Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4227, Pandering to One’s Desires


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In front of everyone’s eyes, Ye Jian stood on the round platform in the centre and carefully checked the Space Rings in his hand one by one. At a certain moment, he paused and looked up at the Proprietress. Even though he concealed his emotions very well, there was not a single person present who failed to notice the flash of joy in his eyes at that moment.


The memory of Room A3 and Room B2 fervently bidding for the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill during the auction earlier was still very fresh. For that reason, many people realised what had happened when they saw his action. First Inn had probably offered the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill from the auction just now.


This was certainly pandering to Ye Jian’s desires; after all, he had been extremely interested in the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill. This Spirit Pill would certainly be able to catch his interest. For a moment, many people secretly felt a deep sense of regret. They would have also competed for the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill had they known about this earlier. For all they knew, they could have used this Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill as bait to obtain a Seventh-Order material in exchange!


The old man from Red Clouds Auction House smiled bitterly. The one who regretted the most was none other than Red Clouds Auction House. They had brought out the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill for auction, but in the end, First Inn was using it against him by making it a bargaining chip to compete for the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng. The old man couldn’t help feeling as though he had lifted a stone only to smash his own foot with it.


On the round platform, Ye Jian composed himself. He returned most of the Space Rings, except for two. One of those Space Rings belonged to Yang Kai while the other was from an unknown party.


Yang Kai was secretly ecstatic upon knowing that he was only one step away from achieving his goal. Ye Jian had held on to the Space Ring belonging to Yang Kai. That could only mean that the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill had an impact on him. It could be seen from this incident that he really did cherish his Son.


Thinking about it, it was not that strange. The young man had condensed Sixth-Order Elements, so he had the hope of advancing directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm in the future. That was not just his desire, it was the future hope of Thunderclap Hall! It was worth the extensive investment!


Yang Kai finally felt a sense of relief as the burden lifted from his heart. He had been most afraid that the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill would not impress Ye Jian. If that was the case, then the 220 million Open Heaven Pills would not have had much competitive ability either.


At present, there was only one more opponent left to defeat before he obtained the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng! But, he had to figure out the owner of that Space Ring before that!


Without waiting for Yang Kai to figure out the answer, Ye Jian gave a wry smile from where he stood on the round platform. He cupped his fist slightly at the old man from Red Clouds Auction House, “To be honest, between the two rings that this Ye retained… Red Clouds Auction House has provided a better offer in terms of value.”


Yang Kai was stunned. At the same time, he immediately understood that the other Space Ring belonged to Red Clouds Auction House.


It was not surprising if he thought about it. Red Clouds Auction House had known about the existence of the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng in advance when Ye Jian pledged this item during the auction. It was easy for them to guess that Ye Jian had brought this item with the intention of participating in the exchange meeting. Seeing as they had known about it in advance, then the auction house would definitely make preparations beforehand. It was only natural for them to bring out something that could impress Ye Jian.


On the other hand, the others had to quickly prepare their bids at a moment’s notice. It was difficult for them to compete with Red Clouds Auction House. It was only because Yang Kai had pandered to Ye Jian personally that he unexpectedly garnered a chance to stand against Red Clouds Auction House.


In other words, Red Clouds Auction House had provided the highest value offer out of all the other bids; however, Ye Jian suddenly turned the conversation around, “It is just that Madam Lan of First Inn has something that this Ye is deeply interested in. I apologise, but this Ye will be choosing Madam Lan’s offer.”


The old man from Red Clouds Auction House nodded, “You are free to trade with whom you please. Please don’t worry about it, Brother Ye.”


He regretted putting the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill up for auction and that feeling was only growing stronger. Although the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill had sold for a high price, Seventh-Order materials were not things that money alone could buy. The auction this time around was equivalent to giving First Inn a great opportunity in vain.


Then, Ye Jian turned to look at the Proprietress again and cupped his fist, “Madam Lan, this Ye is more inclined to choose your bid. But, this Ye has a request.”


The Proprietress nodded lightly, “Hall Master Ye, please speak.”


He continued, “Madam Lan, I know that you bought a large number of Sixth-Order materials during the auction earlier. This Ye wants those Sixth-Order materials. The remaining deficit can be made up with Open Heaven Pills. What do you say, Madam Lan?”


She pondered silently for a while until she received a reply from Yang Kai via transmission, “That’s not a problem!”


Although Yang Kai was a little reluctant to part with those Sixth-Order materials, he could not afford to care so much if he wanted to obtain the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng. Sixth-Order materials could be bought at large-scale auctions or exchange meetings like this one, but that was not the case for Seventh-Order materials. Comparing the two, this amount of sacrifice was worth it. It didn’t matter even if he suffered some losses.


“Good!” Ye Jian smiled and nodded.


Just when Yang Kai was secretly feeling elated over the assumption that the situation had been settled, he heard Senior Brother Guo’s voice coming from the side, “Please wait, Brother Ye. This Guo wants to make another bid.”


On the platform, Ye Jian couldn’t help showing a troubled expression, “I will be honest with you, Brother Guo. I have my own reasons for choosing Madam Lan. Even if your bid is more valuable than hers, this Ye…”


Senior Brother Guo smiled slightly, “You are free to choose whomever you want, Brother Ye. But, you might as well take a look at what I’m offering first. Who knows? You might turn out to be more interested in this Guo’s bid.”


Yang Kai glared furiously at Senior Brother Guo from the side, wishing that he could summon the Azure Dragon Spear and stab the other party to death!


[I knew this bastard was up to no good! I had the feeling that he was going to get in my way, but I can’t believe it really turned out like this!] Suppressing the rage in his heart, he sent a Divine Sense transmission to the Proprietress, “Is that allowed in this exchange meeting?”


Likewise, the Proprietress scowled, “The exchange meeting is all about freedom. Nothing is forbidden.”


Yang Kai immediately grit his teeth and secretly vowed to himself. [In the worst case, I can just throw out all the Open Heaven Pills I have on hand. I have to get my hands on the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng no matter what! I don’t believe that surnamed Guo can come up with something worth more than a billion Open Heaven Pills!]


On the round platform, Ye Jian nodded after hesitating for a bit. He was not in the position to embarrass Senior Brother Guo in public, “In that case, please go ahead, Brother Guo!”


Senior Brother Guo immediately threw a Space Ring to Ye Jian.


Under Yang Kai’s extremely nervous gaze, Ye Jian checked the Space Ring and immediately frowned. His expression wavered to reveal a look of indecision.


Yang Kai’s heart sank at the sight. He could tell that Senior Brother Guo’s bid had tempted Ye Jian. This bid had nothing to do with monetary value. Rather, it might be what Ye Jian required at the moment.


Yang Kai secretly cursed and swore in his heart. He was not sure what offer Senior Brother Guo had made; otherwise, he could have countered the offer.


Ye Jian smiled bitterly, “Brother Guo, this is extremely troubling.”


While speaking, he raised his head and glanced at his Son.


Senior Brother Guo responded with a small smile, “I believe you will make a wise choice, Brother Ye.”


Yang Kai seriously felt like punching that surnamed Guo at the sight of the latter’s smug expression. However, the more triumphant Senior Brother Guo looked, the more uneasy he felt. Based on his observation, the interval that Ye Jian’s eyes were lingering on Senior Brother Guo’s ring was becoming longer and longer. In other words, he seemed to be more interested in trading with Senior Brother Guo.


[The situation is bad!] Yang Kai’s heart sank. He was just about to ask the Proprietress to increase his bid when Yue He suddenly sent him a stealthy transmission. Her message startled him for a moment, then his eyes lit up. He had only been thinking about the difference in value between his bid and Senior Brother Guo’s bid; thus, he completely forgot the reason as to why he won the bid by surprise in the first place. The bid offered by Red Clouds Auction House had clearly been more valuable, but Ye Jian had still chosen to trade with him. That was because he had offered something that Ye Jian desperately desired.


If it were anybody else, they could only use this method once even with the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill in hand; however, he could use that very method one more time! It was fortunate that Yue He had reminded him about this, or else he would have forgotten that he still had a certain useful item in his possession.


He immediately prepared his bid and secretly handed a Space Ring to the Proprietress along with a transmission.


The Proprietress turned to glance at him, but did not ask further questions. She simply said, “Hall Master Ye, I wish to increase my bid as well!”


Ye Jian was currently caught in a dilemma and at a loss for what to do; therefore, he quickly replied when he heard those words, “Madam Lan, please go ahead!”


She tossed the Space Ring Yang Kai had passed to her over to Ye Jian. At the same time, she turned a meaningful look towards Senior Brother Guo, one filled with a look of authority and confidence.


Senior Brother Guo scratched his nose and turned to the side, seemingly feeling rather guilty.


“This… This is…” On the platform, Ye Jian let out an exclamation of shock after he checked the contents of the Space Ring. He widened his eyes that were blazing with excitement.


Everybody looked in his direction, feeling curious about what was contained inside the Space Ring. Unfortunately, they could not tell. Consequently, their curiosity gave them an itch in their hearts that they could not scratch.


Even the Proprietress did not know what Yang Kai had handed to her. Judging from Ye Jian’s expression at this moment, it was obvious that he had obtained something incredible; otherwise, how could a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master lose his composure like this?


“Hahahaha!” Ye Jian suddenly threw his head back and laughed wildly, “It’s true that the Heavens will always leave open a path! Good! Very good!”


While saying so, he immediately tossed the Space Ring belonging to Senior Brother Guo back to its owner and cupped his fist, “Brother Guo, forgive me. This Ye has decided to choose Madam Lan’s bid. For your information, this Ye’s choice is not a matter of value. It’s just that Madam Lan’s bid is something this Ye desperately needs!”


The audience went into an uproar. It was not until this moment that they learned something shocking. Even though Madam Lan had increased her bid, what Senior Brother Guo offered was still more valuable. It could be seen that Senior Brother Guo had offered a fortune in this trade. Even so, it was still not enough to win off Ye Jian.


Just what did Madam Lan offer for Ye Jian for him to be willing to give up on such huge benefits?


Beside the Proprietress, the extremely nervous Yang Kai clenched his fists and let out a great sigh of relief. There was an obvious look of glee and excitement when he met Yue He’s eyes.


Although the handover had yet to be completed, Ye Jian’s response indicated that the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng was as good as his unless somebody else could come up with an offer that would impress Ye Jian even more. It was just that the possibility was extremely unlikely.


Senior Brother Guo held his Space Ring and pondered for a while. Nevertheless, he was pretty carefree and did not continue to cause further trouble. He simply smiled and said, “Congratulations, Brother Ye.”


“Many thanks! Many thanks indeed! Hahaha!” Ye Jian’s expression was radiant. He was unbelievably happy, which made many people watch him curiously. Now that he made his decision, he no longer hesitated and immediately traded with the Proprietress.


According to Ye Jian’s previous request, Yang Kai took out all the Sixth-Order materials that he had purchased during the auction, then calculated the remaining deficit in value so that he could use Open Heaven Pills to make up the difference.


In less than an incense, the handover between both parties was completed and everybody involved was happy. The Proprietress nonchalantly put the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng away, as though nothing had happened.


In the meantime, the exchange meeting continued. It was just that the rest of the transactions were much more muted following the trade of a Seventh-Order material.


Yang Kai was so happy that he felt like he was floating among the clouds. He couldn’t wait to enter retreat in order to refine the Primordial Yang Profound Ginseng, so he no longer had any mood to participate in the exchange meeting.


Approximately two hours later, the exchange meeting finally ended and many of the Open Heaven Realm Masters got up and dispersed.




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