Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4215, Compensation


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The entire arena was silent! Everybody looked up stupidly at the projection in the sky. They couldn’t help feeling a sense of absurdity, almost as though they were stuck in a dream.


Yu Luo Sha had been utterly defeated! The top ranker in the Earth Rankings! The woman who was only one step away from advancing into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm! The woman who was said to be an existence that was invincible among those beneath the Open Heaven Realm! She had been defeated in an instant!


Moreover, the person who defeated her was a little-known man by the name of Yang Kai! How could this be!? How could there be something so ridiculous in the world!?


Countless people frantically rubbed their eyes and pinched their thighs, hoping that everything was just an illusion. Unfortunately, the reality of the image burned into their eyes was extremely clear. It could not be more real.


Yu Luo Sha had been defeated by Yang Kai. She seemed powerless to fight back against the violent attacks of the other party. Furthermore, no more than ten breaths had passed since the beginning of the battle.




Inside a certain private room, three Young Lords dressed in black, green, and white respectively were staring fixedly at the Asura Arena in shock. They were the three Young Lords who spoke to Yang Kai previously. Their mouths were gaping so wide that they could practically stuff their own fists into them.


After a while, the Young Lord in black suddenly let out a cry of surprise. He turned around and shouted furiously, “Why did you pinch me!?”


The Young Lord in white looked extremely depressed, “I wanted to see if I was dreaming!”


The Young Lord in green wiped at the cold sweat on his forehead, “I can’t believe that Senior Brother… turned out to be so strong!”


Thinking back to the various ‘advice’ they gave Yang Kai just now and how they asked him to hold out for longer, they couldn’t help shuddering all of a sudden.




Inside another private room, Pei Bu Wan slumped limply into the chair. His entire being looked like a balloon that had run out of air. His complexion had also gone white as a sheet as he was murmuring to himself, “It’s over. It’s over… It’s all gone! My 10 million Open Heaven Pills!”


After saying that, he clutched at his chest as though he was so heartbroken that he could not breathe.


Yue He coldly snorted, “Serves you right!”


She had no goodwill towards this shopkeeper of Hundred Refining’s Hall who bet 10 million Open Heaven Pills on Yang Kai’s defeat.




Inside the Asura Arena, Yang Kai slowly stood up and reached up to brush the hair out of his face. Lowering his head to take a good look at Yu Luo Sha, who was lying unconscious on the ground, he smiled in satisfaction, “I didn’t injure her pretty face. As expected, I’m somebody who cherishes women indeed.”


His words were transmitted throughout the Asura Arena via the Spirit Arrays, so everybody heard him clearly. His tone might be warm and kind, but his words sent a chill down the backs of countless people.


Before this battle, the entire Star City believed that Yu Luo Sha was the strongest Master below the Open Heaven Realm. Nobody could be her opponent as long as the Open Heaven Realm Masters did not step forth. However, Yang Kai had knocked out the future rising star of Asura Heaven in less than ten breaths.


If Yu Luo Sha was the strongest Master below the Open Heaven Realm, then what did that make Yang Kai?


Besides, his offensive had been so violent and ferocious. He gave off the vibe that he was going to skin her alive right from the start. Those were not the actions of a person who ‘cherished women’, right? Just how shameless could he be to utter such words?


“Sneak attack! How dare you perform a sneak attack!? How shameless!” A furious yell suddenly rang out in the Asura Arena. That shout was particularly jarring in the silent arena.


In the next moment, the others joined in. Countless people accused Yang Kai of being shameless and despicable. They claimed that he must have maliciously launched a sneak attack; otherwise, Yu Luo Sha would not have been defeated in one blow.


Yang Kai swept a cold gaze over the audience and scolded, “You bunch of trash! If you’re willing to gamble, you must be willing to lose! You’re all just bitter because you lost everything down to your underwear, right!? Hahahaha!”


He burst into maniacal laughter, inciting the anger of all the people in the arena, tempting them to rip his corpse into ten thousand pieces. Nevertheless, his words were the truth. Countless people went bankrupt because of this battle; after all, everybody had looked down on Yang Kai before the battle began and almost everybody placed a bet on Yu Luo Sha as a result. The odds might be lower, but it was just as the Young Lord mentioned before, if they bet more, then they would win more.


Unfortunately, Yang Kai smashed their beautiful dreams to pieces with brute force in less than ten breaths. It was no wonder that they were accusing him of being despicable and launching a sneak attack.


Strictly speaking, Yang Kai had not launched a sneak attack. He only made his move after hearing the voice saying ‘Let the battle begin!’. There were no doubts regarding whether or not he had launched a sneak attack. It was just that some of those people were not happy about losing. That was why they threw those accusations at him.


It wasn’t until this moment that the voice explaining all the rules earlier rang out again. This time, it sounded extremely dry, “Winner, Yang Kai!”


In the next moment, a man slipped into the arena and stopped in front of Yu Luo Sha. He reached out three fingers to check whether she was still breathing. When he confirmed that she had just passed out and was in no danger, he seemed slightly relieved. He then bent down and picked her up. Then, he raised his head and glared at Yang Kai furiously before leaving in a hurry.


Yang Kai scratched his nose, knowing that he made himself stand out too much. The person who carried Yu Luo Sha away was most likely one of Asura Heaven’s disciples. Yu Luo Sha could be considered one of the Asura Arena’s golden signboards, so now that he smashed that signboard to pieces, it would be strange if he did not attract some grudges.


Yang Kai had not wanted to stand out, it was just that Yu Luo Sha was just too bull-headed. She would not have given up and would simply continue to pester him in the future unless he gave her a taste of despair.


Fortunately, Asura Heaven was one of the Thirty-Six Cave-Heaven and the Asura Arena was its primary business. Even if Asura Heaven was upset with him, it would not stoop so low as to secretly get rid of him. Besides, it was not that there was no precedent of Asura Heaven disciples dying in the Asura Arena. Asura Heaven had never held a grudge against others because of something like that. As far as the Cave-Heaven was concerned, death was deserved if one was lacking in talent.


Seeing as the countless cultivators in the audience were still cursing endlessly, Yang Kai decided to ignore them and leisurely walked towards the exit instead. At the exit, he saw the elderly man who led him into the arena previously looking at him as though looking at a ghost. The attitude of the elderly man at this moment was much more polite than the nonchalant attitude from before.


Upon returning to the waiting room, Yang Kai immediately saw Pei Bu Wan sitting there wallowing in depression and laughed, “Shopkeeper Pei, why are you acting like that? It’s only 1 million Open Heaven Pills. Just think of it as a monetary loss that allowed you to avoid disaster instead.”


Pei Bu Wan gritted his teeth, “What do you mean by 1 million!? It was 10 million! 10 million!”


“How bold, Shopkeeper Pei!” Yang Kai teased. When he questioned Pei Bu Wan earlier, Pei Bu Wan had only raised a single finger in response and did not provide an exact answer; hence, he mistakenly thought that Pei Bu Wan had bet just 1 million against him. Who could have known that Pei Bu Wan had bet 10 million instead?


“Little Brother Yang, you’ve ruined me!” Pei Bu Wan’s facial features were scrunched up together as he was literally on the verge of tears, “If you had such ability, why didn’t you let this Big Brother know in advance!? If I had known, I would have bet on you!”


Yang Kai was amazed, “I sent Yue He to place an enormous bet on myself, didn’t I? Shopkeeper Pei, you were the one who did not believe in me. How can you blame me?”


Pei Bu Wan was rendered speechless when he thought back on it. Yang Kai had dared to bet on his own victory with such confidence, so how could he be uncertain about his chances of winning? It was just that Yu Luo Sha’s invincible image was so deeply rooted in Pei Bu Wan’s heart that he did not dare to believe in Yang Kai.


Such a great opportunity to make a fortune had been placed right in front of him, but he had failed to grasp the opportunity… It had to be said that the odds against Yang Kai were ten to one!


Pei Bu Wan lifted a hand and slapped himself hard in the face. His chest was hurting as though somebody was squeezing his heart, making it hard for him to breathe.


While they were speaking, one of the people in charge of the Asura Arena walked in. That person glanced at Yang Kai before glancing at Pei Bu Wan, who was grieving as though he had lost his parents. That person nodded in acknowledgement, “Junior, you are here too.”


Pei Bu Wan suppressed the sorrow in his heart and hurriedly got to his feet, “Old Zhou!”


Old Zhou said, “You lost your bet? How could you lose if you are together with Nephew Yang?”


Pei Bu Wan reacted as if he was struck by lightning but said nothing, feeling as though somebody had rubbed salt into his wounds…


Old Zhou ignored Pei Bu Wan and cupped his fist at Yang Kai, “Nephew Yang!”


Although Yang Kai did not recognise this person, he echoed Pei Bu Wan’s words and cupped his fist, “Old Zhou!”


Old Zhou smiled, “Today’s battle has really opened this Old Master’s eyes, Nephew Yang!”


Yang Kai politely responded, “Old Zhou, you are too polite. I was just lucky!”


Old Zhou stared at Yang Kai meaningfully, “Defeating Yu Luo Sha in ten breaths cannot be considered ‘luck’. The disciples of Asura Heaven are not that easy to defeat. If just any random person could defeat the disciples of Asura Heaven, then Asura Heaven would have lost the right to call itself one of the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens a long time ago.”


Yang Kai asked, “Why did you come here, Old Zhou?”


Old Zhou handed over a Space Ring, “Before the battle started, you bet a 100 million Open Heaven Pills on your victory, right? This contains your bet and your winnings.”


Yang Kai immediately took the Space Ring in high spirits. Sweeping his Divine Sense to check the contents, he exclaimed in surprise, “This number seems a bit higher than it should.”


Combined with his original bet of 100 million, the Asura Arena should only need to hand over 1.1 billion Open Heaven Pills to him. Such a large sum of Open Heaven Pills was not something just any great force could bring out so easily. Only a place like the Asura Arena where countless Open Heaven Pills flowed through every single day could do something like that.


But, what surprised Yang Kai was that the Space Ring seemed to contain more than 1.1 billion Open Heaven Pills.


“1.2 billion!” Old Zhou confirmed.


Yang Kai was puzzled, “Where did the extra 100 million come from?”


Old Zhou smiled, “Nephew Yang, your strength is extraordinary. In the future, your name will surely spread across the 3,000 Worlds, so this Old Master will not play games with you. That extra 100 million is a form of compensation from Asura Arena.”


“Compensation for what?”


“Nephew Yang, please do not set foot in any of the Asura Arenas of any the Star Cities ever again!” Old Zhou replied bluntly.


Yang Kai could not help blinking in surprise; however, he soon understood what Old Zhou meant. He had displayed a terrifying power that was strong enough to crush any opponent under the Open Heaven Realm in his battle today. It was a given that nobody could be his opponent if he were to set foot in another Asura Arena again, and if everybody bet on his victory, then how would the Asura Arena make money?


The Asura Arena was one of the most important foundations of Asura Heaven, which delivered large amounts of Open Heaven Pills to it every day. If the Asura Arena kept suffering losses, then Asura Heaven would be in trouble too. It was only natural for Old Zhou to consider the future. Be that as it may, he took out 100 million Open Heaven Pills to offer as compensation without even batting an eyelid! It could be seen just how wealthy and powerful the Asura Arena was!


Pei Bu Wan was dumbfounded. As far as his memories went, this was the first time the Asura Arena had ever offered such generous conditions to a cultivator. Asura Heaven was one of the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens after all. Aside from the other Cave-Heavens in the Outer Universe, there was no need for Asura Heaven to give face to any other great force; after all, Asura Heaven had that kind of power.




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