Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4231, Information on the Blood Monster Cave Heaven


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Under the leadership of the Proprietress, everybody hurried to the Void Dock. Yang Kai summoned the Falling Lotus when they arrived, which transformed into a gigantic lotus. Several dozen people entered the ship before it rotated slightly and sped off into the distance.


They were not the only ones leaving from this Void Dock; there were many others besides them. There was an endless stream of flight-type artifacts in all shapes, sizes, and colours setting off at the same time. They departed one after another in a magnificent procession.


Yang Kai was dumbfounded by the sight, “Are all these people heading to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?”


Bai Qi stood next to Yang Kai with a smile, “Of course. What else do you think they were doing? Every time the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opens, it becomes a grand event that involves the entire 3,000 Worlds. Who would not wish to claim a share of the pie? That is the Small Universe left behind by an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all. If they could inherit Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance… Tsk. Tsk. They would gain glory overnight.”


Yang Kai looked around in a daze. There were nearly a hundred flight-type artifacts just from what he could see, and there were many others that he did not see. There were nearly a thousand people just from the Star City in Thousand Birds Territory alone heading out, so what about Thousand Birds Territory as a whole? What about the rest of the 3,000 Worlds? If so many people flooded the place all at once, would he be able to find anything good? What if the place was filled to the brim when he entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?


Old Bai patted Yang Kai on the shoulder with a laugh, “Don’t worry. Don’t be fooled by the number of people here. Not many people will actually be able to enter. At most only ten thousand will succeed.”


“Why is that?” Yang Kai glanced at Old Bai puzzledly, “Could it be that there are other requirements to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?”


“There aren’t any requirements in particular. How do I put it… Let Proprietress explain.”


At this moment, the Proprietress waved her hand and flung out a dozen or so streams of light that shot towards everybody. They immediately reached out and caught the light, which turned out to be a jade slip.


She then spoke, “The jade slip contains information on the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Read it carefully. The map I acquired from Red Clouds Auction House has also been recorded into the jade slip. Although the map is incomplete, it should prove to be useful still. Who knows? It might save your life at a critical moment.”


After listening to her explanation, everyone quickly immersed their minds into the jade slip to investigate its contents.


Likewise, Yang Kai began reading.


This jade slip was probably something the Proprietress prepared specially for them. She knew that they were utterly clueless about the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If they entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven in their current state, it would be no different from going in blind. But, that would change completely now that they had this information.


The Blood Monster Cave Heaven would open every 200 years and several thousand people would enter every time it did. Although many people would die inside, there were also many who survived and came out wealthier than before. It was not surprising for them to bring back some information regarding the situation inside.


Something like that was not a secret. The Cave-Heavens and Paradises would generally retain the information. It was just that the information was not publicised anywhere. Fortunately, First Inn specialised in collecting information, so gathering this intel was child’s play for them.


According to the information inside the jade slip, Blood Monster Divine Monarch was proficient in the Dao of Blood and the Dao of Beast Taming when he was still alive; therefore, there were many Blood Beasts inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. These Blood Beasts were nurtured by Blood Monster Divine Monarch during his long life. For that reason, they were generally no different from ordinary Monster Beasts except for a few key points. In general, these Blood Beasts had strange abilities and ferocious strength, and over the years, most of the cultivators who entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would lose their lives to their claws.


The strongest Blood Beasts could compare to Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters in terms of strength. They were existences to be avoided at all costs; after all, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was limited by a restriction that only allowed cultivators below the Open Heaven Realm to enter. A Blood Beast with the strength of a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master was basically an invincible existence inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


The Blood Beasts were vicious, but there were great benefits to killing them. That was because these Blood Beasts were nurtured by Blood Monster Divine Monarch personally and were a little different from ordinary Monster Beasts in the sense that their Monster Cores’ attributes were often extremely singular and pure. They were known as Blood Beast Cores and could be used as cultivation resources. According to the classification of Order, there were Blood Beasts ranging from the First-Order to Seventh-Order, and killing Blood Beasts of different Orders would result in obtaining Open Heaven materials of matching Orders.


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up at those words! [If I can find and slay a Seventh-Order Monster Beast in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, won’t I have the chance to obtain Metal and Yin Element treasures? No wonder Proprietress said that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven would be an opportunity for me!]


The only problem was that the strength of a Seventh-Order Monster Beast would be extraordinary, no matter how singular the Attributes of its Monster Core. It was still in the Seventh Order after all.


Just like the Yuan Magnetic Divine Bottle Gourd in his possession, the Sixth-Order Yuan Magnetic Divine Light might have a singular attribute, but it was perfectly capable of dealing with Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters. If that was the case for a Sixth-Order Power, then what more need be said about a Seventh-Order Power? A Seventh-Order Blood Beast was definitely an existence on par with or stronger than a Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master.


[I wonder if there are any Eighth-Order Blood Beasts inside? Blood Monster Divine Monarch was an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master after all, so it would not be strange if he managed to nurture some Eighth-Order Blood Beasts. Besides, Blood Monster Divine Monarch has been dead for so many years now. The surviving Blood Beasts might have grown stronger since his passing. Regardless of the circumstances, it will be best to proceed carefully inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.]


In addition to the threat of Blood Beasts, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was also filled with ancient traps and restrictions. Some of them had lost their powers over the years due to lack of maintenance, but some of them were still lethal. If these restrictions were activated, one would be heavily injured even if they were lucky enough to survive. Aside from the Blood Beasts, the restrictions inside were the second largest cause of death among cultivators!


Be that as it may, it didn’t matter how powerful the Blood Beasts were or how amazing the restrictions inside were, Yang Kai knew that what he had to guard against the most were the other cultivators who entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. As long as there were people, there would be conflict. Compared to the restrictions and Blood Beasts with low to no sentience, scheming and treacherous people would always be more dangerous.


The Blood Monster Cave Heaven might be extremely dangerous, but there were also many benefits to be gained. Leaving aside the fact that one could obtain cultivation resources of various Orders by killing those Blood Beasts, the entire Blood Monster Cave Heaven itself was filled with numerous Cultivation Paradises.


The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was the Small Universe of Blood Monster Divine Monarch, so it stood to reason that Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s Small Universe was extremely stable when he was still alive. Unfortunately, it had been many years since his death. Despite the measures he took when he was still alive to preserve his Small Universe, the effects of time and nature had taken its toll over the years. The Small Universe was showing signs of instability. The Yin, Yang, and Five Elements had begun to split apart and accumulate in certain regions inside the Universe Cave Heaven. That was why it was very likely to come across an area where a certain Element was extremely dense inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Cultivating in these areas was not inferior to refining resources of various Orders in terms of efficiency.


In Seven Wonders Land, now known as Void Land, the seven Orchards were located at the places where the seven Powers of Yin, Yang, and the Five Elements accumulated. It was perfectly suitable for cultivators to cultivate in those areas and condense the powers into their Dao Seals. It was just that the power in the Orchards was of very low Order. Cultivating there would only allow one to condense a First-Order Power. If they did that, in the future, that person could only advance into the First-Order Open Heaven Realm. That was why it was rare for anybody to cultivate in the Orchards, even among the Workers and disciples of Seven Wonders Land.


On the other hand, the Cultivation Paradises in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were incomparable to the Orchards of Void Land. These Cultivation Paradises could be regarded as the improved and upgraded version of the Orchards. Needless to say, what Order Cultivation Paradise one could find was completely based on one’s own luck.


Yang Kai secretly prayed that even if he couldn’t kill a Seventh-Order Blood Beast, he could find a place where Seventh-Order Metal Element Power and Yin Element Power converged. That way, he could cultivate in those places for a while and condense the powers that he needed.


Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he continued reading. A short while later, Yang Kai suddenly looked at the Proprietress with a peculiar expression, “There are people living in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?”


The information recorded in the jade slip indicated that there were people living inside the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. He couldn’t help being surprised by the discovery.


The Proprietress said, “The Small Universe of a High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master is essentially no different from a real Universe World. If Monster Beasts can live inside, then why can’t people?”


“Then, these people are…”


“They are the people whom Blood Monster Divine Monarch kidnapped when he was still alive. The prosperity of a Universe World depends on the vitality of the creatures that are living in that particular Universe World. The more living creatures there are, the more prosperous a Universe World becomes. The same principle holds true for Small Universes. Compared to Monster Beasts, Humans have much stronger spirituality. If they settle down and continuously multiply across the generations, it will deepen the heritage of a Small Universe. In that way, the strength that a cultivator can exert will also be stronger. It isn’t just Blood Monster Divine Monarch. As far as I know, most High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, if given a chance, will try to raise some Humans in their respective Small Universes.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking of the Star Boundary. After the battle between the Great Emperors and Great Demon God, the Star Boundary had been on the verge of collapse. It had lost most of its Auspicious Spirit Essence. At the time, it was only through the continuous reproduction and development of the remaining survivors that the decline of the Star Boundary was delayed. It would now seem that the existence of living creatures was extremely important to any Universe World.


Yang Kai soon thought of another possibility and hesitantly asked, “Are there any Open Heaven Realm Masters among the people living in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven?”


“You don’t need to worry about that.” Proprietress laughed, “Blood Monster Divine Monarch placed a restriction on his Small Universe to prevent any Open Heaven Realm Master from entering. In that case, it stood to reason that he would not allow the people living inside to advance into the Open Heaven Realm either. They are only in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm at best. It is impossible for them to advance into the Open Heaven Realm.”


He nodded lightly.


“But, try not to provoke these people if you can. They are very xenophobic. They call cultivators like you who enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven aliens. It will be troublesome if you are discovered by them.”


“I got it.” Yang Kai responded before he continued to read the contents of the jade slip.


There was a lot of information recorded and he couldn’t help feeling thankful that the Proprietress had gathered all of it for him. Otherwise, he would have suffered badly if he had plunged into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven without knowing anything.


The jade slip also indicated that the deeper one ventured into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the more dangerous it became. It was rumoured that there was a Blood Monster Divine Palace in the deepest part of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. That was where Blood Monster Divine Monarch left his inheritance. If he could find that place, he would be able to obtain the entire legacy of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. The Blood Monster Divine Palace not only contained Blood Monster Divine Monarch’s inheritance but also the entire fortune that he amassed throughout his lifetime.


How amazing would the inheritance of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master be? That was the reason why countless cultivators flocked to this place. Not to mention the unimaginable wealth. If nothing else, just finding some Seventh-Order materials was enough to make a person rich overnight.




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