Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4233, Securing a Spot


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What Old Bai mentioned immediately resolved all the questions that had been puzzling Yang Kai.


He had felt that something was a little strange when he first heard about the Sealed World known as the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. The Blood Monster Cave Heaven was a Small Universe left behind after the death of an Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master and contained the inheritance and wealth of that Master. How could anybody ignore such shocking benefits? Even the Cave-Heavens and Paradises would covet such riches.


If they coveted these riches, then why didn’t the Cave-Heavens and Paradises keep firm control over the Blood Monster Cave Heaven? Why did they allow other cultivators to enter? Why did they allow this to become a grand event that involved the entire 3,000 Worlds?


He had been unable to figure out the answer to these questions, so he eventually stopped wondering about it. It was not until this moment that he learned the truth. It was not that the Cave-Heavens and Paradises did not want to, but rather that they could not.


In the beginning, the entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven were few and far between; thus, a few powerful forces could control the entrances and prevent the others from entering. Only disciples from their respective great forces would be selected to enter and explore the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. On the contrary, how could the Cave-Heavens and Paradises guard the entrances when one could appear anywhere in the Blood Monster Territory?


It was precisely because of this reason that the Second Class great forces, the Third Class great forces, the lesser-known organizations, and even the rogue cultivators acting alone had the opportunity to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven to take a share of the benefits.


Old Bai continued, “The entrances to the Blood Monster Cave Heaven are also becoming increasingly unstable. Sometimes, it is nothing more than a flash of light even when it appears in front of your eyes. It might vanish into thin air before you even get the chance to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. Even if it did not vanish, each entrance can only allow one person to enter before it would collapse completely.”


“Each entrance can only allow one person to enter?” Yang Kai was stunned.


Old Bai gently nodded, “That’s right. You should now understand why I previously mentioned that although many cultivators flock to the Blood Monster Territory, not many can actually enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven in the end.”


Yang Kai was enlightened.


According to Old Bai, one had to fight to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven. An entrance might appear in front of several cultivators, but that entrance could only support one person passing through before it vanished. The rest could only watch helplessly. In this way, only a few people could seize the opportunity to enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven.


Old Bai snorted softly, “Every time the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opens, more than a million cultivators gather in the Blood Monster Territory. No, there might even be tens of millions of them. It’s just that most of them come here for nothing.”


Yang Kai agreed with those words. They, too, had arrived at the Blood Monster Territory; however, flight-type artifacts and cultivators were weaving about in the void everywhere as far as the eye could see. The numbers were indeed nothing to scoff at. Not to mention, these were only the ones that he could see. There were more out there that he could not see. After all, this situation was prevalent across the entire Blood Monster Territory at the moment.


After pondering in silence for a moment, he turned to look at Lang Qing Shan and the others, “When it’s almost time, you should enter the Small Sealed World.”


Many people had come with him on this trip. Leaving aside the fact that there were more than 30 people in the group who followed him from the Grand Ancient Ruins Boundary, he also had Guo Miao, as well as the chef and the accountant from First Inn, coming on this trip with him.


If so many people were to fight for an entrance each, not all of them would be successful. It was a different matter altogether if Yang Kai took them into the Small Sealed World and brought them into the Blood Monster Cave Heaven with him. At that time, he only needed to secure one entrance for everybody to be happy. Afterwards, he just needed to let everybody out of the Small Sealed World once he arrived.


With his attainments in the Dao of Space, it would not be difficult for Yang Kai to secure an entrance somewhere in this vast Blood Monster Territory. In particular, since there were several tens of thousands of entrances scattered around.


That was his original plan, but to his surprise, Lang Qing Shan and the others looked at each other for a while when they heard those words and did not answer immediately. As such, he asked curiously, “What’s wrong? Do you have something to say?”


The shaved-headed man laughed awkwardly and rubbed his hands together, “Sir, we would like to attempt this on our own. The last time we followed you into the Primordial Land, you protected us the entire time. In the end, we could only wait in the Small Sealed World without being able to help Sir in any way. Since we decided to follow you, we should also do our part. We cannot stay protected under your wings all the time.”


Lang Qing Shan cupped his fist, “Sir, this subordinate understood something during the days he spent in the Asura Arena. One can only grow rapidly by experiencing various hardships. A sheltered flower in the greenhouse will not live long when faced with a true storm. In the future, we would like to continue serving under you through all the ups and downs, Sir. We refuse to remain helpless and incompetent. Please allow us to act independently in the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, Sir.”


Yang Kai looked at Lang Qing Shan calmly before turning to look at the others, “Are you all of the same opinion?”


They cupped their fists and responded in unison, “Please allow it, Sir.”


He stroked his chin thoughtfully and nodded, “I’m very pleased with your ambitious spirit to keep improving yourselves. It’s a simple matter if you want to train yourself. Once we enter the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, you can act independently. But, before that, I think it’s better if I bring you in with me.”


More than 30 people would also mean having to search for more than 30 entrances. It was impossible for all of them to succeed. If they were to fight for the entrances on their own, some of them would surely fail. Moreover, it was likely that quite many of them would fail. It was such a rare opportunity; it would be a waste if they missed it before it even began.


The others had no objections to this suggestion; thus, they quickly agreed.


When their discussion was settled, the Proprietress said, “Let’s go. We need to secure a spot.”


“Secure a spot?” Yang Kai was taken aback by those words


Old Bai explained, “There are a few more days until the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opens. Since we arrived early, it stands to reason that we should occupy a favourable spot for ourselves. Take a look outside. Those with some measure of strength have claimed a large patch of the void and are preventing others from approaching them. That area is the territory that they have secured for themselves. If an entrance appears within their territory, they would have the advantage of being slightly closer to the target.”


Yang Kai immediately understood.


The Falling Lotus moved forward once more to head towards the depths of the void to find a suitable area to occupy. The people from First Inn could not be considered late, but even more people had arrived before them. They searched for a long time but could not find a suitable position. Everywhere they went, numerous great forces had already occupied territories of various shapes and sizes. In addition, Open Heaven Realm Masters constantly patrolled the edges of the territory to chase away other cultivators who accidentally stumbled too close.


Yang Kai even saw a gigantic and domineering palace towering in the void from a distance. A radius of ten thousand kilometres around that palace was completely empty. The artifacts and cultivators that came and went in a steady stream had to fly around the gigantic palace that was in the middle of their path. Needless to say, that gigantic palace belonged to either a Cave-Heaven or a Paradise. Only a First-Class great force could afford to create an artifact like that. That was a symbol of their identity and status. By placing this impressive and majestic artifact in the void, everybody had no choice but to show respect to them.


There was more than one palace similar to this gigantic palace scattered around. There were Thirty-Six Cave-Heavens and Seventy-Two Paradises in the 3,000 Worlds, which came to a total of 108 First-Class great forces. Each of these great forces would send representatives forward whenever the Blood Monster Cave Heaven opened. Furthermore, each of these great forces would dispatch many of their disciples and bring out their large-scale flight-type artifacts.


The Falling Lotus was quite extraordinary in and of itself, but it was nothing compared to those artifacts belonging to the First-Class great forces.


There were many artifacts and cultivators coming and going. Like First Inn, all of them were searching for a strategic but unclaimed position. Under most circumstances, everybody was rather restrained. There was an unspoken rule of ‘first come, first served’. If a certain spot was taken by somebody, then the others would bypass that area. Unfortunately, there were always people who liked to break the rules. They generally also believed that they were extremely powerful; therefore, fights constantly broke out all over the Blood Monster Territory. It was truly chaotic.


As the Falling Lotus travelled along, Yang Kai saw many battles occurring. Some were small quarrels with several disciples in the Emperor Realm attacking each other. There were also some battles that were fought with their respective lives on the line. Even the Open Heaven Realm Masters leading the groups were caught up in such fights. Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques bloomed everywhere. At the same time, blood and severed limbs flew in all directions.


Yang Kai also saw the broken remains of many artifacts that appeared to have been of no worse quality than the Falling Lotus. That just went to show the intensity of these battles. The fights were already so intense before the Blood Monster Cave Heaven even opened, so what kind of situation would occur when entrances began to appear? Just thinking about it caused him to shiver.


First Inn could be considered famous and influential. On this trip alone, they had the Proprietress and Yue He, two Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters; Old Bai, a Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master; and Guo Zi Yan, a Third-Order Open Heaven Realm Master. There were a total of four Open Heaven Realm Masters with them. Even so, their line-up was still greatly inferior to the Cave-Heavens and Paradises. Hence, they gave the palace artifacts belonging to the First Class forces a wide berth.


Despite searching for half a day, they had yet to find a suitable spot. Just as Yang Kai was secretly beginning to worry that they might not find a suitable spot, the Proprietress suddenly stretched out a hand and pointed to the side, “Head there.”


Yang Kai glanced in that direction and saw a large-scale multi-storey ship floating in the void. Many people were standing on the deck of the ship. They were too far apart for him to see who those people were; however, judging from the size of the ship and the manpower that was dispatched, it probably belonged to a Second-Class great force.


The Proprietress was planning to snatch somebody else’s spot…


The Falling Lotus turned around and charged in that direction.


The cultivators on the ship seemed to have noticed this too. A commotion broke out among the people standing on the deck. Then, quite a few people leaped into the air. The illusory phantoms of their respective Small Universes flashed and disappeared behind their backs, indicating their powerful heritage. Their actions carried a hint of warning in them, as though trying to make the Falling Lotus back down in the face of difficulties.


The Proprietress naturally ignored those warnings.


“It’s that old bastard!” Old Bai suddenly cursed with a furious glare, seeming to recognise the identity of the people on the ship.


Simultaneously, an elderly man on the ship took the lead and displayed his full strength as he shouted loudly, “Who goes there? Ling Chun Qiu of Boundless Altar is here. Please leave and head elsewhere. This Old Master will be very grateful!”


“Grateful, your ass!” Old Bai roared furiously. Then, he turned to Lang Qing Shan and the others who were steering the Falling Lotus, “Ram them! Crush that old dog to death!”


Lang Qing Shan turned to look at Yang Kai with a questioning expression.


Yang Kai gently nodded in response. He had been wondering about the situation just now. The Proprietress was not somebody who used her strength to bully the weak. So, why did she suddenly decide to snatch somebody else’s territory? Now, it turned out that she had encountered an enemy.


The Proprietress and Boundless Altar had always held a grudge against each other. During Old Bai’s advancement into the Open Heaven Realm, Ling Chun Qiu of Boundless Altar had worked with Qin Ji and the others to interfere with the process. It had nearly cost Old Bai his life.


Now that the Blood Monster Cave Heaven was about to open, a Second Class great force like Boundless Altar would definitely participate for a share of the pie. They probably never imagined that their presence would be detected by the Proprietress.


If Ling Chun Qiu had remained hidden in the Headquarters of Boundless Altar, the Proprietress might have been helpless to lift a finger against him; however, they encountered each other in the Blood Monster Territory, so it stood to reason that she wanted to exact her revenge. At the same time, they would also be able to snatch Boundless Altar’s spot for themselves.




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    1. Apparently it’s possible to enter territories or move through territories without territory gates. It just takes way longer. In the fragmented demon realm it was impossible to move through each continent without the territory gates, but that’s not the case in the outer universe. Its not like all the territories are separated from each other by a barrier, they are just very far from each other, and the territory gates are like shortcuts. From what I have gathered at least.

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  1. should yangkai destroy this arrogant cave-heaven and paradise when he got power later? at least those forces that pull a hand on him directly or indirectly

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