Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4230, Setting Out


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This was only under the premise that Yang Kai had the pill recipe. Without the pill recipe, he was certain that he could never have refined a similar Spirit Pill in his life. He had to admit that refining the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill was extremely complicated compared to other Spirit Pills of the same Grade.


Everything was bound to be difficult in the beginning, but now that he had a successful experience in refining the Spirit Pill, the process would only become smoother and smoother. Likewise, his success rate would surely increase steadily. Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills came out of the furnace one after another in a steady stream. By the time he finished the ingredients he had on hand, Yang Kai had more than 20 Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills in his possession.


Out of a total of two hundred portions of ingredients, he managed to produce 20 Spirit Pills. That meant that he had a 10% success rate. Compared with his initial expectations, the results were barely up to the standard.


Be that as it may, it was only just the beginning. Yang Kai had completely scrapped more than 100 batches of ingredients at the beginning without producing even a single Spirit Pill. It could be said that these 20 or so Spirit Pills were completely refined out of the few dozen portions of materials left towards the end. Yang Kai firmly believed that his success rate in refining the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill would only increase with the accumulation of experience.


During the previous auction, Ye Jian and Teng Wang had raised their bids to more than 20 million Open Heaven Pills in order to compete for this Spirit Pill. That was only possible since it was during an auction. Not to mention, it was under the premise that this Spirit Pill was the only one in the world.


If Yang Kai were to actually sell this Spirit Pill, the price of 20 million Open Heaven Pills was slightly on the higher side. Still, according to his estimation, there would be many people scrambling to buy these Spirit Pills if they were priced at 10 million Open Heaven Pills. Even if a single Spirit Pill was only sold at 10 million Open Heaven Pills, selling more than 20 of them would mean a profit of more than 200 million Open Heaven Pills.


However, Yang Kai had no plans to sell this Spirit Pill for the time being. The first reason was that everybody knew that World Source Liquid was the main ingredient to refine this Spirit Pill. More importantly, World Source Liquid was extinct in the current world. If he brought these Spirit Pills out to sell, anybody would be able to guess that he had World Source Liquid in his possession. Even with First Inn as a shield, it might attract unwanted attention and greed. Hence, the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill would not be released for sale until Void Land had enough strength to protect itself from external threats.


The second reason was that Lang Qing Shan and the others had been following him since they were in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary. Most of them had condensed quite a few Elements, so they were not far from their respective advancements into the Open Heaven Realm. They could use these Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills. It should also be mentioned that Void Land would have a high demand for these Spirit Pills in the future.


In the end, the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills had to first meet their own needs. Only the surplus would be sold to the public. That was also the reason why Yang Kai could not convert these pills into actual financial resources within a short period of time despite having access to such a huge fortune-making operation.


In the meantime, Yue He delivered more ingredients.


Yang Kai worked without food or rest to refine Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills. When he saw batch after batch of pills leaving his furnace, he did not feel the slightest sense of fatigue. On the contrary, he became more and more energetic.


It wasn’t until he had almost accumulated 100 Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills that the tightly-shut door to the secret room was opened from the outside without warning. The furnace fire in the pill furnace was affected by this unexpected disturbance and flared up all of a sudden. It was fortunate that Yang Kai quickly suppressed the flames in time; otherwise, the herbs in the furnace would have been scrapped again.


He turned to look in the direction of the door, only to see Yue He walking in and nodding lightly at him. He immediately understood. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was about to open! She would not have entered the room and disturbed him otherwise.


Focusing his mind, Yang Kai finished refining the Spirit Pill inside the furnace before slowly getting to his feet.


Yue He stepped forward, “Young Master, Big Sister says that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven is showing signs of opening. She asks that you prepare to set off immediately.”


He nodded and strode out of the room. While walking, he asked, “Where are Guo Zi Yan and Lang Qing Shan?”


“They have all returned.”


After exiting the secret room, Yang Kai came to the backyard where he immediately saw Guo Zi Yan and the others standing in two rows. Every one of them was motionless and relaxed, but their entire bodies exuded the chilling sense of killing intent. When they noticed Yang Kai, they cupped their fists in unison, “Sir!”


Their combined voices were thunderous and the aura they gave off was extremely impressive!


Yang Kai swept his gaze over them and noticed that their exposed skin was covered in countless injuries. Lang Qing Shan even had a hideous scar that ran across his face, looking like a centipede baring its fangs fiercely. The wound stretched from his forehead and slanted downward to disappear around his lower jaw. Although Yang Kai did not know what caused Lang Qing Shan’s injury, he could tell that it had almost cost him his life.


Ever since arriving at Thousand Birds Territory’s Star City, Guo Zi Yan, Lang Qing Shan, and the others had been participating in the Asura Arena’s battles. Hence, they had experienced countless life-and-death fights over the past few months. The battles in the Asura Arena did not prevent casualties from happening, so every battle was fought with their lives on the line.


Lang Qing Shan was originally born with handsome looks. With the addition of this scar, his appearance suddenly became less handsome and more intimidating instead. The same was true for the others. Compared to how they were just a few months ago, they had all grown quite a bit. They resembled wild beasts that sprang out of the barren mountains and forests, ready to attack at any time.


Yang Kai grinned, “It looks like everybody had an exciting time over the past few months.”


Life-or-death battles were always the best catalyst for growth. He himself had crawled out of mountains of corpses and seas of blood, so he had a deep understanding of this. Lang Qing Shan and the others had pretty good aptitude, and under his vigorous training, they were bound to have a bright and promising future ahead. It was just that they lacked the experience of surviving against all odds in desperate situations, as well as the courage to fight without regard for anything else in order to survive.


The few months of fighting in the Asura Arena had been enough to fully bring out their hidden potential. Compared to before, the strength of these people had definitely improved greatly! They had been little-known figures before they arrived at Thousand Birds Territory’s Star City, but now, they were all listed in the Heaven, Earth, and Mortal Rankings of the Asura Arena.


Guo Zi Yan cupped his fists, “Sir, you urgently called for us to come back. Do you have orders for us?”


Yang Kai replied, “The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is about to open. I’m planning to go on a rampage there. You can join me if you wish. If not, you can remain behind and continue your training in the Asura Arena.”


“The Blood Monster Cave Heaven!” Guo Zi Yan raised his brow in surprise. Similarly, everybody else’s eyes lit up at those words.


The fact that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was about to open was not a secret. Rumours regarding this matter had been flying around the Star City for the past few months. They might have been fighting day and night in the Asura Arena, but it was not surprising they had also heard about it. It was just that they had no idea when the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would open or what kind of qualifications were required for them to enter.


They never imagined that Yang Kai called them for the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Thus, they immediately became excited at the prospect. Fighting in the Asura Arena was certainly a worthwhile experience, but that was also the case for the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


Lang Qing Shan said, “I’ve heard that elite cultivators from Great Territories all over the 3,000 Worlds will swarm into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven every time it opens. This is a grand event that involves the entire Outer Universe.”


The shaved-headed man chuckled, “It might have been dangerous if Open Heaven Realm Masters were to participate. But, only Emperor Realm cultivators are able to enter, so what is there to fear? Sir, I’m going with you.”


The others quickly responded, “I’m going too.”


“Only Emperor Realm cultivators are able to enter?” Yang Kai was stunned. He turned to look at Yue He and asked, “Is there such a thing?”


The only thing Yang Kai knew about the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was its existence. If the shaved-headed man had not mentioned this prerequisite, he would not have known either.


Yue He gently nodded, “The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is the Small Universe of Blood Monster Divine Monarch. It is said that he preserved his Small Universe in order to choose his own Legacy Disciple. Before his death, he placed a restriction on his Small Universe so that no Open Heaven Realm Masters could set foot inside. There have been people who tried to force their way in, but nothing good came of their attempts.”


Yang Kai frowned, “Blood Monster Divine Monarch is an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. He may have been amazing in his time, but it’s not as if there are no other Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters among the Cave-Heavens and Paradises. Are you saying that the restriction placed by a dead man is too difficult for the living to handle?”


“A dead Master is naturally inferior to a living one.” The Proprietress’ voice came from the outside. He turned to look and saw her slowly making her way over from the hall. “However, Blood Monster Divine Monarch is an extremely decisive and ruthless man. Nothing will happen if his restriction remains intact. On the other hand, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven will immediately collapse the moment his restrictions are broken. In other words, even if somebody were to take great pains to break his restriction, they would never be able to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


“So that’s how it is!” Yang Kai was stunned. It was true that nobody would waste their energy with a restriction like that in place; after all, cracking the restriction left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after his death was no easy feat.


She continued her explanation, “The Blood Monster Cave Heaven only allows those under the Open Heaven Realm to enter for two main reasons. The first being that Blood Monster Divine Monarch is looking for his successor. The other being that he wants to prolong the existence of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven as much as possible.”


“Prolong its existence? What does that mean?” Yang Kai did not understand.


“If an Open Heaven Realm is allowed to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, won’t they be able to refine and absorb the World Force contained within at will? How will the Blood Monster Cave Heaven exist without World Force to support it?”


He was surprised, “Does that mean that the World Force of Blood Monster Cave Heaven can also be refined and absorbed?”


She glanced sideways at him, “The Small Universe of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master is no different from a real Universe World. Since the World Force of a real Universe World can be refined, then why not the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?”


After giving it some thought, Yang Kai felt that her words made sense. The Small Universe of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master was no different from a real Universe World. Just like how Old Ancestor Mo Yu once targeted the Demon Realm, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would have been long gone if Open Heaven Realm Masters were allowed to enter. It would not have existed until today.


“Are you all ready? If you’re ready, we can set off now. We will still need some time on the road and it will be too late if we set off any later,” The Proprietress called out.


Yang Kai turned to look at Lang Qing Shan and the others, who cupped their fists at him, “We will follow you to the end of the world, Sir!”


He said, “Let’s go then.”


Today, First Inn was closed for business. It even hung up a ‘Closed’ sign on its doors.


The chef and accountant were standing together in the hall. Luo Hai Yi was also standing next to them. The chef had packed many things. Heavens knew what was inside those bags, but he was holding his kitchen knife in his hand and grinned meaningfully when he saw Yang Kai approaching.


Meanwhile, the accountant turned his dead fish gaze towards Yang Kai, “You’re the slowest, kid.”


Yang Kai smiled, “Are you entering the Blood Monster Cave Heaven too?”


The accountant said, “What’s wrong? If you can go, then why can’t we? We’re also in the Emperor Realm. It’s a great opportunity for us to earn some riches.”


Yang Kai hurriedly cupped his fist, “Please take good care of me, Senior Brothers.”


The accountant snorted, “Brat, don’t worry. I will keep you safe inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven!”


His reckless attitude seemed to say, ‘Below the Heavens and above the Earth, only I am supreme!’


The Proprietress kicked him in the shin, “Blabbermouth!”


He immediately clutched at his leg and hopped on the spot in pain.




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