know if that’s what happened here, or if the author made a mistake the past few chapters.

      1. He also looted old Ancestor Mo, the Sewer Wonders secret stash and whatever the Crimson what’s-face upper echelon brought in their rings. He actually had quite a bit of cash go through his hands.

      2. He got 1 billion from the sword pavilion master alone, so counting Hei He and other people he controlls/killed, he probably got 7 billion. And if he spent around 1 billion in every star city, he needed to visit only about 6 of them, which seems quite likely

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