Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4232, Blood Monster Territory


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It was just that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven only opened once every 200 years. Nobody had ever managed to enter the deepest part of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven throughout all these years, so nobody had ever found the Blood Monster Divine Palace either. It could even be said that nobody was certain whether the Blood Monster Divine Palace actually existed!


Yang Kai couldn’t help recalling the jade that he acquired for 10 million Open Heaven Pills. That jade was one-half of a two-piece jade apparently. It could be a key or it could be used to control a particular Grand Array. It could even turn out to be useless.


[If the Blood Monster Divine Palace really does exist, then will the jade be of any use?] He couldn’t help but daydream about all sorts of fanciful ideas.


An hour later, he finally finished reading and understanding everything that was recorded inside the jade slip. Carefully putting the jade slip away, he asked a question that had been puzzling him, “Proprietress, there are so many people heading towards the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. So, why are only several thousand people allowed to enter in the end?”


He had not found the answer to his question inside the jade slip.


The Proprietress glanced out at the starry void with a melancholic expression on her face, as though she had recalled something from the past. She answered the question softly, “It’s hard to explain right now. You’ll understand once we arrive.” Then, she ran her hand through her hair and languidly called out, “I’m tired. Old Bai, lead the way. Wake me up when we arrive.”


After saying that, she slipped into one of the rooms and vanished out of sight.


Yang Kai looked at her back thoughtfully. Just now, she seemed to have recalled something from her memories; moreover, it was probably something sad. Otherwise, her mood would not have turned gloomy so quickly.


“The Proprietress…” He glanced at Old Bai with a questioning look.


Old Bai sighed, “She probably recalled something unpleasant. The Proprietress has also been to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven in the past.”


“Huh?” Yang Kai was taken aback.


Old Bai laughed, “The Blood Monster Cave Heaven opens once every 200 years. It’s not strange for the Proprietress to have entered that place before, right? I heard that she gained a lot from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. That’s how she managed to advance directly into the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm.”


Yang Kai immediately turned to look at Yue He. Yue He had known the Proprietress for a long time. To his knowledge, the relationship between those two went way back; therefore, she would know the Proprietress’ circumstances the best.


Yue He gently nodded and looked nostalgic, “It’s true that Big Sister and I entered the Blood Monster Cave Heaven before; otherwise, we would never have come this far with our humble backgrounds.”


The realization struck Yang Kai suddenly. The Proprietress came from Nine Nether Continent. He himself had been there before and although it was not a bad Universe World, it was also nothing special either. It was also not a Subordinate World under the control of a powerful great force.


Both the Proprietress and Yue He had come from a place like that. Without a chance encounter or a special opportunity, it was impossible for them to advance into the Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm or the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm. Looking at the situation, it was highly likely that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was where they turned their lives around!


Following the flow of his thoughts, Yang Kai couldn’t help thinking about Lan Ting Yu. Lan Ting Yu was the Proprietress’ Younger Brother. His knowledge of this person was very limited. All he knew was that his appearance was very similar to this person. Furthermore, Lan Ting Yu had also tried to advance directly into the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm. It was likely that something awful happened to him later. He ultimately failed in his attempt and lost his life for some reason.


Yang Kai once wondered where Lan Ting Yu managed to secure so many High-Rank materials. It would now seem that he had obtained many things from the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Unfortunately, his actions went against the interests of many people. That was why he failed miserably in the end.


Lan Ting Yu was an example to learn from. It was also what Yang Kai needed to guard against the most. If there came a day when he had to experience what Lan Ting Yu once faced in the past, what should he do?


“The Blood Monster Cave Heaven might be extremely dangerous, but it should not pose a problem with your strength, Young Master. You just need to be careful. There’s another thing you need to be wary about. That is… the elite disciples of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises. Their individual strength might not compare to yours, but every one of them holds a hidden trump card,” Yue He warned.


Yang Kai nodded, “I’m well aware of that.”


It was not as if he had never interacted with the elite disciples of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises before. He had met some of them back in the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, so he knew that each of them had their own Identity Tokens. These Identity Tokens contained a Divine Ability that their Masters or Elders had sealed inside for them so that they could use them as life-saving trump cards!


The lotus flew quickly, passing through many Territory Gates and travelling across many Great Territories. None of them talked again for the rest of their journey. They were all conserving their strength.


Yang Kai was meditating one day when the Proprietress sent a transmission to him. He immediately got to his feet and headed towards the room she was in. Pushing the door open, he was just about to greet her when he saw that her complexion was extremely pale; moreover, she was drenched in sweat as though she had suffered a serious injury.


Shocked, he hurriedly stepped forward and asked worriedly, “What happened?”


The Proprietress slowly shook her head, “It’s nothing.” Then, she handed a round bead to him, “Take this.”


“This is…” He lowered his head to look at the bead. Although he did not know what it was, he could keenly sense that this bead contained an extremely terrifying power in it.


“I sealed one of my Divine Abilities inside this bead. You can summon it when you are in danger. It might be able to save your life.”


Yang Kai stared at the round bead in his hand quietly for a moment before glancing back up at her. The realization struck him immediately, “Did you push yourself into such a state in order to create this bead?”


Sealing her own Divine Ability into this bead was no easy feat. Even the materials required to produce this bead were not something that could be found anywhere. Otherwise, the disciples of the Cave-Heavens and Paradises would not be limited to only one Identity Token as their trump card. Just by looking at the Proprietress’ current condition, Yang Kai could tell that sealing her Divine Ability into this bead had consumed a lot of her energy.


“You fool!” He glared at her, “I might only be in the Half-Step Open Heaven Realm right now, but it’s not as if you don’t know about my strength. More than one Low-Rank Open Heaven Realm Master has died at my hands. No matter how dangerous the Blood Monster Cave Heaven is, who can do anything to me?”


“Don’t be careless! The Blood Monster Cave Heaven is not as simple as you imagine. There is no saying whether you might run into some sort of trouble. It’ll be safer with one of my Divine Abilities protecting you. Although the power that can be summoned through this method is only half of my full strength, it should be more than enough to deal with the power of an Open Heaven Master below the Fifth Order.”


Yang Kai did not know what to say to her.


A moment later, she handed another item to him and said tiredly, “Take this with you too.”


“What is this?” He reached out a hand and took the item from her. He discovered that it was an extremely peculiar Wooden Token around the size of a palm. It looked rather old; furthermore, there were strange patterns carved into it like a totem.


“A favour!” She murmured softly.


“A favour? A favour from whom?” He was bewildered.


However, the Proprietress did not say anything else. She simply said, “In any case, just take it with you. Maybe it’ll come in handy, maybe not. It’s just in case.” After saying that, she did not give him a chance to speak again and waved him off instead, “Go out. I need to rest.”


A wave of gentle force wrapped around him and pushed him out of the door. Afterwards, the door of the room closed behind him with a bang. The Wooden Token and the round bead in his hands felt extremely heavy.


Half a month after leaving the Star City in Thousand Birds Territory, the Falling Lotus finally came to a gradual stop. Old Bai, who was in charge of navigating, let out a long breath, “We’ve finally arrived.”


“We’ve arrived?” Yang Kai raised his brow and hurriedly took out his Universe Chart to check their location.


A short while later, he was surprised. That was because this Great Territory was known as Blood Monster Territory. Unlike most other Great Territories, there were no other great forces in this Blood Monster Territory. There wasn’t even a single Universe World with any living creatures in it. It could be said that the entire Blood Monster Territory was completely devoid of life!


Yang Kai was extremely shocked.


It had to be said that it didn’t matter which Great Territory it was, as long as a Great Territory was labelled on the Universe Chart, then there was bound to be many great forces and Universe Worlds in it. All the known great forces and Universe Worlds were recorded in the Universe Chart. Even a Great Territory as isolated as the one where the Star Boundary was located was no exception. However, there was nothing recorded in the Blood Monster Territory. How could such a peculiar Great Territory exist in the world?


Seeming to notice Yang Kai’s confusion, Old Bai explained with a smile, “The Blood Monster Territory used to be no different from other Great Territories. It also used to have some great forces. Moreover, the number was not small.”


Yang Kai asked, “Then, why did it become like this?”


Old Bai replied, “Of course, it’s because of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Take a look outside.”


Yang Kai turned to look outside and quickly discovered a strange scene. There were countless flight-type artifacts weaving through the void as far as the eye could see. There were also some that were motionless in the void like the Falling Lotus. These flight-type artifacts clearly belonged to the great forces that had rushed to the Blood Monster Territory not too long ago. Aside from these artifacts, there were also many cultivators flying about. They were constantly looking around as though searching for something.


“What are they looking for?” Yang Kai frowned.


Yue He walked over and explained gently, “They are looking for the entrance to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.”


Guo Miao looked curious, “Isn’t the entrance to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven fixed in a certain spot? Why do they need to search everywhere for the entrance?”


This was the same question that was puzzling Yang Kai.


Yue He chuckled softly, “It’s true that the entrance of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven used to be located at a fixed spot in the beginning. But, that was a very long time ago. Everybody would only need to gather in front of the entrance and wait for it to open in order to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. It’s just that some changes gradually took place over time.”


“What changes?”


Old Bai answered from the side, “The entrance became two, then three, then four… Every time it opened, the number of entrances would increase. At this point, entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven can appear anywhere in the Blood Monster Territory.”


Guo Miao covered her red lips, “Why does that happen?”


Old Bai sighed, “It is said that there are signs of the Blood Monster Cave Heaven becoming more and more unstable; after all, so many years have passed since the death of Blood Monster Divine Monarch. It’s amazing how his Small Universe managed to endure for so long without a Master. Even so, it is impossible for it to last forever. The Small Universe is merging with the Void of the Blood Monster Territory. An entrance will appear at the place where the two overlap with each other.”


Yang Kai revealed a look of realization, “So, the Blood Monster Cave Heaven will completely merge with the Blood Monster Territory one day?”


“That’s what they say. Who knows how much longer that will take though?” Old Bai shrugged, “But, these changes have made it easier for more people to enter and explore the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. If not for that, did you think the Cave-Heavens and Paradises would allow anybody else to meddle with such a wonderful place? At the beginning, the right to explore the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was exclusive only to the Cave-Heavens and Paradises. The other great forces were not allowed to participate at all.”




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