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Martial Peak – Chapter 4226, Seventh-Order! Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng!


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Yang Kai even saw somebody driving up the prices. That person ultimately held on to two Space Rings, then he told the owners of the two Space Rings that he was very interested in the items inside these two Space Rings but could not choose between them. He also mentioned that it would be great if one of them could add a little something to the bargain… As a result, his remark egged the two owners of the Space Rings to quickly add more to their offer…


As time passed, Master after Master stepped onto the stage and the exchange meeting proceeded in an orderly manner.


In this exchange meeting, each person would only have one chance to take the stage during each round. Even so, some people would choose not to go up the stage. Hence, one round quickly ended in less than four hours even though there were so many Open Heaven Realm Masters present.


When the second round began, fewer people went up the stage to trade. Yang Kai watched the entire process with great interest and even got hooked on the excitement.


This exchange meeting was much higher-end than the earlier auction. Many precious materials appeared one after another. Aside from cultivation resources, there were also some pills and precious treasures. The experience greatly opened his eyes. Furthermore, the cultivation resources that appeared in this exchange meeting were at least in the Fifth Order. Even Sixth-Order materials could be found everywhere. The sight of these resources absolutely dazzled him.


Those participating in this exchange meeting were Mid-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters after all. Nobody would bring out Low-Rank materials and invite the scorn of others upon themself.


All of a sudden, a tall, straight-backed, fair-faced, and beardless middle-aged man stepped onto the stage. Looking around, he cupped his fists in greeting.


Yang Kai immediately recognised this person as Ye Jian of Thunderclap Hall; thus, he could not help gnashing his teeth in secret. He had hoped to win the bid for the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill and its pill recipe for slightly more than 30 million Open Heaven Pills during the auction earlier.


It was this person who kept raising the price until it reached 50 million Open Heaven Pills, forcing him to spend an extra 20 million Open Heaven Pills for no reason. 20 million Open Heaven Pills was practically equivalent to the price of a Sixth-Order material. It was an unmistakably huge loss.


During the first round of trading, Ye Jian had already been on the stage once to trade for a Sixth-Order material with another Open Heaven Realm Master. For him to go up the stage once more showed that he had a lot of good stuff on hand.


Under everybody’s gazes, he took out a long box. The box was as white as jade; moreover, it exuded a hint of coolness the moment it appeared and enveloped the entire secret room with a slight chill. The box was around the length of half an arm and the width of four fingers. There were mysterious patterns continuously surfacing and changing on the box. It was very mystifying.


“Heavenly Yin Jade?” Somebody suddenly exclaimed. The expressions of the others in the room stiffened abruptly at those words and their gazes instantly became scorching.


“Brother Ye sure is extravagant! I can’t believe he made a mere box out of Fifth-Order Heavenly Yin Jade!”


Only then did Yang Kai know that this clean and flawless jade box was also a Fifth-Order material. It was most likely a Yin Element treasure. Otherwise, it would not have given off such a cool feeling when it was brought out.


Just this jade box alone was extremely valuable. There was no telling what was placed inside that jade box.


The Proprietress suddenly reached out and nudged Yang Kai, “What you are looking for may have appeared.”


“What?” Yang Kai was so stunned that he could not react for a moment.


She gestured towards the round platform with her mouth.


On the round platform, Ye Jian smiled slightly and responded to the person who spoke earlier, “You have a good eye, Brother Zhao. That’s right! This is a jade box made from Fifth-Order Heavenly Yin Jade! However, what this Ye wishes to exchange this time is not this jade box but what is inside!”


Saying so, he formed several hand seals before light flashed at his fingertips and flowed into the jade box. Then, the jade box slowly opened to reveal the item inside.


Everybody looked in that direction with great interest. The item inside the jade box was a ginseng that was as thick as a baby’s arm. The ginseng roots were dense and one could tell that it was very old at a glance. Moreover, this ginseng had already begun to take a humanoid-like form. A ginseng like this was undoubtedly an existence among the Ginseng Kings. That was not all. The entire ginseng was a strange pale gold in colour and exuded a strong Yang Element Power. It was a Yang Element Ginseng King!


Yang Kai felt his entire body stiffening in shock and his heart pounding wildly in his chest. His eyes seemed to have grown roots in the way he stared fixedly at the Ginseng King.


Many restrictions had been placed on the Ginseng King with numerous peculiar forces sealing the Yang Element Power that it was exuding from its body. Even so, these forces were unable to completely seal the Yang Element Power away, so bits of it constantly clashed with the power of the Heavenly Yin Jade.


While everybody was still in shock, Ye Jian’s voice sounded once more, “A Seventh-Order Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng in exchange for some Sixth-Order cultivation materials. If there are any interested parties, please place your bids.”


Yang Kai’s heart pounded even harder than before and his lips went dry. His brain buzzed with a loud humming sound, leaving only the words ‘Seventh Order’ echoing around in his head. His gaze was fixed intently on the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng and he could barely hold back the urge to throw his head back and laugh madly.


[A Seventh-Order Yang Attribute material! This Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng is a Seventh-Order Yang Attribute material! It really appeared in this exchange meeting!] During the first round of trading, he had not seen anything he really wanted; hence, he had already given up hope. Who could have known that his wish would come true during the second round of trading?


Forcefully composing himself, Yang Kai secretly gashed his teeth. [I have to obtain this Seventh-Order Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng, no matter what! Who knows when I will come across another chance like this if I let this opportunity slip through my fingers!?]


Whilst he was being absent-minded, a series of whispered discussions rang out in the secret room. Many people constantly released their Divine Sense to investigate the authenticity of the Seventh-Order Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng. Some of them even revealed a fanatical look. Yang Kai observed the situation around him and felt his heart sinking downward. [Looks like… there will be many competitors. But, regardless of how many competitors there are, I have to obtain this Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng!]


A gaze landed on Yang Kai from the side. Feeling the gaze, Yang Kai turned to look to the side and saw Senior Brother Guo smiling at him. Senior Brother Guo’s expression became extremely meaningful when their eyes met.


Yang Kai felt his heart thumping loudly, [This guy isn’t planning to get in my way… right?]


Senior Brother Guo’s previous words had been filled with the intention of recruiting and threatening. It was obvious that he knew Yang Kai was in need of Seventh-Order materials.


Yang Kai was not worried even if Senior Brother Guo tried to get in his way. It was just that he did not know how much money he would need to pay for no reason now. Nonchalantly withdrawing his gaze, Yang Kai began pondering how much he had to bid in order to impress Ye Jian.


Generally speaking, cultivators would never exchange High-Order materials for materials in a lower Order. That was because High-Order materials were much harder to obtain.


However, the Thunderclap Hall that Ye Jian belonged to was just a Second-Class great force. The strongest Master in Thunderclap Hall was only in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm and there were no existences in the Seventh-Order. Therefore, this Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng had little practical value to Thunderclap Hall unless one of them could advance into the Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm in the future. As such, it was more practical to exchange it for some Sixth-Order materials that could be used for cultivation purposes.


Yang Kai suddenly recalled something. During the auction earlier, Ye Jian had pledged an item to Red Clouds Auction House. Afterwards, he had significantly increased his bid. From the looks of it, the item he pledged earlier had been the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng.


A Seventh-Order Yang Attribute material would be worth 200 million at least. Its value might be even higher than that, which certainly could give him enough confidence for his actions. If he had ruthlessly decided to continue bidding for the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill, the price might have been raised to 100 million between him and Yang Kai.


Fortunately, he decided to back down when it was only 50 million. Judging by the situation, he either did not wish to waste so many Open Heaven Pills or the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng belonged to the entire Thunderclap Hall and not just him alone.


Recalling the previous auction, Yang Kai’s eyes shone brightly. He secretly came up with a plan. Coincidentally, the Proprietress also secretly sent him a voice transmission at this time. Her idea happened to coincide with his own.


The reason Ye Jian bid for the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was out of consideration for his Son. Yang Kai had already noticed the young man with thick eyebrows and large eyes standing beside Ye Jian. Their appearances were not that different from each other, so he was probably Ye Jian’s son.


Ye Jian’s willingness to spend 50 million to bid for the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill showed just how much he cared for his Son. It would certainly catch his attention if Yang Kai used the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill to trade with him. Needless to say, the value of a Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was far from that of the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng. 


Be that as it may, Yang Kai could make up for the difference. He originally planned to investigate the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill thoroughly later, but now that the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng had appeared, he could not afford to care so much. In any case, he had already scraped off some Pill Powder earlier, which was enough for research purposes.


The moment the thought came to mind, he immediately stuffed 200 million Open Heaven Pills in addition to the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill into a Space Ring. He was about to hand the Space Ring over when he decided to stuff another 20 million into the ring just to be on the safe side.


It was not suitable for an Emperor Realm Junior like Yang Kai to make such an offer. Even though all the Cave-Heavens and Paradises were basically keeping an eye on him by now, it was still too eye-catching for a mere Emperor Realm cultivator to participate in the transaction of a Seventh-Order material. Hence, he immediately handed the Space Ring to the Proprietress for her to trade on his behalf.


Following a brief moment of shock and discussion inside the secret room, those who were interested in trading for the Seventh-Order materials had already taken out their cards. Yang Kai looked around and saw that not many people were participating in the trade. There were only a dozen or so while the rest were merely spectators.


Yang Kai quickly understood the situation. Those who were participating in this trade were the representatives of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises. They were backed by First-Class great forces with High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters who could put these Seventh-Order materials to good use. There were many Open Heaven Realm Masters from various Second-Class great forces, but none of them could use the Seventh-Order materials; therefore, there was no point in trading for it.


As expected, Senior Brother Guo also handed a Space Ring over. The Proprietress turned to glance at him and he returned her look with a smile.


Yang Kai instantly got a bad feeling. He was becoming more and more certain that Senior Brother Guo was going to cause trouble for him; thus, he couldn’t help worrying about his gains and losses. [Should I have added even more Open Heaven Pills? 220 million Open Heaven Pills in addition to the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill… It’s certainly an amount on par with or higher than the Seventh-Order Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng, but who can say what the other bidders are offering? Right now, I can only hope that Ye Jian really cherishes his Son. That is the only way the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill can impress him.]


With more than a dozen Space Rings in hand, Ye Jian began to check their contents carefully. He was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, so his temperament was exceptional. The items contained within these Space Rings were extraordinary, but his expression remained as tranquil as an ancient well. It was difficult for others to guess what he was thinking from his expression alone.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was extremely nervous and secretly vowed that he would immediately increase his bid if Ye Jian did not select him! In the worst case, he would just spend even more Open Heaven Pills. It was no big deal. This Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng was going to be surnamed Yang today, no matter the cost!




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