Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4214, Instant Kill


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Under the watch and cheering of countless people, Yang Kai stood on the platform and smiled brightly at Yu Luo Sha, who stood opposite him before lightly asking, “Junior Sister Yu, can I admit defeat?”


Yu Luo Sha’s beautiful eyes narrowed at those words, “Are you mocking me?”


Her pretty face was filled with rage and her tender fists were tightly clenched. She had waited for more than ten years for this moment, all so she could have a proper fight with him. Now that he had finally returned to the Star City, how could she possibly accept a result like that?


“I guess it won’t work after all.” Yang Kai gave a leisurely sigh, “My original intention was to admit defeat immediately. After further consideration, I came to the conclusion that a woman with as much pride as you would not give up even if I admit defeat. You will definitely continue to pester me in the future. In that case, I figured I might as well fight you and create a chance for you to land the winning blow. That way, I can resolve this troublesome matter.”


“Create a chance for me to land the winning blow!?” She gritted her teeth, uttering those words with great emphasis as though she had suffered great humiliation. Her chest heaved erratically.


“Indeed!” Yang Kai remained calm.


“Judging by your words, you seem certain that I am not your opponent,” she said coldly.


“There is no one beneath the Open Heaven Realm who is my opponent!” He looked at her nonchalantly.


Even if she had a calm temperament and her mind was as tranquil as an ancient well, she still could not help becoming angry at his words, “Senior Brother, are you not worried that these nonsensical words of yours will come back to slap you in the face later? I was certainly no match for you more than ten years ago, but I am different from before. I’m afraid it won’t be so easy for you to defeat me like you did back then.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I know that you have grown tremendously over the past few years, Junior Sister Yu. However, this Senior Brother has not been idle either. It’s just that this Senior Brother is very kind to women. Junior Sister, you have such a pretty face. It would be bad if your beautiful face was injured in the fight. Why don’t we do this instead? Junior Sister, why don’t you take the initiative to admit defeat?”


The conversation between these two might be taking place within the Asura Arena, but every single word that was spoken was transmitted clearly through the barriers and into the ears of the cultivators in the audience. Everybody heard it loud and clear.


The originally noisy audience abruptly fell silent. Everybody stared at Yang Kai in dumbfounded amazement. In the next moment, an uproar louder than the noisy chattering just now erupted from the audience. Countless people mocked Yang Kai for boasting shamelessly. Some even clamoured for Yu Luo Sha to beat Yang Kai black and blue. The commotion in the audience was extremely loud for a while, drowning out even the voice that was reading out the rules.


Yang Kai turned to look at the audience and shouted furiously, “Shut the hell up, you bunch of trash! You’ll soon be compensating me with all your bets!”


Yu Luo Sha tilted her head to look at him and faintly said, “If it’s about how glib one’s tongue is, then I admit I am not your match, Senior Brother. We don’t need to compete in that regard. I will admit defeat.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Looks like we still need to fight in the end. Haa… I never wanted to let this situation develop this far. However, you are wholeheartedly pursuing the peak of the Martial Dao. For an opponent like you, this Senior Brother can only show my respect for you by going all out!”


After saying that, his expression abruptly changed. His originally faint and nondescript aura suddenly erupted outward like a tsunami. The sudden change was so great that Yu Luo Sha couldn’t help narrowing her eyes. She instinctively surged the power in her body as a crimson blood mist instantly permeated the air around her!


At the same time, the voice that had been explaining the rules in Asura Arena also finished and shouted in a low voice, “Life and death shall be decided in battle, let the match begin!”




The platform beneath Yang Kai’s feet exploded without warning and turned into countless pieces of gravel that shot out in all directions. His entire body turned into a stream of light as he charged towards Yu Luo Sha and appeared just ten metres away from her in an instant.


Yu Luo Sha’s expression changed greatly as a chill spread from the soles of her feet to the top of her head. In her vision, what charged towards her was not an Emperor Realm cultivator who had yet to even reach the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm but an ancient ominous beast that crossed through time and came from prehistoric times. The violent aura wrapped around her, causing her to become unable to breathe. It felt like her entire body was being pressed under a mountain and she didn’t even have the strength to move a single finger.


Meanwhile, the ferocious beast stretched out a claw while charging towards her and reached for her face, tearing through space and causing the world to collapse wherever it passed.


Yu Luo Sha was shocked! She had made a name for herself in the Asura Arena. Ever since she advanced into the Emperor Realm, she had fought in the Asura Arena and experienced at least 1,000 battles over the years. During this time, she met both strong and weak opponents. The most difficult opponent she had ever fought was during the battle where she took first place in the Earth Rankings.


In order to reach the top of the Earth Rankings, she first had to defeat the previous top ranker.


Her opponent had been on par with her in terms of strength and they were both in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm, only one step away from advancing into the Open Heaven Realm. Her opponent had also condensed six types of Sixth-Order Elements and was a Core Disciple of another Cave-Heaven. Their battle lasted for half a day before they could determine the winner between them.


However, even the previous top ranker in the Earth Rankings had been extremely cautious when challenging her. They had taken their time to figure out each other’s strength before they went all out towards the end of the battle. Who would charge in so violently and savagely from the start?


What scared Yu Luo Sha even more was the sense of oppression that Yang Kai gave her. Countless people had looked down on Yang Kai and believed that he was not her opponent, but she had never once thought that way. How could the person who defeated her ten years ago be weak?


As he mentioned just now, she had shown tremendous growth during these past ten years. But likewise, he could not have been idling away either! That was why she never underestimated him. On the contrary, she had always regarded him as an opponent who could put up a hard fight against her. Nevertheless, she immediately realized she had underestimated him when he actually made his move. Compared to his shocking imposing aura, she felt like a firefly in front of the bright moon, absolutely insignificant! At that moment, she felt as though the person before her was an invincible existence.


Be that as it may, she was a Core Disciple of Asura Heaven and had experienced hundreds of battles before, so she quickly composed herself. Her aura surged as the strength inside her body exploded outward.


Kicking off the platform lightly, Yu Luo Sha gave a wave of her hand. Flower petals shot out and rained down on Yang Kai, each one dancing through the air and formed from the purest power she could condense in an ever-changing and unpredictable storm.


She had condensed Sixth-Order Elements, so the strength she wielded displayed as such! The golden flower petals were like indestructible swords, representing the Metal Element. The red flower petals were like blazing flames, representing the Fire Element. Meanwhile, yellow represented the Earth Element; green the Wood Element; white the Water Element; and black the Yin Element!


Thousands of flower petals danced to form an imposing Array that could shred everything to pieces and covered Yang Kai in an instant. Even so, Yu Luo Sha did not feel the slightest sense of triumph. On the contrary, her heart pounded as though an inexplicable sense of crisis was looming over her. Then, she saw a large hand in the shape of an eagle’s claws stretching out of the flower storm. Countless petals destroyed the man’s clothes, but they were blocked by a dirt-yellow light barrier. Sparks flew from the contact between the flower petals and that light barrier, while no harm befell his body at all.


“How can that be!?” She practically exclaimed in shock, her heart sinking to the bottom of the abyss. The Myriad Flowers Array was basically her trump card. She generally did not use this move because it consumed too much strength, and ever since she climbed to the top of the Earth Rankings three years ago, few people have been able to force her to use this move again. The only ones who could force her to use this move were opponents in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm. These people had all condensed the Fifth-Order or Sixth-Order Elements and were also the elite disciples of various Cave-Heaven or Paradises.


Faced with Yang Kai’s head-on charge that resembled a ferocious Ominous Beast, she immediately brought out her trump card. She originally thought that it would stop him for a moment, maybe even cause him to fall into a precarious situation, but who could have imagined this result instead?




Before she could understand what was going on, Yang Kai’s figure burst out of the Myriad Flowers Array. Countless flower petals shattered with a loud explosion, turning into bits of light that shot out in all directions like a meteor shower.


Yu Luo Sha stared blankly forward, only to see that Yang Kai’s expression was still as tranquil as an ancient well. His eyes were as cold and cruel as ice. Roaring to inspire herself, her tender body tensed and a boundless blood mist gushed out of her, turning into a sea of blood that drowned both of them inside.


The audience was completely silent as countless people stared blankly at the sea of blood in the Asura Arena, unable to comprehend what had just happened. It wasn’t until three breaths later that somebody murmured, “Did that Yang Kai just destroy Yu Luo Sha’s Myriad Flowers Array?”


Nobody answered the question. The Myriad Flowers Array had indeed been destroyed and Yang Kai had emerged from it without being bothered in the slightest. The main question was, how did he do it? Nobody had seen clearly.


Before anybody could figure out the answer, the sea of blood in the Asura Arena began squirming madly as though struck by a powerful impact.


The sea of blood shattered and the figures of two people swiftly fell out of the sky. Under everybody’s gaze, those figures suddenly vanished. Even though it had only been for a moment, almost everybody saw Yang Kai grabbing Yu Luo Sha by the face with a large hand and viciously smashing her towards the ground.


Yu Luo Sha was not willing to just give up and admit defeat. Both her slender jade hands and long legs; every part of her body had been transformed into a weapon that bombarded Yang Kai indiscriminately.


On the other hand, Yang Kai remained as stubborn and unchanging as a mountain. Motionless, he ignored whatever attacks she unleashed against him.




The entire Asura Arena shuddered and countless cultivators in the audience also felt the ground shaking beneath them. A cloud of dust rose up at the spot where the two fighters landed. Numerous ancient towering trees crashed to the ground, forming a straight line that stretched out for several hundreds of metres. The scene was chaotic and the figures of both Yang Kai and Yu Luo Sha could no longer be seen amidst the dust.


Everybody hurriedly lifted their heads and looked up at the sky where a huge projected image of the battle between those two under the effects of the Spirit Arrays in the Asura Arena stood. What entered their eyes made them draw a deep breath of cold air in surprise.


Inside that enormous light barrier, Yang Kai was kneeling with one knee on the ground. He had one large hand pressing against the ground, his black hair and clothes flapping from the impact.


As for Yu Luo Sha, she was smashed into the ground with her face still in the grip of his hand. The long stretch of empty space behind them resembled a large mouth, mocking soundlessly.




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  1. “The only ones who could force her to use this move were opponents in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm.” So literally everyone in the earth rankings xD

    1. It didn’t say “all”. The lists of people who could force her to use the technique and the earth ranking list were both drafted from the list of Half-Step OHR cultivators. Doesn’t mean the lists are equal, or that they even intersect significantly or at all. (Although some intersection is to be expected, naturally)

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