Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4222, The Map and the Jade


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Yang Kai handed the pill recipe to the Proprietress for a look, and after a while commented, “The 72 auxiliary ingredients are quite common. Aside from the World Source Liquid, the remaining eight main ingredients are all pretty rare, but they can be found if you are determined to find them. It’s just the price… won’t be cheap.”


Yang Kai asked, “Proprietress, how much do you think it will cost to refine this Spirit Pill?”


She pondered for a moment, “At least a 100,000.”


The production cost of a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was 100,000. That was not inclusive of the failures during the refining process. If the costs of the failures during the refining process were included, then it would double the price at the very least. So, it would be 200,000.


Naturally, that was just the cost of the other materials excluding the World Source Liquid. If the cost of the World Source Liquid was included… World Source Liquid had practically gone extinct as it could only be formed when new Worlds were first created. Therefore, the value of something like that could not be measured.


In any case, the cost was extremely high. One could not be fooled by Yang Kai’s current spending where he could move several tens of millions at a time. For most cultivators, accumulating Open Heaven Pills was an extremely difficult task. Even Third-Class great forces could not accumulate more than several tens of millions of Open Heaven Pills with the strength of their entire Sect.


However, if he could successfully refine the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, then the price of a single Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill would not be measured in just 1 or 2 million Open Heaven Pills. Just like how Teng Wang was willing to increase the price to 30 million for a Spirit Pill, not to mention Ye Jian who was willing to quote a terrifying price of 50 million Open Heaven Pills.


Needless to say, this price was only feasible because this was an auction. Moreover, the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was the only one in existence. The price would not be as high if the Spirit Pill was mass-produced for sales. Be that as it may, selling the Spirit Pill for several million was not an issue. Which great force would not have several highly valued disciples? Just by spending several million on a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, they could ensure that their disciple had a smooth advancement, which would result in the enhancement of the Sect’s future hope and strength.


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened, as though he could see the Grand Dao of Fortune right in front of him. In addition, if the refinement of this Spirit Pill were successful, it would be highly beneficial to Void Land in the future!


Instructing Yue He to bid at her discretion during the subsequent auctions, Yang Kai picked up the jade bottle and took out the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. Then, he carefully scraped off a layer of Pill Powder and began to examine it carefully.


As time passed, the auction started up again.


Yang Kai completely immersed himself in the research of the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, constantly deducing the refinement process in his mind. He paid no attention to anything else, unable to extricate himself from his research.


He did not know how long had passed when he suddenly heard a gasp of exclamation coming from beside him. Unable to help himself, he pulled his mind back to the present and looked to the side. Old Bai was staring at the stage with an expression of shock, almost as though an amazing item had appeared on the stage. Even Yue He and the Proprietress looked solemn.


Yang Kai frowned, not knowing what was going on. Just as he was wondering about the situation, he heard the old man on the stage say something, “Ladies and gentlemen, you have not misheard. This Old Master is holding a map of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Although it is not complete, it should cover at least 20% of the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s territory. It might be even more. The auction house has made a total of 100 copies of this map. They will be sold in batches of ten during the auction. The starting price is 500,000 Open Heaven Pills. Please place your bids!”


The moment the old man finished speaking, numerous voices calling out various bids rang out incessantly from the private rooms. Even the Proprietress joined in.


Yang Kai was confused, “Old Bai, is the Blood Monster Cave Heaven part of the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens?”


It had not been long since he first arrived in the Outer Universe, but it had not been a short time either. There were countless great forces in the 3,000 Worlds, so he might not be familiar with most of them, but he had at least heard of each of the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises. Upon further consideration, he had never heard of the name ‘Blood Monster Cave Heaven’ before.


Old Bai licked his lips and said, “The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is not one of the Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens. It is a Universe Cave Heaven!”


Yang Kai was stunned; then, he immediately exclaimed in a loud voice, “A Universe Cave Heaven!?”


He had just heard the Proprietress mentioning the existence of the Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises. She claimed that a Universe Cave Heaven was the Small Universe left behind after the death of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master while a Universe Paradise was the Small Universe left behind after the death of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. There was a high possibility that they contained the wealth of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master accumulated over their lifetime. Anybody who could encounter one was bound to experience leaps and bounds in their growth.


Yang Kai had taken a great interest in this topic when listening to the Proprietress’ previous explanation, but he never expected that such a lucky coincidence would fall into his lap. Red Clouds Auction House was auctioning off the map of a Universe Cave Heaven! This shocked him very much!


[If Red Clouds Auction House can produce such a map of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, doesn’t that mean that they’ve already entered it before?]


Old Bai’s gaze was burning intensely, “You don’t understand. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is an extremely special Universe Cave Heaven in the 3,000 Worlds. It is the legacy left behind after the death of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master by the name of Blood Monster Divine Monarch. Unlike other Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises that are concealed from outsiders, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven is a Sealed World known across the 3,000 Worlds. Moreover, it opens once every 200 years. Any cultivator under the Open Heaven Realm can enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If you are lucky, you can obtain all sorts of precious resources. You might even obtain the inheritance of Blood Monster Divine Monarch!”


Yang Kai jumped in surprise, “The inheritance of Blood Monster Divine Monarch!?”


The Small Universe left behind after the death of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master would contain his entire lifetime’s worth of assets and his true inheritance. It was only natural that it would attract countless people’s attention.


Even if he was currently rich enough to buy a country, Yang Kai couldn’t help coveting those riches. He was tempted to rush into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven right now to explore the place thoroughly!


“Although the Blood Monster Cave Heaven has opened countless times since the death of Blood Monster Divine Monarch and many of the resources have been taken by others before us, there are many who obtained great benefits each time the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened. It generally resulted in their strength soaring. Calculating the years, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven is indeed about to open again. Red Clouds Auction House planned this all out!”


The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was about to open and Red Clouds Auction House suddenly brought out a map for this auction. It was obvious that they were planning to use this opportunity to earn a huge fortune!


Yang Kai licked his dry lips, “How long before the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opens?”


Old Bai said, “Around half a year or so.”


Yang Kai suddenly recalled something when he heard those words. Glancing at the Proprietress, he asked her a question, “Proprietress, you previously asked me to wait for half a year for an opportunity. Could it be related to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?”


When he asked her to help him keep an eye out for High-Rank resources, she had returned a less than optimistic answer. She only told him that he had to wait for half a year for a possible opportunity. Judging by the situation, it was most likely related to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


Sure enough, the Proprietress nodded, “Somebody once found a Seventh-Order material inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. That place might have what you need.”


Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help blazing with excitement.


Thinking about it again, it was not surprising. That was the Small Universe left behind after the death of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all. It contained all the wealth accumulated by Blood Monster Divine Monarch during his lifetime, what were Seventh-Order materials in comparison? There might even be Eighth-Order materials inside!


While they were conversing with each other, the first round of bidding for the map of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven ended. The cultivators in 10 of the private rooms had won the maps, though everybody was very restrained in their bidding. The starting price was 500,000 and the final price was only 700,000. Red Clouds Auction House had brought out a hundred copies after all, so there was no need to compete too hard.


After several rounds of auction, all 100 copies of the map had been sold. The entire process had only taken an hour or so. They were basically sold at prices ranging from 7 to 8 hundred thousand Open Heaven Pills each.


Yang Kai silently made some calculations. Just from the map alone, Red Clouds Auction House obtained a profit of close to 70 million Open Heaven Pills. Thus, he couldn’t help feeling extremely envious. If Void Land could have such skills one day, then he had nothing to worry about anymore.


Right after the map was sold, the old man on the stage took out a piece of jade that was one part of two halves, “This is the next item for auction. It might be an Array Jade; it might also be a key. This jade came from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven!”


As soon as those words rang out, the audience was shocked. The auction house had first sold off 100 copies of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven’s map. Then, they brought out this jade from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven to auction. Anybody could tell that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was probably about to open.


“This jade might come from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, but nobody knows what it is used for. That is why this Old Master mentioned that it might be an Array Jade or even a key. We don’t even know what kind of benefits one will obtain after this jade plays its role. Nothing might come from it. It might be a complete waste of money. But… what if it turns out to be the key to Blood Monster Divine Monarch treasure house?”


Upon hearing that sentence, many people secretly scolded the old man for being a treacherous old dog. He obviously knew that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven contained the wealth accumulated by Blood Monster Divine Monarch throughout his life. The value of his treasure house could only be imagined. It would be amazing if this jade turned out to be the key to the Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s treasure house.


“One unknown piece of jade. The starting price is 1 million! Ladies and gentlemen, please place your bids!”


The old man had only just finished speaking when Yang Kai immediately shouted, “10 million!”


Inside the private room, the Proprietress and the others turned around in unison to stare at him as though they were looking at a fool.


“What’s wrong?” He scratched his nose awkwardly.


The Proprietress sighed and explained, “Since Red Clouds Auction House is willing to auction off this jade, then they must have sent their own Disciples to test its uses before. It is only after confirming that the jade cannot be used for anything that they are willing to bring it out. How can you start off bidding 10 million…”


Yang Kai couldn’t help looking blank.


She teasingly continued, “It doesn’t matter. You have a lot of money, so you can act as you please.”


Yang Kai did not understand, “What do you mean?”


She gave him an amused look, “You can be willful because you are rich.”


He was rendered speechless. As if to verify her words, nobody else in the auction house placed a bid, aside from him.


The old man waited for ten breaths and quickly said, “Room A3 has placed a bid of 10 million Open Heaven Pills! Are there any higher offers? 10 million going once! 10 million going twice! Congratulations to the gentleman in Room A3!”


The transaction was finalised!


Yang Kai nearly spat blood. Only then did he understand that he had been overly eager. Leaving aside whether or not the jade would be useful, even if it turned out to be useful, there was no guarantee what kind of benefit it would bring. It could be said that this was an extremely risky investment. Aside from someone extremely rich like him, who would purchase this jade at such a high price?


If the price was only 1 million Open Heaven Pills, the other great forces might have been willing to take a gamble; however, he had directly offered 10 million from the beginning. Who would be willing to follow up his offer?


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched but he soon comforted himself in his heart, [Who knows? I might be able to obtain something great from this. Even if I don’t… Well, it’s not… that expensive.]




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  1. Another world conincidentally made for only people below the open heave realm. I am sure given Yang Kai is Mr. Lucky that Jade will turn out to be a key to some kind of supreme treasure only thought to exist in legend xD

    1. But that world seems special even among the Universe Cave Heavens since it appears regularly. The original owners of the small Universes can likely put some restrictions on them, and Blood Monster made such restrictions.
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